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Degrees Lose Their Sparkle As Graduates Suffer Buyer's Regret
Forbes - Nov 22, 2017
A college education was once considered a ticket to a better career, but there are signs that degrees are losing their sparkle as graduates suffer buyer’s regret...
The Republican War on College
The Atlantic - Nov 20, 2017
A college education was once considered a ticket to a better career, but there are signs that degrees are losing their sparkle as graduates suffer buyer’s regret...
If you don't have money for college, how far can 'grit' get you?
Minnesota Public Radio - Nov 27, 2017
"Grit" seems to be a buzzword in conversations about college access these days. It often goes like this: If you just have enough determination, you can carve out your own path to a degree..
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Stepping Off The College Admission Treadmill Helps Students
Forbes - Nov 29, 2017
A recent article in the Chicago Tribune quoted New Trier High School student Ben Matejka, who thought he was doing well with an ACT score of 27 (out of 36) .....
How to pick a college that won't break the bank
CNBC - Nov 20, 2017
Students who are looking at prospective colleges this fall might want to think a little more carefully about the total price they'll pay for that education when all is said and done.....
College Connection: Secrets of getting 'You’re Accepted' letter
MyCentralJersey - Nov 16, 2017
The New York Times' recently published “Education Life” supplement featured a cover stating, “Admissions is unfair: Here’s why.” Surrounding the cynical title were clues as to the criteria that might swing a college applicant to the acceptance or rejection pile. ...
8 Social Media Tips To Improve College Admission Chances
Social Barrel - Nov 17, 2017
The general rule of thumb when posting something on social media is not to post anything that you don’t want your mother or grandmother to see....
6 Secrets University Admissions Teams Don’t Want You to Know
University Magazine - Nov 27, 2017
Whether you're anxiously awaiting Early Decision results or still filling out your applications, this is a good time to take stock of the people who have helped you get where you are now. .....
Thank Your College Admission Supporters
Forbes - Nov 27, 2017
Whether you're anxiously awaiting Early Decision results or still filling out your applications, this is a good time to take stock of the people who have helped you get where you are now. .....
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What students should do while they're waitlisted
Los Altos Online  - Nov 22, 2017
Congratulations on submitting your college applications. You may be receiving notice from your early-action and early-decision schools, so now is the time to begin your decision-making process....
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Campus Visits and Interviews

If you can get a college interview, don’t tank it
Tribune News Service  - Nov 28, 2017
The interview was once an important staple of the college admissions process. Young men dressed up in jackets and ties, young women wore short heels, a proper dress, hose and pearls, and they sat down for a formal interview inside the college admissions office.. . ....
When Alumni Interviewers Screw Up, Things Get Weird
Chronicle of Higher Ed  - Nov 20, 2017
t first, the message seemed harmless. On November 8, dozens of high-school seniors in the San Diego area received an email from an alumnus of Harvard University. "Thank you for applying," it began. . ....
7 Tips From A Professor To Help You Hack Your College Visit
The Federalist  - Nov 27, 2017
The campus visit is the modern equivalent of the medieval pilgrimage. We travel great distances to remote locations inhabited by the learned in hopes of finding direction, security, blessedness. And it will cost a fortune. . ....
There is no substitute for a campus visit
Enterprise Pub  - Nov 22, 2017
On the twelfth of November, my dad and I made finally made the long drive from Oakland to eastern Michigan. I was there to tour two schools: Kettering University and the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor...
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Students with Disabilities

OPINION: Dyslexia Is Very Treatable. So Why Aren’t We Helping More Kids?
WBUR.org - Nov 28, 2017
“They know I struggle, but they don’t help me.” Matthew, a recently evaluated fifth-grader, explains his frustration with reading and school. His story is mirrored in countless others we've witnessed as educational consultants. A high school senior was denied an athletic scholarship....
OPINION: Fearful that they will be seen as ‘lazy’ or ‘unintelligent,’ most college students with disabilities don’t seek accommodation
Hechinger Report - Nov 28, 2017
Our education system sends the one in five children with learning and attention issues into the world without the skills they need to succeed. These students are as smart as their peers but they are surrounded by the false perception that they are lazy and incapable. ....

Archives - Students with Disabilities
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Nov 30, 2017
Why FAFSA by Phone is a Good Thing
There’s been more than a little scuttlebutt in the counseling community over yesterday’s announcement that the US Department of Education is creating a mobile phone app, making it possible to complete the FAFSA by phone.... More

What you can — and can’t — say to a high school senior at Thanksgiving
Washington Post  - Nov 21, 2017
Thanksgiving dinner can be fraught with tension that often stems from conversations about political differences. But some other topics should be off the table, too — at least if there is a high school senior at the table who is applying to college ...
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How to Narrow a High School Student's College Application List
TeenLife Blog  - Nov 17, 2017
Did you know there are over 4,000 four-year colleges and universities in the United States? This makes choosing a college overwhelming. How does your high school student start with a dream list and narrow it down and settle ...
College Admissions: Teaching Parents How to Help
voa  - Nov 25, 2017
For most people around the world, applying for admission to a college or university is a major event in their lives. Many young people see it as one of their first steps toward becoming adults. ...
Help Teens Balance Jobs, College Apps During the Holidays
US News  - Nov 20, 2017
College applications and after-school jobs can make the holiday season even busier for high school seniors. Cassie Poncelow, a counselor at Poudre High School in Fort Collins, Colorado ...
What’s Critical in a College Admission Checklist
The College Solution Blog - Nov 27, 2017
Using a college admission checklist is critical when your child is applying to colleges and universities. Allowing a teenager to apply to any colleges without a solid game plan can be a financial and academic disaster. .....
Archives - Parents
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To SAT, Or Not To SAT?
Houghton Star  - Nov 27, 2017
One year ago, Houghton College’s Admissions Office decided to change their policy on standardized test results. The college now allows a student to decide whether they want to waive their SAT or ACT scores during the admissions process,..
Tackle Pronoun Usage Errors on ACT English Section
US News  - Nov 20, 2017
Do you struggle to correctly use pronouns? If so, you may understandably be wary of the ACT English section. This portion of the ACT contains 75 questions, which you must answer in 45 minutes...
Archives - SATs & ACTs
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FAFSA Goes Mobile
Inside Higher Ed - Nov 29, 2017
Education Department plans a new platform aimed at smoothing applications for student aid and helping borrowers manage loan payments. But Congress must act to remove the most serious obstacles to completion of the FAFSA...
Colleges puzzled by surge in FAFSA verification requests
Washington Post - Nov 28, 2017
Colleges and universities are reporting a surge in students being asked to verify information on their federal financial aid applications, a time-consuming process that school officials fear could derail low-income applicants....
U.S. Senate panel examines ways to simplify student aid process
UPI - Nov 28, 2017
Nov. 28 (UPI) -- A U.S. Senate committee Tuesday heard testimony on ways to simply the application process for federal college student aid.......
Top 20 Filing Hints For FAFSA
Cape News - Nov 24, 2017
Today’s article will focus on filling out the FAFSA itself. My comments are made in the order that you complete the FAFSA. Some of the comments for a particular line have much more background information about my recommendations than this space allows.....
Financial aid officers say the government must stop charging fees to borrow money for college
Washington Post - Nov 20, 2017
The federal government makes billions of dollars a year charging students and parents fees to borrow money for college, but a group of financial aid officers say those loan origination fees are a burdensome tax on families that Congress needs to end........
Archives - FinAid/Scholarships
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Career and Technical Education

Apprenticeships, common in blue-collar industries, are coming to white-collar office work
Post and Courier - Nov 20, 2017
WASHINGTON — Andrew Skelnik grew up in what he calls a "strong blue-collar background" in Chicago. His father was an electrician, his uncle was a carpenter and his first job out of high school was in the mailroom of a printing plant, where he worked his way up to become a pressman...
Builder Online - Nov 28, 2017
The construction industry is facing a labor crisis and there's a shortage of skilled tradespeople in the country to fill the job void. California enacted a plan earlier this year to spend $6 million on a campaign to revive the reputation of vocational education,...
How Teaching Trade Skills Can Rescue At-Risk Youth
Real Clear Education - Nov 28, 2017
Spray painting walls and hotwiring cars are not experiences most business leaders look for in job candidates. But a new focus at Boys Town is not only teaching at-risk kids how to overcome past mistakes but also to learn – and profit – from them...
Archives - Career and Technical Education
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Smith to offer Md. tuition-free college plan next legislative session
The Daily Record - Nov 26, 2017
As proposals to make Maryland’s public colleges and universities tuition-free make their way through the Democratic primary for Maryland governor, one state senator plans to introduce legislation next year to create a framework that would make that goal a reality. ..
Community College of Vermont, Vermont State Colleges Seek Collaborative Approach ToWorkforce Development
Caledonian Record - Nov 26, 2017
The Vermont State Colleges and Community College of Vermont are here to serve Vermonters—and not only Vermont students, but also the businesses and communities those students go on to serve. ..
State funding for Maine’s public schools declined 9 percent from 2008 to 2015
Sun Journal - Nov 29, 2017
Local residents have been picking up an increasing portion of education costs in Maine in the years since the recession, according to an analysis of state budget documents by a think tank in Washington, D.C. ..
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Teen Health

Saving Lives Via Text Message
NPR.org - Nov 26, 2017
Elisheva Adler was 20 years old, sitting in pajamas in her childhood bedroom in Long Island, the first time she saved someone's life via text message...
Are Smartphones Killing Teens?
Forbes - Nov 21, 2017
Older generations have the nostalgic habit of attributing the shortfalls of the latest generation to the degradation of old values. I say nostalgic because older generations have a tendency to remembe..
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