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What a GOP-Led Congress Means for Higher Ed
Inside Higher Ed  - Nov 4, 2014
With victories in several key Senate races last night, Republicans will take control of both chambers of Congress heading into the final two years of the Obama presidency -- a balance of power that sets up a much-changed dynamic for federal higher education policy-making in the coming months.....
Why we are looking at the ‘value’ of college all wrong
Washington Post  - Nov 4, 2014
There is a national debate about whether going to college is worth the increasingly hefty price tag. The argument against it is that many students come out four — or five or six — years later and can’t find a job that pays a lot, or they can’t find a job at all. ....
How States Stopped Funding Higher Education
Washington Monthly  - Nov 4, 2014
The Great Recession was pretty terrible for higher education. In state after state legislatures cut funding for public colleges. The economy has recovered, but the damage is permanent, particularly for poor students. ....
Elite Colleges Explore Alternative to Common App
Chronicle of Higher Ed  - Oct 31, 2014
Admissions officials at some of the nation’s most-selective colleges seek to create a new online application system, according to documents obtained by The Chronicle. .....
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College Admissions Resources

College Admissions: Top 10 College Admissions Websites
GoLocalProv College  - Nov 3, 2014
Books, websites, magazines, blogs, newsletters! You could fill a local library today with nothing but college admission resources. The array of information is mind-boggling. There are scholarship sites that promise to find a student money, if you just pay....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

10 most common college application mistakes
Charlotte Observer  - Nov 4, 2014
There’s no wiggle room for stupid mistakes when some colleges are receiving over 30,000 applications and acceptance rates can be in the single digits....
Brace yourself for rejection and then get over it
San Jose Mercury News  - Nov 3, 2014
Many high school seniors enthusiastically sent out college applications before the Nov. 1 deadline last week. And while decisions will not be out until December, it is important for students to sooner rather than later steel themselves against the sting of rejection....
5 College Tuition Hacks That Could Save You Thousands
Huffington Post  - Oct 30, 2014
November is National College Application Month and the admissions process, now in full swing, is a time of high anxiety for students and parents. There are essays to write, test scores to report and, for the vast majority of American families, ....
Early admission applications sent, now 7 things to do
Long Island College Prep Examiner  - Nov 4, 2014
For those applying to college via an early admission program, the flurry of activities including visiting colleges, writing essays, and taking college admission tests come to a close when they submit their early college admission applications in November....
Social media & college applications
WWLP  - Nov 4, 2014
Why are colleges looking at an college applicant’s Facebook page? Colleges have a fantasy question they want answered, and that is, “Who are you?” For years they’ve been relying on letters of recommendation and essays. They provide some insight into the student....
Weigh Passion, Practicality to Narrow Your College Search
US News  - Nov 3, 2014
Humans love to view the world in dichotomies, whether it's good vs. evil, head vs. heart or passion vs. practicality. A dichotomy means "a division into two parts," and it can be a powerful way to narrow a diverse set of possibilities down to a choice between two options....
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College Admissions: The Similarity Between Online Dating Profiles and ‘Why This College?’ Essays
GoLocalPDX College Admissions  - Nov 3, 2014
If you listen to the lingo of college admissions officers, you will often hear references to finding students who are a “good match” for the college. That sounds a lot like dating language to me, ....
The college essay doesn’t need to be epic
Spokane College Examiner  - Oct 30, 2014
This fall many seniors are facing their toughest writing assignment of their high school careers – the college application essay. It is viewed as such a high stakes task that the stress surrounding it can be intense and students use many resources to assist them in essay writing....
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College Admissions: Typical College Interview Questions
GoLocalPDX College Admissions  - Nov 5, 2014
nterviews may be a part of your college application process. Here’s what sort of questions to expect. Interviews may or may not be part of your college admission process...
How to address 3 common behavioral questions asked in admission interviews
USA Today  - Nov 5, 2014
Nervous about an admissions interview? Colleges and universities that require these interviews will ask a variety of questions to determine a student’s qualifications and fit for the institution. Interviewers have recently begun incorporating more behavioral questions to effectively assess how students handle challenging or complex situations,..
4 Important Questions to Ask College Admissions Reps
Her Campus  - Nov 5, 2014
If you aren’t familiar with college rep days, they’re a great opportunity to jump-start your college search right in the halls of your own high school...
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
You Should Know About #hscc2015
Post - Nov 6, 2014

There is a movement afoot to help out public school counselors in a very important way. Here's how it's worked, so far:.... More
After-School Programs Can Help Teens at Risk of Dropping Out
US News  - Nov 3, 2014
The hours between 3-7 p.m. can be risky for many high school students, as they are often alone and unsupervised. Violent juvenile crimes occur most frequently in the hours immediately following the end of school on school days, according to federal data?. ? ....
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Beyond a Parent’s Reach: When a Child Legally Becomes an Adult
New York Times  - Nov 1, 2014
A COLLEGE freshman walked to a hospital emergency room at midnight and said she feared that she was going to harm herself. Twelve hours later, after it was determined that she was no longer in danger, she decided to call her parents ...
4 Common Sense Tips for Parenting Teens
TeenLife Blog  - Nov 4, 2014
There’s something about having children that hinders your use of common sense. Over-thinking situations, and a strong desire to get it right can often cloud your judgment, affecting your ability to use the common sense that is second nature in every other aspect of your life. ...
Now That Our Daughter Is In College.. Will We Ever Be Able To Retire?
Huffington Post  - Nov 4, 2014
My wife and I tried to do all the right things when it came to college planning. We started saving early on, opened 529 accounts, began campus visits when my daughter, Abby, was a freshman in high school, ...
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Get an early start on federal aid with FAFSA4caster
DC College Admissions Examiner - Nov 3, 2014
Families looking for a head start on the financial aid process might consider taking advantage of a handy tool developed by the federal government for just this purpose....
5 Questions to Ask Financial Aid Counselors at U.S. Colleges
US News - Nov 4, 2014
When applying to U.S. colleges, it is critically important that international students understand the financial aid policies at different schools. The best way to get all of the information is by asking the financial aid counselors directly. ...
Getting Help With the FAFSA
The College Solution  - Nov 3, 2014
FAFSA season is fast approaching, which always brings questions about the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. In my post today, I want to share advice about why you should submit the FAFSA and who should be completing the actual financial aid form.....
Your Step-by-Step Guide to Filing the FAFSA!
True Admission Blog  - Nov 3, 2014
The biggest mistake families make in the college application process is failing to apply for financial aid. The most recent study from the American Council on Education found that 1.8 million students who would have qualified for Federal financial aid failed to apply for aid.....
College Admission: Misconceptions About Financial Aid And Athletes
10-TV  - Nov 4, 2014
COLUMBUS, Ohio - Before enrolling a child in another athletic camp, leaders from Ohio Dominican University to the Ohio State University remind parents that it may not be the top tip to working toward a college scholarship.....
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Philadelphia Schools: Another Year, Another Budget Crisis
NPR.org  - Nov 4, 2014
Trying to figure out why Philadelphia's public schools have been teetering on insolvency the past few years is no easy task. But let's start with some basic facts ....
Brandeis partners with Waltham High to bring guidance counselor to national meeting
Brandeis University  - Nov 3, 2014
Brandeis University has joined a national campaign to enable more public high school guidance counselors, especially those who work with underserved students, to attend the National Association for College Admission Counseling’s annual meeting in San Diego next October. ....
Eradicating bullying in Maryland
Washington Post  - Oct 31, 2014
Maryland has established a reputation for being a relatively diverse and tolerant state. This makes reports of incidents targeting Muslim students at public schools all the more alarming. ....
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Teen Drinking

Teen binge drinking linked to long-term brain changes
Medical News Today  - Nov 1, 2014
Binge drinking - defined as men consuming five or more drinks and women drinking four or more drinks in 2 hours - is a serious problem in the US. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), around 90% of alcohol consumed among under-21s is in the form of binge drinking.....
Teen binge drinking linked to long-term brain changes
University Herald  - Nov 1, 2014
Many states and local communities have passed social host laws, which hold adults responsible when underage drinkers imbibe on their property. The details of the laws vary, however, and research has been mixed as to whether they actually keep kids from drinking....
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