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Big Picture

Fixing A Broken Freshman Year: What An Overhaul Might Look Like
NPR.org  - Feb 25, 2016
When Taevin Lewis first arrived at Harris-Stowe State University in St. Louis — a long plane ride from her native Tennessee — she was a little lost....
Community-College Advocate Urges 4-Year Colleges to Do More to Help Students Transfer
Chronicle of Higher Ed  - Feb 29, 2016
osh Wyner, executive director of the College Excellence Program at the Aspen Institute, says one of the biggest barriers for low-income community-college students who want to transfer to colleges where they can earn a B.A...
How to make college admissions fairer
CNN  - Mar 1, 2016
(CNN)If you follow policy chatter, the future of U.S. K-12 education centers on federal policy (ESSA, RTTT, NCLB, ESEA), the Common Core, charter schools and school choice.....
How college admissions are distorting the character of high school students
Deseret News  - Mar 1, 2016
Ashley Gore is poised to graduate from high school with a 4.6 grade point average. She’s taken multiple advancement placement classes, ranks sixth in her class, and has some pretty nice SAT scores. But the senior at Poly High School in Riverside, California, has two B’s, which bug her...
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Junior Timeline – The 3 R’s
Charlotte Observer  - Feb 28, 2016
No, not “Reading, (W)Riting and (A)Rithmatic,” but rather: Research, Resume and Recommendations. Research: Spend the time determining if a college represents a good fit for you. I always suggest that my families examine what I call the “trifecta of fit.”....
Students In Context: Assessing The High School Transcript And Profile
Forbes  - Feb 29, 2016
When we talk about college admission, we usually focus on the application and the sequence of events leading up to it. However, other ingredients in the mix often get overlooked: the applicant’s high school profile and transcript As much as colleges need to know about the students, they also need to know their context in order to make informed admission decisions.....
Fun, Useful, Unexpected "Stuff" about Colleges You Probably Don't Know!
Huffington Post  - Mar 1, 2016
As I wrote various HuffPost blogs over the years, I gathered bits and pieces about colleges that I thought readers might like to know. Here is some of the collection, hopefully that you find useful and will put a smile on your face....
College Admissions: Remove Barriers & Watch Applications Surge
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Feb 29, 2016
The stats would make most colleges and universities green with envy: Colby College applications up 90% since 2013, George Washington University up 28% for the Class of 2020 over the Class of 2019.....
7 websites to help with college applications
KSL  - Feb 29, 2016
SALT LAKE CITY — College Application. Those two words are enough to strike fear into graduating high school students the world over. First of all, you have to go through the daunting task of choosing the right schools. Then you need to gather a ton of documents to fill out each application.....
When applying to college, consider the liberal arts
KSL  - Feb 29, 2016
Tight-knit community, intimate learning environment make lesser known liberal arts schools a great choice Bigger does not always mean better when looking at colleges.....
Colleges Admit Quiet Students Too
Forbes  - Feb 28, 2016
Susan Cain’s Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking captures a dilemma in our society that can impact the college admissions process. It can seem that all the rewards go to the most extroverted and visibly accomplished applicants....
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Campus Visits/Interviews/Fairs

Hitting The College Visit Trail, Part I: Planning
Forbes  - Mar 3, 2016
A long time ago in a galaxy far away, before rankings, websites and constant marketing, I took a Peter Pan bus from New York City to Amherst, Massachusetts to see a campus called Amherst College...
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How to Write a Better College Essay
TIME  - Feb 25, 2016
University, along with the co-founder of WOW Writing Workshop, say that what makes a great college essay is the story that is told by the student. Using simple, everyday language,....
Pro/Con: Should college admissions accept video applications?
The Franklin News  - Feb 26, 2016
Pro: Basing the level of a student’s intelligence on how well they did on a test or a homework assignment is unfair. During my kindergarten through high-school years, I positively despised everything about prison – wait I mean school.....
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6 Terrible Reasons to Choose a College
TeenLife Blog  - Feb 28, 2016
Congratulations! You have gone through the process of applying to a number of different colleges, and now you are beginning to receive acceptance letters. But when faced with a decision that can shape the rest of your life, what do you do? Which school do you choose?....
5 Questions to Ask Before Deciding on a College
Huffington Post  - Mar 1, 2016
Choosing between colleges can be a daunting task. Regardless of what admissions representatives and websites claim, you owe it to yourself to dig deep to determine what your experience will truly entail....
5 ways to rebound if rejected by your top-choice school
USA Today - College  - Feb 27, 2016
If you’ve been served a few college rejection letters this application season, you’re not alone — especially if your sights are set on a top-tier school. Just shy of 95% of applicants to Stanford University were rejected in 2014,...
There may be a back door into your college of choice
MyCentralJersey  - Feb 25, 2016
Students who have their heart set on a particular college are often devastated if they do not receive a thick “acceptance letter” in the mail full of all the particulars for Accepted Students Day, choosing a dorm, and preparing for all aspects of life on campus...
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Mar 3, 2016
Didn’t Get Into an Ivy? Consider This
We’re about two weeks away from the first Ivy League college announcing its admissions decisions (OK,-- MIT isn’t technically an Ivy, but you know what I mean), so it’s time to brace ourselves with a few facts that might help cushion the blow for students who get any answer other than Yes ... More

Why the 'g-word' is slowly disappearing from N.J. schools
NJ.com  - Feb 27, 2016
HOBOKEN — New Jersey parents may have noticed a change in the title of the person who helps their children with scheduling, personal issues, and the college search. The term "guidance counselor" is going out, and the term "school counselor" is in — but why?...
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Claim This Higher-Ed Tax Credit
The College Solution Blog  - Feb 22, 2016
If you have a child in college, do you qualify for a federal tax credit or tax deduction? These are valuable tax benefits that can help you defray the rising cost of a college degree and yet some parents have no idea that they exist or whether they would qualify....
What Retirement Savings Do You Have to Report on the FAFSA?
TIME  - Feb 25, 2016
Q. My husband and I have $350k in a brokerage account earmarked for retirement. It is not in an IRA or 401(k), even though it is intended for retirement. Do we need to report that on the FAFSA? If so, where?....
Balancing Act: Strategically Saving For College And Retirement
Forbes  - Feb 29, 2016
College is a toll booth on the road to retirement. If you are one of the many millennials who has the added challenge of student loans dragging from your bumper as you head down this road of life,...
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Something you should know about the new SAT
Washington Post - Feb 27, 2016
The College Board is about to unveil its newly redesigned SAT college admissions test, with the first students set to take it next Saturday. We already know a lot about the new exam, which was designed to align heavily with the Common Core ..
College Board moves to stop test prep providers from taking new SAT on March 5
Washington Post - Mar 1, 2016
It'ss no secret that test prep professionals like to take the exams they try to coach students to ace, and for many years have signed up to take the SAT and ACT (as well as other admissions exams). But some test prep providers have just received e-mails from the College Board telling them that even though they signed ..
Reflections on the new SAT
ACCIS AdmitAll blog - Feb 29, 2016
The last time College Board announced a new SAT, I was wrapping up my first year as an admissions counselor at the University of Maryland. When my supervisor asked for a volunteer to become a “resident expert” on standardized test changes,. ..
The new SAT is A) a big change B) still important C) controversial D) all of the above
KFOR - Feb 27, 2016
My list of reasons that I’m glad I’m not back in high school just got a bit longer: I can add not having to take the new SAT.. ..
College Admissions Experts Describe Unease Over New SAT
Harvard Crimson - Mar 1, 2016
The first administration of the revised SAT exam will take place this Saturday, and college admissions experts remain unsure as to whether students have been able to adequately prepare for the new test.. ..
New SAT Requires Updated Test-Day Techniques
US News - Feb 29, 2016
With the SAT undergoing a series of fundamental changes this year, many test-day techniques that were previously effective will need to be re-evaluated – though not necessarily reinvented completely. Performing well on the SAT involves many steps,. ..
Top schools are seeing many more ACT scores
DC College Admissions Examiner - Feb 29, 2016
For more than half a century, the ACT ran a distant second to the SAT in the college admissions test-taking race. It was the “We Try Harder,” entrance exam—popular in the Midwest and the South but hardly worthy of notice on either coast.. ..
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A fight in Maryland to stop colleges from stripping low-income students of institutional aid
Hechinger Report  - Feb 24, 2016
imagine that you are a low-income student, and the college you attend does not meet the full amount of financial need that the federal government says you have. Even after receiving all of your financial aid and maxing out on federal student loans, you still owe the school $5,000 in your first year. ..
5 FAFSA tips for students with divorced parents
USA Today  - Mar 2, 2016
Among the headaches that come with a divorce is figuring out how to pay for college, because divorce often takes a toll on a family’s finances. ..
How a security upgrade makes it harder to apply for financial aid this year
LA Times  - Mar 2, 2016
Many low-income students and children of undocumented parents are having a harder time finishing their financial aid applications this year. ..
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Career and Technical Education

Job guru: Early trades training key to career
Green Bay Press Gazette  - Feb 26, 2016
Due to employer needs, our Wisconsin economy demands a higher educated worker than a high school diploma may provide. Some of the most in-demand and well-paying jobs in our area require additional training beyond high school...
Guest Column: CTE programs prepare students for the workplace
Green Bay Press Gazette  - Feb 27, 2016
One label that gets stuck on Douglas County is the declaration that “Our schools are not producing a quality, trained workforce.” Many county educators believe it’s time to peel off that label....
Archives - CTE
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Student Athletes

Recruiting Column: Your first impression
USA Today HSS  - Mar 2, 2016
You don’t get a second chance at a first impression. We’ve all heard that saying before. Well, your first impression with a college coach may happen sooner than you think. In fact, it might be happening right now. ..
NCAA Surveying Student-Athletes About Time Demands of Sports
Yahoo News  - Feb 27, 2016
As NCAA decision-makers continue to discuss time demands for student-athletes, it appears those student-athletes will have a say in the matter. ..
Eating Disorders Often Overlooked in College Sports
NBC Connecticut  - Feb 29, 2016
College athletes are seen as the picture of health. But the focus, discipline and competitive spirit that makes a successful student-athlete can also fuel a serious health condition with lifelong impacts. ..
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Why kids in one N.J. town could go to Rutgers tuition-free
NJ.com  - Feb 24, 2016
RAHWAY — After graduating from Rahway High School in 1947, P. Roy Vagelos became a physician, biochemist and chief executive officer of a giant pharmaceutical company. ..
Maryland rolling out math testing for 11th graders
DelmarvaNow  - Feb 28, 2016
Area school districts are rolling out math and language assessments in compliance with a new state requirement to measure the readiness of rising high school seniors for college or careers. ..
NJSpotlight  - Feb 26, 2016
Lost in the debate over New Jersey’s outmigration issue -- described in a recent report by the New Jersey Business and Industry Association (NJBIA) and highlighted by Gov. Chris Christie in his budget address on February 16 -- is the fact that New Jersey is doing an excellent job of retaining just about as many of its college students for whom we have capacity ..
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Teen Dating

Preventing Teen Dating Violence
KCBD - Feb 26, 2016
LUBBOCK, TX (KCBD) - More than 1 in 10 teens who date has been physically abused by a boyfriend or a girlfriend in the last year. February is Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month. It’s a national effort to protect teens from violence. ..
AlertID shares warning signs, tips and resources for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
Niagara Frontier Publications - Feb 26, 2016
According to the National Domestic Abuse Hotline, each year 1.5 million high school students experience physical abuse from a dating partner. Only one-third of those victims seek help. ..
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