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Millions of Americans are living in higher-education deserts, report says
Washington Post - Feb 5, 2018
Despite the indelible image of some fresh-faced 18-year-old heading out of state for college, the truth is nearly 40 percent of students attend a school less than 50 miles from home. For students who work full time or have children ...
How one college system pushes many graduates into the middle class and beyond
Hechinger Report - Feb 5, 2018
year ago, a group of prominent economists led by Raj Chetty of Stanford University came out with a splashy piece of research measuring exactly how much each college in the nation helps working-class kids rise up the economic ladder. ...
Are Admissions Gatekeepers Diverse Enough?
Inside Higher Ed - Feb 5, 2018
Leaders of American colleges talk regularly about the need to diversify their student bodies, especially at selective institutions with relatively few black and Latino students. ...
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

7 things college admissions officers wish every applicant knew
Business Insider - Feb 7, 2018
It's the question every high school senior asks: What happens in the admissions office? You work for months, bundle your entire life together into a neat, 12-15 page application, send it off, and wait. ..
Do Student Projects Have a Role in College Admissions?
EdWeek (registration required) - Feb 7, 2018
A group of researchers has kicked off a new project to change college admissions by focusing more on students' projects. Called “Reimagining College Access,” ..
Confessions of a former college admissions officer: 5 ways to ace your college application
Yahoo Finance - Feb 1, 2018
If you’re planning to apply to college, submitting the perfect application and getting into your dream school can be a huge source of anxiety for many students. ..
Ten Things Every College Senior Needs To Do In February
Forbes - Feb 4, 2018
The last semester of college is intense. Most students are very focused on their upcoming exams, papers, projects and other assignments. Their schedules are often crammed. They're not thinking about job-hunting — and who can blame them?..
Strong college applications include plenty of rigor, activities
Chicago Tribune - Feb 1, 2018
I am in the second semester of my freshman year in high school. I have straight As, and I am active in several extracurricular clubs. My grandmother cuts out your columns and sends them to me. ..
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5 most popular US college admission questions & how to answer them
SI News  - Feb 6, 2018
You’ve got the email setting a date and time for an interview with the admissions team at the college or university you applied at. Now what?...
Prepare for a U.S. College Admissions Interview
US News  - Feb 1, 2018
Interviews can be an important component of the college admissions process. They help schools determine whether applicants are a good fit and, in the case of prospective international students....
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Feb 8, 2018
Keep the Counselor Celebration Going with a Principal Summit
If social media is any measure, National School Counseling Week is becoming one very serious party. From counselor breakfasts to selfies with students to gorgeous pictures of the School Counselor,.. More

Column: School counselors serve critical role
Detroit News - Feb 4, 2018
t just figures that National School Counseling Week starts the day after the Super Bowl. The country gorges on guacamole-covered chicken wings on Sunday, and when America’s most misunderstood group of educators asks for three nacho chips and a high five on Monday...
Fear and anxiety take a toll on seniors as they await college admission decisions
Los Angeles Times - Feb 7, 2018
High School can be the best years of your teen life, or the most stressful? With graduation approaching quickly, Los Angeles River High School seniors are finishing up applications and deadlines. Many have already been accepted to some Cal States, but others are eagerly waiting....
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U.S. News Facebook Live: Parents Borrowing for College
US News - Feb 5, 2018
On Thursday, Feb. 15, U.S. News Education and U.S. News Money will host a conversation on Facebook Live focused on what parents need to know about education loans....
The Myth of Asset Sheltering and Financial Aid
Wealth Management - Feb 1, 2018
Contrary to many parents’ belief, assets will not jeopardize their children’s chances for financial aid for the vast majority of families.....
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High Schoolers: Understand AP Research Assessments
US News - Feb 5, 2018
The Advanced Placement Capstone is a prestigious two-year program that the College Board offers to develop students' investigative and communicative skills in anticipation of college-level studies.....
Should States Swap Out Their Tests for the ACT or SAT?
EdWeek (registration required) - Feb 7, 2018
A new study raises questions about a major shift in testing: substituting the SAT or ACT for states' required high school assessments. ..
Archives - SATs & ACTs
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Financial Aid 101: The glossary you'll need (Part 2)
Tribune News Service - Feb 6, 2018
Last week, I started putting together a financial aid primer for families interested in the intricacies involved in paying for college. While many students won't have to pay full sticker price for their college education, most families will need to evaluate the practicality of taking out loans and graduating with debt....
Apply for college financial aid now
Picayune Item - Feb 6, 2018
The beginning of a new month means graduation day is that much closer for high school seniors. By now, many students preparing to attend college have already chosen a school they will attend next fall or they're still on the fence.....
Archives - FinAid/Scholarships
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Career and Technical Education

Let's quit brainwashing kids that it's a college degree or nothing
Chicago Sun Times  - Feb 2, 2018
I had no inkling there was a problem. The students in my college English class were working in the computer lab, where each station has a wraparound console which affords pupils the privacy they need to concentrate on their writing ..
Less Community, More Vocational
Inside Higher Ed - Feb 2, 2018
The Trump administration's rhetoric for more work force and career training increased Thursday, with the president calling for community colleges to undergo a name change. ..
Trump's Vision for Vocational Education Gets a Tepid Reception
New York Times - Feb 2, 2018
WASHINGTON — President Trump's calls this week for more vocational schools have received a lukewarm reception from the higher education community, including from the educators who teach in the programs he is championing. . ..
High School Student Motivation-- Career & Technical Education Classes
Reno Gazette Journal - Feb 2, 2018
Maybe, but try enrolling your student in some Career and Technical Education classes that give kids a chance to make some choices that fit them. Students can become excited about school; enjoying the skills they gain, and building self confidence along the way. . ..
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State universities struggle with enrollment as students leave Illinois
The Southern - Feb 6, 2018
NORMAL — The pace at which Illinois high school graduates are leaving the state to attend college is accelerating at the same time most public universities are struggling to maintain enrollment ..
Indiana House passes bill to overhaul high school diplomas
The Indiana Lawyer - Feb 4, 2018
The Indiana House on Monday approved a bill that would overhaul the types of high school diplomas offered to students. ..
UMKC cutting tuition for students from Kansas and 15 other Midwest states
Kansas City Star - Feb 1, 2018
In a continued push to boost enrollment, the University of Missouri-Kansas City is lowering tuition costs for students living in Kansas and 15 other Midwest states...
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Teen Dating

1.5 million U.S. teens experience physical abuse
Wahpeton Daily News - Feb 3, 2018
Nobody deserves to be mistreated or abused in their relationships. Approximately 1.5 million students in the U.S. experience physical abuse from a dating partner, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.. ..
Knowing the signs: Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month
NBC25News - Feb 5, 2018
Experts say abuse can come in many forms from checking emails and text without a partner's permission to intimidation and belittling. luckily, there are ways for parents and teens to put a stop to violence and it starts with communication... ..
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