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Should we turn high school into college?
Hechinger Report  - Oct 22, 2015
A low-income school district in Texas wants to prove all of its students can succeed in high school and college at the same time..
The New Common App?
The Atlantic  - Oct 22, 2015
A coalition of 80 colleges recently announced the creation of a free, online college application system that’s designed to improve access for disadvantaged students and encourage all kids to think more deeply about higher education early on..
A New Coalition of Elite Colleges Tries to Reshape Admissions
New York Times  - Oct 26, 2015
Perhaps the college application process should be preceded by a trigger warning. For students, it’s the season of stress. Admissions deans aren’t so fond of it, either. They complain of a system that is rushed, less revealing than they would like and “very transactional,:..
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Countdown to College: Don’t make these applications mistakes
Charlotte Observer - Oct 23, 2015
An important college application deadline, Nov. 1, is almost upon us and the stress in many homes with high school seniors is almost palpable. Here are some tips to make the last part of the application process run a little more smoothly:..
The Importance of the High School Resume
TeenLife Blog - Oct 24, 2015
A high school resume is more than just a list of accomplishments to pass along to colleges. It’s a snapshot of who you are, what you’re passionate about, and how you spend your time. ..
How to Make Your Extracurriculars Look Best on Your College Applications
Her Campus - Oct 22, 2015
You’ve probably been told all throughout high school to get involved and participate in clubs and extracurriculars. For many college admissions officers, seeing that you’re really committed to your activities proves that you’re responsible and you can manage your time well..
What is demonstrated interest and why is it important?
College Examiner - Oct 23, 2015
College recruitment season is still going in full force, at least for a few more weeks. Admission representatives visit thousands of high schools throughout the United States, attend college fairs, and present to parents at special events both on and off-campus...
Differences, self-reflection key in college enrollment process
Spokesman Review - Oct 24, 2015
In a perfect world Philip Ballinger wouldn’t reject a single college application. But the world of college admissions is no utopia, and Ballinger, the associate vice provost for enrollment at the University of Washington, knows it. ...
Here’s Why You Should Only Apply to Colleges You Actually Want To Go To
Teen Vogue - Oct 27, 2015
In past decades, the college application game has changed dramatically, and become increasingly competitive. To hedge their bets, high school seniors are applying to larger lists of colleges. . ...
Colleges are spying on prospective students by quietly tracking them across the internet
Quartz  - Oct 26, 2015
“So, where else are you applying?” It’s a question—sneaky, disquieting, and likely familiar to anyone who’s applied for a job—that used to be asked by many of America’s 4,800 colleges. ...
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Getting In: Early Decision Crunchtime
Slate Magazine - Oct 27, 2015
Plus we hear about the early applications being submitted by Alessandra LePera and Ellis Wells. And we meet the newest addition to our group of seniors, Jordana Meyer of Chevy Chase, Maryland, who’s applying early decision to her favorite Ivy.....
Your Early Decision College Application Checklist
Huffington Post - Oct 27, 2015
The 11/1 deadline for the college admissions Early Decision and Early Action is just days away. If you're like many of my students, you're probably scrambling to figure out whether you've completed all of the necessary paper work.....
E.D. II: The Not-So-Early Decision
New York Times - Oct 26, 2015
This week, thousands of students will click “submit” on their early-decision applications, hoping for a thumbs-up from their first-choice college. With competition for slots ever increasing, let’s assume the worst: You don’t get in. What then? .....
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College Essay Tips for Parents and Students
The College Solution Blog - Oct 26, 2015
It’s college essay time. That dreaded stretch of the college admission process that high school seniors AND their parents often hate. I feel for everyone going through this right now, which is why I want to help...
An MIT Team's Platform Brings Essay Feedback for Everyone
BostInno - Oct 27, 2015
Fall means different things for different people. For most of us, this season is all about breaking out the sweaters and pumpkin-flavored everything. But for high school seniors, autumn is the start of the college applications mad dash...
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Don’t skip the college visit
Bay Area College Admissions Examiner - Oct 22, 2015
College bound students sometimes skip visiting colleges as they are researching their post high school plans. Instead, they choose to review the materials sent by the colleges, scour the institution websites, and read reviews from other students. While some of the information out there is good.....
November is the perfect month for college visits
MyCentralJersey.com - Oct 22, 2015
Many high school students are looking forward to early November when Election Day and Teacher Convention Days provide a welcome break from school. But instead of sleeping in on these days, students can put this time to great use by visiting colleges that are almost all in session....
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Gap Year

5 tips for taking a gap year before college
Bankrate - Oct 3, 2015
With a decade-plus of schooling under their belt and further studies on the horizon, students finishing high school are finding they don't have to leap immediately into the confinements of a university classroom. ...
How I Took a Year Off Before Starting College, and Why You Should Too
Teen Vogue - Oct 23, 2015
Senior year of high school, everyone asks, "Where are you going to college?” That pressure to know exactly where you want to spend the next four years of your life can be daunting when you’re just about to say see ya to senior year. ...
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Oct 29, 2015
20 Questions About Your College Counseling Program
Many high schools are celebrating College Application Week this fall, a time when the entire school focuses on the possibilities that await students in pursuing some kind of college option after high school. More

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Helicopter parents are not the only problem. Colleges coddle students, too.
Washington Post  - Oct 21, 2015
n article in this week’s Washington Post nicely summarized a new book on the failings of helicopter parenting, especially when it comes to preparing kids for college.....
How to actually get something out of parent-teacher conferences
Los Angeles Times  - Oct 23, 2015
It’s that time of year. Kids have been in school for a while, and now you get about 15 minutes with their teacher to talk about ... what, exactly?....
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4 Vocabulary Strategies for the Redesigned SAT
US News - Oct 26, 2015
?By now, you are likely well aware that the SAT will change in 2016. These changes will not be cosmetic – the new exam prizes complex understanding rather than rote memorization ...
Colleges cope differently with ACT headache
DC College Admissions Examiner - Oct 15, 2015
The complaints began with a vague rumble. While ACT scores were coming in slightly slower than in previous years, the Writing portion of the test was taking much longer. ...
ACT urges students to send ‘screenshots’ of scores to colleges
DC College Admissions Examiner - Oct 22, 2015
In what could be one of the bigger fails in the history of standardized testing, ACT executives today announced that scores from the September test could in many cases be delayed beyond deadlines for this year’s early college applications..
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4 steps for getting the best financial aid
USA Today  - Oct 25, 2015
We have all heard it in the news. Most of us have even heard it from our friends and family: Student loan debt is taking a serious toll on those who choose to pursue higher education. In order to curb some of these intimidating costs, it's a good idea to make sure that you or your child applies to receive financial aid....
A small financial victory for college students
CBS News - MarketWatch  - Oct 27, 2015
College students, who are staggering under record college debt, won a small victory on Tuesday. They'll no longer be forced to pay onerous fees that cut into the financial aid dollars they need to cover their college costs....
College Planning: 7 Steps to Filing the FAFSA
ThinkAdvisor  - Oct 25, 2015
Now that college application season has begun, it’s time for students and families to consider college costs and how they’re going to pay them. The key to college financing is the FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, which every school, ....
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Graduates of 4-Year Universities Flock to Community Colleges for Job Skills
US News - Oct 28, 2015
Liliana Ibarra's bachelor's degree in business administration from Washington State University couldn't save her from the unemployment line. Now she's banking on the idea that something else can: community college...
Should Students in “Boot Camps” Get Federal Financial Aid?
Washington Monthly - Oct 26, 2015
n the last several years, a number of companies have started short-term, intensive training programs in fields such as computer programming, Web design, and business designed to give fresh college graduates the skills they need to land lucrative jobs in growing fields...
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New admissions standards coming to state universities
Wicked Local - - Oct 25, 2015
New requirements for high school math and science are coming for students applying to state universities in Massachusetts. Students entering a state university in fall 2016 will be required to have completed four years of high school math and must take a math course their senior year..
City to pay for all 11th-graders to take SAT during the school day
NY - Chalkbeat - Oct 26, 2015
The city will pay for all 11th-graders to take the SAT at their own schools during class time beginning in spring 2017, officials said Monday, one of a number of new efforts by Mayor Bill de Blasio to help more city graduates reach college..
Massachusetts gets “F” for teaching financial literacy
WWLP - Oct 28, 2015
CHICOPEE, Mass. (WWLP) – Massachusetts schools aren’t making the grade, when it comes to teaching their students about how to deal with their personal finances. A survey bt Champlain College gave Massachusetts an “F” for instructing students in financial literacy...
Opinion: New Jersey can make college affordable, retain graduates
NorthJersey.com - Oct 26, 2015
Failing to keep more bright students within New Jersey for college can have negative implications for future economic growth. THE PRICE of attending New Jersey's public colleges and universities is higher than in nearly any other state...
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Fighting Online Bullying, One Emoji At A Time
NPR.org  - Oct 23, 2015
When it comes to anti-bullying campaigns, Kortney Peagram has seen many: Wear this bracelet if you're not a bully, respond to something mean with something nice. They come and go like fads, she says:...
Do Anti-Bullying Laws Work?
CityLab  - Oct 23, 2015
At her Moraga, California, junior high school, Rachel Jackson was a safe-school ambassador (SSA), part of a program that trains student volunteers to intervene in bullying situations among their peers....
Online College Fair - CollegeWeekLive


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