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Colleges shift to using ‘big data’ — including from social media — in admissions decisions
Hechinger Report - Aug 21, 2015
plicants for this year’s freshman class at Ithaca College didn’t have to send their standardized test scores. If they did, the scores were considered, ...
Job Advice: Just Be Cool
The Atlantic - Aug 21, 2015
What does it take to get ahead in today’s job market? While it might seem like specialized technical skills are the only way to compete in an increasingly difficult economy, that’s not the case. To really get ahead, what a worker needs is social skills....
3 Ways That Higher Ed Will Look Different in 2025
Inside Higher Ed - Aug 20, 2015
Thinking clearly about higher ed in 2025 requires that we reconcile 3 contradictory somewhat trends:...
How community colleges can help close the graduation gap
PBS.org - Aug 20, 2015
In Florida, a unique educational agreement is helping community college students reach graduation at a four-year university. ...
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

The Truth About Applying to 'Likely' Colleges
Huffington Post  - Aug 26, 2015
A young man visiting Drew University wanted to know what courses he should take his Junior year of high school. In fact, he was so curious that I received an email delineating his likely selections just a few hours later...
How Colleges Judge Your High School Courseload
Forbes  - Aug 26, 2015
A young man visiting Drew University wanted to know what courses he should take his Junior year of high school. In fact, he was so curious that I received an email delineating his likely selections just a few hours later...
10 Ways to Ruin Your College Admissions Chances
TeenLife Blog  - Aug 21, 2015
College. It’s not a done deal until it’s a done deal. It’s a tough road and one that can be finalized with offers of admission or rejection letters. It’s not a task to be taken lightly and it will require all your hard work and stamina at the beginning of your senior year. ..
Classes the college-bound should take
Long Island College Prep Examiner - Aug 25, 2015
High school curricula is filled with required classes leaving students wiggle room to choose level of difficulty or a couple of electives. The conventional wisdom for the college-bound is to pick the most rigorous courses they can do well in ..
How to talk to college recruiters
Victoria Advocate - Aug 22, 2015
Choosing a college is overwhelming. You walk into a gym to see a smorgasbord of college choices with glossy brochures and friendly recruiters clamoring for your attention. Or you find yourself on a campus tour, led through a confusing maze of buildings ...
10 things high schoolers should know about college
Delaware Online - Aug 24, 2015
Ron Oronzio is wondering if he should do more to increase his desirability to colleges. As a 16-year-old rising junior at Caesar Rodney High School, college is looming large in his life. He wants to attend the Coast Guard Academy....
Countdown to College: Freshmen faux-pas
Charlotte Observer - Aug 21, 2015
It’s easy to be overwhelmed as a freshman. Everything is new. It feels like you’re making first impressions every minute of every day. You’re intimidated by the course syllabus – “Do they really expect I can read 1,000 pages a week?” – and you think you’re the only one who feels this way...
College Admissions: Why a Postgraduate (PG) Year
Greenwich Free Press - Aug 24, 2015
What exactly are postgraduate year programs and how are they helpful in the college admissions context? A postgraduate (PG) year is an additional year beyond high school graduation which is spent at an independent (private) high school....
The Pressure to Get Into College
Bethesda Magazine - Aug 25, 2015
High school students juggle college-level classes, sports and extracurricular activities--all in pursuit of getting into a top school. But at what cost?....
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5 Steps for Scripting a Video College Application Essay
US News  - Aug 24, 2015
If you? had mere seconds to change the course of your life – what would you say? If you are submitting a video admissions essay as part of your college application, that question should be at the forefront of your mind. ...
Jumpstart your college application essay with innovative, free online tool
NY College Admissions Examiner - Aug 22, 2015
"How do I write my college application essay? What is Harvard looking for?" That, according to Carol Barash, founder and CEO of Story2.com, is the wrong question to ask. Rather, students need to ask themselves,...
College Admissions: 6 Steps To A Killer College Application
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Aug 24, 2015
Early Admission deadlines will begin in just a few weeks on October 15 for some schools, and students will be racing to get their applications completed. So, what are the fatal mistakes to avoid? What makes a truly great app?...
College Admissions: 6 Tips for Writing Compelling College Application Essays
GoLocalPDX College Admissions  - Aug 19, 2015
The college admissions essay (also known as your personal statement) is your chance to show who you are beyond your grades and test scores. Embrace the opportunity to give the reader a sense of your personality..
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Aug 27, 2015
Great Ways for Counselors to Stay Connected with Each Other
Every year you make the same promise. This is going to be the year you won’t feel isolated in your work as a school counselor More

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How parents can protect the mental health of a college-bound child
The Week Magazine  - Aug 24, 2015
The transition to college — it’s a big one. Teens are suddenly faced with new freedoms, living arrangements, relationships, responsibilities and stress...
A parent's guide to dropping your kid off at college
The Week Magazine  - Aug 24, 2015
Facebook feed has been feeding me some rather over-the-top updates lately. Escorting little Brant off to Vassar! How the time flies! Family road trip — Ohio State, here we come!..
Report: Few Parents of College-Bound Students Aware of Upcoming SAT Changes
Campus Technology  - Aug 24, 2015
With changes coming to the SAT in March 2016, 85 percent of parents with college-bound children are still unaware of the coming update, according to a new survey from Kaplan Test Prep...
Four Ways Parents Can Ease the Transition to College
TeenLife Blog  - Aug 14, 2015
Having a daughter who was already an emotional basket case made the summer before college a stressful time in our house. She had a new boyfriend whom she did not want to leave. ..
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Test anxiety awaits rollout of the new SAT
Boston Globe - Aug 20, 2015
Like thousands of high school students around the country, Emma Cubellis of Kingston has no idea what to expect when she sits down to take the redesigned SAT next spring....
College admissions just got harder with changing standardized test policies
DC College Admissions Examiner - Aug 24, 2015
One of the biggest surprises of the summer has been how many colleges and universities are already turning their backs on the new essay or writing section of the “redesigned” SAT (rSAT), set to debut in March 2016.....
ACT president: ‘Relax. Tests don’t define us, nor do they determine our future.’
DC College Admissions Examiner - Aug 26, 2015
ACT President Jon Erickson, who has spent three decades in the testing field, is retiring on Sept. 1 after four years in his position. Erickson, 61, answered questions from The Washington Post as the nonprofit organization.....
What you need to know about Test-Optional Admissions
DC College Admissions Examiner - Aug 24, 2015
An iconic year, even by the standards of its iconic decade, 1969 teems with momentous events in America’s cultural history: the moon landing, Woodstock, the Amazin’ Mets, and the start of American withdrawal from Vietnam.....
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Introduction: A Different Kind of College Ranking
Washington Monthly - Aug 25, 2015
Two years ago this month, President Barack Obama made a bold promise: Starting with the 2015-16 academic year, his administration would rate every college and university in America. ..
The Colleges Where Students Most Want To Go In 2015
Forbes - Aug 20, 2015
This spring, Harvard announced that it had admitted just 1,990 students from its record-high applicant pool of 37,509. That means only 5.3% of those who applied got in, including the 977 students given seats in the early action pool...
America’s 32 WORST Colleges PERIOD In 2015 When You Consider Absolutely Everything That Matters
Daily Caller - Aug 24, 2015
The Daily Caller has already provided the epoch-making list of the best colleges in America for 2015 when you consider absolutely everything that matters...
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4 College Funding Sources – and How Can They Affect Financial Aid
US News - Aug 26, 2015
Parents of college-bound students may fret about the amount of money they've saved for college. But the type of investments they choose also factor into deciding how much financial aid their child will get for school. ?. ..
Private Colleges Are Offering Record Tuition Discounts to Win Students
TIME - Aug 25, 2015
Those scarily high tuition prices most private colleges say they charge are increasingly as make-believe as Freddy Krueger: Only 11% of freshmen paid them last year, according to a survey of private colleges released today.. ..
New FAFSA Form Will Make Students' College Choices Confidential
Ther Street - Aug 24, 2015
NEW YORK (MainStreet) — When students file FAFSAs, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, it includes a list of the schools to which students are applying. That list is made available to colleges and universities. ..
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Three ways community colleges plan to enhance workforce training
Sacramento Business Journal - Aug 21, 2015
A task force with the California Community College system has prepared a list of recommendations to enhance career technical training across its 113 colleges...
CTE success stories: Graduate helps youth make healthy decisions
The Notebook - Aug 25, 2015
The Philadelphia School District’s career and technical education (CTE) programs give students an opportunity to choose a career path that best matches their interests and talents, while gaining hands-on training in high school..
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Vermont State College to help low-income students get degree
SFGate - Aug 24, 2015
WINOOSKI, Vt. (AP) — Two AmeriCorps VISTA members plan to join the Vermont State Colleges system for a year to help low-income Vermonters get their degrees......
Delaware career pathways program expanding
Delaware Online - Aug 21, 2015
Aaron Guthrie, a 17-year-old rising senior at William Penn High School, wants to be an electrical engineer. He’s not waiting to graduate to start getting job experience......
Should N.J. parents of college students insure the cost of tuition?
NorthJersey - Aug 22, 2015
For a few hundred dollars a semester, some of the pricier private colleges in the United States have long offered tuition insurance — policies that protect families and schools if a student withdraws for medical reasons.......
As charter students head to college, schools ask, how’d we do?
ChalkBeat NY - Aug 21, 2015
After spending nearly half his life at an Achievement First charter school in Brooklyn, Marquis Wilson was prepared to write college essays and was diligent about showing up to class at SUNY Purchase.....
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Empty Plate: Kids Are Being Bullied to Skip Lunch at School
US News - Aug 24, 2015
Anti-bullying curriculum has created a generation of kids who are much more aware of overt, classic bullying. However, bullying and peer pressure take many forms, and at times can be very difficult to spot. One alarming trend happening in some school cafeterias i ..
15-Year-Old's 'ReThink' App Aims to Prevent Cyberbullying
ABC News - Aug 26, 2015
For teen tech whiz, Trisha Prabhu, being a high school science nerd is actually kind of cool. She’s traveled the world sharing her ideas and was even a headliner at TEDxTeen talk about the problem of cyber bullying. But now she’s got an app for that. ..
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