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Behind The Curtain Of College Admissions, Fairness May Not Be Priority No. 1
Hechinger Report  - May 23, 2015
A group of Asian-American organizations — more than 60 in all — recently accused Harvard of holding Asian-American applicants to an unfairly high standard, requiring them to score better than their African-American, Hispanic or white counterparts. ...
Chronicle of Higher Ed  - May 26, 2015
In the popular imagination, admissions is about selection. But for many colleges, it’s really about recruitment. Most of the work involves encouraging potential students to apply, and admitted ones to enroll. To illustrate how that works, the University of Evansville, ...
What College Applications Shouldn’t Ask
New York Sunday Times - May 24, 2015
Over the last several years, the federal government has been pushing school districts across the country to dial back disciplinary policies under which children are suspended for minor misbehavior ...
Can we really prepare kids for both college and career?
Hechinger Report  - May 26, 2015
SAN DIEGO — Ana Sical, 25, once thought she was destined for a full-time job at the Jack in the Box fast food restaurant where she worked for three years alongside her mom, dad, aunts and uncles. Instead, ...
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

College Admissions: Advice to The Class of 2016 From The Class of 2015
GoLocalProv College Admissions - May 25, 2015
Students receive a myriad of advice throughout the college admissions process from parents, counselors, teachers, coaches and other adults. However, the best advice (and most likely to be followed) often comes from their peers.. ..
Building a College List: A Free Resource
The College Solution Blog - May 21, 2015
Creating a college list can be intimidating. And it’s no wonder since there is a lot riding on drawing up a solid list of promising colleges and universities.. ..
College Admissions: Six College-Related Tasks Juniors Should Complete Now
GoLocalPDX College Admissions - May 27, 2015
Juniors, in a very short time you will be seniors! Before this school year ends there are a few tasks you should do so that make it easier for you to work on your college applications over the summer should you opt to do so. ..
The right college fit test
Long Island College Prep Examiner - May 25, 2015
Finding the right college fit can seem like searching for a needle in a higher education haystack. That’s because there are over four thousand colleges to choose from, a host of different college ranking lists offering various opinions .. ..
End-of-Year Mistakes to Avoid for High School Juniors, Seniors
US News - May 25, 2015
During the final weeks of the school year, many students find their attention to detail and commitment to their studies waning as their attention turns to the upcoming summer vacation. .. ..
50 College Gems With Bargain Tuitions, SAT Optional Policies And Openings
Forbes - May 27, 2015
The current college admissions environment points to several important factors that future college students should know. As future college students prepare for the current college admission environment, it is vital to stay informed on recent admission trends... ..
What Future College Students Should Know About The Current College Admission Environment
Huffington Post  - May 26, 2015
As high schools say goodbye to the Class of 2015, members of the Class of 2016 are making summer plans that include college visits. Often built in as part of a family vacation, summer campus visits can give students a chance to see a college that's too far away to visit in the fall...
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Gap Year

How my 'gap year' changed my life
CNN.com  - May 25, 2015
For some, it will be moving away or starting a career. For others, graduation marks the beginning of a gap year -- when someone takes a year or longer to travel, volunteer or work at an unusual job. ...
Archives - Gap Year
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5 Key Questions to Ask on a College Visit
Huffington Post  - May 26, 2015
As high schools say goodbye to the Class of 2015, members of the Class of 2016 are making summer plans that include college visits. Often built in as part of a family vacation, summer campus visits can give students a chance to see a college that's too far away to visit in the fall...
College visits give students something to dream of
MyCentralJersey.com  - May 27, 2015
Parents and students should be sure to sign up for a campus tour in order to see all that a college has to offer...
Archives - Visiting/Interviews
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - May 28, 2015
School Counselors, as seen by a College Admission Officer
College admission officers work hard, long days. Fall brings many days far from home, visiting five or six high schools a day, and meeting student .. More

Changes to SAT Leave School Counselors Divided
US News University - May 26, 2015
High school guidance counselors are facing challenging times, with changes in to the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) leaving some counselors torn on how best to prepare students....
Call for Improved Advising to Minimize Switches in College Majors
EdWeek (registration required) - May 26, 2015
With nearly half of all college sophomores majoring in something different than they planned in high school, a new ACT report calls for better advising to match students interests and skills.....

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Countdown to College: What to do when the kids come home for the summer
Charlotte Observer - May 24, 2015
When college kids return home for the the summer, everyone needs to know this: Parents can’t revert to treating their college students the way they did in high school. And college students need to remember that they aren’t living in a dorm or frat house any longer....
Understanding the Teenage Brain and College Admissions
WNYC.org - May 25, 2015
Neurologist Frances E. Jensen looks at the science of the adolescent brain, and provides insights that translate into practical advice for both parents and teenagers in The Teenage Brain: A Neuroscientist's Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults.r....
3 Questions to Ask Before Your Child Applies to Colleges
NerdWallet - May 27, 2015
The first step is determining which colleges your child will want to attend and where ... There are two types of college financial aid: need-based and merit-based.....
Archives - Parents
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Does My Teen Need to Take SAT Subject Tests?
TeenLife Blog - May 25, 2015
My daughter spent several months preparing to take her SATs. After two tries, she was happy with her scores and relieved to be done with the standardized testing portion of her college application. That is, until her guidance counselor recommended she take several SAT Subject Tests.....
New SAT complicates choices for rising juniors
Moorpark Acorn - May 22, 2015
If junior year of high school isn’t stressful enough, the new SAT is creating even more test anxiety for the class of 2017. After years of losing market share to the ACT, the College Board is making major changes to the SAT, and the new test will look more like the ACT. ....
Archives - SATs & ACTs
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Dos and Don'ts of College Savings
Morningstar - May 26, 2015
Question: I'm worried about how we're ever going to afford college for our children. What can we do to increase their odds of getting financial aid in case we can't save enough?...
Consumer Alert: How to get financial aid advice for free
19actionnews - May 20, 2015
The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, really is free. So why are some parents and students paying for it?...
Archives - FinAid/Scholarships
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Career technical education provides alternate path to success
District Administration  - May 26, 2015
In today’s education landscape, it’s common for teachers, school counselors and administrators to encourage students to graduate high school and earn a four-year college degree. For years, we have seen this as the “right” path and perhaps the only path to success. But this one-size-fits-all approach isn’t a viable on ...
ABQ skills-based hiring gains traction
Albuquerque Journal  - May 26, 2015
Most New Mexico employers face challenges when seeking workers trained in science, technology, engineering and math, but a novel program in Albuquerque to assess worker job qualifications based on their skills rather than educational achievement may help alleviate the problem. ...
Many community college grads continue to out-earn B.A. holders a decade after graduation
Hechinger Report  - May 26, 2015
Two years ago my colleague Jon Marcus wrote about surprising research showing that many community college grads were out-earning bachelor’s degree holders. ...
Archives - CTE
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A New Kind Of College Wins State Approval In Rhode Island
NPR.org  - May 27, 2015
It's one of the biggest challenges in higher education today: What to do with the nearly one in five working-age adults who have some college experience, but no degree?.. ..
A New Kind Of College Wins State Approval In Rhode Island
Boston.com  - May 26, 2015
Colleges in New England were well represented on the 2014 Forbes list of America’s Top Colleges. Here’s a look at the 22 schools that made it into the top 100... ..
Parents upset about dual enrollment policy
Burlington Free Press  - May 22, 2015
The program allows high school juniors and seniors to take classes at Vermont colleges for free. But dual enrollment is only open to students who attend public high schools or private and independent schools that have tuition agreements with public school districts ..
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Teen Drinking

The Spirits Business - May 25, 2015
The study revealed young people believe their peers are drinking more alcohol than they actually are, and by correcting these misconceptions “hazardous” drinking can drop by 50%.....
Online College Fair - CollegeWeekLive


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