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College Big Picture

Live and Learn -- Why we have college
New Yorker  - Jun 6, 2011
My first job as a professor was at an Ivy League university. The students were happy to be taught, and we, their teachers, were happy to be teaching them...
Is a College Diploma Worth Soaring Student Debt?
PBS News Hour  - May 27, 2011
As a growing number of students suffer soaring college debt, many questions are being raised about the value of higher education amid meager job prospects in a struggling economy. Jeffrey Brown gets four views on whether today's diplomas are worth the cost....
Congratulations, College Graduates! But Did You Just Waste Your Money, and Four Years of Your Lives?
Time Magazine - May 31, 2011
There seems to be no stopping the argument that college is overpriced, overvalued, and not particularly good at preparing students for their lives after being kicked out of the dorms....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Measuring a College for the Right Fit
The College Solution Blog  - May 27, 2011
Q: What do admission officers feel are the three most important criteria points for a student and their family to look at to decide if it is a school the student should apply to?....
Demonstrating love of learning will set applicants apart
The Record - NJ.com  - May 30, 2011
How will you benefit from attending our college? What will you contribute to our college? While you may not see these questions on college applications, if you have answered them in your applications, ....
College Admissions and Affordability: Good and Bad Advice
Forbes  - May 27, 2011
I have cited various examples of bad college advice related to college admissions, financial aid eligibility, affordability and saving for college throughout this blog ....
College Admissions: 4 Honors Programs That Rival the Ivies
GoLocalProv  - May 30, 2011
Honors programs are a phenomenon that did not exist when most parents went to college. But today, many schools are touting them as a competitive tool. Some are extremely substantive and others are light in content and benefits ...
Will You Miss out on Teacher Recommendations for College Admission?
San Ramon Express  - May 30, 2011
As a college advisor I hold two sessions with each student and review 12 goals to accomplish by the fall of the senior year. One of the goals is to identify two teachers from the junior year to ask for letters of recommendation...
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Jun 1, 2011
The Perfect Graduation Gift
Seniors, here are some recommendations on how to spend your summertime. College is about trying new things, so give these a spin, and you’ll hit the campus more flexible than Gumby after a yoga class .... More

How to Help Your High School Senior Say Goodbye
Huffington Post  - May 29, 2011
The last dance, last pep rally, last yearbook... Senior year in high school is a long series of farewells, most of them highly emotional. As unsettling as it may be to leave their 13-year jobs as students, seniors' most wrenching farewells are usually their goodbyes to friends....
Unigo Expert Network: Avoid These Common Freshman Mistakes
Huffington Post - May 19, 2011
With packing, loans, new textbooks, assigned readings, parties, and everything in between, there are an almost infinite number of things college freshman can overlook ...
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Campus Visits

Get a Head Start on College Visits
U.S. News & World Report  - May 31, 2011
As seniors finish the taxing college admissions process, sophomores and juniors are beginning their own search for a future home. ...
Answering Questions About College Visits
U.S. News & World Report  - May 30, 2011
The May 16 blog post, "Follow 9 Tips to Window Shop for Colleges," prompted a number of questions regarding college visits. I will address some of them in this week's column ...
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College Price

Trying to Compare College Costs
Washington Monthly  - Jun 1, 2011
College is expansive. Pretty much everyone in America seems to know this in a general sense. But when parents and students are trying to decide which college is most affordable...
College merit aid produces bidding wars
Washington Post  - May 31, 2011
It is becoming a common scenario post-recession: Affluent applicants, shocked by college sticker prices and leery of debt, are choosing a school not because it is the first choice but because it is the best deal ...
Don't Believe a College Sticker Price
U.S. News & World Report  - May 31, 2011
When you are looking at colleges, don't believe the sticker price. Why? Because college are priced like airline tickets. Everybody pays a different fare. When I give talks to families with teenagers, that's one of the first points that I emphasize ...
How to Land a Full-Tuition Scholarship
U.S. News & World Report  - May 26, 2011
Though worrying about financing a college education is unavoidable for most people, a few people are either lucky enough to (a) have parents who foot the entire bill and will do the worrying for them, or (b) win a full-tuition scholarship...
How To Save A Year Of College Costs
Wall Street Journal  - May 26, 2011
"If you told your daughter or son they have $200,000 to get through college, what do you think they'd do?" a father of four asked me the other day. His answer? "They'd go to a junior college for two years and spend about $100,000 on college. And then they'd pocket the rest." ...

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Families adjusting to college kids home for summer
Detroit Free Press  - May 31, 2011
Steve and Cheryl Perkins of Detroit knew that college would bring a change in their 19-year-old daughter, Haille. But they didn't realize how much....
Do schools share too much with parents?
CNN.com  - May 31, 2011
(CNN) -- Are schools creating a new breed of helicopter parent? Teacher Terri Reh wants parents to monitor their children's entire educational career online.....
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Books & Guides

Books: 'Best Four Years' is guide to college life
Fayetteville Observer  - May 29, 2011
One advantage of Shepard's book over more detailed college manuals is his fresh perspective on the changes on campuses since parents were last handed their diplomas.....
New book helps students navigate college aid issues
The Record - NJ.com  - May 30, 2011
How will you benefit from attending our college? What will you contribute to our college? While you may not see these questions on college applications, if you have answered them in your applications, you will be setting yourself apart from other applicants and making a persuasive case for your admission....
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Schools debate the value of valedictorians: Many honor more than one top achiever
Courier-Journal.com  - May 31, 2011
For four years, Gentry Collins took advanced classes, monitored her GPA and kept a close eye on her class ranking with one goal in mind — to be named valedictorian at North Bullitt High School and speak at her commencement....
Schools weigh importance of class rankings
The Patriot-News  - May 31, 2011
John Kocsis is graduating second in his class at Cumberland Valley High School. He never had a chance at valedictorian, he said, because of choices he made....
Valedictorian titles spark competition
Atlanta Journal-Constitution  - May 24, 2011
Katie Sanders hoped her hard work and study would earn her valedictorian status at Woodstock High School last year. But in her senior year, Sanders’ class rank fell to third and the coveted titles of valedictorian and salutatorian went instead to two students...
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Community service opens doors
The Star-Ledger - NJ.com  - Jun 1, 2011
While putting together plans for the summer, don’t forget to leave quality time for volunteer activities or projects. Incorporating service into your life is incredibly rewarding and almost always habit-forming. In fact, it can open doors for lifeL...
Summer: have fun, relax and think about college application essays
The Star-Ledger - NJ.com  - May 30, 2011
Clear, logical and appropriately colorful writing that compels teachers and admissions officers to read it -- that's all I'm asking for. But for many, it's one of the hardest things to achieve...
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In Defense of Independent Admissions Consultants
The Chronicle of Higher Education  - May 31, 2011
Independent educational consultants have long been criticized by journalists, authors, and even some within the college community. This fast-growing profession attracts people from a variety of backgrounds....
Coaching and Much More for Chinese Students Looking to U.S.
New York Times  - May 29, 2011
BEIJING — In December 2009, a rejection letter from Columbia University found its way to the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen....
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SAT Test Demanding Teen Information Prompts Regulator Query
Bloomberg  - May 27, 2011
U.S. Representatives Ed Markey and Joe Barton asked the College Board, owner of the SAT college entrance exam, to explain how it collects and stores data from students as the government seeks to bolster teen privacy laws...
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School counselors help at-risk children
Mass Live  - Jun 1, 2011
A critical event will take place at the Massachusetts Statehouse in Boston on June 21, critical in that it could have a dramatic impact on elementary students across the state for years to come...
UMass must take steps to slow the rise of middle-class tuition
Boston Globe  - May 30, 2011
MOST MIDDLE-CLASS families understand the value of sacrificing for their children’s college education. But at some point, these families won’t be able to dig any deeper...
RI school districts urged to offer 'multiple pathways' to graduation
Providence Journal  - May 30, 2011
“Guide 2 Success” in Central Falls is just one example of “multiple pathway” programs across Rhode Island that are intended to help students graduate with meaningful skills....
Should teachers assign homework on weekends? New Jersey district considering a ban
MLive.com  - May 30, 2011
Students across the country are heading away from school this weekend to celebrate Memorial Day. Should they have to spend part of the holiday – or any other weekend – doing homework? Maybe not, if they live in New Jersey....
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Poor sleep linked to kids who bully
eMaxHealth  - May 31, 2011
A study from University of Michigan researchers found kids with behavior problems like aggression and bullying are twice as likely to have some sort of sleep disorder that leads to daytime sleepiness. The study was conducted on elementary school ...
To head off future bullies, we have to turn bystanders into upstanders
MPR.org  - Jun 1, 2011
The Edina public schools recently held an event about bullying, cosponsored by many of the city's foundations and organizations. The speaker lineup was terrific. An excellent film was shown. Local restaurants donated refreshments...


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