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The Reason College Costs More Than You Think
TIME  - Sep 24, 2014
Freshmen say they’ll finish in four years, but most will be paying tuition for five or six years. When Alex Nichols started as a freshman at the University of Mississippi, he felt sure . ....
Why getting into college isn't that hard
CBS News MoneyWatch  - Sep 22, 2014
A new Gallup survey reveals a dramatic disconnect between reality and one of the biggest fears that parents and teenagers experience in the college admission process.. ....
Is the College Admissions Bubble About to Burst?
US News  - Sep 22, 2014
The frenzy is happening all over the United States at this very moment. Parents are poring over brochures showing pictures of students in front of lush trees. High schoolers are plotting which activities are the “right” ones to enroll. ....
College admissions chiefs worry: How will students find them?
Washington Post - Sep 22, 2014
INDIANAPOLIS — Every year, high school students stress over whether they’ll get into their top-choice college. But this week, college admission officers from across the country are gathered here to contemplate their own big worries.....
College by the Numbers
Wall Street Journal - Sep 21, 2014
College costs continue to climb, though at a slower pace. Average published tuition and fees for in-state students at public four-year colleges rose 2.9% in the 2013-2014 academic year,....
Who’s sorry now?
DC College Admissions Examiner - Sep 22, 2014
INDIANAPOLIS—If high school seniors think the college admissions process is stressful, they should only hear the stories from the other side of the desk......
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

5 Things College Applicants Can Do to Stand Out – in a Good Way
US News  - Sep 22, 2014
An academic passion, initiative and a proven interest in a college are key to getting your foot in the door – and they’re only some of the attributes admissions officers are looking for in their ever more competitive applicant pools. ....
Understanding Early Action, Early Decision, Restricted Early Action and Rolling Admission
Huffington Post  - Sep 23, 2014
Before you decide to apply "early" to a college, it's a good idea to understand what that means. Like so many other areas of college admissions, it's not exactly straightforward. Early Action (I and II), Early Decision (I and II), Restricted Early Action and Rolling Admission have generally agreed-upon definitions, ....
6 Ingenious Ways to Save Money on College Applications
Huffington Post  - Sep 22, 2014
Paying for college doesn't just begin in your first semester freshman year. Rather, prospective college students can expect to start funding their higher education in high school -- when they send in their college applications.....
Viewbooks only provide a glimpse into colleges
Bay Area College Admissions Examiner  - Sep 23, 2014
College-bound students receive a lot of mail from colleges. Students and families may think these materials are just a good way to learn more about colleges,.....
4 savvy ways to get the most out of a college fair
Long Island College Prep Examiner  - Sep 23, 2014
College representatives ready to answer questions and additional seminars on must-know topics like financial aid are the lures that draw the college-bound to College Fairs. Thousands of parents and students attended the 2014 Fall College Expo....
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Common Application Prompt, Share Your Story’
GoLocalPDX College Admissions  - Sep 24, 2014
The intention of this series is to show readers a sample of a good essay in response to each of the Common Application prompts. This essay is an actual college admission essay, written and submitted by a real student. It is followed by comments from admissions professionals about what makes this personal statement effective.....
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Sep 24, 2014
Parents Mean Well-- and Yet...
“Mr. Osborn?” “Yes.” “This is Wanda Axelrod, Jimmy’s mother?” “Jimmy’s--?” “He’s applying to your college, and when I told his counselor Jimmy had a few questions, the counselor told Jimmy to call the college admissions office, so of course I wanted to talk to you.”... More

The people behind college matchmaking: School counselors and admission officers
Washington Post - Sep 22, 2014
INDIANAPOLIS — Robyn Lady, a high school counseling chief from Northern Virginia, cruised the halls of the Indiana Convention Center late last week to schmooze with other counselors and admissions professionals at the nation’s largest gathering of college matchmakers.....
Is private college counseling the key to getting into a top school?
USA Today  - Sep 20, 2014
The moment a high school senior gathers up their courage, takes a deep breath and clicks “send” on a college application, their future is no longer in their hands.....
HSCW Sponsor Blog - 2014 Guide to Performing & Visual Arts! from TeenLife
Post - Sep 25, 2014
Interested in studying the arts in college? TeenLife has teamed up with NACAC to produce the 2014 Guide to Performing and Visual Arts Colleges, which showcases hundreds of colleges with programs in the arts.....

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College Admissions: 4 Tips For Overcoming ‘College Phobia’
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Sep 22, 2014
While many students around the country are busily completing their early action and early decision applications, some seniors are caught in a state of inertia. Like a deer in the headlights, they refuse to visit campuses, file applications or take the steps necessary to garner acceptances. What is a parent to do? ....
On College: With privilege comes great responsibility
San Jose Mercury News  - Sep 22, 2014
While many students around the country are busily completing their early action and early decision applications, some seniors are caught in a state of inertia. Like a deer in the headlights, they refuse to visit campuses, file applications or take the steps necessary to garner acceptances. What is a parent to do? ....
5 Tips to Help Support Your Teen with a Weight Problem
TeenLife Blog  - Sep 23, 2014
One out of three teens today are overweight or obese. This means that most parents reading this article know or have an overweight child of their own and are struggling with solutions on how to help them. ....
A daughter at college, a lot of worries
Washington Post  - Sep 23, 2014
We got a call from our daughter at college who began by saying “Mom, I’m okay but…” At that point, my stomach twisted and every nerve in my body began to buzz as I waited for the phrase to follow. Surely something bad had happened. ....
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7 tips for taking the PSAT/NMSQT
Charlotte Observer  - Sep 22, 2014
On Wednesday Oct. 15, high school juniors and many sophomores will get their first taste of standardized testing for college when they take the PSAT/NMSQT....
Decide When to Take the SAT, ACT
US News  - Sep 22, 2014
The college application process is a long and winding road. For most students, preparing for college begins with the PSAT in October of their sophomore or junior year of high school. The PSAT does not greatly impact college applications – though the National Merit Scholarship is a sought-after award. ....
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Mistakes Parents Make With Financial Aid
Wall Street Journal - Sep 21, 2014
Most families know the basics of college financial aid: Several months before school starts, students apply for assistance, parents detail their financial situations, and then everybody waits for the powers that be to tab the bill.....
Why Every College Student Should File A FAFSA
CBS Philly  - Sep 16, 2014
The federal government provides billions in grants, loans and work-study opportunities to undergraduate and graduate students each year. The College Board estimates that two-thirds of full-time undergraduates receive some government help with college costs.. ....
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Career & Technical Education

How Vocational Education Leads to College
Washington Monthly  - Sep 17, 2014
Often when Americans think of vocational education they tend to rather look down on it. Particularly for Americans from professional backgrounds, voc-tech signifies manual labor and the sort of classes students take when they’re not going to go to college, and when they don’t really have any options....
10 best-paying jobs that don’t require a college degree
MarketWatch  - Sep 24, 2014
As the cost of attending college increases each year, some high school graduates may wonder how well they could do without a college degree. While occupations that only require a high school diploma are often low-paying jobs, several pay well above the median wage. ....
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K12, Higher Education Partner in Delaware to Reduce College Remediation Rates
news.delaware.gov  - Sep 23, 2014
More than half of Delaware public school graduates who enrolled in in-state colleges in 2012 were placed in remedial courses, according to data released by the Delaware Department of Education today. College remediation is a national problem, but one that higher education and K-12 officials are tackling together in Delaware.....
For thousands in Mass., vocational education a waiting game
Lowell Sun  - Sep 22, 2014
The survey, conducted by Northeastern University law students in conjunction with the Massachusetts Communities Action Network, collected the waiting list length of 36 vocational schools throughout the state. It found that roughly 4,400 students are waiting to get in to a little more than half of the state's 66 vocational schools....
New Jersey Bill Would Freeze Tuition -- at Private Colleges, Too
Inside Higher Ed  - Sep 19, 2014
Legislation approved by the New Jersey Assembly's higher education committee would freeze tuition for state residents for nine consecutive semesters-- whether they attend a public or private college in the state, NJ.com....
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Teen Drinking

Peers, not genetics, make teens more likely to drink
CBS News  - Sep 23, 2014
When it comes to teens and alcohol abuse, peer pressure may trump genetics. Though some people carry a gene variant that decreases the likelihood that they'll develop an alcohol problem,....
Younger Age at First Drink, Higher Odds for Problem Drinking: Study
USNews  - Sep 23, 2014
TUESDAY, Sept. 23, 2014 (HealthDay News) -- Both drinking and getting drunk at an early age are key risk factors for alcohol abuse by high school students, a new study suggests.....
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