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Report Highlights Rising Cost of College
Inside Higher Ed - Nov 8, 2017
A report released by Democratic members of the Joint Economic Committee highlights causes of the increasing cost of college for many Americans. It identifies, among those, declining state support for public institutions....
Are You First Gen? Depends on Who’s Asking
New York Times - Nov 3, 2017
Trying to help a high school senior get into his dream school, Laurie Kopp Weingarten called the college to emphasize that the boy should be able to lay claim to the latest, and fuzziest, of all admissions hooks: being a first-generation student....
The Great College Loan Swindle
Rolling Stone - Nov 3, 2017
On a wind-swept, frigid night in February 2009, a 37-year-old schoolteacher named Scott Nailor parked his rusted '92 Toyota Tercel in the parking lot of a Fireside Inn in Auburn, Maine. ...
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

The Surprising Secrets of College Admissions
Huffington Post - Nov 7, 2017
Top 5 Secrets of the College Admissions Process As parents and students look ahead to education opportunities after high school graduation, the headlines overwhelmingly paint college admissions as bleak and increasingly competitive....
Will Kindness Get You Into College?
VOA - Nov 6, 2017
Kindness, not grades and test scores, may become the new “it factor” for college admissions departments. More admissions officers are including kindness, compassion and helping others in their assessment of college applicants....
10 Things to Know About Getting Into Your Dream College
New York Times - Nov 1, 2017
There’s no magic formula for getting into a selective college, but over a decade covering admissions for The Chronicle of Higher Education, I’ve picked up a thing or two. ....
Students look to college abroad for cheaper tuition
MarketWatch - Nov 1, 2017
For 18-year-old Liza Miezejeski, choosing the right college meant balancing her desire for adventure and her fear of debt....
Why Community College Is a Better Option Than You Think
Teen Vogue - Nov 2, 2017
Want to cut 2/3 off the cost of your college education? The search for the right college for you can sometimes seem like a daunting and potentially expensive path. What many students don’t realize is that they may be missing a gem in their own hometown....
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10 top tips on the fine art of essay editing
Tribune News Service - Nov 6, 2017
“Once and done” doesn’t cut it with the college essay. Essays need to marinate and be reviewed, revised and edited again. Word or character length of college essays is critical....
Why Writing College Application Essays Is So Hard
Ed Week (registration required) - Nov 6, 2017
Next to preparing for the SAT and ACT, writing an essay to accompany the college application for seniors remains the most stressful ...
College Essay Tips From a Former Admissions Officer
The Jewish Link - Nov 2, 2017
As a former admissions officer from Northwestern, I have read thousands of applications and I have also helped hundreds of students with their applications and their application essays. I’m going to give you my top college essay tips for the application process...
8 Tips for Filming Your Pre-Screen College Audition Video
Backstage - Nov 3, 2017
Pre-screen audition season is upon us. For most students auditioning for BFA musical theatre or acting programs, recording and submitting pre-screen audition video clips with a monologue, song, and/or dance material is the first step to securing a college audition slot at their dream program...
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4 Things To Do While Waiting For Early Admissions
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Nov 6, 2017
Many parents and students are anxiously awaiting the first round of college admission responses. Early action and early decision acceptances are usually returned around December 15, but some colleges will send them out sooner and some will go later. ....
Making Sense of Admissions Decisions
Huffington Post - Nov 7, 2017
was traveling yesterday when I heard from one of my students. He applied to an Early Decision program which notifies students as decisions are made instead of waiting until December 15th to notify everyone....
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Campus Visits and Interviews

Gauge How College Tour Groups Shape Campus Visits
US News  - Nov 2, 2017
There's nothing like visiting a college in person to get a feel for what it's like to be a student at a particular school, but coordinating these visits can be challenging.. ....
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Students with Disabilities

Almost all students with disabilities are capable of graduating on time. Here’s why they’re not.
Hechinger Report - Nov 3, 2017
a teenager, Michael McLaughlin wanted to go to college. He had several disabilities, including dyslexia and bipolar disorder, which threatened to make the road ahead more difficult.....
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Nov 9, 2017
Need Counselor-Focused PD? In Michigan, There’s a Law for That
You’ve been through this one too many times. You get through the first nine weeks of school, and you’re truly looking forward to the in-service day. You have all kinds of ideas about what you could do with the day—online seminars, visiting a college campus,... More

Role of school counselors evolving
NW Times - Nov 4, 2017
HAMMOND — The traditional role and responsibilities of guidance counselors in schools across the country, including Northwest Indiana, has evolved with professional school counselors trained to do much more than before.....
More Than Half Of Latinos Surveyed Say Applying To College Wasn't Discussed With Them
Delaware Public Radio - Nov 7, 2017
More than half of Latinos in the U.S. say applying to college was never discussed with them. This is according to a new survey that NPR conducted with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health....
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$29,000 college consultant? How admissions anxiety has fueled an industry
Washington Examiner - Nov 7, 2017
$29,000 college consultant? How admissions anxiety has fueled an industry.....
How parents can help their children avoid regretting their college debt
MarketWatch - Nov 8, 2017
Briana Casale normally looks forward to Christmas. This year, she’s dreading it. Casale, a 21-year-old teaching assistant in Cranston, Rhode Island who graduated in May, will see her six-month grace period on her student loans end with the arrival of the holidays...
When did applying for college turn into a mind-boggling experience?
Kansas City Star - Nov 2, 2017
I’m longing for the good old days. The days when applying to college wasn’t a three-ring circus of hoops to jump through, academic acrobatics and so many common app essays that you could fill a clown car......
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Conquer the SAT Calculator-Free Math Section
US News  - Nov 6, 2017
High schoolers often reach for calculators when working on simple math problems like arithmetic. While calculators certainly provide ease in computation, they are not always available to students...
Tips for Juniors to Plan Ahead for College
Hamlet Hub  - Nov 6, 2017
High schoolers often reach for calculators when working on simple math problems like arithmetic. While calculators certainly provide ease in computation, they are not always available to students...
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Before ruling out your child's dream school, consider these five common financial aid myths
Des Moines Register - Nov 7, 2017
With some private colleges now crossing the once unthinkable $70,000-per-year mark in the 2017-2018 school year, and higher costs at public colleges, too, financial aid is essential for many families. It’s important to be educated about this key piece of the college attendance puzzle......
3 Reasons College Students Need to Submit the FAFSA Every Year
Huffington Post - Nov 2, 2017
College-bound high school seniors are the most likely targets for nagging about completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA. But the message is just as important for returning college students.....
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Career and Technical Education

Study: CTE Courses Later in High School May Improve Student Persistence
The Journal - Nov 2, 2017
A new study from researchers at University of California, Santa Barbara suggests that taking career and technical education (CTE) courses in the last couple years of high school may improve the chances a student will graduate. ..
It's No Longer 'College Or Bust' - Nov 6, 2017
Economists warn of a troubling, growing divide between two segments in the U.S.: those who will benefit from and be a part of the emerging global economy, and the many more who will not...
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Michigan high school counselors to get training in college and career advice
Bridge Michigan - Nov 8, 2017
Michigan high school counselors will be required to have training in college advising and career counseling, under a law expected to be signed into law Wednesday by Gov. Rick Snyder.. ..
Dreaded graduation exams are out, SAT is in for Indiana high school students
IndyStar - Nov 7, 2017
Indiana students will still have to take a standardized test in high school, but they may not need to pass it. In a surprising turn Tuesday, a panel working to draft new graduation guidelines for all Indiana high school students recommended the state kill its graduation qualifying exam requirement. . ..
University of Minnesota deals with large freshman class
Minnesota Public Radio - Nov 5, 2017
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) -- The University of Minnesota is struggling to handle the largest freshman class the university has seen in almost 50 years. The university enrolled almost 6,200 new freshmen this fall, in addition to almost 2,300 transfer students, Minnesota Daily reported.. ..
Indiana Panel Recommends Changes to Graduation Requirements
US News - Nov 8, 2017
INDIANAPOLIS (AP) — An Indiana panel working to create new graduation guidelines for the state's high schools has recommended getting rid of the graduation qualifying exam requirement. ..
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Teen Health

UConn Study: Teenage Pot, Alcohol Use Can Reduce Success Later In Life
Hartford Courant - Nov 6, 2017
Teens who use a lot of marijuana and alcohol are less likely to have a full-time job when they grow up, or to get a college education or get married, according to a new study by University of Connecticut researchers. ..
Lack of sleep for teens becoming a “public health epidemic”
WOWT - Nov 3, 2017
OMAHA, Neb. (WOWT) - Teens just aren't getting enough sleep. This according to a local psychologist who has studied sleep patterns for years. Brett Kuhn at UNMC tells 6 News that not only is the lack of teen sleep becoming a major health concern but it could lead to a whole new generation of mental health problems. ..
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