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Explore the future of higher education with Hari Sreenivasan
PBS NewsHour - Aug 25, 2014
PBS NewsHour’s Hari Sreenivasan traveled the country this year to explore the state of higher education. He will share five of stories he found as part of a week-long look at how America is rethinking the college experience. The series comes at a time when many believe higher education is at a crossroads....
Rethinking College - A PBS Newshour Series 
PBS NewsHour
How to educate Americans for jobs? Ask the Germans, employers urge
Hechinger Report - Aug 20, 2014
INDIANAPOLIS — Two years. That’s how long it takes William Lankin’s fast-growing electrical contracting company to teach new hires with four-year university degrees the tricks of the trade....
The Future of College?
The Atlantic - Aug 13, 2014
A brash tech entrepreneur thinks he can reinvent higher education by stripping it down to its essence, eliminating lectures and tenure along with football games, ivy-covered buildings, and research libraries. What if he's right?....
5 Signs Your College is in Serious Financial Trouble
TIME - Aug 20, 2014
An increasing number of schools are unable to balance their books. Make sure yours is not one of them......
Former Yale professor takes on elite colleges: They’re 'exacerbating income inequality'
Yahoo - Aug 26, 2014
Is the higher education system broken? According to the New York Federal Reserve, student loan debt totals more than $1.2 trillion – exceeding outstanding credit card and auto loan debt. Students leave college with an expensive degree, but many are either unemployed or working in jobs that pay the minimum wage.....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

One piece of advice: Be different
Charlotte Observer  - Aug 25, 2014
If I could give every family only one piece of advice about college admissions and the college application process it would be this: Dare to be different. Be different from the beginning. Don’t wait like so many other people until the summer after junior year, or even worse....
College Admissions: 4 Must Know Early Admission Terms
Golocalprov - Aug 25, 2014
In recent years, early round admit programs have become an increasingly important aspect of college admissions. Many colleges are filling 30-70% of their freshman class via Early Action or Early Decision...
Applying to College Is Different This Year--Here's How
Huffington Post - Aug 25, 2014
School hasn't even started for most students, but the college application process is in high gear for the Class of 2015. Students, parents, and counselors familiar with the ins and outs of essays, deadlines, and recommendation forms have already noticed three big changes to this year's application landscape....
On College: Get those Common Applications in early
San Jose Mercury News  - Aug 25, 2014
It's a new year and a new Common App. While the Common Application hopefully has solved many of the problems that plagued college applicants last year, there are several tips that students should be aware of this year to make their experience uneventful....
"Backdoor" Admission: Earning Entry into an Elite College with Less than Elite Credentials
Teen Life Blog  - Aug 23, 2014
Two caveats, before we dish out the advice. First, as readers of our blog know, we do not advocate over-focusing on highly selective schools. Yet we also recognize that the allure of brand name universities is quite powerful and that, in some instances, those schools may represent a good “fit” for certain students.....
The Summer Before College Can Make or Break Students' Chances of Enrolling
WESA 90.5 - Aug 22, 2014
As the Pittsburgh region experiences its yearly rush of returning college students, a number of high school graduates who initially registered will not be moving into the freshmen dorms....
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Helpful tips for the ‘why us?’ college admissions essay
Bay Area College Admissions Examiner - Aug 23, 2014
Many colleges ask the question, “Why us?” as part of the college admissions process. The question is asked differently by the colleges, but the idea behind the question is always the same: why us?...
Writing supplements or member questions: How to find Common App essay prompts
DC College Admissions Examiner - Aug 25, 2014
Pixar is famous for sneaking insider references and jokes into movies. These hidden gems are known as “Easter Eggs” because they require a bit of “hunting” and attention to detail in order for viewers to be rewarded with a “find.”...
Real College Admission Essay Prompts From This Year's Applications
Parade - Aug 23, 2014
Millions of high school seniors around the country are busy penning college admissions essays based on prompts like the thought-provoking ones below, which we pulled from this year’s applications. (In many cases, the prompts below are one of a few options given by the colleges.)...

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Starting College: A Guide for Parents in 2014
huffington Post  - Aug 27, 2014
It is late summer, 2014. With memories of high school graduations still strong but sadly beginning to fade, as in the cascade of summers before, millions of families are busily preparing for a signal event in their lives -- sending a child off to start college....
Beginning of college marks transition period for students and parents
WRVO  - Aug 27, 2014
As summer vacation comes to a close, many students will be heading back to school for the year. But for some parents, their children are leaving home for college. Parents and their kids both have their own worries about that day...
Getting parents ready for their kids to go to college
Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)  - Aug 27, 2014
College counselors and other representatives are keenly aware of just how difficult it can be for parents to transition from a family of four or five to, little by little, a family of two — without children.....
Archives - Parents
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Aug 21, 2014
The Ten Goals for This School Year
The start of a new school year is a lot like the start of a new calendar year. Everyone begins with a sense of fresh opportunity, convinced this is the year that will be different from the time we vowed to give up chocolate, use the treadmill every day, or walk the dog even when it’s cold... More

Understanding counseling professionals and the help they offer
Your Houston News - Aug 26, 2014
American Counseling Association -- Many people have little idea of who professional counselors really are and what they really do. For most of us, our experience has been limited to the school counselors we've known, or the mental health professionals we've seen portrayed on TV....
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Competing college rankings take different views of what matters
PBS NewsHour - Aug 25, 2014
The country’s best known college rankings are probably those published every year by U.S. News and World Report. While the rankings sell magazines and advertising, their influence is often criticized as pushing colleges to drive up admissions criteria and drive down acceptance rates....
Introduction: A Different Kind of College Ranking
Washington Monthly - Aug 24, 2014
Last August, President Barack Obama traveled to the State University of New York at Buffalo to give a speech about higher education. It began with the usual tributes to college as a pillar of American opportunity and economic renewal. “A higher education is the single best investment you can make in your future,” the president said, repeating a message that most students have heard, ad nauseam, for their entire lives.....
New Rankings Include 'Affordable Elite' and 'Worst' Colleges
EdWeek - Aug 25, 2014
Washington Monthly magazine's just-released Annual College Guide and Ranking this year includes two new lists: one looks at selective colleges that give students in need a price break, and the other identifies what it considers the poorest performing schools....
Her Campus College Rankings 2014
Her Campus  - Aug 25, 2014
Here at HC, we’re plugged into what’s going on at colleges across the country. With a team of more than 4,000 students at more than 240 colleges and universities contributing to our site, we’ve got the inside scoop on who’s doing what and where. So with the new school year right around the corner, we thought it only appropriate to stack the schools… Her Campus style. ....
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Thoughtful Parenting: SAT vs. ACT: A breakdown
Steamboat Today - Aug 24, 2014
One the most frequently asked questions from parents is, Should my student(s) take the SAT or the ACT? What is the difference? Do colleges or universities accept both? What should we be on the lookout for?....
Meet the New Yorker Who Makes $1,000 an Hour SAT Tutoring on Skype
Slate Magazine  - Aug 27, 2014
Every morning Anthony Green wakes up in his Manhattan apartment and walks around the block to get a cup of coffee and maybe an omelet from the diner that he tells me makes the “best in the East Village, maybe even New York.”....
Archives - SATs & ACTs
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Career & Techincal Education

Volkswagen Brings German-Style Vocational Training To Tennessee
Nashville Public Radio - Aug 24, 2014
Volkswagen is facing what company officials call the “stigma” of vocational education and the American conventional wisdom that the pathway to a good job runs through a four-year college.....
No easy answers on “career readiness”
EdSource - Aug 24, 2014
The “career” piece of “college and career readiness” continues to challenge the state advisory committee that is charged with reworking the primary measure of school effectiveness in California....
Mentors working on work ethics
Cortez Journal - Aug 24, 2014
“Parents can only give good advice or put them on the right paths, but the final forming of a person’s character lies in their own hands.” - Anne Frank, Holocaust victim.....
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Preparing Delaware’s young men for brighter future
Delaware Online - Aug 25, 2014
A college education might seem like an unattainable dream for a majority of young black and Latino men in our community. It should not be and in many ways, this is the civil rights issue of the day. Many of these young men come from homes where a college education is not the norm; ....
Vermont's Growing Food Industry Seeks Trained Professionals
Seven Day - Aug 26, 2014
According to the state tax department, diners spent more than $910 million eating out in Vermont in 2013. The state has become a destination known for its locavore food, beer and spirits and a surprisingly sophisticated array of specialty products. ....
College consortium celebrates with mobile lab
Courier Post Online - Aug 26, 2014
The New Jersey Community College Consortium for Workforce and Economic Development celebrated its 10-year anniversary in a big way. ....
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Teen Drinking

Counseling Does Little to Deter Youth Drinking, Review Finds
HealthDay - Aug 22, 2014
Counseling may do little to help young people with drinking problems, a large-scale review finds. Researchers analyzed 66 studies that included nearly 18,000 people 25 and younger, many of whom were at high risk for drinking problems.....
MADD issues warning about teen back-to-school drinking, driving
CBS-19 - Aug 22, 2014
TYLER (KYTX) - Mother's Against Drunk Driving is issuing a warning to parents and teens about alcohol-related crashes during the back to school season. Nearly 200 children died in texas last year in July and August -- in alcohol related crashes......
Online College Fair - CollegeWeekLive


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Teen Drinking


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