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Big Picture

Measuring College (Un)affordability
The Atlantic - Mar 23, 2017
College is unaffordable for a lot of families. That’s widely acknowledged across party lines. But a new report shows that as many as 95 percent of colleges are completely unaffordable—and thus unavailable—for huge swaths of Americans. For many would-be college students, their choices are delimited by their socioeconomic status before they have even taken the SAT.. ..
How For-Profit Colleges Sell 'Risky Education' To The Most Vulnerable
NPR.org - Fresh Air  - Mar 24, 2017
For-profit colleges have faced federal and state investigations in recent years for their aggressive recruiting tactics — accusations that come as no surprise to author Tressie McMillan Cottom... ...
Five myths about college admissions
Washington Post  - Mar 24, 2017
Most high school seniors have now heard back about their college applications, a process often cast as a kind of “Hunger Games,” with young Americans battling it out for a chance to attend one of more than 3,000 four-year degree-granting colleges, seeking help wherever it may come.. ...
Opinion: College admissions are so random we’d be better off turning it into a lottery
MarketWatch  - Mar 24, 2017
The high school senior qualified to audition for all-state choir, but he’d also been invited to interview for the prestigious Jefferson Scholarship, which promised a full ride to the University of Virginia worth $125,000. He couldn’t be in both places at the same time... ...
Survey Finds Foreign Students Aren’t Applying to American Colleges
NBC News  - Mar 25, 2017
Application and acceptance season is underway at America's colleges and universities. But this year, some institutions of higher learning may see a noticeable dip in attendance from one group purposely choosing to stay home: foreign students.. ...
College Is the Goal. The Problem? Getting There.
New York Times  - Mar 24, 2017
TOPEKA, Kan. — She was a blur of motion — leading the school step-dance team, working long hours after school at a beauty products store, mentoring younger students and caring for her siblings....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Why Elite Colleges Aren't Always The Answer
Daily Beast - Mar 26, 2017
It’s that time of year again, when a new cohort of graduating high-school seniors finalize decisions on which college they will attend come fall. As colleges sell their worth and endless rankings are released in a dizzying array of information leading to the May deadlines to deposit, ...
How much longer will students be willing to go away to college?
Washington Post - Mar 25, 2017
As the last of the college acceptances roll in for high school seniors this month, it’s likely more of those offers than ever before will be coming from campuses far from home. Over the last two decades, the number of students traveling a significant distance to college has increased as places that once felt far away ...
The College Admission Process Is A Crisis, But A Good One
Forbes  - Mar 27, 2017
For 15 years I volunteered as a "liner" for the National Runaway Safeline here in Chicago. (It used the be called the National Runaway Switchboard until we realized that no one knows what a switchboard is anymore.) Volunteers staff a 24/7 call center where kids in crisis (as well as adults) ...
Students with elite college dreams should act early
MyCentralJersey  - Mar 23, 2017
Since numbers don’t lie, students with dreams of attending one of the eight prestigious Ivy League colleges/universities should seriously consider applying early. Five of these schools, Brown, Columbia, Cornell, Dartmouth, and The University of Pennsylvania, offer an “Early Decision” plan w ...
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How To Keep From Choosing The Wrong College
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Mar 27, 2017
April 1 is just one week away, and most college acceptances will soon be received by anxious high school seniors. Often, students and parents have a difficult time making a decision. While a “gut feeling” based on a campus information session and tour is one good factor to consider, there is other information that needs to be considered.. ...
Turning Down Top Choices
Inside Higher Ed  - Mar 23, 2017
Every year, prospective students receive offers to attend their college or university of choice. And every year, some of them turn down those offers. Common wisdom holds that cost is a major factor in those students’ decisions. And new data from a private company provide insight into how much of a role costs play in turning students away from their top choice for college. ...
A College Rejection Meltdown In 5 Emails
WBUR.org  - Mar 23, 2017
Dear Mrs. Williams: While I certainly understand how disappointing it can be to receive undesirable news, I did want to follow up on your most recent email to reassure you that there was not “some kind of mix-up” . ...
5 Things to Keep in Perspective During College Admissions Season
Her Campus - Mar 22, 2017
It’s that time of year again — college admissions season. Whether you’re super excited or super nervous about heading off to college, there are some things to keep in perspective when you’re waiting to hear back from the schools you applied to. We talked to current collegiettes about what they wish . ...
So your college application was rejected – now what?
USA Today - Mar 23, 2017
You spent hours filling out college applications, writing and rewriting essays, studying for and taking the SAT or ACT, stressed out for months waiting to hear back from admissions. But then you got rejected. So now what do you do?...
When Are College Admissions Decisions Released?
Huffington Post - Mar 23, 2017
If you are like thousands of other high school seniors at this time, you are repeatedly clicking refresh waiting for your college admissions decisions. Fortunately, the wait is almost over!...
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Campus Visits

Five People Worth Talking To On Your College Visit
Huffington Post - Mar 27, 2017
agine you’re going on your first college visit. You’re stopping by the admission office. You’re touring the campus with a student who walks backwards—backwards!—the entire time. You’re trying the food. You’re...you’re…...
College Visits And How To Make The Most Of It
University Herald - Mar 27, 2017
A high school student's visit to the college of their choice is one of the exciting parts of their journey to college. It can be pretty exhausting, but it is also a lot of fun. This can be done formally or informally. The most important thing is that students learn as much information as they can f...
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How to Use the U.S. News College Rankings
The College Solution Blog -- Cappex - Mar 24, 2017
Many teenagers and parents consider U.S. News’ college rankings to be the Bible for academic quality. Detractors, who primarily come from academia, have criticized the popular rankings as a flawed and superficial way to measure colleges... ...
Archives - Rankings

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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Mar 30, 2017
Report—The State of College Counseling in the US Isn’t Good
TA new report on the state of college attainment offers some important points for school counselors to consider. Presented by The National Consortium for School Counseling and Postsecondary Success ,... More

University of Denver Blog  - Mar 23, 2017
When you hear the title, “school counselor,” you might think of someone who makes student schedule changes and hands out college applications. While school counselors are responsible for scheduling and post-graduation guidance, they do a lot more than that. ....
At College, a Guided Path on Which to Find Oneself
New York Times  - Mar 28, 2017
This is nail-biting week for high school seniors awaiting acceptance from their dream colleges. But the classic experience — a four-year residential college sheltered from the real world — is not what happens for 80 percent of college students....
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Colleges to Parents: Step Back and Let Your Children Lead Application Process
EdWeek (registration required)  - Mar 24, 2017
A new survey of college admission officers delivers a bracing suggestion to helicopter parents: Take a big step back and let your children be in charge of the application process....
6 College-Planning Tips For High School Sophomores And Their Parents
KDLG.org  - Mar 22, 2017
High school juniors and seniors are well into their college preparation — taking the SAT, visiting schools and filling out applications. But it’s not too early for sophomores to start planning.....
Saving for College: Parent’s Guide to Preparing for Kids’ Higher Education
University Herald  - Mar 27, 2017
When making a decision about college, topics about costs and money are always present . The thought of going to college can be pretty daunting to both parents and students alike. Many students graduate from college carrying loads of student debts. .....
6 Mistakes Parents of Teen Drivers Make
Wise Bread  - Mar 29, 2017
he day your child gets their driver's license is a big day for your teen and a nerve-wracking one for you. It's natural to worry about the safety of your kid on the open road. .....
Archives - Parents
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Don’t Make These 3 Mistakes When Prepping for AP Exams
US News  - Mar 27, 2017
The components of a college application can seem limitless – grades, extracurricular activities and standardized test scores are just some of the factors you can highlight to stand out. But when it comes to test scores, you have more to think about than just the SAT or ACT....
What parents can do to help teens prepare for the SAT & ACT
Chicago Now  - Mar 27, 2017
Standardized tests take on a whole new meaning in high school, with the SAT and/or ACT being huge components in the college application process. With the SAT coming up on April 5, I talked with Matthew Pietrafetta of Academic Approach, a test preparation and tutoring company with locations in Chicago, New York, and Boston. He offered his expert advice on what parents can do to get teens ready for the SAT and ACT. ..
ACT Versus SAT: How To Choose?
Patch  - Mar 27, 2017
Parents often ask me which test their child should take for college admissions. The answer depends on their child’s strengths and weaknesses. The best way to know for sure which test the student should take is for them to do a practice test for each exam and see which one they feel more comfortable with. ..
Archives - SATs & ACTs
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College financial aid packages usually aren’t gifts
Boston Globe - Mar 22, 2017
College-bound high school seniors have just a few more weeks to choose the school that will offer them the best mix of academic opportunity, environment, and financial support. But as they and their parents pore over competing financial aid award letters, the bottom line may not always be clear....
What financial aid award letters tell you
Kansas City Star - Mar 27, 2017
amilies fretting over the size of college financial aid packages they are hoping to receive and how much of their own money they’ll have to shell out are starting to get answers.....
FAFSA Changes Impacting Students and Parents
PA.com - Mar 27, 2017
WILKES-BARRE, LUZERNE COUNTY (WBRE/WYOU) - Each year, thousands of students looking for help paying for college log onto the Free Application for Federal Financial Aid website - also known as FAFSA. The process is complicated.h....
Archives - FinAid/Scholarships
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Career and Technical Education

Manufacturing industry growth tempered by challenges
Journal-News - Mar 24, 2017
BUTLER COUNTY The manufacturing climate continues gaining steam but companies continue to face challenges following damage inflicted by the Great Recession.. ..
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Stand out to admissions officers by doing something different this summer
Tribune News Service - Mar 27, 2017
If you picture yourself in the college admissions officer’s chair, reviewing application after application, you’ll have a better sense of why it matters so much how you spend your time outside of school.. ...
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Tuition Increases Recommended Across Connecticut State Colleges and Universities
NBC Connecticut - Mar 27, 2017
Tuition could be increasing at state colleges and universities across Connecticut. The president of Connecticut State Colleges and Universities, which includes 17 state colleges and universities other than UConn, said in a statement to students and families that he is recommending a tuition increase at all schools in the system. ..
Maryland Makes College More Affordable For Soon-To-Be High School Graduates
University Herald - Mar 27, 2017
One of the most pressing concerns of many students who are about to graduate from high school is the cost of college education. With this consideration, the higher officials of Maryland hopes to extend help to those who aspire to earn a college degree by making college cost more affordable in the state...
Delaware high school drop-out rate lowest in 30 years
Delaware Public - Mar 27, 2017
Delaware high schools are seeing a decline in high school drop-outs, according to a report from the state Department of Education....
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Teen Drinking

Bill would make underage drinking hosts pay
USA Today - Mar 27, 2017
DE PERE - "Parents who host, lose the most," is a slogan coined by law enforcement and youth anti-drug organizations to deter the enabling of underage drinking. But the concept doesn't carry much legal weight in Wisconsin — something Rep. André Jacque wants to change. . ...
TEEN TALK: Tips to Help Combat Underage Drinking
WTXL - Mar 27, 2017
TALLAHASSEE, FL -- With Spring Break behind us and summer vacation in full view, many parents may be concerned with the increased temptation for your child to drink.. ...
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