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Letters of Recommendation

Definition by Wikipedia
A letter of recommendation is one in which the writer assesses the qualities, characteristics, and capabilities of the person being recommended in terms of that individualís ability to perform a particular task or function. Recommendation letters are almost always specifically requested to be written about someone, and are therefore addressed to a particular requester. Letters of recommendation are typically related to employment, admissions to institutions of higher education or scholarship eligibility.

Recommendation Letters

How Should Students Ask For Letters Of Recommendation? A List Of Do's And Don'ts
WBUR.org - Sep 6, 2017
Now that school's back in session, first-year college students are making the adjustment to campus life, which can be a big change from high school. And high school seniors who are applying to college should be thinking about who to ask for recommendation letters......
Hereís How Much Teacher Recommendations Actually Matter to Colleges
Her Campus  - Feb 15, 2017
Recommendation letters might not seem like a very crucial part of your whole college application, but they say something about you that a school might not be able to get from your own essays, grades or extracurricular background. .....
Recommendation Rescinded
Inside Higher Ed  - Feb 7, 2017
Many high school seniors dread the midyear report, which shares with colleges the first-semester-of-senior-year grades they have earned. Those experiencing a senior slump fear that their stellar grade point averages may now be a little less stellar, tarnishing an otherwise exemplary record.....
How to Ask Teachers for College Recommendations
Teen Vogue  - Nov 14, 2016
Filling out college applications is stressful enough as it is, but asking teachers for college recommendation letters can account for serious anxiety. Many of us have trouble accepting a simple compliment, let alone asking one of our superiors to write a whole letter singing our praises ó a letter our futures practically depend on...
Shy Studentís Guide to Getting A Teacher Recommendation
Gazettes  - Nov 13, 2016
This year several students wishing to apply to private schools made claims that they could not get any of their junior or senior year teachers to write them recommendations. Eventually the truth emerged: they were too nervous to ask for a recommendation....
A College Counselor's Guide On How To Ask for a Teacherís Recommendation
University Herald  - Nov 15, 2016
Shy students often miss out on many things, and at times find it hard to approach people for various purposes. One such problem that shy students have is the difficulty in asking a teacher for a letter of recommendation to apply for college. For this, a college counselor shares some tips...
Those pesky Letters of Recommendation
Tribune News Service  - Nov 3, 2016
Letters of recommendation carry varying weight, depending on the perspective of the college or university and who writes them. The more selective colleges may ask for two or three recommendation letters....
Make Sure You Get the Best College Recommendation Letters
TeenLife Blog  - Oct 21, 2016
Recommendation letters. Every student needs them. Almost all teachers dread having to write them, especially if they barely know you. Thatís why itís crucial that you prepare and ask the right people to write your recommendations. The letters are a part of the college application process and they should be taken seriously...
6 tips for getting the best recommendation letters for college
Bangor Daily News  - Sep 29, 2016
How many? Check how many recommendations you will need by reviewing the admissions application instructions at your selected colleges. The number of recommendations required may vary from school to school. ...
What If My Recommender Never Sent Their Letter?
CollegeVine Blog  - Sep 29, 2016
If you have reason to believe your recommender did not send his or her letter of recommendation, stay calm. Itís not the end of the world, and there are many steps you can take to rectify the situation. Itís important to stay calm and not panic. ...
Letters of recommendation: An unfair part of college admissions
Washington Post  - Mar 3, 2016
You donít have to look too far these days to see debate and action on reforming college admissions. The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success is creating a new application and portfolio ....
Letters of recommendation hurt students from struggling high schools
Education Drive  - Mar 7, 2016
DePaul Universityís associate vice president, division of enrollment management and marketing, adds letters of recommendation to the list of unfair admissions considerations that disproportionately benefit students from wealthier, or college prep-oriented high schools....
How to Secure Teacher Recommendations for Your College Applications
TIME - Nov 30, 2015
Letters of recommendation can be a very powerful component of your college application. Your GPA and test scores are just numbers, and your essays are necessarily self-serving, but recommendations can show what others find admirable in you. Follow these tips to receive the best possible letters from your teachers and other mentors:...
The letter of recommendation Iíll never forget
Salon - Nov 28, 2015
If thereís a ďHigh School Teachersí Most Thankless TasksĒ list out there, then ďwriting college recommendation lettersĒ has to be near the top. It has nothing to do with the students, most of whom do thank me, with notes or Starbucks gift cards or trays of homemade cookies...
3 Tips for High School Teachers Writing Recommendation Letters
US News - Nov 16, 2015
Many teens need letters of recommendation from their high school counselors and teachers to get into their dream college. "If it's done right, it brings the student to life," says Alisha Couch, director of admission operations and transfer recruitment at Ohio Wesleyan University....
3 Student Tips for Getting Great College Recommendation Letters
US News - Oct 12, 2015
Asking for a recommendation letter can be an intimidating task for many college applicants. Students might wonder how to ask for letters, how many letters they'll need or if they'll need different letters for each college. ...
Building Relationships with Teachers for Recommendation Letters
TeenLife Blog  - Aug 26, 2015
When submitting a college application, one of the most important components is the recommendation letter from one of your teachers. The reason being is that colleges want to get to know you for more than just statistics and grades...
The Art of the College Recommendation Letter
The Atlantic - Feb 24, 2014
In late September, seniors case my classroom in the early morning and charge in before Iíve turned on my laptop. They corner me at the copy machine and at the entrance to the faculty lounge. They each want the same thing: a letter of recommendation.Ē...
Teacher recommendation letters for college applications
Newsday  - Feb 10, 2014
Q. The prevailing wisdom seems to be that kids applying to college should get recommendation letters from 11th-grade teachers. But if a child has a closer relationship with a teacher from a 9th or 10th grade class, is that acceptable?....
7 tips for helping your school counselor write an amazing recommendation
DC College Admissions Examiner  - Nov 4, 2013
At this time of the year most seniors are so caught up in their essays that many of them forget about another important component of their college application: the letter of recommendation. ....
Getting great letters of recommendation for college
Charlotte Observer  - Oct 29, 2013
At this time of the year most seniors are so caught up in their essays that many of them forget about another important component of their college application: the letter of recommendation. ....
Recommendation letters: solicit assistance from those who care
Bay Area College Admissions Examiner - Oct 15, 2013
When I was in 9th grade it was customary at our school for students to carry their report cards from class to class for teachers to complete, documenting your grades and writing brief subjective comments....
Letters of Recommendation: The Real Icing on Your College Admissions Cake
Huffington Post  - Sep 20, 2013
Almost every private college and university -- and these days, some public schools as well -- requires at least one recommendation letter as a part of their college admissions packet. If you take a look at the list of their freshman applicant requirements, you will find one or more of the following:...
Seniors: Have you requested your Letters of Recommendation?
True Admissions Blog  - Sep 23, 2013
Most private colleges -- and more and more public universities -- require letters of recommendation from one or two classroom teachers of academic subjects and the high school guidance or college counselor. Make the job easier for the teachers and counselor who will write your recommendations by providing them with a list of the colleges...
How to get stellar recommendation letters
Examiner.com, - Sep 17, 2013
Whether you are a freshman or a senior in high school, it is time to start thinking about what you want your recommenders to say. While recommendation letters do not make up the most important part of your college application,...

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