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U.S. high school dropout rate reaches record low, driven by improvements among Hispanics, blacks
Pew Research Center  - Oct 7, 2014
More U.S. high school students are staying in school, according to newly released data from the Census Bureau, as the national dropout rate reached a record low last year. Just 7% of the nationís 18-to-24 year olds had dropped out of high school, continuing a steady decline in the nationís dropout rate since 2000, when 12% of youth were dropouts.....
Throw Out the College Application System
New York Times - Oct 5, 2014
THE college admissions system is broken. When students submit applications, colleges learn a great deal about their competence from grades and test scores, but remain in the dark about their creativity and character. Essays, recommendation letters and alumni interviews provide incomplete information ....
Why even top tier students should consider community colleges
PBS Newshourr  - Oct 6, 2014
As a top student in high school, Amy Miramontes-Franco knew she was destined for college. But she surprised even herself when, for financial reasons and because she hadnít yet decided on a major, she began her higher education at a local community college.....
Can focusing on workplace skills increase college completion rates?
Hechinger Report  - Oct 6, 2014
When Cheryl Hyman, a former utilities executive, was tapped to become chancellor of the City Colleges of Chicago, the system of seven community colleges had a graduation crisis: Only seven percent of students were finishing their educations in a timely manner.....
Stymied on the Cusp of College
Chronicle of Higher Education  - Oct 6, 2014
More than a million recent high-school graduates across the country have taken the next important step in their lives by enrolling in college. All of the promises associated with a college education are now before them. ....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Everything you need to know about applying early
DC College Admissions Examiner  - Oct 7, 2014
With each passing year, the college admission process gets just a little more complicated. Colleges adjust the rules, add new rules, or completely ignore the rules.....
On College: What to do about mistakes in applications
San Jose Mercury News  - Oct 6, 2014
Question: My son submitted his college applications early, but accidentally sent three before they were ready. Some answers are wrong and some don't present him in the best light. What do you recommend we do to fix the situation? I'm concerned that calling the colleges will start him off with them on a bad note.....
College Admissons: 4 Ways To Avoid Rejection Of Your Application
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Oct 6, 2014
As many students hit the ďsubmitĒ button and send off their college applications, they forget that the application itself is just one part of what needs to be submitted. There are several other documents that must be received in order for a college to consider your file ready for review....
Containing the cost of applying to college
CNBC  - Oct 3, 2014
If you are worried about the cost of college, you have plenty of company. College tuition hikes have been outpacing inflation for years, and nearly three quarters of the class off 2012 graduated with student loans. ....
What Is Early Decision?
NerdWallet  - Oct 2, 2014
Students who are accepted into college early have the advantage of peace of mind during their senior year of high school. Applying early decision is a smart move for the confident applicant to stand out from the pack. ...
UPDATE: 10 things the college admissions office won't tell you
Morning Star  - Oct 6, 2014
Not all grades are created equal For the more than two million high school seniors who intend to go to college next year, the stomach-churning slog of filling out applications is in full swing...
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5 ways to avoid a cringe-worthy essay
Charlotte Observer  - Oct 6, 2014
With college application season comes the pressure to produce high-quality admissions essays. Make no mistake Ė regardless of the wording of the question, virtually all admissions essays are truly asking, "Who are you?" Secondarily, they allow college or university admissions staff members to assess your ability to form a coherent narrative.....
College Admissions: Common Application Prompt, Learning from Failure
GoLocalPDX College Admissions  - Oct 1, 2014
The intention of this series is to show readers a sample of a good essay in response to each of the Common Application prompts. This essay is an actual college admission essay, written and submitted by a real student. It is followed by comments from admissions professionals about what makes this personal statement effective....

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HSCW Counselors' Corners
The College Application Mistake That Can Really Hurt You
Post - Oct 9, 2014

I always encourage seniors to relax a little. I'm still sticking to that, but it seems there is one part of the application that could benefit from a little more, shall we say, focus..... More
Efforts Expand to Increase College Access Through Improved School Counseling
EdWeek  - Oct 6, 2014
San Diego State University will host the latest in a series of events this year sponsored by the White House to promote improved college access and success for all students.. ....
School Counselors Have Enormous Impact on Students, Study Finds
Education World  - Oct 7, 2014
When reflecting on a student's performance in school, whether one is evaluating discipline or test scores, the tendency is to look for a teacher's or principal's influence on a child. It's often forgotten, however, that school counselors play a huge role in students' lives. ....
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How to Be a Part of Your Child's Education without Being Too Heavy-Handed
TeenLife Blog  - Oct 7, 2014
Itís crucial not to underestimate the importance of parental involvement in a childís education. The input you provide is a determining factor in how successful they are not only as children, but adults, too......
How Tuition Tracker Helps Kids Compare Colleges - and Other Tips for Overwhelmed Parents
Washington Monthly  - Oct 7, 2014
New York - Itís the thick of college application season, and your child is diligently churning out common application essays while simultaneously studying for four or five advanced placement exams and researching scholarships, right?. ....
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What to Know Before Starting SAT, ACT Prep
US News  - Oct 6, 2014
Deciding whether to take the ACT or the SAT as his or her college entrance exam is one of the most important decisions a high school student must make. Although the tests are similar in many ways, there are key differences to consider before choosing one and beginning your prep. ....
Should Current Sophomores Take the October PSAT?
Lamorinda Weekly  - Oct 8, 2014
In March, the College Board, the organization that administers the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), announced plans to redesign the exam. ....
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4 Financial Aid Facts Students Should Know Before Applying Early Decision
US News  - Oct 6, 2014
Early decision applicants enjoy better admissions odds at their first-choice colleges. Schools offering early decision accepted 62 percent of early decision applicants versus 52 percent of regular decision applicants in fall 2012, ....
FAFSA college list shared with colleges
Bay Area College Admissions Examiner  - Oct 7, 2014
When students fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), one piece of the application includes listing the colleges the students plan to apply for admission. Students are asked to list up to 10 colleges on the electronic version of the FAFSA to send their financial information.....
Donít Let Colleges Snooker You
The College Solution Blog  - Oct 7, 2014
For many students the biggest source of money will be from the colleges themselves. Thatís why itís important for you to understand what would motivate any school to give your child one of its awards......
Where to get a free college degree
CBSNews MoneyWatch - Oct 3, 2014
Want to attend college for free? It can happen if you learn German. All German universities are now free to Americans and all other international students. The last German state to charge tuition at its universities struck down the fees this week....
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Number of R.I. high school students taking Advanced Placement courses increases
Providence Journal - Oct 8, 2014
PROVIDENC, R.I. ó Rhode Island has made striking gains in the numbers of high school students who take Advanced Placement courses, according to the latest information released by the College Board, which develops the tests.....
More work to be done to avoid college remediation
Delaware Online - Oct 2, 2014
On Tuesday, the Delaware Department of Education released data on the college readiness of our Delaware graduates, and the results are disappointing....
Vermont Leaders Seek to Improve Schools Through ĎPartnershipí
Valley News - Oct 7, 2014
With rising property taxes and student enrollment in Vermont down by 30,000 in the last two decades, schools across the state must adapt and innovate, or eventually close, said Gov. Peter Shumlin and Secretary of Education Rebecca Holcombe in a wide-ranging editorial board meeting on Friday at the Valley News .....
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Teen Anxiety

When Anxiety Hits at School
The Atlantic - Oct 3, 2014
Salli-Ann Holloway could not breathe. Sitting in her Advanced Placement English class, she could not stop shaking. Her neck twitched relentlessly. She gasped for air. Her body went numb.....
Navigating High School As an Anxious Teen
Huffington Post - Oct 3, 2014
Being a teenager is hard. Anyone who is one or has been one can confirm this. The teenage years are full of social and physical changes, big decisions and stress. This year, I learned that it's even harder to juggle the responsibilities of being a teenager when also struggling with mental illness......
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