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The Nation’s Largest College Accreditor Faces Deaccreditation
Washington Monthly - June 20, 2016
The U.S Department of Education on Wednesday took a step toward shutting down the Accrediting Council for Independent Colleges and Schools, recommending it not be renewed as an accrediting body later this summer. ..
This is what keeps students, parents up at night
CNBC - June 16, 2016
From getting into your first-choice school to moving away from home, going to college is stressful. But more than anything, the top concern parents and students share these days is paying the tab and any ensuing debt burden, according to The Princeton Review's 2016 College Hopes & Worries survey.. ..
Changing College Admissions Into A Double-Blind Matching Process
Huffington Post - June 20, 2016
College admissions has become increasingly competitive — and stressful. Colleges love the current system — they earn millions each year in application fees (each application costs $50-$100 to submit, ..
2 extra years in college could cost you almost $300,000
USA Today - June 16, 2016
aking an extra year or two to complete a bachelor’s degree is common these days, but that additional time could cost a student nearly $300,000, according to a new study by NerdWallet. ..
Will Supreme Court end affirmative action in college admissions?
Washington Post - June 16, 2016
The nation’s colleges and universities just finished a school year of extraordinary debate on questions about racial inequality, with activists demanding steps to make campuses more inclusive for minority students. ..
A closer look at college and career readiness
Education Dive - June 16, 2016
“What is the purpose of an education?” For policymakers and experts in academic fields, this question has long served as an important point of reflection; for many, the answer has revolved around rigorous academic standards, career preparation, and college readiness. ..
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Insider Tips on Applying to College
TeenLife Blog - Jun 21, 2016
With schools like Harvard, Stanford, and Princeton hitting record-low acceptance rates this year, it’s easy for the upcoming class of applicants to get a little stressed over college admissions. And with reports that hiring a college admissions consultant costs $20,000 to $400,000 (the average is really $4,000 to $6,000 depending on where you live), it's easy to see why families shy away from getting the help they need....
The myth of community service and college admissions
News Observer - Jun 19, 2016
I recently read how college admissions are driving students to become fraudulent philanthropists, performing good deeds for the sake of their resumes and not their souls....
Getting In Episode 10: Our Seniors Graduate. Plus, One Final Round of Expert Advice.
Slate - Podcast - June 17, 2016
Host Julie Lythcott-Haims and Josh Steckel hear graduation updates from three of our Getting In seniors: Alessandra LePera, Jordana Meyer, and Ellis Wells. The seniors share their favorite parts of the ceremonies and describe what it’s been like to participate in the podcast. ..
Start The College Conversation Without Pressure
Forbes - Jun 20, 2016
Especially in the early stages of the college search, students often are shy about what they say they want from their potential campus. They may not know about a major or career, but they do know some things that can be very personal and seeming unrelated to “real” college searching.....
Determine Whether to Declare a STEM Major on College Applications
US News  - Jun 20, 2016
In recent years, science, technology, engineering and mathematics fields have been growing rapidly. With the increased emphasis on STEM, admission to college STEM majors has become very competitive... ...
Why Your College’s Location Is So Important
TIME - Jun 20, 2016
In this edition of Money’s Summer Reading List, Jeff Selingo, author of the book There Is Life After College, explains the importance of choosing a college based on its location, and the value of graduating without too much debt. Both of these factors, he says, have a major impact on post-graduation success....
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Summer Before College

Must-have items to pack when leaving for college
College Admissions Strategies Blog  - Jun 21, 2016
Packing for college has become big business. Home furnishings and department stores have handy college packing lists, and some even partner with colleges to create display dorm rooms stocked with their merchandise and packing lists available on college tours....
Making a successful transition to college
Spokane College Examiner - Jun 20, 2016
For the recent high school graduates moving on to college next fall, there are several things you can do to make a successful transition to college. According to Harlan Cohen, author of The Naked Roommate...
Tips for first-gen students to prep for college this summer
College USA Today - Jun 21, 2016
FGraduating high school is a huge accomplishment. Being accepted to and enrolling in college is another major milestone — and it’s especially celebratory if you’re a first-generation college student, the first in your family to attend college....
Save Big Bucks on College Dorm Shopping This Year
TIME - Jun 21, 2016
You may not need to buy as much as you think. And when you do, you can often find bargains. Dorm shopping is the mother of all back-to-school shopping trips: The National Retail Federation estimates that families spend almost $900 each year equipping their kids for college. Fortunately there are many ways to save both money and time...
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Campus Visits

Infographic: Prepare for Your College Campus Visit
US News  - Jun 16, 2016
When it comes to visiting colleges of interest, it's essential to plan ahead. Attending a tour and information session can help prospective students determine whether a school is the right fit for them – both in and out of the classroom, experts say... ...
Campus tours are a great way to narrow down choice
Philadelphia Tribune  - Jun 21, 2016
Visiting campuses to help narrow down one’s choice is a great way to get a feel for the college or university. And when the time comes, it can help you decide if a specific college is right for you. Here are some tips to get the best out of your campus visit... ...

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How High School Educators Should Address Traumatic Events in Class
US News - Jun 20, 2016
Educators should avoid getting into too much detail, as adolescents can really cling to specifics, says a school counselor who survived the Columbine High School shooting.....
The Complicated Task of Identifying Homeless Students
The Atlantic - Jun 16, 2016
The number of homeless students in the United States has doubled in the past decade. During the 2013-14 school year, more than 1.3 million students were homeless, a 7 percent increase over the previous school year, according to a new report by the advocacy group Civic Enterprises and the polling firm Hart Research Associates. A disproportionate number are students of color or identify as LGBT......
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College Admissions: Why Starting in 9th Grade Matters
GoLocalProv College Admissions - Jun 20, 2016
Every fall, I see families of seniors in “crunch mode”, trying desperately to catch up on college visits, SAT/ACT testing, financial aid forms and applications. Which begs the question, “When is the right time to start the college admissions process?”...
‘Dear parents of college-bound students
Fort Lauderdale College Admissions Examiner - Jun 14, 2016
The adjective describing the noun, "college-bound", should not dissuade one's interest in what may be stated here. The prefacing of such is intended to introduce a point of view that may be relevant to the parents of those students who may become or are already prepared....
4 Ways to Set Boundaries with Your Parents Before College
Her Campus - Jun 15, 2016
Imagine you are at the end of your freshman year of college, packing up your dorm and reflecting back on all that’s happened your first year away from home. All of your peers are boasting about the unforgettable nights out and people they’ve met ––and then there’s you....
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Writing the ISEE or SSAT Essay - finding your creative spark
NY Test Prep Examiner - June 9, 2016
Most students applying to competitive private high schools will take either the ISEE or the SSAT. Both exams are about three hours long with two short breaks, and include sections testing verbal skills (vocabulary-based questions), reading comprehension and math. ..
Does high school GPA better predict college success than ACT or SAT?
Atlanta Journal Constitution - June 16, 2016
A new survey by the National Association for College Admissions Counseling survey raises questions about the use of the ACT and SAT in college admission decisions. ..
Can You Answer These Questions From the Original SAT?
TIME - June 20, 2016
Ninety years ago this week, college-bound students took the very first SAT. The College Board created the Scholastic Aptitude Test to give universities a uniform way of evaluating applicants and to simplify the admissions process for students.. ..
Archives - SATs & ACTs
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New Data Show Where Students Are Applying for Federal Aid
US News - Jun 16, 2016
Federal student aid application completion rates are considered a barometer for college enrollment – or at least a good sign that students are thinking about applying for college. And that’s something the Obama administration has been trying to boost, ....
The government offers $130 billion to college students. Why aren’t more applying for it?
Washington Post - Jun 17, 2016
The federal government provides more than $150 billion in grants, loans and work-study funding for college students, yet the number of high school students filing out financial aid applications to access that money is waning....
Hersey warns parents to be wary of promises of financial aid, scholarships, for a fee
Chicago Tribune - Jun 21, 2016
Officials at John Hersey High School in Arlington Heights are warning parents to be wary of offers from businesses promising financial aid and college scholarships for students, but demanding a fee for their services....
8 steps to apply for federal and state aid
NJ.com - Jun 20, 2016
If you're a student preparing for college, you're probably wondering how you'll afford it. If you're like most people who can't simply write a check for the cost of tuition, you'll probably seek funding from the main provider of financial aid for students: the federal government.....
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Career and Technical Education

TEducation Department Announces 10 Winners in CTE Makeover Challenge
EdSurge - Jun 20, 2016
MAKE SPACE FOR CAREERS: Happy National Week of Making! As the festivities kicked off last Friday, U.S. Secretary of Education John B. King announced 10 winners in the Career and Technical Education (CTE) Makeover Challenge....
How Community Colleges Use Job-Market Data to Develop New Programs
Chronicle of Higher Ed - Jun 20, 2016
s sites of work-force development, community colleges must be responsive to the demands of the rapidly changing job market. Now, many community-college systems are turning to job-market data that are more up to date and more precise than ever before....
AGC: 'Only a matter of time' before construction labor shortage cripples broader US economy
Construction Dive - Jun 20, 2016
North Dakota persisted in shedding construction jobs as the energy sector in the state continued its retraction. However, the AGC pointed to a decrease in construction employment and high demand for workers as signs that sluggish monthly job . ...
These Graduates Beat The Odds, Now They Need A Job
NPR.org - Jun 17, 2016
Twenty years ago, Aimée Eubanks Davis taught in a middle school that served low-income kids in New Orleans. She didn't define success in terms of test scores. Instead, she focused on the future, wanting her students to graduate from college and find a good job....
Archives - Career & Technical Education
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Student Athletes

What College Sports Recruiters Can Teach Your Child
New York Times  - Jun 21, 2016
Most children who play team sports will not win a college scholarship. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t learn something from collegiate coaches who spend countless hours evaluating high school athletes on and off the field. As it turns out, the advice head coaches have for prospective recruits will help any student succeed, even those who don’t plan to play sports in college. ..
Recruiting Column: 10 recruiting facts most recruits don’t know
USA Today HSS  - Jun 22, 2016
The first time a high school athlete goes through the college recruiting process is (most likely) the only time they will go through the process. For that reason, recruits generally don’t understand the process and don’t have all the facts. Without the facts college recruiting can be like going into a gun fight with a pocket knife. ..
Archives - Student Athletes
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UMass Boston Faculty Cuts Emblematic Of Funding Crisis In Public Higher Ed.
WGBH.org OnCampus - June 20, 2016
Facing a $22 million budget gap, the University of Massachusetts Boston announced that it may cut hundreds of teaching positions before next semester. ..
New Jersey governor proposes flat rate for education funding
Reuters - June 18, 2016
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie on Tuesday proposed overhauling the state's education funding formula to provide all public school districts with a flat rate of $6,599 per student. ..
Not just for colleges: Massachusetts high school eliminates the title ‘master’
The College Fix - June 18, 2016
FLowell High School in Massachusetts is demonstrating just how “sensitive” and “tolerant” it is by following the lead of several universities: It will ditch the titles “headmaster” and “housemaster” from its collective vocabulary. ..
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How Being Bullied Affects Your Adulthood
Slate - June 20, 2016
In American schools, bullying is like the dark cousin to prom, student elections, or football practice: Maybe you weren’t involved, but you knew that someone, somewhere was. Five years ago ..
Watch: Transgender teen talks about bullying in powerful video
USA Today - June 16, 2016
The hashtag known as #IAmAMisfit is gaining traction on social after pop duo High Dive Heart teamed up with trans teen Corey Maison to help raise awareness on the severe impact of bullying...
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