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Being Blind To Financial Need: Is It Worth It?
NPR.org - May 23, 2013
Millions of students rely on loans and grants for their studies. But with universities strapped for cash, fewer schools are able to admit students regardless of their financial need. Host Michel Martin asks the President of Iowa's Grinnell College, Dr. Raynard Kington, why his school considered putting a halt to need-blind admissions.
Amid limited budgets, colleges grapple with merit-based aid
The Boston Globe  - May 27, 2013
Three high school classmates apply to Boston University, one at the top of the class, one an average student, and one below-average. Because it’s a great high school, all three win admission......
The Five Biggest College Myths
Yahoo News  - May 27, 2013
It’s the conventional wisdom that students and parents do their research on colleges and costs before making any commitment to attend a particular institution.....
Did You Graduate in Four Years? Congratulations
Washington Monthly  - May 22, 2013
For the U.S. college students who will be paying for a four-year bachelor’s degree long after graduation day, here’s some consolation: At least it didn’t take you six or eight years.....
Public colleges are often no bargain for the poor
Sacramento Bee  - May 29, 2013
WASHINGTON -- Many public colleges and universities expect their poorest students to pay a third, half or even more of their families’ annual incomes each year for college, a new study of college costs has found.....
Why High-School Rankings Are Meaningless—and Harmful
The Atlantic  - May 28, 2013
Over the past month or so, in newspapers and local-news websites all around the country, public high schools and school districts have been trumpeting reports about how they've done on various national rankings of high schools.....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Juniors: Breaking Down the Common App
True Admissions Blog  - May 29, 2013
Applying to college is like any big project that gets completed over time: it simply needs to be broken down into separate tasks. So in addition to continuing to research and refine the list of colleges to which they will apply and working on their essays,....
Don’t be Fooled by College Admission Rates
Poughkeepsie Journal  - May 24, 2013
One of the biggest public misconceptions about college admissions is that the harder it is to get into a college, the “better” that college is. Parents and students alike typically confuse “selectivity” with “quality,” but doing so can have disastrous effects: I....
Summer vacation is not for visiting colleges
Boston College Admissions Examiner  - May 27, 2013
Rising juniors and seniors may consider visiting and evaluating colleges this summer. After all, without any papers due or exams pending, summer vacation offers what students usually lack…time to travel. ....
Colleges for students with learning disabilitites
The College Solution  - May 24, 2013
Does your teenager have a learning disability? If so, the whole college process might seem even more daunting. According to the U.S. Government Accountability Office, 11% of undergraduates have a disability and most of them are learning disabilities. ....
Evaluating a College’s Learning Disabilities Services
The College Solution  - May 28, 2013
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Social Media and Admissions

The Truth About Social Media and Admissions
Huffington Post  - May 23, 2013
We live in a digital age and many high school students today document much of their lives online. When applying to college, all aspects of an applicant are taken into consideration, and often times this can include his or her online presence. ....
15 Facebook Photos that Make You Look Good
About.com  - May 27, 2013
A Kaplan survey from 2011 revealed that 85% of college admissions officers use Facebook and other social media to help them recruit new students, and a study from UMass Amherst showed that 100% of colleges and universities are using social media....
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - May 29, 2013
Dare to Dream, Dare to Do—Take a College Counseling Class This Summer
This is a tough time of year to be a school counselor. You are giving every free moment to life at school, running the awards assembly, putting the final touch on next year’s schedules, calling parents to tell them graduation... More

Peer-to-peer positivity: Counselors can help, but the real difference makers are students
Twin Cities Daily Planet - May 29, 2013
The cafeteria is a noisy thrall filled with clamoring voices and excitable chewing. You watch as a boy, hunching his back and with a hoodie pulled over his head, .....
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Pre Frosh

8 Ways to Prepare For Leaving Your Parents to Go to College
Her Campus - May 29, 2013
College is (finally) just around the corner and you couldn't be more excited. You'll get to stay out however late you want, wake up whenever you want, do whatever you want. Wait. You’ll be able to do whatever you want?That's kind of scary....
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SAT Questions
Hurst College Admissions Examiner  - May 24, 2013
Q: When is the best time to take the SAT? A: If your student takes the test right at the beginning of their junior year, that gives them the previous summer to study and practice at a leisurely pace without interfering with their school work. It allows them to focus completely on the test without being distracted by exams, papers, homework, etc...
3 things to know and remember when preparing for the SAT mathematics section
Chicago SAT Prep Examiner  - May 24, 2013
Ah, mathematics. That single word, mathematics, can divide – and strike fear in the hearts of – individuals like no other term. Or, at least, some individuals. As a high school student, I did everything in my power to avoid devoting myself to this section ...

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Stay ahead in the financial aid game with 9 key plays
DC College Admissions Examiner  - May 29, 2013
Although the clock is ticking down, there are still ways to stay ahead in the financial aid game. With a few properly-executed “plays,” you can definitely have an impact on what financial aid is offered and how close it comes to meeting your needs. ...
Feds push diversity in financial aid
CBS News - MoneyWatch  - May 27, 2013
Although the clock is ticking down, there are still ways to stay ahead in the financial aid game. With a few properly-executed “plays,” you can definitely have an impact on what financial aid is offered and how close it comes to meeting your needs. ...
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Six ways to survive college search with a smile
Washington Post - Class Struggle  - May 25, 2013
While I can still type, perhaps I should take this opportunity to record the six key issues related to the college search, drawing on all that I have learned in my many years of parenting and writing.....
Gifts for grads are better than ever
Charlotte Observer  - May 27, 2013
I always believed that Hallmark was responsible for creating the catchy marketing moniker “Dads and Grads.” Just as Father’s Day gifts have thankfully moved beyond standard-issue ties, graduates can expect something more creative than a Cross pen or an oversized dictionary.....
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Connecticut Offers $5 Million In School Safety Grants After Sandy Hook
Stamford Daily Voice - May 28, 2013
FAIRFIELD COUNTY, Conn. -- Schools in Connecticut, including those in Fairfield County, can apply for part of $5 million in grants from the state to improve school security in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. ....
Where The Smart Kids Are Going To College 2013
golocalprov - May 29, 2013
As graduation season approaches for high school seniors, GoLocalProv takes a look at where the 3 top-ranking students from each of Rhode Island’s 60-plus technical, vocational, private, public and religious secondary schools ....
MA vocational schools receiving grants
WWLP - May 29, 2013
BOSTON (WWLP) - Outgoing Lieutenant Governor Tim Murray announced more than $1 million in grants for vocational school Wednesday; this could impact a local school near you. ....
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Teen Suicide

Teen Suicide and Contagion
Huffington Post - May 28, 2013
The idea of a teen committing suicide and of a young life being abbreviated is almost too painful to think about. Nonetheless, it does happen...
What Do I Do If My Teen Is Thinking About Suicide?
Huffington Post - May 26, 2013
They say that the worst pain in life is losing a child. When parents hear that their child is thinking about suicide, or has even tried to commit suicide, they often become paralyzed by the fear ..


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