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Harvard Agrees to Turn Over Records Amid Discrimination Inquiry
US News - Dec 1, 2017
Harvard University has agreed to turn over years of confidential applicant and student records to the United States Justice Department, which has opened an aggressive investigation into whether the university has systematically discriminated against Asian-American . .....
The Price of Admission
Slate - Dec 5, 2017
In November 2016, I made a nervous visit to Yale University's office of admissions. An assistant led me past the lobby, filled with antsy high schoolers awaiting their interviews, and into a side room....
7 Drastic Ways the GOP Is Trying to Change How You Pay for College
TIME - Dec 1, 2017
Republicans in the U.S. House of Republicans released their effort Friday to reauthorize the federal law overseeing higher education, proposing several drastic changes for the ways students access federal student financial aid....
College And Bust: Why So Many Students Don't Stay The Course
Delaware Public Radio - Dec 1, 2017
College completion rates vary widely, but one thing sticks out: They're nowhere near as high as they should be....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Do Not Forget About the Final Steps to Earn Admission
Huffington Post - Dec 6, 2017
Four years of staying up late to study for tests, write essays, prepare for the SAT or ACT on top of the games and recitals have finally led to this: submitting college applications....
6 Last-Minute Things to Do Before You Submit Your Apps
College Covered - Dec 4, 2017
It's just about time to finish writing your essays, submit all of your forms and double-check every last detail of your college applications.....
Everything You Need to Know About Instant Decision Days
US News - Dec 4, 2017
The monthslong waiting period between applying to college and receiving an admission decision can be stressful. .....
Learn How to Explain a Low GPA in College Applications
US News - Dec 5, 2017
The months long waiting period between applying to college and receiving an admission decision can be stressful. .....
College Connection: What are the 'myths' of choosing a college major?
MyCentralJersey - Nov 30, 2017
The N.Y. Times recently chronicled what it called “Six Myths About Choosing a College Major.” But are they really myths? Let's examine three, one by one.....
6 Things You Need to Know About College Honors Programs
Her Campus - Dec 3, 2017
If you are considering applying to an honors program, know that there are many advantages (and some disadvantages). If you think you may want to be a part of one of these programs but are wondering whether or not it's right for you, don't worry! ....
Why Applying to College Is So Confusing
US News - Dec 5, 2017
The annual college applications frenzy is upon us — a season when high school students agonize over G.P.A.s and personal essays, hoping and praying that they will stand out among throngs of applicants.....
This List of 10 Priorities Can Ease College Admissions Stress
TeenLife Blog - Dec 5, 2017
It's easy to become overwhelmed with college applications during high school. With test prep, college visits, college applications and financial aid, students and parents often wonder how to prioritize tasks and which should be at the top of the list. .....
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You got into college early. Or not. Now what?
Houston Chronicle  - Dec 6, 2017
When it comes to college admissions decisions, the late, great Tom Petty really knew what he was talking about when he sang that the waiting was the hardest part....
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Students with Disabilities

When Dyslexic Students Are Denied In School
NPR.org - Dec 5, 2017
Dyslexia is one of the most common learning disabilities, affecting up to 17 percent of the population, who have difficulty reading, writing and spelling. Recognizing dyslexia in students who are just learning to read can be difficult..
Graduation Rate Improves For Students With Disabilities
Disability Scoop - Dec 5, 2017
New federal data indicates that the high school graduation rate for students with disabilities is trending upward...
OPINION: Dyslexia Is Very Treatable. So Why Aren't We Helping More Kids?
WBUR.org - Nov 28, 2017
'They know I struggle, but they don't help me.' Matthew, a recently evaluated fifth-grader, explains his frustration with reading and school. His story is mirrored in countless others we've witnessed as educational consultants. A high school senior was denied an athletic scholarship....
These students are finishing high school, but their degrees don't help them go to college
Hechinger Report - Dec 2, 2017
For students with disabilities, completing high school does not always lead to greater opportunity.....

Archives - Students with Disabilities
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Dec 7, 2017
The Triple Threat of Being a Counselor Next Week
There's never really any down time in the life of a school counselor, but it could be argued that the last couple of weeks have been relatively low key. There are a few college applications to complete, and the march of helping students complete financial aid forms .... More

New law requires school counselors to do more career counseling
The Daily Telegram - Dec 2, 2017
A new Michigan law will require school counselors to dedicate more time to paths after high school other than college. House Bill 4181, now Public Act 151 of 2017, was introduced by state Rep. Brett Roberts, R-Charlotte, in February, and signed into law by Gov. Rick Snyder in November.. ..
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12 top tips for staying safe on campus
Tribune News Service  - Dec 4, 2017
Most parents don't spend much time worrying about the safety of their children on what they believe are, for the most part, idyllic college campuses. ...
College Admissions Expert Elizabeth Levine: Tax Returns and Financial Aid
Chronicle Newspaper  - Dec 1, 2017
Families with high school juniors or high school seniors who are contemplating applying for financial aid need to have their 2015 tax information in order.. ...
What to Do if Your Parents Are More Obsessed with Getting Into College Than You Are
Her Campus - Dec 6, 2017
College is supposed to be the best time of our lives, so it's no wonder that parents get excited when their kids begin the application process. From touring campuses to attending information sessions and writing essays to completing interviews....
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SATs remain college standard
Altoona Mirror  - Dec 2, 2017
Straight-A students don't always do well on SATs, and grade inflation at area schools may have something to do with it....
SAT, ACT test firms are selling out high school students to marketers
Los Angeles Times  - Dec 4, 2017
We need to do a much better job of not selling out our kids. Specifically, I'm thinking about the big companies that oversee standardized testing of high school students — and then turn around and sell student info to others...
3 SAT, ACT Considerations for Gap-Year Students
US News  - Dec 4, 2017
Students may opt to take a gap year between high school and college for a variety of reasons, including to gain work experience before their undergraduate studies or to travel and expand their cultural horizons..
Archives - SATs & ACTs
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The dreaded FAFSA form is going mobile
Marketplace - Dec 1, 2017
It's deadline day for students to apply to many U.S. colleges and universities, marking a moment of respite for families stressed out over essays and SAT scores...
FAFSA - Check, but what about CSS Profile?
Record-Eagle - Dec 3, 2017
The process of applying for admission to college and obtaining financial aid can be an overwhelming and confusing time. Area seniors have spent the fall season completing college applications and most are waiting to learn...
5 tips for scoring college scholarships
WINK News - Dec 1, 2017
FORT MYERS, Fla. (CONSUMER REPORTS) If you're a high school senior or a college student looking for scholarships to help fund the cost of school next year, now is the perfect time to begin your search....
Archives - FinAid/Scholarships
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Career and Technical Education

Do Employers Overestimate the Value of a College Degree?
The Atlantic - Dec 2, 2017
It's dinner time, and a teenager is seated with her immediate family. She looks around everyone has at least a college degree and a stable job. What to look for in a college and what to major in and how to become a doctor are the topics of tonight's dinner conversation...
The Top 5 Benefits Of A Modernized Apprenticeship Program
Manufacturing Business Technology - Nov 30, 2017
Apprenticeships began in America when craft workers coming to the New World from England and other European countries brought with them the practice of indenture...
As students near graduation, career and technical education provides a boost
WKYC - Nov 30, 2017
For the past decade or so, every American president has sought to use career and technical education - or CTE - as a way to boost achievement and prepare students for the jobs of tomorrow....
Filling the gap: State establishes new apprenticeship program
Pittsburgh Business Times - Nov 30, 2017
A newly developed pre-apprenticeship and apprenticeship program through the state's Department of Community and Economic Development will enable Pennsylvania employers...
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High school guidance counselors helping students secure scholarship money
WWLP - Dec 2, 2017
CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) - High school guidance counselors in western Massachusetts are often heroes to their students headed for college. ..
What Maine can learn from Aroostook County's college aspirations
Bangor Daily News - Dec 2, 2017
When the BDN's Maine Focus team first began diving into Maine educational data this fall, it wasn't sure what it would find. Discovering that Aroostook County was at the forefront of sending young people to college was surprising. ..
Regents to consider plan for consolidating community colleges
CT Mirror - Dec 4, 2017
A controversial plan to consolidate Connecticut's 12 community colleges into a single accredited institution would shed nearly 190 people in top administrative positions by 2021. ..
New York's free-college program comes with a big catch: Students who fall off track risk losing their scholarships
Chalkbeat - Dec 6, 2017
With thousands of college students about to finish their first semester under New York State's Excelsior Scholarship Program, advocates, critics and researchers will be looking closely at one crucial question: How did they do?...
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Teen Dating

The Preventable Problem That Schools Ignore
The Atlantic - Dec 6, 2017
Nearly 1.5 million high-school students in the U.S. are physically abused by dating partners every year. More than one-third of 10th-graders (35 percent) have been physically or verbally abused by dating partners. ..
Spanking And Dating Violence: A New Link
Science Blog - Dec 6, 2017
Discipline is an important part of parenting. It's a tool for shaping our children's behavior to acceptable standards so that they know how to behave later on in life.. ..
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