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How University Costs Keep Rising Despite Tuition Freezes
The Atlantic - Jan 3, 2017
DAYTON, Ohio—At a time when public anger is laser-focused on tuition charges that are rising three times faster than inflation, something less well understood has actually been largely responsible for pushing up the cost of college: fees...
More universities and colleges reach out to boost their home communities
Hechinger Report - Dec 22, 2016
INDIANAPOLIS — Trudging in from the cold and dark after long days at work, students settle in on stackable chairs around folding tables in a room austere but for a whiteboard and a lonely plastic Christmas tree....
Connecting college access, admissions and completion
Washington Post - Dec 29, 2016
Year after year, many high school students apply to college without any clear idea of how much it would cost them or whether their families could afford it. ...
Little-Noticed Document Could Hint at Trump Higher Education Plan
Washington Monthly - Dec 22, 2016
On Monday, December 5, Rep. Tom Reed (R-NY) released a detailed higher education plan. Though a proposal from a Republican with no formal leadership role in Congress usually merits little attention, Reed is a vice-chair of the transition team for President-elect Donald Trump,...
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

What The People Who Read Your College Application Really Think  - Dec 29, 2016
To the casual observer, news from large colleges and universities is often more focused on athletic championships and unfortunate scandals. Big schools are frequently labeled negatively as institutions that are obsessed with sports and partying and/or factories...
What Colleges Search For In Your Application That Can Guarantee Your Entry
University Herald - Jan 4, 2017
College-bound students hoping to get accepted into the university of their dreams know they are advised to work on their grades while in high school, work on getting high SAT or ACT scores, are encouraged to prepare a professional or clean-looking social media presence....
College Connection: Six strategies for acing your applications
Daily Record - Dec 29, 2016
Time is the greatest gift that future college bound students can give themselves. The qualities and accomplishments that colleges are seeking in their future students are not ones that can be achieved in senior year of high school alone....
College in Canada? After Trump's win, more U.S. students consider it
USA Today - Dec 30, 2016
For some college-bound students distressed by the election of Donald Trump, Canada is calling. Colleges from Quebec to British Columbia say applications and website traffic from the United States have been surging since Trump’s victory Nov. 8. ...
5 mistakes students make when picking a college
Forbes - Dec 29, 2016
Picking the right college is a stressful decision for both parents and students. And potentially a costly one. Let’s look at some of the most common mistakes....
The Best Value College Isn't Always The Cheapest
Forbes - Dec 29, 2016
With student debt at record levels, choosing a good value college has never been more important, but best value doesn’t always mean the cheapest...
A Chapel Hill freshman reflects back on his first semester
Tribune News-Service - Jan 3, 2017
I thought it would be helpful to hear directly from a first-year (freshman) student about their first semester survival secrets. Ben Knoble, a 2016 Ardrey Kell High School graduate, was back home in Charlotte for the holidays after spending his first semester at UNC Chapel Hill...
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Getting a College Admission Deferral
The College Solution Blog - Jan 1, 2017
What happens if your child recently received a college admission deferral letter? Plenty of students, who applied to schools via early action and early decision applications, have received deferral notices..
Are Early-Decision Programs Unfair? Should Colleges Do Away With Them?
The New York Times - Dec 23, 2016
AAre you applying to college now or in the near future? What are your plans, and how will you decide where to apply? What advice are you getting from parents, friends and college counselors?..
College-bound? Here’s a refresher on early admission
Boston Globe - Dec 27, 2016
The college acceptance season is officially under way, as schools have released early admission numbers for the class of 2021. Here is a refresher on early admission, which is offered by about 450 US colleges. There are two early admission approaches. What’s the difference?..
Early Decision Is Only One Of Many Facets In College Admission
Forbes - Dec 30, 2016
You may recall the fable of the six blind men and the elephant: One, at the tail, said it was a rope; another at a leg said it was a column; another at the trunk said it was like a solid pipe; and so on. Of course they were all right, but they were also all wrong..
When You Don't Get In
Poughkeepsie Journal - Dec 28, 2016
By now, most high school seniors who’ve applied to colleges via an Early Action (EA) and/or Early Decision (ED) plan have learned whether they’ve been admitted to next fall's freshman class. It's tough when students discover that, despite their best efforts, they didn't get in..
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Campus Visits

Make the most of your college visit
Hingham Journal - Jan 1, 2017
The college visit is your opportunity to get a firsthand view of everything from the campus to the cafeteria; from the classrooms to the dorms. But when -- and how -- do you best visit the colleges on your list?.. ..
College Visits Help Students Choose The Best School For Them
University Herald - Dec 27, 2016
Senior high school students often worry about their future, including what to do when they get to college. They normally worry about what school to go, what degree to pursue, and how they will be able to pay for it. Having some help will make it easier for them to decide... ..
Archives - Campus Visits and Interviews
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Students with Disabilities

College Board accommodation request process disables early admission
US News - Jan 4, 2017
It’s no secret that getting into college is more competitive than ever. For the 61,739 blind/legally blind students across America, the path to acceptance may be further complicated by the bureaucracy of the very organization responsible for the tests used to gauge applicant suitability. The College Board...
7 Scholarship Opportunities for Students With Physical Disabilities
US News - Dec 29, 2016
Physical disabilities no longer present the barriers to education they once did. More than 11 percent of students at U.S. postsecondary institutions have physical disabilities, according to available data from the National Center for Education Statistics.. ..
Students with disabilities can thrive on college campuses
The Oklahoman - Dec 29, 2016
University of Oklahoma sophomore Ricarda Urso, 20, keeps her calendar filled. There's the volunteer work, including serving as a mentor for Young Life ministries, and working at least 20 hours a week at Taco Bell. ..
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Jan 5, 2017
Why Are College Apps Due January 1?
Your holiday travel plans probably didn’t include Arlington, Virginia, but you should be really glad a few folks were in that bustling city this weekend. About a dozen very loyal college access champions spent their New Year’s Eve at the headquarters of The Common Application, .. More

When A School's Online Eavesdropping Can Prevent A Suicide  - Dec 23, 2016
Ken Yeh thought his school was buying software to keep kids off of certain websites. What he didn't know was that it could help identify a student who might be considering suicide....
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More Parents Taking On Their Kids' College
Forbes  - Dec 29, 2016
A growing number of parents of children ages 17 and older say they’re repaying their children’s college debt, according to a new analysis by USC researchers. About 13% of parents around age 50 reported paying off their children’s student loans....
Maine dad shares downsides of college daughter's visit
CBS News  - Dec 22, 2016
CAPE ELIZABETH, Maine -- Clothes all over the house, milk left out of the fridge, loud gatherings with friends. These are some of a Maine dad’s complaints about his college daughter being home for Christmas....
4 Ways to Help High School Freshmen Succeed
US News  - Jan 1, 2017
Freshmen sometimes struggle to transition to high school. "Some kids come here and they know a lot of kids, and some other kids come here and they don't know anybody," says Kevin Marcoux, director of school counseling at Killingly High School in Connecticut ....
Archives - Parents
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Exclusive: Chinese education giant helps its students game the SAT
Reuters  - Dec 23, 2016
When the new SAT was given for the first time in March, the owner of the test took unprecedented steps to stop “bad actors” from collecting and circulating material from the all-important college entrance exam....
What to do after getting PSAT results
Simi Valley Acorn  - Dec 30, 2016
Students who took the PSAT in October should have their results by now. The test score report can help juniors create a plan for additional testing. Students with strong PSAT scores can relax a bit, knowing they should be in good shape for the SAT.....
3 Steps for Writing a Strong SAT Essay
US News  - Jan 1, 2017
As many students are aware, a comprehensive redesign of the SAT was introduced in March 2016. As part of this revision, the essay section is now optional.....
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How the debt load figures into picking a college
CBS News - Jan 3, 2017
As the year begins, the clock starts ticking for families sorting through college choices. In addition to picking the school that offers the best fit for a student’s personality and academic interests, you need to know how much of a debt load may be part of the package.....
The Truth About Your EFC
Uloop - Dec 30, 2016
When you complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), you’ll be asked to submit tax information so that FAFSA has record of your previous year’s income. For most of you, your parents will also be uploading their financial information. One way this information is used is to determine your Expected Financial Contribution (EFC)....
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Career and Technical Education

Trump Needs To Free Vocational Classes From Their Bad Rep
Fortune  - Dec 23, 2016
In his book, The Art of the Deal, Donald Trump recounts how his father, Fred, couldn’t afford to go to college. “Instead, he went to work as a carpenter’s helper for a homebuilder in Queens,” Trump writes, explaining that “he was better with his hands than most.”....
Talk to kids early about career training
Baltimore Sun  - Dec 28, 2016
ead with great interest your article "HVAC program at Dulaney High introduces students to a thriving trade" (Dec. 21). While the outlook for HVAC careers is growing in Maryland, so is interest in other skilled trades, including automotive technology, drafting, cosmetology and the graphic arts.....
Archives - Career & Technical Education
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Student Athletes

The Real Danger in Being a High School Athlete
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Jan 2, 2017
As millions of families in the U.S. spend thousands of dollars annually on travel teams, sports camps and athletic trainers for their kids, there is a risk that no one really talks about. It’s not concussions (although they are very concerning) or any other physical injury..
Recruiting Tip: 3 ways your parents can help you land a scholarship
USA Today HSS  - Dec 26, 2016
When it comes to their kids, we all know how parents can act, but let’s face it, all they really want is what’s best for their children. I know they ask too many questions, they think you’re the best player on the planet and can be more critical than your coach...
Archives - Athletic Recruitment
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Colorado students find niche in tech and hands-on school programs
Denver Post - Dec 25, 2016
The old shop classes in Colorado schools that included drill bits, lumber and T-squares have morphed into a place where robotics, virtual reality and wind power are being taught.....
Debate underway on CSU & UC tuition increase proposals; students protesting
EdSource - Jan 2, 2017
Early skirmishes have begun already on tentative proposals to increase tuition at California’s two massive public university systems for the first time in six years. Serious debate and protests – ....
State needs its community colleges, and needs to fund them, says system’s retiring chief
Seattle Times - Dec 29, 2016
Washington’s community colleges are still struggling to recover from recession-era budget cuts, yet offer a solid path to many middle-skill jobs that pay good wages and are in high demand, says the outgoing director of the community-college system.....
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Teen Dating

Schools must have a role in ending dating abuse
EdSource  - Dec 20, 2016
Young people experiencing dating abuse often live in a world of isolation, self-doubt and fear that affects every aspect of their lives, including school. Jessica, a survivor of teen dating abuse, has a story that is all too common.....
Tackling teen sexual harassment
Boston Globe  - Jan 2, 2017
A pervasive culture of sexual violence permeates American high schools. More than half of high school girls are sexually harassed, according to a 2011 report by the American Association of University Women. Girls endure sexually crude jokes about their bodies, receive unwanted texted photos of private parts....
Online College Fair - CollegeWeekLive


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