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Big Picture

Colleges that pledged to help poor families have been doing the opposite, new figures show
The Hechinger Report  - Nov 30, 2014
WASHINGTON, D.C.—Decked out in black tie and formal dresses, guests at Mr. Jefferson’s Capital Ball finished their salmon with horseradish sauce just as the band lured them onto the dance floor with classics including “Shout” and “My Girl.”....
Why your child won't graduate from college on time
CBS News  - Dec 3, 2014
Expect your child to graduate from college in four years? Not likely. The odds of getting a diploma on time are exceedingly low, according to a new report released this week by Complete College America, a nonprofit organization that works with states to improve graduation rates at public colleges and universities....
Promiscuous College Come-Ons
New York Times - OpEd - Nov 23, 2014
BETWEEN the last application season and the current one, Swarthmore College, a school nationally renowned for its academic rigor, changed the requirements for students vying to be admitted into its next freshman class. ....
State-Related Community Colleges
Inside Higher Ed  - Dec 3, 2014
State spending on higher education has improved since the depths of the recession. But competition for public funds is intense in most states, where K-12, Medicaid and pensions are the primary budget drivers....
In defense of college: What Peter Thiel gets wrong, once again.
Washington Post  - Dec 1, 2014
In a Washington Post opinion piece, billionaire Peter Thiel asserts that college is the final stage of a competitive tournament in which kids at the top enjoy prestige because they’ve defeated everybody else...
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

For Accomplished Students, Reaching a Good College Isn’t as Hard as It Seems
New York Times - Upshot Blog  - Nov 29, 2014
Earlier this year, Harvard announced that it had accepted 5.9 percent of the nearly 35,000 students who applied for admission to the class of 2018. The next day, Stanford announced an even more exacting 5.07 percent admission rate, the lowest in the university’s history....
The Dangerous Allure of Party Schools
The College Solution Blog  - Nov 25, 2014
I watched CNN’s new documentary, Ivory Tower, last week, which has prompted me to write a depressing post for Thanksgiving week....
Red flags in college admissions
Bay Area College Admissions Examiner  - Nov 24, 2014
Before submitting college applications, students should make sure their applications are free of red flags. A red flag in college admissions can be anything the admissions committee may question about a student as they are reading applications for admission..
How to Finalize Your College List
TeenLife Blog  - Nov 21, 2014
With an abundance of college choices, picking which school to attend can be a very difficult decision for teens. Some students will say that they knew immediately when they stepped on a certain campus that it was the school for them...
College Admissions: Research and Internship Explanations that Get Noticed
GoLocalPDX College Admissions  - Nov 26, 2014
I spend time in January as an application reader for a highly selective college, and many students have done research at a university or internships with a company. That’s terrific and impressive!...
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OnCollege: Things to do while waiting for responses to your applications
San Jose Mercury News  - Dec 1, 2014
Now that so many seniors have submitted their college applications, the hard part begins -- waiting. I know it can feel like torture to wait the few weeks or months until college decisions are released, but there are certainly some things you can do in the meantime:...
College Admissions: 4 Things To Do While Waiting For Early Admissions
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Nov 24, 2014
Many parents and students are anxiously awaiting the first round of college admission responses. Early action and early decision acceptances are usually returned around December 15, but some colleges will send them out sooner and some will go later....
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5 tips for getting that college essay written
Charlotte Observer  - Dec 1, 2014
OK, all you procrastinators, it’s now officially December, and with Jan. 1 deadlines looming, you really can’t wait much longer. Yes, of course, I know you can, and some of you will wait until Dec. 29 to start “thinking about” what you’re going to write.....
What NOT to say in your “Why this college?” essay -- Charlotte Observer  - Nov 24, 2014
What Essays Thrill Elite Schools? These Teens Will Show You
Forbes  - Dec 1, 2014
Mindy Zou wrote about a turbulent visit to China. Nicolae Sapoval recounted a grisly secret of the ancient Greeks. And Rebecca Tian shared the story of how she overcame depression...

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HSCW Counselors' Corners
School Counselor Summit II: Big Teams, Big Plans, Big Possibilities
Post - Dec 4, 2014

The White House initiative to strengthen school counselors and college access took a big step forward, when development teams from 30 states convened at the San Diego State University in mid-November.... More
Counselor and Teacher Relationships: Thinking Ahead to College Admissions
Huffington Post  - Nov 17, 2014
TEACHERS ARE IMPORTANT PEOPLE IN YOUR LIFE From freshman through senior year of high school, aside from family members and friends, there is no one with whom you spend more time than teachers. While some large state universities don't require any teacher recommendations as part of the college application process.....
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Help for parents, students coping with first visit home
Detroit Free Press  - Nov 23, 2014
We’re coming up on one of the watershed moments of a college student’s freshman year — worse than the realization that the “freshman 15” is not an urban myth (except it’s more like the “freshman 3”) and more cringe-inducing than seeing a roommate in their underwear....
How Helicopter Parents Can Help Their Kids Apply to the Right Colleges
TIME  - Dec 2, 2014
n previous TIME articles, I used the technique of the internal debate to help readers decide whether to quit their job and, in another article, whether to marry their special someone. Here, I use the internal debate to help parents resolve common dilemmas about college....
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Social Media

College Admissions Officers Increasingly Check Out Students' Online Profiles
Ed Week  - Nov 24, 2014
More admissions officers than ever admit to checking out an applicant's social media presence, but students are increasingly unconcerned that the practice will hurt their acceptance chances.....
More Admissions Officers Check Social Media, But Few Students Are Worried
US News University  - Nov 29, 2014
More admissions officers than ever admit to checking out an applicant's social media presence, but students are increasingly unconcerned that the practice will hurt their acceptance chances.....
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Leverage Your Learning Style for Better Test Prep Results
US News  - Dec 1, 2014
Standardized tests such as the SAT or ACT attempt to measure the performance of students when placed under equal constraints. If each test-taker answers the same questions, each should, in theory, have the same chance to perform well. ....
Target 3 Overlooked SAT, ACT Test Prep Resources
US News  - Nov 24, 2014
Although standardized exams claim to test a student’s readiness for college, simply doing well in high school is rarely sufficient to guarantee success. Students who fared poorly in high school also have an opportunity to change their narrative by acing the ACT or SAT....
Archives - SATs & ACTs
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Career & Technical Education

Guidance offered on career preparation
Ed Source - Dec 2, 2014
Ensuring schools are adequately preparing students for careers is just as important as ensuring they prepare students for college, says a new paper that proposes districts add specific career-readiness measures,...
Archives - Career & Technical Education
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2015 Guide To FAFSA, CSS Profile, College Financial Aid And Expected Family Contribution (EFC)
Forbes  - Nov 28, 2014
This comprehensive guide to college financial aid, updated for 2015 with new insights and tips, will help you estimate how much your family will be expected to contribute toward the cost of college ..
10 Tips to Prepare for the FAFSA
TeenLife Blog  - Dec 2, 2014
f you haven’t watched the Hallmark Channel in the last few days, you might be surprised to find out that Christmas movies have already begun. The holidays are upon us, and that means the New Year is quickly approaching. ....
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Christie signs Prieto bills to expand N.J. vocational education
NJ.com - Dec 3, 2014
TRENTON — Gov. Chris Christie today signed five bills that are intended to expand vocational education in New Jersey. ....
VTDigger - Nov 25, 2014
Twenty years ago, the Vermont State Colleges hit the demographic iceberg of declining future high school graduates. The good ship VSC has been taking on water ever since and the slow sinking has finally become visible on the top deck. ....
R.I. Board of Ed. approves proposed tuition increases at state's public colleges
Providence Journal - Dec 1, 2014
WARWICK - The Rhode Island Board of Education Monday night swiftly and unanimously approved sending the new governor a budget request that would hike tuition at the state's three public colleges for the first time in three years. ....
Educators, Advocates, Parents To Rally On New Haven Green For Better Schools
CT Now - Dec 3, 2014
Organizers say they are expecting about 3,000 parents, educators and community leaders Wednesday for a rally on the New Haven Green to call for action to improve the state's struggling schools. ....
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Teen Drinking

Chronicle of Higher Ed  - Dec 2, 2014
espite decades of research, hundreds of campus task forces, and millions invested in bold experiments, college drinking remains as much of a problem as ever ....
Close Friends May Be Key to Teens' Drinking
HealthDay News - Nov 21, 2014
Close friends have more influence on teens' alcohol use than their general peer group does, a new study says.....
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