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Student Debt Load Varies Greatly by College and Region
New York Times - Dec 5, 2013
Rising student debt has become a national concern, but the picture is far from uniform, with students at some colleges borrowing ten times as much as their counterparts at other colleges, a report released Wednesday says ...
You're in!: College admissions offers might get easier to obtain
Reporter News  - Nov 30, 2013
LOS ANGELES — After a long stretch of rising competition in college admissions, the numbers this year may be on the side of students like Davone Morales, an Eagle Rock High School senior. ...
Access to Top Universities Linked to Family Background, Not Just Achievement
EdWeek - Dec 3, 2013
As much as we'd like to think the college-admissions process takes place on a level playing field, new research suggests it does not. Access to top universities in the United States, England, and Australia has a lot to do with family background and money, ....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

What Do Colleges Look For In Applicants?
Huffington Post  - Dec 2, 2013
There are many factors that go into admissions decisions and there is no magic formula to ensure you will be admitted into a particular college. However, most colleges do use some similar criteria as they select their incoming freshman class....
College Admissions: 5 Reasons Not To Attend Your Stretch College
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Dec 2, 2013
In a society obsessed with brand names, we have fallen prey to the idea that students should attend the most competitive college they can get into. Sometimes it’s the kids who are mesmerized by big name schools, other times it’s the parents...
Have I been accepted?
NorthJersey.com  - Dec 2, 2013
Before I start this week's college column, I want to share with you an article I read in the fall 2013 issue of "The Journal of College Admission....
Make Colleges Say 'Yes' to Your Application
Huffington Post  - Nov 22, 2013
College counselors are excellent sources of important insights about how admissions committees filter applications and ultimately select students for an incoming class. They may impart that by suggesting you enroll in additional AP courses...
7 Frustrating Parts of the College Application Process & How to Deal with Them
Her Campus - Nov 27, 2013
Life is frustrating. It’s one of the first things we learn and is a fact that applies to almost everything we do, including applying for college. Her Campus highlighted some of the most frustrating aspects of applying to college and some easy, simple solutions to put your frustrations to rest! ....
College application process intimidating to some
Boston.com - Nov 30, 2013
WASHINGTON (AP) — Sometimes, all it takes is a $7 burrito gift card to get high school seniors to submit their college applications early. ‘‘You always have some students who say, ‘I don’t want to go to college,’ but they don’t realize whatever it is in life....
3 easy step college-bound time management plan-part 3
Long Island College Prep Examiner  - Nov 27, 2013
College prep is stressful alone but added to an already busy schedule makes parents and students crave a time machine. Until one is invented, families can use this three easy step college-bound time management plan.....
What the Common App won't tell you or 10 reasons you need to do your research
DC College Examiner  - Dec 2, 2013
College prep is stressful alone but added to an already busy schedule makes parents and students crave a time machine. Until one is invented, families can use this three easy step college-bound time management plan.....
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College Essays

Unusual college essay questions for 2013-14
Washington Post - Nov 25, 2013
Every year colleges and universities ask applicants to write essays to explain who they are and to show how they think and write (assuming that the students actually write the essays themselves). ...
College essay requires thought, not personal drama
Charlotte Observer - Dec 2, 2013
Robert Cronk, author of “Concise Advice: Jump-Starting Your College Admissions Essays” ( www.jumpstartessays.com) took issue with some of my advice in last week’s “Why this college?” column....
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School Stress Takes A Toll On Health, Teens And Parents Say
NPR.org - Dec 2, 2013
When high school junior Nora Huynh got her report card, she was devastated to see that she didn't get a perfect 4.0. ....
5 Tips for Dealing with Last-Minute College App Stress
Her Campus - Dec 3, 2013
In high school, the first semester of senior year is a college pamphlet-filled, application-loaded blur. Trying to get good grades, running around to extracurriculars and dealing with the college application process is a lot to handle! ....
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What’s New With the SAT
The College Solution Blog - Dec 3, 2013
The College Board is delaying the roll out of its new SAT test. The launch of the redesigned test had been scheduled for 2015, but the test maker is delaying it by a year....
Give Thanks for Online SAT Test Prep Resources
US News - Nov 25, 2013
Planning SAT preparation can be a test all by itself. Listening to advice from fellow test-takers, teachers and the vast world of online resources might overwhelm you as you devise a study plan that best suits you....
Delay for New SAT
Inside Higher Ed - Dec 3, 2013
Planning SAT preparation can be a test all by itself. Listening to advice from fellow test-takers, teachers and the vast world of online resources might overwhelm you as you devise a study plan that best suits you....
Archives - SATs & ACTs
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Seniors: Beware the Biggest Interview Faux Pas
True Admissions Blog - Dec 3, 2013
Admission officers say that, by far, the most frequent interview faux pas are wardrobe malfunctions— blouses that pop open, spaghetti strap tops that are too skimpy, flies that are unzipped, workout clothes that look like you just .....
Knock-Em-Dead College Admissions Interviews
Huffington Post - Nov 27, 2013
It's almost Thanksgiving. Are you one of the scores of students who has already turned in an early college application? If yes, good for you. Even if you haven't, it's time to begin thinking about college admissions interviews.....
College Touring 101: From the Perspective of a Younger Brother Being Dragged Along for the Ride
Huffington Post - Nov 22, 2013
Touring colleges can be a rather daunting task, especially if you're looking for the place that you'll be spending the next four, or more, years of your life. This task can seem even more overwhelming if you are exposed to it before you're mentally ready to even think ...
Archives - Campus Visits & Interviews
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The High School Guidance Counselor Shortage
TIME  - Dec 3, 2013
Huge caseloads, scant training and budget constraints have made quality college counseling a scarce commodity in public schools......
HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Dec 4, 2013
Cry for Help, or Pity Party?
I once—and only once--- received a compliment about my dancing. My wife and I were invited to a square dance, and the caller guided the group through sets of dances, each one a little more difficult than the last.... More

Education Department Launches Site Aimed at Guidance Counselors
Inside Higher Ed  - Dec 4, 2013
The Obama administration on Wednesday unveiled a new web portal aimed at the people who help students and families prepare for college.....

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Social Media

Could LinkedIn give students an 'in' with college admissions?
CNET - Dec 3, 2013
If it's been awhile since you applied to college, here's a bit of news to make you feel your age: it's not just about SAT scores, transcripts, and personal essays these days. Social networking plays a role, too....
More Colleges Considering Applicants’ Online Lives
WBUR.org - Dec 2, 2013
If it's been awhile since you applied to college, here's a bit of news to make you feel your age: it's not just about SAT scores, transcripts, and personal essays these days. Social networking plays a role, too....
Application angst: Teens' social media can hurt college chances
NBC News - Today Show - Nov 25, 2013
Could all those selfies sink your Harvard dreams? The college application process is stressful enough; now parents also have to worry about managing their teenagers' online reputation.....
Archives - Social Media
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New federal ‘financial aid toolkit’ for college
Washington Post - Dec 4, 2013
The federal government on Wednesday rolled out an online “financial aid toolkit” for guidance counselors, parents and others to help students learn about funding options for college....
The Gift That Keeps On Giving
Forbes - Dec 4, 2013
Back at work this morning on black coffee and cold cereal after stuffing ourselves with stuffing, we are still thinking about pie...
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College Admissions: Freshmen Blues - What’s a Parent to Do?
golocalworcester - Nov 25, 2013
Fall is here, and soon college students will be coming home for Thanksgiving break. Some freshmen will be gushing with excitement over their new friends, exhilarating courses or latest extra-curricular interests. Other students will beg their parents to let them stay home after vacation ends...
College Tips: Parents, get ready to tackle the FAFSA
NJ.com - Nov 22, 2013
The college application process is often emotional, with students sizing up their choices based on their gut feelings. But there's an important financial side to the decision: How are we going to pay for it?...
Are "helicopter" kids more successful?
CBS News MoneyWatch - Dec 3, 2013
(MoneyWatch) When moms write their kids' college essays and pitch a fit in order to get a grade raised, that may well improve a young person's chances of getting into the school of their choice....
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Proposal to redesign R.I. Board of Education unveiled
Providence Journal  - Dec 3, 2013
PROVIDENCE, R.I.-- A proposal to split the governance of the new Rhode Island Board of Education into separate councils with statutory authority for kindergarten-grade 12 and higher education was unveiled during a public forum Tuesday evening at Rhode Island College.....
Wither Pennsylvania
Inside Higher Ed - Dec 2, 2013
Pennsylvania's 14-university state system is feeling the burn of budget cuts and declining enrollment with little relief in sight .....
Family and consumer science on chopping block
Portland Press Herald - Dec 3, 2013
In Maine schools and elsewhere, the classes are disappearing because of years of budget cuts.......
Mass. Students Among Top-Performing In Global Exam
WBUR.org - Dec 3, 2013
BOSTON — Massachusetts high schoolers are among the top-performing students in the world, according to the results of the 2012 Program for International Student Assessment, or PISA, exam — a test given every three years to 15-year-olds around the world......
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This Bullying Social Experiment Is Incredibly Eye-Opening
Huffington Post  - Dec 3, 2013
No one is immune from bullying. Whether you are the oppressor, the victim or the witness, you are part of a cycle that needs to end. A new video shows just how much power a bystander has.....
Online College Fair - CollegeWeekLive


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