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Big Picture

Fewer Poor Students Are Being Enrolled in State Universities-Here’s Why
Washington Monthly  - Apr 5, 2016
States have traditionally provided funding for public colleges and universities based on a combination of the number of students enrolled and how much money they were allocated previously.....
Been accepted into college? Now it’s time to start negotiating for a better price
Hechinger Report  - Mar 31, 2016
When students who have been admitted to college ask advice from Lynn O’Shaughnessy, she’s quick to help them take a next step many didn’t know was even an option: haggling over the price....
Our dangerous obsession with Harvard, Stanford and other elite universities
Washington Post  - Apr 5, 2016
It's that time of year again, when high-school seniors receive their college acceptances and sift through financial-aid offers to pick the place where they are going to spend the next four years in college....
Remedial classes have become a hidden cost of college
Washington Post  - Apr 6, 2016
One in four students have to enroll in remedial classes their first year of college, costing their families nearly $1.5 billion, according to a study released Wednesday by Education Reform Now, a think tank.....
Taking High School Courses In College Costs Students And Families Nearly $1.5 Billion
WBUR.org  - Apr 6, 2016
When Andrea Diaz was applying to colleges, she got good news and bad news. The good news was that American University, a private four-year university in Washington, D.C., wanted her. The bad news was that it required her to come to campus early to take two summer developmental-level courses in math and English.....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Getting In Episode 7A: Tips for Navigating Notification Season
Slate.com - Getting In  - Apr 06, 2016
Host Julie Lythcott-Haims and Getting In expert Steve LeMenager hear an update from Getting In senior Jordana Meyer, and they answer listener questions. ....
If you want to get into an elite college, you might consider moving to one of these states
Quartz  - Apr 4, 2016
Springtime in the US means college admissions season. Elite schools are unveiling the chosen few who will make up their newly admitted class, with many noting successful applicants from all 50 states.....
A college-admissions edge for the wealthy: Early decision
Washington Post  - Mar 31, 2016
Many of the nation’s top colleges draw more than 40 percent of their incoming freshmen through an early-application system that favors the wealthy, luring students to commit to enroll if they get in and shutting out those who want the chance to compare offers of grants and scholarships....
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Campus Visits/Interviews/Fairs

Colleges Aren’t All the Same, but You Wouldn’t Know it From the Campus Tour
Huffington Post  - Apr 1, 2016
It’s that time of year when high school students and their parents are visiting college campuses. This year, I’ve been on my second go-round, visiting colleges as both a parent and a university administrator. Time and time again, after reading the brochures, listening to the information sessions, ....
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Gap Year

Why Your High School Graduate May Want To Take A Gap Year
Huffington Post  - Apr 6, 2016
When my oldest child set off to college a few years back, I couldn’t have been more excited for him. But after two semesters at a large $60,000-a-year university in Boston, he announced he didn’t want to go back.....
Don’t Send Your Kids to College. At Least Not Yet.
New York Times  - Apr 5, 2016
In the past few weeks, anxious high school seniors across the country have received admissions decisions from colleges. Some might feel like they’ve won the lottery; others have dashed hopes and diminished confidence.....
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Is a Trophy School Worth the Price?
The College Solution Blog  - Apr 06, 2016
What Families Do When the Price Is Too High. With little or no financial assistance, I often see parents contemplating one of these four options for institutions perceived as trophy schools:....
The Truth About Admission Decisions: What to Do Next
Huffington Post  - Apr 06, 2016
It’s the time of year that high school seniors have been waiting months for — college admission decisions are out! For some, the news is good. For others — no so much. No matter what decision you get from your top-choice college, there are a couple of things you need to do next....
Which College Will You Choose to Go to? Here's What to Consider
NBC News  - Apr 1, 2016
The hard part is over for high school seniors: College applications are in, and most know where they've gotten accepted. Between now and May 1, National College Decision Day, they need to decide where they want to go....
This Is How to Appeal a College Rejection Letter
Teen Vogue  - Apr 01, 2016
The process of applying to colleges is one usually fraught with stress, anxiety, and emotions, especially if you receive a denial from your dream school. But what many applicants don’t know is that rejection may not necessarily be set in stone.....
You Got Rejected From Your Dream School: Now What?
Her Campus  - Apr 01, 2016
Rejection is never fun—particularly when the college you’ve been rejected by has been your dream school for years. But as tired as you probably are of hearing it—and really, who can blame you?—the truth is, everything does happen for a reason.....
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Wait Listed

What to do if you’re waitlisted from your dream college
Boston.com  - Apr 06, 2016
When it comes to college admissions, there’s the “yes,” the answer that’s filled with congratulatory, “we can’t wait to have you” Snapchats and big packets overflowing with information for the upcoming school year. ....
The wait list—is it worth it?
DC College Admissions Examiner  - Apr 6, 2016
For the admissions office, it’s a kind of pressure relief valve—useful for controlling the flow of students admitted to the institution. But for the applicant who has waited six long months for a decision, the wait list feels like a one-way ticket to nowhere....
Wait-list Fundamentals
Charlotte Observer  - Apr 04, 2016
The wait-list, commonly referred to as “admissions purgatory” is that ugly and uncomfortable gray area – they didn’t like you enough to accept you and they didn’t hate you enough to reject you.....
Getting Past A College Rejection
Forbes  - Apr 4, 2016
If anyone knows about rejection, it’s actors. Whether they’re in theater, opera or film, neighborhood playhouses, La Scala or Batman v Superman, they’ve experienced over and over the pain of being told “no” by producers and directors. It’s not a disembodied rejection, either....

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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Apr 7, 2016
SAT/ACT Testing for Students Not Going to College
Spring testing is upon us, and this year’s round of tests brings new challenges, since many states are including the ACT or SAT in their battery of school-wide assessments for the first time ... More

3 Things School Counselors Want You to Know About Their Jobs
New York Times - Well Blog - Apr 6, 2016
I’ve spent a great deal of time this year meeting and talking with school counselors, and I can attest that they have a lot of wisdom to share about how to keep students healthy, happy and successful....
Counselors Versus Cops
The Atlantic - Apr 4, 2016
Many of America’s biggest school districts have prioritized security officers over counselors. In Houston, that means there’s only one counselor for every 1,175 students....
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Your child got into a few colleges. Now here’s what you need to know before making a decision
Washington Post - Mar 31, 2016
Right about now, anxious high school seniors are learning which colleges will admit them. There’s bound to be excitement, and probably some tears. But once the euphoria wears off, there are questions every student should ask a prospective school before making a commitment...
3 Reasons Parents, Students Should Attend Admitted Students Days
US News - Apr 4, 2016
You may have visited campus as a prospective student, but attending an event for admitted students can help you make a final college choice...
Let College Tuition Cut Your Tax Bill
TIME - Apr 4, 2016
The tax code offers several tax breaks that can cut tax bills for parents and students. They include the American Opportunity Tax Credit, the Lifetime Learning Credit, and the tuition and fees deduction. ..
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Beware colleges where SATs are now optional
Chicago Tribune - Mar 31, 2016
A reader writes: "My counselor told me that many colleges are dropping the SAT and ACT and becoming test optional. She pointed out even Stanford does not require tests beyond the SAT or ACT. While Stanford now recommends submitting SAT Subject tests, they are no longer required."..
Rejected by Colleges, SAT and ACT Gain High School Acceptance
New York Times - Apr 6, 2016
The SAT and the ACT, bugaboos of generations of college applicants, were supposed to shrink in significance as more colleges and universities moved away from requiring standardized test scores for admission....
Students React to New SAT College Entrance Exam
VOA - Apr 6, 2016
The new SAT college entrance exam has arrived. In March, hundreds of thousands of high school students took the redesigned test. The exam is getting some positive reviews from some early test-takers....
4 Important Facts for Parents, Students About the PreACT
US News - Apr 4, 2016
High schoolers will soon have another way to prepare for the ACT: the PreACT. The PreACT, announced last month, will primarily serve as a practice test for the ACT college entrance exam, and is geared toward 10th-graders, says Paul Weeks, senior vice president for client relations at ACT, the organization behind the two exams...
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What To Do When Your College Financial Aid Offer Stinks
TeenLife Blog  - Apr 6, 2016
You know that unless the financial aid package offers substantial aid, your family won’t be able to afford the tuition. Your daughter is accepted to her dream college but when the award arrives, it’s nothing close to what you need to make this a wise financial decision.r ...
7 Financial Aid Appeal Tactics To Improve Your Child's College Aid Award
Forbes  - Mar 31, 2016
Millions of mailboxes nationwide this week contained letters of acceptance and denials of admission to the colleges high school seniors applied to, yet for parents the most dramatic moment is when your child opens the thick envelope (meaning he or she got in) and you get a look at the financial aid offer ...
9 Mistakes That Will Ruin Your Chances for More Financial Aid
TIME  - Mar 31, 2016
But before you send that letter, make sure you're not dooming yourself to failure by making any of these nine mistakes, which college financial aid officials and ...
5 things you need to know about your financial aid offers
USA Today - College  - Apr 1, 2016
You’ve done all the hard work assembling your college list, sending out your applications and then waiting for your acceptance letters. Next up you will begin to receive financial aid packages from the colleges where you were — these typically arrive after April 1. ...
Why Upperclassmen Lose Financial Aid
New York Times  - Apr 6, 2016
A few weeks before Ashley Hurst was supposed to commit to college, an email arrived that she thought would change her life. An honors graduate from a magnet high school, ...
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Career and Technical Education

Not just college: Technical education as a pathway to the middle class
Brookings Institute  - Apr 1, 2016
Education reformers are obsessed with getting many more low-income students “to and through” four-year colleges. Understandably so, a bachelor’s degree is the closest thing we have to a guaranteed ticket to the middle class. ...
State Chiefs Asked to Focus on Workforce Skill
US News  - Apr 4, 2016
As states begin taking advantage of their newfound flexibility in the federal education law by reimaging their accountability systems, they must incorporate ways to assess workforce readiness and eliminate the stigma of technical and vocational education....
Archives - CTE
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Student Athletes

Recruiting Column: Parents' perspective
USA Today HSS  - Apr 1, 2016
This isn’t something they would ever claim so I will just say it for them… Jamie and Kathy Elliott know a thing or two about the college recruiting process. As parents of two NCAA Division I baseball players,...
Archives - Student Athletes
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Delaware wins $100,000 to improve career preparation
hometownlife - Mar 31, 2016
The Delaware Department of Education recently received a $100,000 grant to develop a career readiness action plan....
Assembly approves University of Maryland partnership
Baltimore Sun - Mar 31, 2016
The Delaware Department of Education recently received a $100,000 grant to develop a career readiness action plan....
Students in Connecticut With Autism Adapting Better at College
Baltimore Sun - Apr 4, 2016
When Rachel Sczurek wanted to go to college, some people told her it wasn't a good idea. "I didn't really let that get to me," she said. "It got to me a little bit, but I graduated magna cum laude and I did really well."....
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It's Not Too Late for Summer Enrichment
Summer is right around the corner! It's a great time for students to discover and develop new interests, prepare for college, and explore new cultures and ideas. The good news is, it's not too late to find something meaningful for them to do this summer. Some of the best summer programs in your region still have available spots. Feel free to share this list of summer programs in the Northeast with students and parents. ....
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Teen Drinking

Not In Their House, Not in My House, Not In Any House: The Four Risks of Social Hosting
Huffington Post - Apr 5, 2016
While many parents prohibit their teens from drinking at their friends’ houses, I often hear about parents who are comfortable with their children drinking in their own homes. Most of these parents argue that as long as their kids aren’t driving....
Booze-branded merchandise may spur teen drinking
MedicalXpress - Apr 1, 2016
(HealthDay)—Teens who own caps, shirts, and other merchandise displaying alcohol logos are more likely to drink, a new study finds...
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