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How diplomas based on skill acquisition, not credits earned, could change education
Hechinger Report - Jun 11, 2017
By 2021, students graduating from Maine high schools must show they have mastered specific skills to earn a high school diploma. Maine is the first state to pass such a law, though the idea of valuing skills over credits is increasingly popular around the country. ....
What Regional Accreditors Can Learn From ACICS's Demise To Drive Value For Universities And Students
US News - Jun 13, 2017
A transformational event has been unfolding behind the scenes of academia over the past year.. ....
The High Price of Not Completing College in Four Years
Wall Street Journal  - Jun 8, 2017
How can you save over $20,000 on college costs? Graduate on time. At four-year schools, only about 40% of full-time students graduate on time, according to the National Center for Education Statistics, part of the U.S. Department of Education.....
Newsweek  - Jun 11, 2017
There are a lot of reasons for the racial gap in graduation rates at community colleges: some have to do with K-12 education and others have to do with the purpose of community colleges. Before I really get into an answer, I do want to first say that this is precisely why communities, families and school counselors have to be more mindful .....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Five More Things To Expect During The College Research Process
Forbes - Jun 14, 2017
The college process requires a lot of practical as well as deep, emotional fortitude. Consider these issues as well as you start (or continue) researching colleges with your offspring: ...
What Is a Liberal Arts College?
Cappex - The College Solution Blog - Jun 8, 2017
Where are you going to college? Technically, this often is the wrong question to ask. Most students seeking a bachelor’s degree attend a university, not a college. Although Americans use university and college interchangeably, they are starkly different in many respects. ...
7 Ways to Get a Head Start on College Apps the Summer Before Senior Year
Her Campus - Jun 10, 2017
While thinking about college applications may be the last thing you want to do the summer before your senior year, starting to put some things together can put you at a huge advantage. When the fall comes around, you’re already going to be stressed out with assignments and your social calendar, ...
Harvard Admissions Decision a Warning To Applicants: Watch What You Post Online
Hartford Courant - Jun 9, 2017
It's's the kind of thing that school counselors are always warning about: Offensive postings on social media can hurt your chances for college admission and employment. ...
Choice of college major makes all the difference
MyCentralJersey - Jun 8, 2017
As millions of students head off to college this fall, well-meaning parents often encourage them to choose the major of their dreams. Sometimes, students have known for years the particular career that would be perfect for them....
College Prep: Taking the Angst out of College Apps
TAPinto - Jun 10, 2017
Back in the dark ages of the 1970s, preparing for college was a lot simpler. I paid attention to which courses I would take, but for a soon-to-be liberal arts major, I didn’t have too much planning to do. Most of us took our SATs once, perhaps an advanced placement test,....
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Not Rocket Science: Writing the College Essay
Pasadena Now - Jun 8, 2017
The college essay’s importance is suggested by the fact that some high school composition instructors spend weeks teaching it. That’s for two pages of writing that requires no research and doesn’t need to be a literary masterpiece. Without trying to fool themselves into thinking that writing the college essay is easy..
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Students with Disabilities

Inclusion, Career and Technical Education Help Students With Disabilities
EdWeek (registration required)  - Jun 12, 2017
Students with disabilities who spend at least 80 percent of their school day in general education courses have higher rates of on-time graduation, college attendance, and employment than students with disabilities who are similar in other ways, but who spend less time in general education, according to a new study.....
The Myth of Disability ‘Sob Stories’
New York Times  - Jun 14, 2017
Last November, a surprise announcement changed my life. I had been selected as a 2017 Rhodes Scholar. It was exhilarating news. Several days later, however, I got another, less pleasant surprise. A professor at my university stopped me in the hall and said,...
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Jun 15, 2017
The Big Five—What Shaped Our World This Year
This isn’t the last column of the year, but this is the last column when at least a few counselors still have students in the building. ... More

The Youth-Counseling Program Helping to Curb Chicago's Violence
The Atlantic - Jun 12, 2017
In the minds of many, the South Side of Chicago has descended into a type of madness. While crime doesn’t define the vibrant, inspiring city, violence clings to certain South Side streets where shootings have become commonplace. ...
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15 Things Parents Should Do Before Their Teen Leaves for College
NBC News - Jun 12, 2017
There are a million things to do the summer before your teen heads off to college. You may question how you can possibly get it all done in time, but don’t worry, you will find a way! This checklist will help you and your teen plan for all the little things that may come up the summer before college...
I’m going to miss my son, and his friends, when he heads to college
Boston Globe - Jun 13, 2017
“What’s up, Mom?” my 18-year-old son, Phinny, shouts as he trudges in after school, followed by his friends Myles, Dan, and Sheldon. “Hey, Sandra,” the boys call out, dropping their backpacks in the hallway and heading to the fridge, where they immediately cause a bottleneck...
Five Things To Expect During The College Research Process
Forbes - Jun 12, 2017
To everything there is a season, except, of course when you consider global warming or the college admission process. The latter runs constantly now, starting earlier and earlier before really ramping up in the second half of students' junior year of high school....
Parents, High School Teachers Need to Know About Sextortion
US News - Jun 12, 2017
Teens will have more time over the summer to spend online, but before they do, they should be aware of a little-known sex crime called "sextortion.".....
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Read to Ace the SAT, New Test Taking Tips
Language Magazine - Jun 8, 2017
A recent article in the New York Times (Hernandez, 2017) recommended that students from low-income backgrounds prepare for the SAT (Scholastic Achievement Test) “like a rich kid” by spending hundreds of hours studying test prep books, visiting tutors, and taking online cram courses.....
Defeat SAT Science Content With This Summer Prep Plan
US News - Jun 12, 2017
The SAT and ACT once differed in several areas: The ACT was notable for testing scientific knowledge and reasoning, while the SAT left that material to more specialized subject tests. As of March 2016, however, the lines have blurred significantly. Following the SAT's recent redesign, that exam now contains science questions....
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Private Scholarships Could Lead to More Student Debt
US News  - Jun 14, 2017
For students trying to cover the high cost of higher education today, private scholarships can be a dream come true. But at some colleges and universities, private scholarships are running up against the nightmare of scholarship displacement financial aid policies.....
Explore Loan Options for International Students
US News  - Jun 9, 2017
Studying in the U.S. isn't cheap, and it's usually even more expensive if you're an international student. Most international students, including F-1 visa holders, aren't eligible for student loans from the U.S. government....
Giving financial aid ideas the old college try
Des Moines Register  - Jun 13, 2017
Both Sen. Chuck Grassley and Rep. David Young gave voters an insight into their views on college last week during a legislative luncheon sponsored by the Altoona Chamber of Commerce.....
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Career and Technical Education

How To Earn Six Figures Without A Four-Year Degree
NPR.org - Jun 12, 2017
By 2025, two million jobs will be unfilled because U.S. companies won’t be able to find the skilled labor they need. Many of these jobs provide a middle-class salary — some pay six figures annually — and don’t require a four-year-degree....
In Wisconsin, Trump makes case for apprenticeships to fill jobs gap
PBS.org - NewsHour - Jun 13, 2017
PEWAUKEE, Wis. — The man who parlayed a run on TV’s “The Apprentice” into a winning presidential campaign said Tuesday the nation needs a stronger system of apprenticeship to match workers with millions of open jobs....
Trump wants to increase apprenticeship, vocational opportunities
NPR.org - Jun 8, 2017
President Donald Trump hopes to offer more resources for students to pursue apprenticeship and vocational education opportunities by expanding access to financial aid and changing accreditation policies, according to The Chronicle of Higher Education.....
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Law requires mental health training for school counselors
Henrico Citizen - Jun 8, 2017
More than 20 percent of children in the U.S. have or have had depression or other serious mental disorder, according to the National Institute of Mental Health. ...
Tennessee making higher education a priority with progressive solutions
The Tennessean - Jun 9, 2017
So many things have changed since I started as a college placement professional 20-plus years ago. Recently, I was encouraged by a long-time colleague, Mark Lovvorn, to address some of those changes in this column. ...
Florida Education Bill Has Educators On Edge
WUSF.org - Jun 9, 2017
Gregory Adkins, superintendent of The School District of Lee County, held a press conference backed by about 50 district employees. "We demand Governor Rick Scott veto House Bill 7069," he said, standing at a lectern. ..
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Teens Summer Jobs

Teenagers Have Stopped Getting Summer Jobs—Why?
The Atlantic - Jun 9, 2017
The summer job is considered a rite of passage for the American Teenager. It is a time when tossing newspaper bundles and bussing restaurant tables acts as a rehearsal for weightier adult responsibilities, like bundling investments and bussing dinner-party plates..
Endangered rite of passage: Teen summer jobs
CBS News - Jun 9, 2017
Chances are good you won't see as many teens working at the local fast-food restaurant this summer compared with a decade ago, even though America's unemployment rate is now at a 16-year low. ..
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