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Parents in College Admissions

Whats's a FERPA, and who is this FAFSA guy? Expected Family Contibution is what? Welcome to the world of college admissions. Rest assured, by the time your first kid is through the process you'll know quite a bit more than you do now. This section is an archive of articles dealing with the unique and confusing world of the parent role in the whole process. From test prep, to parents weekend, hopefully this section will provide some insight.


Should you hire a private counselor to navigate college maze?
Democrat and Chronicle - Dec 29, 2017
Connor Alaimo has a big decision to make. The high school senior is weighing several offers from colleges that are competing for him with offers of scholarships......
How to have a proper parental fight over college costs
USA Today - Dec 29, 2017
As teens submit college applications and weigh different post-graduation paths, their parents face tough decisions, too. Do they: Help pay tuition, even if it means dipping into retirement savings? Take out parent loans, as a growing number of people do?.....
11 misconceptions about paying for college
Washongton Post - Dec 15, 2017
Every year, parents are shocked that the colleges their teen applied to didnít award enough, or any, financial aid. Itís complicated. Here are 11 things to understand before financial aid letters arrive....
Disappointed parents, need not be
Atlanta Journal-Constitution - Dec 15, 2017
Q: Our 18-year-old son made only slightly better than average grades in high school and finished in the top half of his graduating class. He could have done better, but has a history of underachievement which we explain as boredom....
How to Avoid College Stress Over the Winter Holidays
TeenLife Blog - Dec 19, 2017
If you have a college-bound senior, you know you are thinking about college over the winter holidays.. You try to shove it to the back of your mind but itís there, ....
Changing College Majors: Itís Really Common
The College Solution Blog - Dec 12, 2017
Are you worried that your teenager doesnít know what college major he or she wants? In my experience, itís a common worry that parents of high school students experience....
Letting go: Tips for parents sending kids to college
MSU Post  - Dec 11, 2017
As a child gets older, it may seem like forever before they will be leaving for college. It is so true when they say ďtime flies when you are having funĒ changing diapers, doing homework, traveling to sporting events and packing lunches...
Parents, Resist the Urge to Write Your Child's College Application Essay
VOA News  - Dec 11, 2017
As young people apply to colleges and universities, many point to their parents as the main influence on their decision, says an admissions officer who works with international students....
Parents of College Students: The Tax Plansí Losers that No One Is Talking About
ITEP  - Dec 13, 2017
Parents of college students or kids in their last years of high school are more likely to face a tax hike than others under the tax legislation moving through Congress....
12 top tips for staying safe on campus
Tribune News Service  - Dec 4, 2017
Most parents don't spend much time worrying about the safety of their children on what they believe are, for the most part, idyllic college campuses. ...
College Admissions Expert Elizabeth Levine: Tax Returns and Financial Aid
Chronicle Newspaper  - Dec 1, 2017
Families with high school juniors or high school seniors who are contemplating applying for financial aid need to have their 2015 tax information in order.. ...
What to Do if Your Parents Are More Obsessed with Getting Into College Than You Are
Her Campus - Dec 6, 2017
College is supposed to be the best time of our lives, so it's no wonder that parents get excited when their kids begin the application process. From touring campuses to attending information sessions and writing essays to completing interviews....
How to Narrow a High School Student's College Application List
TeenLife Blog  - Nov 17, 2017
Did you know there are over 4,000 four-year colleges and universities in the United States? This makes choosing a college overwhelming. How does your high school student start with a dream list and narrow it down and settle ...
College Admissions: Teaching Parents How to Help
voa  - Nov 25, 2017
For most people around the world, applying for admission to a college or university is a major event in their lives. Many young people see it as one of their first steps toward becoming adults. ...
Help Teens Balance Jobs, College Apps During the Holidays
US News  - Nov 20, 2017
College applications and after-school jobs can make the holiday season even busier for high school seniors. Cassie Poncelow, a counselor at Poudre High School in Fort Collins, Colorado ...
Whatís Critical in a College Admission Checklist
The College Solution Blog - Nov 27, 2017
Using a college admission checklist is critical when your child is applying to colleges and universities. Allowing a teenager to apply to any colleges without a solid game plan can be a financial and academic disaster. .....
Parents: Ninth-Grade High School GPAs Matter
US News  - Nov 13, 2017
Freshman year of high school is a big deal for students, socially and academically. Parents should pay attention to this big transition in their student's life, says Janice K. Jackson, chief education officer of Chicago Public Schools. ...
Must-Have Books
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Nov 13, 2017
Parents, are you wondering what to get your college-bound student this holiday season? Students, are you struggling with the perfect gift for your parents? Well, Santa and the elves have some ideas for you on the best books to give this year. ...
$29,000 college consultant? How admissions anxiety has fueled an industry
Washington Examiner - Nov 7, 2017
$29,000 college consultant? How admissions anxiety has fueled an industry.....
How parents can help their children avoid regretting their college debt
MarketWatch - Nov 8, 2017
Briana Casale normally looks forward to Christmas. This year, sheís dreading it. Casale, a 21-year-old teaching assistant in Cranston, Rhode Island who graduated in May, will see her six-month grace period on her student loans end with the arrival of the holidays...
When did applying for college turn into a mind-boggling experience?
Kansas City Star - Nov 2, 2017
Iím longing for the good old days. The days when applying to college wasnít a three-ring circus of hoops to jump through, academic acrobatics and so many common app essays that you could fill a clown car......
How to spend thousands to get your kids into college
SF Gate - Nov 1, 2017
Anxiety is soaring among high school seniors (and their parents) as college application season is in full swing right now. Students are busy trying to maintain their GPA, studying for standardized tests, visiting campuses and sitting down to pen a personal essay, asking themselves, .....
Parents Are Drastically Low-Balling The Sticker Price Of College
Forbes - Oct 31, 2017
Saving for college is reaching an all-time high, with 72 percent of families putting money aside to help fund their childrenís educations, according to a new College Savings IQ survey conducted by Fidelity Investments. However, many parents are dramatically underestimating the sticker price of college.....
When It Comes To 529 Plans, Parents Just Don't Understand
Forbes - Oct 26, 2017
Itís no surprise that saving for college has become an important financial priority for parents, second only to retirement. Rising tuition costs and record-breaking student loan debt in the U.S. (now over $1.4 trillion) ...
Paying For College: Who Should Pay For College?
CBS Local - Boston - Nov 1, 2017
BOSTON (CBS) Ė Who should pay for college? I wish I had a definitive answer! According to a Fidelity and MEFAís College Savings Study they found that Massachusetts parents are planning to cover 60% of their childrenís college education costs,, ...
Why Parents Make Flawed Choices About Their Kids' Schooling
The Atlantic - Oct 18, 2017
A person trying to choose their next set of wheels might see that car A made it farther than car B in a road test and assume it gets better gas mileage. But thatís only true if the two tanks are filled with the same substance. ...
Grandparents raising grandkids grapple with retirement and college costs at the same time
Washington Post - Oct 22, 2017
Each month, 72-year-old Sandra Bursch withdraws $4,200 from her retirement savings to cover her bills. A chunk of it goes toward paying college bills ó for her grandson Gage. She anticipates doing the same for Gageís younger brother, Mason, when he graduates from high school in another year...
Saving For College? Consider These 3 Choices
Forbes - Oct 15, 2017
Saving for college in todayís world is a big challenge, especially given the costs. The expenses surrounding a college education today are astounding. According to CollegeData.com, the average annual cost ....
Parents, donít write that college essay. (Hereís how to help instead.)
Washington Post  - Oct 12, 2017
When Sue OíConnellís daughter asked her to take a peek at the college admissions essay sheíd written, the Chicago-area mom had no problem telling her to go back to the drawing board and start the whole process over....
Parents: You follow your teen on Instagram, but do you know about their Finsta?
NBC News - Today - Oct 17, 2017
Teenagers know the kiss of death to any popular digital trend is when adults start using it. Just look at Facebook, which became uncool the minute teens started getting friend requests from mom, dad and great aunt Jean. ....
Save for retirement before the kids' college fund
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Oct 9, 2017
Every year, investment firm T. Rowe Price does an annual survey called ďParents, Kids and Money.Ē This year, the report offered some disturbing news: Parents of all boys were more likely to be saving for college than parents of all girls....
EDITORIAL: Parents must do homework of their own when making college plans for their kids
York Dispatch - Oct 10, 2017
If youíre a parent hoping to send a child to college, these are uneasy times. And it all comes down to one petrifying word ó money. Everyone knows it can cost a small fortune to send a child to college. Obtaining a bachelorís degree at a top university can set you back $250,000 ó maybe more....
Six Ways to Cut College Costs Ė Live Presentation!
The College Solution Blog - Oct 9, 2017
Have you been procrastinating about seriously exploring your childís college options? If so, Iíd like to give you a supportive nudge. Iím inviting you to a webinar this week where you will discover....
8 College Stats That Will Help You Find the Right School
TeenLife Blog - Oct 4, 2017
Parents know that applying to college is an emotional decision. Students use all sorts of factors to determine which college they will attend: the name, food, sports teams, campus appeal, where their friend/boyfriend/girlfriend is going, etc. ....
Parents provide more college support for sons than daughters
CNBC - Sep 22, 2017
When it comes to college savings for children, it appears parents are no better than bosses who pay their male workers more.....
Reminder for parents, students: check out college tax benefits
WTVM - Sep 27, 2017
WASHINGTON ? With back-to-school season in full swing, the Internal Revenue Service reminds parents and students about tax benefits that can help with the expense of higher education....
President Obama: Dropping off Malia at college was like 'open-heart surgery
NBC News - Today - Sep 27, 2017
Former President Barack Obama admitted he shed some tears when he dropped off his first-born child at college but made sure he held back on the waterworks until after he had left her.....
3 things high school parents should stop worrying about - and what to focus on instead
WRAL - Sep 26, 2017
The choices parents make during childrenís high school years have a huge influence on the adults they will become. The stakes are high, and the challenges can seem daunting.....
Everything parents should know about college mental health, but don't
Philly.com - Aug 14, 2017
Many parents are unaware that U.S. colleges are grappling with a mental-health crisis of epidemic proportions, and college counseling centers are struggling to meet the skyrocketing demand for services.t....
Parents & Students Beware Of These Common College Scams
CBS Local - St. Louis - Jun 12, 2017
Scammers are preying on college students across the country and if you think your son or daughter is too smart to fall for these tricks, think again. Here are just a few of scams you should discuss with your college student....
The 7 parents you meet at college orientation: Which one will I be?
AZCentral - May 12, 2017
I filed into the new student orientation on the second floor of the Memorial Union at Arizona State University, walking behind my son.....
Who Pays For Millennialsí College Degrees? Not Their Parents, Especially If Theyíre Women
IB Times - May 12, 2017
As the class of 2017 began tossing their caps in the air this year, aggregate student debt continued its march to nearly $1.44 trillion ó nearly tripling its size from a decade earlier....
It's crucial for parents to take campus sexual assault risk seriously
Dallas News - May 15, 2017
The University of Texas System recently published a report that included a startling statistic: 15 percent of female undergraduates ....
Warning Signs Youíre Paying Too Much for College
Cappex The College Solution Blog - May 3, 2017
Parents send the wrong message. You probably know parents who have suggested to their children that anything is possible. They tell their teenagers some version of this advice: Apply to whatever colleges you want and weíll find a way to pay for it....
Note To Former Self: You're Way Too Young For College
WBUR.org - May 9, 2017
A friend recently wrote to tell me that her 18-year-old daughter is down to two final college choices, and that the decision must be made and the deposit paid within a week....
When Parents Need to Say No to a Teen's College Choices
Cappex The College Solution Blog - Apr 26, 2017
If your teenager gets into his or her dream college and it isn't a good financial fit, can you say no? Can you afford to not say no?...
Parents Are Putting Retirement At Risk To Fund Their Kids' College Educations
Forbes - Apr 27, 2017
When it comes to student loans, we often think of them as a burden on new college grads. However, the number of older Americans with student loan debt is growing. According to a report from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB)..
Recruiting Tip: College coaches might be evaluating parents also
USA Today HSS - May 1, 2017
An athletic scholarship is a huge investment for a university to make in a high school athlete and college coaches take the responsibility of making scholarship offers very seriously....
Parents On The Hook For Student Loans
WBUR.org OnPoint - Apr 26, 2017
Parents drowning in college debt. Unable to pay back loans. Theyíre getting a tough lesson in college debt economics.o...
Ten Books To Get You Through The College Admission Cycle
Forbes - Apr 26, 2017
Amazon lists 6,533 results for "college admission books." That includes test guides, college guides, "Teen & Young Adult SAT Study Aids," how to write the college application essay, education workbooks, higher & continuing education and more. So there's plenty to choose from when starting the college process. ...
The U.S. Makes It Easy for Parents to Get College Loans -- Repaying Them Is Another Story
MSN - Apr 24, 2017
Millions of U.S. parents have taken out loans from the government to help their children pay for college. Now a crushing bill is coming due. ...
Questions That Parents Should Ask Before Their Kids Apply For College [Video]
University Herald - Apr 25, 2017
Several American students have received their college acceptance or rejection letters. This will determine where they will be spending the next four years as they achieve their academic goals.. ...
Why Your Kids Should Take Out Student Loans, Even If You Can Afford To Pay For College
Forbes - Apr 23, 2017
At first glance, it might seem like a great gift for parents to fund 100% of their childís college education. College can provide a leg-up in the world, and what a joy for a student to graduate without loans! Especially now, when students in the class of 2015 graduated with an average of $35,000 ...
10 Things Parents Need to Teach Their Teen
PsychCentral - Apr 23, 2017
The goal of parenting teenagers is to raise fully functioning adults by 18 years old. The age is predetermined by the legal system that declares a person an adult at that age. Therefore, regardless of the emotional maturity of person, they need to be equipped to accept adult responsibility at 18. ...
Why Parents Pick the Wrong Colleges For Their Kids
TIME  - Apr 14, 2017
Before May 1, the deadline for college enrollment deposits, more than half of all college-bound families will screw up their choice of a school. Fully three of five students who ultimately earn a bachelorís degree will have changed colleges. The average time for an undergraduate to earn a diploma is five and a half years...
A Letter of Apology to a Son Graduating from College
TIME  - Apr 6, 2017
Dear Owen, Well, here we are. In just a few weeks you will graduate from college. Many things have happened over the past four years; the biggest is that while I was looking the other way, you became a man ó someone who can drink and vote and die for our country. (I know you do the first two; I hope you never do the last.)...
'When I Was Your Age' And Other Pitfalls Of Talking To Teens About Stress
NPR.org  - Apr 16, 2017
It's difficult to have a teenager's mind. The brain develops rapidly during the adolescent years, which partially explains why teens experience anger, sadness and frustration so intensely....
Parents Told to Step Back During College Admissions
Campus Technology  - Apr 6, 2017
Three-quarters of admissions officers advise families to step back when it comes to the process of a young person applying to college. It's no wonder after hearing some of the stories they share regarding how involved some parents get. Take the mom who called the admissions office pretending to be her own child,...
How to Fix 6 College Funding Mishaps
US News  - Apr 6, 2017
When it comes to college planning, all parents need to take a deep breath and exhale. It's difficult to budget for a major expense and help your child transition into adulthood at the same time. ...
How Do Parents Pick a College thatís Right for Them?
Huffington Post  - Apr 3, 2017
How Do Parents Help their Kids Pick a College thatís Right for Them? Itís that time of year when acceptances and rejections come in from the myriad number of colleges your child has applied to. Itís a tense time with a lot at stake. ...
Why you shouldn't co-sign on a college loan
CBS MoneyWatch  - Apr 3, 2017
If youíre a parent considering co-signing on a student loan, avoid it at all costs. Or at the very least, educate yourself about what taking on this debt will mean to your financial future and retirement....
Biggest mistakes parents make with their teens
Chicago Tribune  - Mar 31, 2017
you enter two rooms of Candice Blansett-Cummins' otherwise immaculate home, you might need a mask to disguise the smell, along with some anti-bacterial soap.....
Colleges to Parents: Step Back and Let Your Children Lead Application Process
EdWeek (registration required)  - Mar 24, 2017
A new survey of college admission officers delivers a bracing suggestion to helicopter parents: Take a big step back and let your children be in charge of the application process....
6 College-Planning Tips For High School Sophomores And Their Parents
KDLG.org  - Mar 22, 2017
High school juniors and seniors are well into their college preparation ó taking the SAT, visiting schools and filling out applications. But it's not too early for sophomores to start planning.....
Saving for College: Parent's Guide to Preparing for Kids' Higher Education
University Herald  - Mar 27, 2017
When making a decision about college, topics about costs and money are always present . The thought of going to college can be pretty daunting to both parents and students alike. Many students graduate from college carrying loads of student debts. .....
6 Mistakes Parents of Teen Drivers Make
Wise Bread  - Mar 29, 2017
he day your child gets their driver's license is a big day for your teen and a nerve-wracking one for you. It's natural to worry about the safety of your kid on the open road. .....
Applying to College? Expect to Pay at Least This Much
NerdWallet  - Mar 14, 2017
College attendance costs get all the attention, but youíll start paying for school when you begin the application process. Factoring in the costs of test preparation, test taking and applications, expect to spend at least $678 ó and perhaps thousands more ...
8 things I wish I'd known about the college admissions waiting game
NBC News - Today Show  - Mar 13, 2017
For those of us parents who currently have kids waiting to hear about college acceptances, every day feels like playing the old-school dice game, Yahtzee....
Parent Anxiety, Screen Time And Learning In The Digital Age
NPR.org  - Mar 13, 2017
"If I can get them out the door with pants on, I feel like we've won the day." A lot of parents can probably relate to those words from a stressed out dad, who's trying to deal with big issues of parenting amid the normal chaos of just getting them to school....
Teachers, Parents Need to Know About Teen Peer Pressure
US News  - Mar 6, 2017
When teens need to get out of uncomfortable situations, the X-Plan might come in handy. The plan is simple: Teens text the letter "X" to a parent or an older sibling when they need help. The recipient then calls the teen and says to leave immediately and that the recipient will pick up the teen....
Parent Alert! Your Child Just Skipped Class
NPR.org - Mar 2, 2017
My bank sends me a text alert when my account balance is low. My wireless company sends me a text alert when I'm about to use up my monthly data. Somebody ó I guess the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration?...
If You Want Your Kid to Help Pay for College, Read This
TIME  - Feb 28, 2017
You've been preparing your child for adult responsibilities for years. Now, in your kid's senior year of high schoolócollege acceptances and financial aid offers in handóyou face a pivotal question about responsibility: How much money should your child raise for college, either through earnings or loans?...
College loans are making it harder for parents to retire
MarketWatch  - Feb 27, 2017
Take Harlan Crider, of Elverson, Pa.: Heís 79, and heís still putting in about 40 hours a week doing property assessments. Heíd rather retire, but he owes $400 a month on loans he took out to help pay for his sonís college....
Online Risks Are Everyday Events for Teens -- But They Rarely Tell Their Parents
Forbes  - Feb 28, 2017
odayís teenagers are such ďdigital nativesĒ that it probably seems sometimes like they were literally born with a computer chip implanted in their brains. They send and receive Snapchats and Kik and WhatsApp messages on the fly,...
SAT scam preys on parents' good intentions
KING-5  - Feb 21, 2017
A new scam is hitting Washington state, targeting parents trying to help their kids do well on the SAT, a test used by colleges and universities during admissions.....
What your college-bound kiddo needs to know about finance
The Advertiser  - Feb 21, 2017
College is an exciting goal for many high school students. Going to college represents a chance to explore new locations and study a wide range of topics.....
Parents should talk with their children early about post-graduation plans
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette  - Feb 9, 2017
There is a mountain of information available to students as they make plans for after high school. And counselors say parents need to do their homework, as well. With all the options students now have post-graduation, coupled with the sharp rise in college tuition, parents should start having conversations with their children sooner rather than later about their career plans....
The role of parents is critical in college persistence and completion
Education Dive  - Feb 9, 2017
Parents from low-income families are more likely to be vocal about topics like where their children will attend college and how much it will cost but are less likely to engage conversations about remedial courses, completing paperwork and career planning....
Parents need to teach college-bound kids value of money
TCPalm  - Feb 14, 2017
STUART ó The past few decades, we have had more people than ever before go to college. We also have more student loan debt and fewer jobs at lower pay for college graduates. This has transcended into a problem for the baby boomers and other parents trying to move towards retirement....
This is how you and your child select the right college
Washington Post  - Feb 6, 2017
The beauty of our higher education system is its diversity. Our more than 4,000 colleges and universities offer an often bewildering choice of courses, formats and cultures. In these coming weeks, college-bound high school seniors and their parents will try to balance the merits of such issues as big versus small...
Let Parents Be Parents
Chronicle of Higher Ed  - Feb 5, 2017
I donít remember much about college orientation. But I remember arriving there. It was a weekday, which meant taking time off from my summer job to make the short drive to campus. As my Jeep rattled to a stop,...
Harsh Parenting Can Backfire in Teens
WebMD - Feb 8, 2017
WEDNESDAY, Feb. 8, 2017 (HealthDay News) -- "Harsh" parenting that includes frequent yelling, hitting and threats may bring out the worst in teens' behavior instead of getting them to toe the line, a new study suggests...
Sexting, teen dating and parents' role in protecting kids
NorthJersey - Feb 3, 2017
There was a time when one teenager showed romantic interest in another by passing a note during class, visiting where the other one worked or sending a friend to find out if the ďlike likeĒ feeling was reciprocated. Today, for many teens, nude photos have become part of the process....
4 most important things parents should teach kids about money
MarketWatch - Feb 7, 2017
For decades, Beth Koblinerís ďGet a Financial LifeĒ has been required reading (or at least a required gift) to young adults when they have graduated from college...
Use A Light Touch Preparing Your Child For College Admission
Forbes  - Jan 30, 2017
I applied to college way back in the dark ages of pens and pencils, paper forms, snail mail and phones with cords and dials. There wasn't much to it, really: My classmates and I took the SAT once, grimaced at our scores,...
How to Talk to Your Parents About Paying for College
Her Campus  - Jan 28, 2017
The time has finally come. After touring countless college campuses, spending hours writing your application essays and waiting anxiously for those acceptance letters, thereís only one thing left to do: have ďthe money talkĒ with your Ďrents,...
A Parentís Guide To Helping Their Kids In The College Admissions
University Herald - Jan 31, 2017
The time has finally come. After touring countless college campuses, spending hours writing your application essays and waiting anxiously for those acceptance letters, thereís only one thing left to do: have ďthe money talkĒ with your Ďrents,...
10 Ways To Bond With Your Child's College Counselor
Forbes  - Jan 25, 2017
You want to have a trusting, amicable relationship with your financial adviser, your doctor and your attorney as they lead you through sometimes difficult life experiences. The same principle applies to the person who will help guide you and your high schooler(s) through the college admission process: the high school's college counselor....
Ten Ways For Parents Not To Behave During The College Process, Part II
Forbes  - Jan 11, 2017
Holiday decorations have been put away, you're trying to keep up with your New Year's resolutions, and that fruitcake has been re-gifted. It's time to think about gearing up for the college process with your high school junior! ...
Report Finds More People Over 60 Struggling To Pay Off Student Loans
NPR.org  - Jan 18, 2017
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau reports that a growing number of older Americans have taken on student loan debt. For those who can't pay, Social Security benefits are being garnished. ...
College Application: How Parents Can Help Their Children With The Process
University Herald - Jan 21, 2017
For any parent, college application seems to be the culmination of their child's high school career and it is usually a tense and anxious experience. During this time, parents will really be expected to behave in certain ways because they have to deal with conflicting ideas, goals and emotions. ...
More People Over 60 Are Struggling To Pay Off Student Loans, Report Finds
NPR.org  - Jan 17, 2017
The vast majority are loans taken out by parents or grandparents to finance education opportunities for young people, with 73 percent of borrowers over 60 reporting that their student loan debt is owed "for a child's and/or grandchild's education. ...
Ten Ways For Parents To Get On Top Of The College Admission Process
Forbes  - Jan 11, 2017
Holiday decorations have been put away, you're trying to keep up with your New Year's resolutions, and that fruitcake has been re-gifted. It's time to think about gearing up for the college process with your high school junior! ...
College Admission 101: 5 Strategies For Parents To Survive The Admission Process
University-Herald  - Jan 12, 2017
The college admission process is a very stressful time for everyone, especially for parents who are torn between letting their college-age children be independent and make decisions for themselves ...
Too rich to get college aid for your kid, but too poor to pay out of pocket? Here's what to do.
The Christian Science Monitor  - Jan 12, 2017
All parents want to pay for their kidsí college, but many families find themselves too wealthy to qualify for financial aid, yet too strapped to pay out of pocket....
Ten Ways For Parents To Get On Top Of The College Admission Process
Forbes  - Jan 11, 2017
Holiday decorations have been put away, you're trying to keep up with your New Year's resolutions, and that fruitcake has been regifted. It's time to think about gearing up for the college process with your high school junior!...
The deepest fears ó and hopes ó parents harbor about their kids applying to college
Washington Post  - Jan 4, 2017
In the next several months the 2016-17 college admissions season will play out, with the majority of students who have applied as freshmen for this coming fall.
How stuck-in-the-middle parents can afford college
USA Today  - Jan 10, 2017
All parents want to pay for their kidsí college. Unfortunately, many families find themselves too wealthy to qualify for financial aid, but too strapped to pay out-of-pocket...
Some parents risk financial ruin taking on child's college debt
USA Today  - Jan 10, 2017
More parents foot the bill for their childís college education, trying to give them a financial leg up after graduation. But for some, this plan could backfire, saddling the child with the cost of the parentsí retirement...
More Parents Taking On Their Kids' College
Forbes  - Dec 29, 2016
A growing number of parents of children ages 17 and older say theyíre repaying their childrenís college debt, according to a new analysis by USC researchers. About 13% of parents around age 50 reported paying off their childrenís student loans....
Maine dad shares downsides of college daughter's visit
CBS News  - Dec 22, 2016
CAPE ELIZABETH, Maine -- Clothes all over the house, milk left out of the fridge, loud gatherings with friends. These are some of a Maine dadís complaints about his college daughter being home for Christmas....
4 Ways to Help High School Freshmen Succeed
US News  - Jan 1, 2017
Freshmen sometimes struggle to transition to high school. "Some kids come here and they know a lot of kids, and some other kids come here and they don't know anybody," says Kevin Marcoux, director of school counseling at Killingly High School in Connecticut ....
Colleges Where It's Costly to Apply
US News  - Dec 20, 2016
With many families worried about the competition in college admissions, the number of submitted applications has soared in recent years. A recent report by the Higher Education Research Institute ....
Would you sell your prized possessions to pay for college?
Reuters  - Dec 19, 2016
Just how much would you give up for your children to go to their dream schools? For Seattle's Al Sanders, the answer was his precious stash of 5,000 comics starring everyone from the Avengers to Iron Man to the Fantastic Four....
Last-minute tax tips to save on college aid
CNBC  - Dec 15, 2016
If your child is currently a sophomore in high school, making a few last-minute tax moves this year could be the key to maximizing college financial aid down the line....
How to gift college aid to your grandkids
CNBC  - Dec 14, 2016
More than half of grandparents are currently contributing to a grandchild's college education, or are planning to do so, according to a report from Fidelity.....
Just because your kids are headed off to college, it doesnít mean theyíll graduate
Washington Post - Dec 9, 2016
Every fall, nearly 70 percent of new high school graduates start college. For parents, the expectation is that a few years later their children will get another diploma at college commencement...
A Hot New Way to Pay for College Makes Parents Suspicious
US News - Dec 5, 2016
Income-sharing agreements just aren't "likable," they say. A new option for paying for college is dogged by suspicion and controversy, the American Enterprise Institute has found....
4 college financial planning tips for parents of high school sophomores
Chicago Tribune - Dec 5, 2016
from filling out forms and writing essays to building a resume and gathering letters of recommendation, applying to college is a rigorous part of high school.....
Field Trip Helps Both Students And Parents Choose The Right College
University Herald - Dec 6, 2016
First generation college students, those who are the first in their family to apply to college after high school, often face the difficulty of making their way through the application process. And when their parents don't have any college experience, the challenge just gets tougher....
4 college financial planning tips for parents of high school sophomores
Chicago Tribune - Dec 2, 2016
If your child is a sophomore in high school now and you do some quick thinking before the end of this year, you may be able to save yourself thousands of dollars paying for college in a few years.....
7 Surprising College Costs No One Thinks to Budget For
Cheat-Sheet - Dec 2, 2016
Youíve researched tuition costs and know how much youíll be charged for room and board, but if you thought your college bills stopped there, think again. From dorm room fridge rental to graduation fees, surprise expenses can add thousands of dollars to total college costs....
Collegeís hidden costs: What the admissions office doesnít tell you
Washington Post - Nov 27, 2016
Whatever you think you know about college costs, youíre wrong. Itís going to cost more. Lots more. For many families, collegeís hidden costs will probably be a prime topic of discussion this Thanksgiving weekend, when students filter home , ..
Eliminate 4 Expensive College Application Costs
US News - Nov 22, 2016
Applying to college can get expensive, fast. Between campus visits, standardized tests and application fees, families can spend hundreds of dollars on college before the acceptance letters start rolling in....
3 Ways Parents Can Help Depressed Teens Cope at School
US News - Nov 21, 2016
Teenage depression is on the rise, particularly among teenage girls, but mental health treatment among adolescents hasn't increased at the same rate, a new study suggests.....
College Admissions: Must-Have Books
Huffington Post - Nov 14, 2016
Parents, are you wondering what to get your college-bound student this holiday season? Students, are you struggling with the perfect gift for your parents? Well, Santa and the elves have some ideas for you on the best books to give this year. Pair them up with a Kindle Fire and an IRIS Pen Scanner,.....
9 Signs That Your Teen Graduates with Student Loans
The College Solution Blog - Nov 11, 2016
Many people donít know how much theyíve borrowed from college until they graduate. Often they donít realize that all the financial aid they received was actually loans until they receive their first repayment notice.....
Can you truly afford to help your kids with college?
CNBC - Nov 10, 2016
With student-loan debt at an all-time high, many parents are rushing to help foot the bill. But should they? This question has been trending lately, and for good reason. .....
What Teenagers Need From Us More Than (Almost) Anything Else
Huffington Post - Nov 3, 2016
Perhaps itís because I grew up swimming. Or maybe itís because my oldest daughter is almost 14 and a full-blown teenager (in ALL senses of the word). Either way, I canít stop thinking about an image used by Lisa Damour in Untangled: Guiding Teenage Girls Through the Seven Transitions into Adulthood......
Those Hidden College Fees
New York Times - Nov 3, 2016
The parade of fees on college campuses never seems to end. There are extra charges to start college, such as orientation fees and freshman fees, and extra charges to finish, such as senior fees and commencement fees.....
3 Steps for Parents to Take When Teens Cheat in School
US News - Nov 7, 2016
No parent wants to deal with a teen who has cheated on school work, but it happens. Nearly 200 students were involved in a cheating scandal at one Georgia high school recently, while nearly 40 Arizona high schoolers ...
Navigating the College Application Process: How to Help Your Child
Jewish Link - Nov 3, 2016
High school can be an exciting, creative and stimulating time, but it is also wrought with academic, social and interpersonal challenges. Students have the daunting task of managing a social life, grades and trying to build a resumť for college. Throw in the SAT and ACT, and itís no wonder they are stressed! ....
A college admissions dean learns something new as his son starts looking at colleges
Washington Post - Nov 2, 2016
Ken Anselment is dean of admissions and financial aid at Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. Now he is having the reverse experience: his son is a high school junior and the college search is on, putting him ...
Teen Depression and Anxiety: What Parents Can Do
TIME - Oct 27, 2016
If you're worried about an adolescent and aren't sure what to do, you can this advice from Fadi Haddad, MD, a child and adolescent psychiatrist and the author of Helping Kids in Crisis. ...
Here's where to apply to college to increase your chances of getting in -- no matter where you live
Business Insider - Nov 2, 2016
High-school students all over the country are putting the finishing touches on their college applications. Chances are, they all want to know the secret to increasing their chances of gaining acceptance into college. ...
Beyond the College Drinking Game
Psychology Today - Nov 2, 2016
Drinking on campus is nothing new, but the extent to which we are seeing binge drinking on campus, coupled with a level of excessive drinking that leads to a trip to the emergency room, is a relatively new and disturbing phenomenon worth addressing. Consequently, parents find themselves shifting from the mentality, ...
Donít Pay $280,00 for a Bachelorís Degree
The College Solution Blog - Oct 23, 2016
Plenty of parents, who enroll in my online course Ė The College Cost Lab Ė are affluent and highly educated. Quite a few of these moms and dads would like to see their children attend elite schools.. ..
7 Tips to Help Your High Schooler Remain Motivated Throughout Senior Year
Parents Herald - Oct 23, 2016
Often perceived as a benign and expected phenomenon in the last year of high school, "?senioritis ?" is actually laced with many misconceptions regarding its impact - since it can have long-term consequences that may impact your child's futuoler Remain Motivated Throughout Senior. ..
ĎHoney, Whoís Going to Pay for College?í
TIME - Oct 14, 2016
Ask parents about their biggest financial worries, and the vast majority ó more than 70% ó will cite college costs, according to Gallup surveys. But a shocking number of parents shield their children from the reality of high college costs. ..
Applying to college can be expensive
The Journal Gazette - Oct 14, 2016
As the director of college counseling at Canterbury School, Heather Case knows a lot about the college application process, such as how fees can quickly add up Ė even before students enroll. ..
Hey, parents: Itís never too early to talk about college
Seattle Times - Oct 14, 2016
While giving a presentation to parents of middle school and early high school students, a mom challenged the notion of discussing college with her tween and ninth grader. The pressure, she said, would burden her kids at too tender an age. The full weight and scope of collegiate expectations would be explored best the fall of senior year, she asserted. ..
High School Threats No Joke for Teachers, Parents
US News - Oct 10, 2016
Violent threats made toward high schools involving clowns have swept the nation recently. "There's movies with creepy clowns, but that people are threatening kids with creepy clowns is just out of control and crazy," ..
Stop Stressing About Picking the ďRightĒ College Major
The College Solution Blog - Oct 3, 2016
Are you stressing about what your teenagerís college major is going to be? If youíre worried about your child not picking the right college major, you must ABSOLUTELY watch the video and read the blog post below!....
5 Ways to Help Your Kid With the New SATóWithout Driving Both of You Crazy
TIME - Oct 10, 2016
What you need to know, and do, about the revamped test. For many parents and caregivers, helping their high schoolers prepare for standardized tests can be overwhelming. And for students taking the SAT this fall, the test will look a bit different than it did last year...
Smart Advice for College ParentsóFrom Parents Whoíve Been There
TIME - Sep 28, 2016
Their costly lessons, yours for free. Even with the deluge of college data thatís available today, thereís nothing like getting the scoop from a fellow parentóespecially one whose kid or kids are a few years further along in the process. ..
50% of parents knowingly text their teens while teens are driving
CNET - Sep 29, 2016
We like to blame the kids, don't we? It makes us feel better and makes them feel worse. This is what we call a win-win. However, when it comes to texting and driving, how much are the kids really to blame?. ..
13 Clear Signs That College Application Season Is Upon Us
Huffington Post - Sep 28, 2016
In some parts of the country, they call it ďFall.Ē We know better: This is college application season and here are 13 surefire signs to recognize it. A version of this post ran in 2015.. ..
Why You MUST Use Net Price Calculators!
The College Solutions Blog - Sep 28, 2016
Here is what typically happens during college admission season: Students apply to whatever colleges they want without having any clue about whether these schools will give them grants and/or scholarships. Parents are often nervously okay with their children disregarding price when finalizing their lists. ..
How to Talk to Your Kids About College Costs
ABC News  - Sep 25, 2016
College tuition may be daunting, but so are the conversations about how to pay for it. Experts say it pays off for parents talk with children early and often about how to cover higher education costs. Here are a few of their tips: ...
The 5 Questions That Parents Of College Students Should Ask
Huffington Post  - Sep 26, 2016
The transition from home to college can be exciting as well as rocky for you and your college student child. So much is unfamiliar and unknown for both generations. ...
Five Tips for Parents Who Have Saved Nothing for College
Hawaii Reporter  - Sep 25, 2016
If your child is on the verge of entering college, the first thing you should do is to celebrate this achievement; the very next thing you must do is starting to worry about your childís admission and the fees. It is probably going to be a hard time for you if you have not saved anything for college. But you are not alone. ...
Stay healthy on campus
Tribune News Service - Sep 18, 2016
Theyíre gone. All summer long you worried about their dorm room, what classes theyíd take, how theyíd adjust socially, if they will run out of money, if they will be homesick, etc. Guess what? Theyíre fine!...
Schools And Mental Health: When The Parent Has To Take Charge
NPR.org - Ed - Sep 18, 2016
In the waning days of summer vacation, Sydney and Laney are enjoying their final moments of freedom flipping over a high bar at a playground close by their house in Spartanburg, S.C....
Parents of College Students Should Be Especially Wary of These Risky Loans
TIME - Sep 13, 2016
Student loan debt is out of control, but really it is the parents we should be most worried about. There is only one type of educational loan available to families that has no restriction on how much can be borrowed and no formula for testing whether the borrower can afford the debtóand it is targeted at parents.. ..
6 Ways Parents Can Help Students With the College Application Process
US News  - Sep 13, 2016
Every admissions officer has a story about the overbearing parent who takes 100 percent control of the college application process. Parents' appropriate role is to offer guidance, support and empathy during a complicated, emotionally taxing, and in some cases disappointing, process.....
Must-Ask Questions for High School Back-to-School Nights
US News  - Sep 6, 2016
California mom Myoung Kang is very familiar with back-to-school nights as the parent of a high school student and two adult children.....
College students are prime targets of ID thieves, scammers
KHOU  - Sep 11, 2016
College students and high school seniors might not know it, but they're prime targets for ID thieves and scammers. "They have limited credit profiles and rarely, do they, or their parents, think to check their credit," said Adam Levin, ......
Back-to-college season poses difficulties for parents dealing with íempty nestsí
PIX-11 - Sep 6, 2016
The college season can also be hard on parents, who now have to adapt to not having their kids at home. Deborah Carr a sociology professor at Rutgers University, has some tips for parents dealing with the "empty nest" when their child goes off to their freshman year of college....
Biggest College Shocker? For Many Students and Parents Itís All Those %@!*# Fees
TIME - Sep 1, 2016
And what is a "student excellence" fee, anyhow? Whatís the biggest financial surprise awaiting the families of college-bound students? For many itís likely to be unexpected (and often baffling) fees, according to a MONEY/Barnes & Noble College survey of college students and parents......
The top 8 reasons you will overpay for college
USA Today College - Sep 2, 2016
Colleges have mastered the pricing model and students are at their mercy as invoices arrive in the mail. But long prior to receiving their invoices, students and their parents make many mistakes that cost them tens of thousands.....
Tips For Students -- And Their Parents -- Navigating The Start Of College
WBUR.org - Here & Now - Aug 25, 2016
Navigating the transition from high school to college can be tricky for students and parents. Emotions can run high, and social media amplifies those feelings. For more on how to cope, Here & Now's Jeremy Hobson speaks with Lisa Micele, director of college counseling at the University of Illinois Laboratory High School in Urbana, Illinois, his alma mater.....
College Majors and Graduation Odds
The College Solution - Aug 22, 2016
Will your children graduate from college? And will they graduate with their declared academic major? These are critically important questions that families routinely overlook. Unfortunately, families focus primarily on getting into college and not on whether their children will actually succeed and obtain a bachelorís degree......
How soon should you begin looking into college for your child?
KSL Local - Aug 22, 2016
Many parents believe starting as early as preschool will secure their childís spot in the best universities while others start only months before high school graduation. However, there is a sweet spot when it comes to beginning the college journey ó middle school...
The Sting of Saying Goodbye to your College Freshman
Tribune News Service - Aug 18, 2016
The first ďletting goĒ is usually that tearful pre-school or kindergarten goodbye. Fast-forward 12+ years and now youíre saying goodbye to a college freshman. Karen Levin Coburn, author of ďLetting GoĒ describes the transition to college as a ďmixture of anticipation and anxiety, a sense of loneliness and freedom, fantasy and reality.Ē. ..
The Parents Guide to Insurance for College Students
Seattle Times - Aug 4, 2016
Saying the last goodbye in the dorm parking lot, you realize more than ever that you canít protect your child from every risk. Itís time to let go. But back at home, you can assemble a strong financial safety net. Knowing what your current insurance will pay for ó and whether you need to buy extra coverage ó is a good first step.. ..
Goodbyes of summer: As teens leave for college, families feel jumble of emotions
Washington Post - Aug 21, 2016
When Victoria Dawson flew last week from Washington, D.C., to Boulder, Colo., to drop off her daughter Ellie for her freshman year of college, she and Ellieís father saw it as a chance for some final quality time together. ..
3 Parenting Tips For Sending Your Child To College
Huffington Post - Aug 18, 2016
Last week, I dropped my youngest daughter off to college and still felt that familiar pang in my heart. The year before I was tearful as I hugged my daughter goodbye and as I left her dorm I glanced at another mom quietly weeping as she sat at the picnic table.Ē. ..
Should schools let parents bring lunch, homework to kids who forget them? This one doesnít
Washington Post - Aug 19, 2016
Officials at Catholic High School for Boys in Little Rock are serious about trying to get their students to take responsibility and learn to think for themselves. ..
They don't cost much, but they'll make a world of a difference.
TIME - Aug 17, 2016
The co-founders of the blog Grown & Flown know that shopping for dorm room items can be stressful and overwhelming. To help ease the stress of shopping, and to make sure that you buy your student whatís really important, ..
Having the College Money Talk
ConsumerReports.org - Jun 28, 2016
With so many options, figuring out where to go to college can be overwhelming. Large research university or small liberal arts college? City school or rural school? Close to home or out of state? Guidance counselors .. ..
Pros And Cons Of Strategizing For College
Forbes - Jun 28, 2016
StrategizingĒ involves planning to achieve a certain goal. Militarily, that would be laying out the steps to take a certain key enemy stronghold or blockade a supply point. It takes time, surveillance, information, expert strategizers and an awareness of points where things could go wrong.. ..
How the typical American family pays for college
CNN.com - Jun 28, 2016
NEW YORK (CNNMoney) - You're thrilled your child got into college, but that doesn't mean you're happy about the tuition bill. Last year, the average private college charged $43,921 for tuition, room and board...
3 Answers for Parents About Sexual Consent Lessons in High School
US News - Jun 27, 2016
When 20-year-old Brock Turner, a former Stanford University student, was sentenced to six months in county jail for sexually assaulting an unconscious woman in California, many saw the punishment as too lenient and the case sparked conversations about sexual assault.. ..
College Admissions: Why Starting in 9th Grade Matters
GoLocalProv College Admissions - Jun 20, 2016
Every fall, I see families of seniors in ďcrunch modeĒ, trying desperately to catch up on college visits, SAT/ACT testing, financial aid forms and applications. Which begs the question, ďWhen is the right time to start the college admissions process?Ē...
ĎDear parents of college-bound students
Fort Lauderdale College Admissions Examiner - Jun 14, 2016
The adjective describing the noun, "college-bound", should not dissuade one's interest in what may be stated here. The prefacing of such is intended to introduce a point of view that may be relevant to the parents of those students who may become or are already prepared....
4 Ways to Set Boundaries with Your Parents Before College
Her Campus - Jun 15, 2016
Imagine you are at the end of your freshman year of college, packing up your dorm and reflecting back on all thatís happened your first year away from home. All of your peers are boasting about the unforgettable nights out and people theyíve met ĖĖand then thereís you....
ĎStay Cool, Mom and Dad: 5 Ways to Weather the Admissions Process
College Admissions Strategies Blog - Jun 14, 2016
There is no prep course for being the parent of a college applicant. Most of us feel like weíre out there, hanging on, with a frame of reference that is about 30 years old. ...
How to Enroll Your Teen in Community College Classes This Summer
US News - Jun 13, 2016
Many teens will have to follow the steps students typically take to enroll, such as submitting an application and taking placement tests..
ĎI will not help you hide your money when you apply for financial aidí ó and more straight talk from college admissions officers to parents
Washington Post - Jun 6, 2016
'Take a silent meditation retreat the week before the start of your child's senior year. Better yet, do this every year of high school. ...
Ways Parents and Counselors Can Help Students Earn Scholarships
US News - Jun 2, 2016
Finding and applying for scholarships while simultaneously completing high school coursework can be extremely stressful and overwhelming for the average 18 year old. Parental guidance and college counseling can not only help alleviate some of that stress ...
Why helicopter parenting doesnít stop when kids hit college
MarketWatch - Jun 2, 2016
For many parents, successfully shepherding students from birth through age 18 and finally dropping them off at a decent college is both an accomplishment and a time to perhaps take a step back from the most intense responsibilities of child rearing. ...
The Best Way to Help a Grandchild With College
New York Times - May 28, 2016
A COLLEGE education ó even at a highly rated private institution ó was once regarded as a relatively affordable route to lifelong prosperity, but in recent years it has become a hobbling financial burden for many families. ...
How Parents Can Avoid Crushing Student Loan Debt
Next Avenue - Jun 1, 2016
Student loan debt continues to grow rapidly, with more than $1.2 trillion outstanding. While much has been written about the impact that this debt will have on graduating students, parents are not immune from the burden. Fortunately, there are ways for them to avoid crushing student loan debt. ...
To Get Your Kid Into a Great College, Do These 7 Things This Summer
TIME - May 24, 2016
Time is on your sideóif you start now. The sun is shining, the ice cream man is making his rounds, and the lucky pencils used for finals have been worked down to their nubs. Itís officially summer, and the last thing your soon-to-be high school senior wants to do is scour college websites or draft application essays. ...
The Best Way To Pay For Your Child's College Education That You've Never Heard Of
Forbes - May 23, 2016
A savings gap exists for most parents between their desire to provide their children with a great college education and their ability to pay for it...
Commentary: Mom's lesson from the college search
Philly.com - May 23, 2016
My son and I almost never fight. Life with this balanced, curious, and fiercely independent child has, by and large, been serene, even joyful...
For First Time in Modern Era, Living With Parents Edges Out Other Living Arrangements for 18- to 34-Year-Olds
Pew Socail Trends - May 24 , 2016
Broad demographic shifts in marital status, educational attainment and employment have transformed the way young adults in the U.S. are living, and a new Pew Research Center analysis of census data highlights the implications of these changes for the most basic element of their lives Ė where they call home....
How parents can help handling rejection
College Admissions Strategies Blog - May 16, 2016
Parents just want to help. The natural reaction when you see your child suffering is to try and make it better. How do you help ease the pain of college rejection? ...
The Partnership Between Colleges and Helicopter Parents
The Atlantic - May 13, 2016
A few days after dropping off her youngest child at college, Andrea got a phone call. The wounds in her daughterís mouth from a recent wisdom-tooth surgery had gone septic. ...
27 Great Graduation Gift Ideas for College-Bound High Schoolers
TIME  - May 12, 2016
There was a time when your graduation gift choices consisted largely of money and watches. No more. While both of these standbys are still much appreciated...
10 High School Graduation Gift Ideas
US News - May 10, 2016
Finding a useful yet interesting gift for a high school graduate can be tough. Cash -- Those pursuing work after high school may need cash for gas, rent and a business wardrobe. College-bound kids can always use cash ..
Parents Tell Kids to Borrow More for College
Bloomberg - May 9, 2016
Parents coo and cheer as kids take their first steps, speak their first words, and eventually gambol through those schoolhouse doors...
As More Parents Expect Students to Pay for College Costs, Need for Financial Literacy Grows
Education World - May 10, 2016
A fifth annual survey from Discover Student Loans reveals that parents are increasingly expecting their children to take financial ownership of higher education costs. ...
Getting In Episode 8B: Tips for Selecting an Independent College Counselor
Slate - Apr 28, 2016
Host Julie Lythcott-Haims and Getting In expert Steve LeMenager answer listener questions. Steve is the president of Edvice, a college counseling firm. He was previously a director of admissions at Princeton University. ..
My Son Was Accepted to a College He Canít Afford. Now What?
TIME  - May 3, 2016
When I reached out to Facebook friends for advice, the reaction was immediate and intenseó and the reason I am writing this essay. In early April, my son Dan arrived home from the University of Wisconsinís Admitted Students Day holding a Wisconsin windshield sticker....
Use College Goals to Choose High School Senior Year Courses
US News  - May 2, 2016
The early years of high school, when students are focused on basic requirements and prerequisites for advanced classes, can offer very little course flexibility. Options, if any, may be limited to one precious elective....
The 7 Words That Can Break A Parentís Heart
Huffington Post  - Apr 26, 2016
When my oldest child left home for college the morning of August 29, 2013, I truly understood for the first time the emotions of my older friends whoíd talked ad nauseam about the anguish theyíd endured at that moment...
How To Get The Best-Possible Deal From Public Colleges
Forbes  - Apr 27, 2016
I talk to parents every week about how they are trying to get their children through college without incurring debt. Itís not easy, but many families will do whatever it takes to get a debt-free degree...
If you think these Ďeliteí summer programs will get your kid into college, guess again
Washington Post  - Apr 24, 2016
Getting into a well-regarded college is an obsession with many parents. They develop their own ideas of what admissions offices are looking for and try to ďenhanceĒ their childís rťsumť by pushing them into summer programs that they believe are so prestigious that participation will give their kids a leg up on the competition....
How To Measure College Grad Salaries
The College Solution Blog  - Apr 18, 2016
When searching for schools, parents are increasingly asking admission reps this question: Will my child earn a good salary after graduating from your college?.Ě ...
The College Graduate's Future: Looking Ahead With The Bureau Of Labor Statistics
Forbes  - Apr 18, 2016
With college costs increasing and job prospects seemingly so limited, I thought Iíd check out a few fields to see what a college graduate can expect in terms of growth. Ě ...
It's the time of year when college rejections crush ... parents
NY Post  - Apr 11, 2016
While doing research for a college-admissions book, I once spoke with a parent whose son had been rejected by a top college he had been pinning his hopes on for years. ďThey should write rejection letters to the parents also,ĒĚ ...
College Rankings Should Include Campus Safety
TIME  - Apr 7, 2016
Students and their parents have a right to know. Itís college acceptance season. Millions of students are now weighing their options about where to spend the next four years of their lives. As they do, they will likely turn to premier college rankings guides such as The Princeton Review, ...
Reducing the Fear of Life After College
NY Post  - Apr 12, 2016
Americaís students and parents have good reason to fear life after college. Though Bachelorís degrees are now needed more than ever, over the last 15 years the average wage for someone holding one has declined by 10 percen ...
Your child got into a few colleges. Now hereís what you need to know before making a decision
Washington Post - Mar 31, 2016
Right about now, anxious high school seniors are learning which colleges will admit them. Thereís bound to be excitement, and probably some tears. But once the euphoria wears off, there are questions every student should ask a prospective school before making a commitment...
3 Reasons Parents, Students Should Attend Admitted Students Days
US News - Apr 4, 2016
You may have visited campus as a prospective student, but attending an event for admitted students can help you make a final college choice...
Let College Tuition Cut Your Tax Bill
TIME - Apr 4, 2016
The tax code offers several tax breaks that can cut tax bills for parents and students. They include the American Opportunity Tax Credit, the Lifetime Learning Credit, and the tuition and fees deduction. ..
Tax Tips for Parents of College Students
Huffington Post - Mar 25, 2016
Paying for higher education expenses is challenging and stressful, even for families that have done a respectable job of saving and planning ahead. The good news is that there are a number of tax benefit provisions that can help ease the burden,..
Help! My Freshman Already Wants to Transfer
TIME - Mar 24, 2016
Q. My son started college this past fall, and he's already talking about transferring. I keep thinking he just needs time to adjust to college life and the heavier academic workload (no matter where he goes). Is there any rule of thumb for how long kids should give a college before transferring?..
Squeeze the Parents: New Student Loan Goes Straight to Mom and Dad
Fortune - Mar 29, 2016
With lower rates and no fees Private student lenders and banks are starting to train their student loan offerings at one demographic who could afford rising tuition rates: parents...
Well | How Much Money Is Enough?
New York Times - Mar 23, 2016
Most of us want our children to have the best of everything, but not too much of anything. As a result, some families with much more than average impose a form of enfo..
4 Things Parents Need to Know About College Counselors
Noozhawk - Mar 21, 2016
Applying to colleges is a big job for any family, and finding the perfect school for your child can seem like looking for a needle in a haystack. ..
Well | Advice College Admissions Officers Give Their Own Kids
New York Times - Mar 17, 2016
While most parents find the college process stressful and bewildering, we interviewed some who have a unique perspective: admissions officers who are also . ..
Can Parents Measure The ROI Of College Tuition?
Forbes - Mar 22, 2016
Sarah Lawrence, at $61,236 per year, tops the list of the fifty most expensive colleges in the United States. Middlebury, at the low end of the fifty, costs $59,950. Thatís just tuition, room and board. ..
College admissions FAQ for parents of juniors
NY College Admissions Examiner  - Mar 15, 2016
As an ACT and SAT tutor whose 11th grade students are starting the college process, I often get questions from their parents, too. High school guidance counselors and college admissions offices typically offer a parents 'college night' in the spring of their students' junior year. ..
A Good Reason to Let Your Kids Borrow for College
TIME  - Mar 3, 2016
Starting adult life with student loans is hard, but it may beat the alternative. You know how they say you should put your own retirement first, before saving for your kidsí college tuition?..
Claim This Higher-Ed Tax Credit
The College Solution Blog  - Feb 22, 2016
If you have a child in college, do you qualify for a federal tax credit or tax deduction? These are valuable tax benefits that can help you defray the rising cost of a college degree and yet some parents have no idea that they exist or whether they would qualify....
What Retirement Savings Do You Have to Report on the FAFSA?
TIME  - Feb 25, 2016
Q. My husband and I have $350k in a brokerage account earmarked for retirement. It is not in an IRA or 401(k), even though it is intended for retirement. Do we need to report that on the FAFSA? If so, where?....
Balancing Act: Strategically Saving For College And Retirement
Forbes  - Feb 29, 2016
College is a toll booth on the road to retirement. If you are one of the many millennials who has the added challenge of student loans dragging from your bumper as you head down this road of life,...
Hispanic, black parents see college degree as key for childrenís success
Pew Research  - Feb 24, 2016
Hispanic and black parents are significantly more likely than white parents to say itís essential that their children earn a college degree, according to a recent Pew Research Center survey. ....
Transferring to another college can be bumpy. Hereís how to help your child through it.
Washington Post  - Feb 23, 2016
My husband knew early in his freshman year at the State University at Buffalo in New York that he wanted to transfer. He had a variety of reasons for wanting to leave, but 33 years later, he can clearly recall the moment that sealed the deal: ....
3 Things Parents of High Schoolers Need to Know About ĎStudy Drugsí
US News  - Feb 22, 2016
The second half of the school year can be a stressful time for high schoolers with the SAT, ACT, final exams and other important academic events on the agenda....
9 Things All Parents Of College Kids Do But Hate To Admit
Huffington Post  - Feb 24, 2016
As the mother of three teenagers, I've been through a lot -- broken limbs, broken hearts, broken curfews. But nothing prepared me for the moment on the morning of Aug. 29, 2015 when I had to give a final goodbye hug to my oldest as he headed off to college....
How parents ruin the college application process
Boston Globe Magazine  - Feb 9, 2016
It was a high-stakes night as 800 parents and teenagers filled every seat in the auditorium at Lexington's Cary Hall. Many came with the same hope: that the five college admissions officers sitting next to me would reveal the answer to securing a bright future. So many people showed up that a fire marshal had to turn away the overflow....
5 Ways Parents Hurt Their Kids' Chances For A Scholarship
Huffington Post  - Feb 12, 2016
With college applications submitted and decisions trickling in, most parents are now focused on the scholarship phase -- how to actually pay for things. A H/T to Tyler Hakes, marketing director of CollegeRaptor, for these tips on what some parents may be doing wrong.....
Want More Financial Aid? Get a Divorce
TIME  - Feb 12, 2016
By the time their kids are ready for college, many parents are either divorced or in the process of getting one. Just from a financial aid perspective, that can actually be to their benefit. Students whose parents are divorcedóor have been separated for at least six monthsówill in many cases be in line for a more generous financial aid package....
How parents ruin the college application process
Star Tribune - Feb 9, 2016
It was a high-stakes night as 800 parents and teenagers filled every seat in the auditorium at Lexingtonís Cary Hall. Many came with the same hope: that the five college admissions officers sitting next to me would reveal the answer to securing a bright future ...
Parents need to be aware of student loan pitfalls
USA Today - Feb 6, 2016
Parents and grandparents who signed on to their kidsí private student loans are having trouble getting out of them, even when their student is successfully paying back the debt, a new report suggests....
Choosing a college: A game you can't afford to lose
Star Tribune - Feb 5, 2016
"So are you guys on the ď$100,000, $200,000 or $300,000 college plan?Ē asked Chuck, our financial adviser. He knew weíd spent the last 15 months visiting colleges, walking the campuses of schools from Charleston, S.C., to Vancouver, B.C., ...
Teen girls' transitions into adulthood "Untangled"
CBS News - Feb 9, 2016
The pressure to be a part of the "popular" crowd is not a new ordeal confronting teens, but the advanced technology may make them especially pronounced for teens today than during the "corded phone" days of their parents. ...
Anxiety on Campus: 6 Ways Parents Can See Past the Happy 'Mask'
NBC News - Feb 2, 2016
No one said the transition from high school to college was easy. But over the past five years, a growing number of college students are struggling with anxiety, depression and social anxiety, according to the seventh annual report issued by Penn State University's Center for Collegiate Mental Health....
Parents finding difficulty in coping with an ďEmpty NestĒ
WGN - Jan 30, 2016
Heidi Stevens, author of the ďbalancing actĒ series in the Chicago Tribune, joined Matt Bubala to discuss how parents are dealing with becoming ďempty nestersĒ....
Parents should be careful about how much they borrow
Charlotte Observer  - Jan 15, 2016
If youíre the parent of a high school senior and youíre thinking about how to pay for college without going broke, itís a whole new, expensive world. From my perspective, there are just two kinds of money: ďGreat money Ė or Free moneyĒ Ė that would be gifts, grants and scholarships and then ďNot-so-Great- moneyĒ Ė loans that need to be paid back....
3 Tips for Parents to Teach Teens to Take Academic Responsibility
US News  - Jan 25, 2016
Midway through the year, some high schoolers may have disappointing grades, but are reluctant to take ownership of their performance. Some teens are not emotionally mature enough for the independence many adolescents strive for....
The Truth About Senioritis
Huffington Post  - Jan 22, 2016
It's the seasonal affliction that all high school seniors and parents are warned about. Many high school seniors, fresh off of winter break and finishing up the last of their college applications,....
How to Get Into a Good College, According to Harvard
Yahoo News  - Jan 22, 2016
The pressure of applying to college seems to multiply year by year, but thereís a push to make the process less stressful and more authentic....
Controlling Parents = Mean College Kids
PsychCentral  - Jan 22, 2016
A provocative new study suggests use of a manipulative, deriding parenting style harms college kids in many ways including instilling a derogatory relationship pattern that kids may use with their own friends....
The Pre-College Checklist for Worried Parents
Huffington Post  - Jan 6, 2016
This is an exhaustive checklist for worried parents of high school children and college freshman. This is not a checklist for easy-going, flying-by-the-seat-of-our-pants parents. It is not for the faint of heart....
New parents' trap: The college loans of their children
Sentinel and Enterprise  - Dec 27, 2015
Some west-central Illinois school superintendents say they are frustrated by the stateís decision to switch from the ACT to the SAT to test student college readiness, mostly because many colleges still rely on the old test for determining who to accept...
Parents Play Role in Preventing Teen Violence
PsychCentral  - Dec 31, 2015
In a new study that involved focus groups with African-American and Latino parents regarding teen violence, researchers found that, overall, Latino parents condoned fighting only as a last resort while some African-American parents stated that fighting is sometimes a necessary evil....
Dear Parents: Hereís How to Handle a College Rejection
TeenLife Blog  - Dec 18, 2015
r those students who applied EA (Early Action) or ED (Early Decision) the college decisions will be arriving. Will the college offer admission or will there be disappointment? Itís a hard place to be in as a parent, and even harder for the student..
5 Things You Need to Know When Your Kid Goes to College
TIME  - Dec 21, 2015
Author Harlan Cohen has five tips on how to approach parenting throughout your childís college career.....
10 Pieces of Advice I Gave My College-Bound Daughter
TeenLife Blog  - Dec 14, 2015
When my daughter left for college she had just barely turned 18. Not only was she young, but she was attending a college more than 2,000 miles away from home. I was afraid for her Ė very afraid...
College Etiquette Tips for Helicopter ParentsÖ from 1925
TIME  - Dec 11, 2015
A 90-year-old etiquette guide describes an eerily familiar phenomenon. Todayís college administrators may think of helicopter parents as a recent nuisance. But it turns out theyíre hardly a new phenomenon on campus....
Parents, beware the cost of over-helping your kids
PBS.org - NewsHour  - Dec 14, 2015
JUDY WOODRUFF: Now we return to another one of our NewsHour essays. Tonight, Julie Lythcott-Haims, a former Stanford University undergraduate dean and author of the book ďHow to Raise an Adult,Ē shares ideas on her belief that the job of parents is to put themselves out of work....
College Corner: College Loans For Parents
CapeNews  - Dec 11, 2015
As promised last week, I will reveal today which college loan is the best one for parents. The phrase ďbest one,Ē though, must be defined. My definition of the best college loan for parents is the one that costs you the least. Therefore, the Federal Student Ford Loans (see last weekís column) ...
Saving On College Costs: The Biggest Year-end Factor
Forbes  - Dec 11, 2015
Iím talking to a lot of nervous parents lately as the year winds down. Will their children get into the best college? Will it be a good fit? How much will it cost?...
How to Tell if Your Kid is Dangerously Stressed
TeenLife Blog  - Dec 3, 2015
Kids are stressed. We just have to look at their faces or their Facebook pages to understand the complexity of their lives. So how do you know if the stress youíre seeing might be something to worry about? ...
College Debt a Big Concern for Millennial Parents
Tucson Local Media  - Dec 7, 2015
Ah, the plight of parents with college-bound children. According to the just-released 9th annual national "College Savings Indicator Study" conducted by Fidelity Investments, while more parents than ever before are socking away money to finance their children's college educations ...
The hardest time not to be a helicopter parent: The school admissions racey
Centre Daily  - Dec 7, 2015
Gwanzetta Anthony-Gee is not a mother who hovers over her children's homework. But she also doesn't want her kids to fall through the academic admissions cracks, potentially wrecking their future...
Study: 40 Percent of Young Adults Receive Financial Help From Parents
Inside Higher Ed  - Dec 1, 2015
Students who attend four-year institutions and are from high socioeconomic backgrounds are more likely to rely on financial help from their parents than those who did not attend college or those from less affluent backgrounds, according to a new study published in the journal Social Currents.....
20 great holiday gifts for college students
CBSNews -MarketPlace  - Nov 27, 2015
Not sure what to get your college student for the holidays? Read on for 20 great gift ideas.....
Countdown to College: Walking the Thanksgiving tightrope
Charlotte Observer - Nov 19, 2015
College students are homeward-bound. For many freshmen it will be their first visit back since packing up last August. Thanksgiving, the uber-American family togetherness holiday, can be equally tough for parents and their college students....
7 Questions Youíll Be Asked About College Over The Holidays (& How To Respond!)
Her Campus - Nov 23, 2015
Itís the most wonderful time of the year: the holidays! The joy will be spread amongst the world through holiday music, festive dťcor and (dreaded) family dinners, but there may be one thing dampening that joy: questions about college...
College Admissions: Must-Have Books
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Nov 23, 2015
Parents, are you wondering what to get your college-bound student this holiday season? Students, are you struggling with the perfect gift for your parents?...
5 Ways for Parents to Avoid College Application Stress
TeenLife Blog - Nov 9, 2015
Stress is a killer and when the college prep season arrives, it only intensifies. Do you know what to expect and how to deal with it? Just as with any family situation, anticipating problems that can or might arise should help you respond properly....
It's not too soon to talk about paying for college
Seattle College Bound Examiner - Nov 17, 2015
Though some parents avoid talking about finances until after their student has been accepted somewhere, the truth is that students need to know the financial realities of paying for college before they even begin their college search. ...
5 Ways parents can help with college applications
Tutoring Examiner - Nov 2, 2015
College applications are larger, more time-consuming, and more important than any one test or project that your student has completed during high school. And whether they ask or not, students often need the help of their parents to successfully complete their applications....
Countdown to College: What happens when theyíre homesick?
Charlotte Observer - Oct 31, 2015
Longing for the comforts of home when everything is new and different isnít surprising, but the depth of homesickness among students on college campuses appears to be rising....
Helicopter parents are not the only problem. Colleges coddle students, too.
Washington Post  - Oct 21, 2015
n article in this weekís Washington Post nicely summarized a new book on the failings of helicopter parenting, especially when it comes to preparing kids for college.....
How to actually get something out of parent-teacher conferences
Los Angeles Times  - Oct 23, 2015
Itís that time of year. Kids have been in school for a while, and now you get about 15 minutes with their teacher to talk about ... what, exactly?....
Older parents face college-debt crunch
Seattle Times  - Oct 19, 2015
Middle-class families grappling with the rising cost of college often find solutions in borrowing. The result has been an explosion in student-loan debt.....
Why College Applicants (and Their Parents) Should Care Deeply About Gender Ratios
TIME - Oct 15, 2015
When it comes to choosing a college, todayís teenagers consider much more than just academics. Some applicants want to know how good the campus Wi-Fi system is, whether the fitness center offers spin classes or even if the cafeteria has an organic salad bar....
Paying for College 101: 5 Tips Parents Need to Know
Huffington Post  - Oct 19, 2015
As the fall semester swings into full gear, many current and prospective college students--and their parents-- are thinking about how they will ultimately pay for that coveted degree....
Former Stanford dean explains why helicopter parenting is ruining a generation of children
Concord Monitor  - Oct 18, 2015
Julie Lythcott-Haims noticed a disturbing trend during her decade as a dean of freshmen at Stanford University. Incoming students were brilliant and accomplished and virtually flawless, on paper. But with each year, more seemed incapable of taking care of themselves.....
Parents, pick your college prep battles
Huffington Post - Oct 13, 2015
Many a home with a college-bound teen can seem more like a battleground for different points of view. Thatís because parents and their children are at different life stages and with dissimilar experiences...
Survey: Most Freshmen Are Not Emotionally Prepared for College
NBC News - Oct 13, 2015
High school students spend years taking classes that will help them tackle the rigors of college courses. But according to a new national survey, most freshmen were unprepared for campus life in one important way: emotionally...
Helicopter Parents Learn College Is Time For A Landing
NBC News - Oct 13, 2015
Freshman year is a time of transitionóand one of the biggest transitions has to do with the parent-child relationship. What might have been seen as responsible parenting during the K-12 days, including making sure a child gets to class on time, ..
Parents, Rejoice! Teen Moodiness Fades with Age
Discovery - Oct 14, 2015
Parents of teenagers, does your son or daughter brush you off at the simplest question? Does your child throw a tantrum over what most ordinary adults would consider a minor setback? Does your teenager change his or her hairstyle/wardrobe/sense of identity every six months or so? Is he or she ďin loveĒ ..
Don't Panic: It's Never too Late to Start College Financial Planning
TeenLife Blog - Oct 8, 2015
If youíre like most of us, life catches up with you. Before you know it, your student is choosing a college, which means you have to think about paying for it. Unfortunately, too many parents, including me, wait until our kids are in high school to ask the question: How are we going to pay for college? ..
A Parent's Guide to College Freshmen
Huffington Post - Oct 6 2015
When teenagers are in their first year of college, you as parents still have a crucial role to play. While you're not in the same kind of control as you had been, you might consider adopting a coaching presence. While it will get you no place to demand an accounting of their whereabouts, ..
Paying for kidís college drops off parentsí to-do list
Detroit News - Oct 4 2015
Seattle ó Joel and Lisa Hamilton have steady jobs, a suburban home and three lively daughters that they worked very hard to bring into the world. But their desire to pay for their childrenís college educations, save for retirement and maybe fix up the house collided with financial realities.. ..
Being a digital parent of the college bound
Long Island College Prep Examiner  - Sep 28 2015
Technology has transformed parenting with a virtual umbilical cord. Years ago, when children left the family home, many parents gave them some change to use in a public pay phone if they needed to get in touch. Then came the beepers emitting signals of secret messages between family members. ..
4 types of advisers who help with college admissions
BankRate  - Sep 29, 2015
College is expensive, selective and competitive. Some teens may need additional help navigating the college admissions process, and this assistance comes at a cost. "I believe that part of the money that parents put aside when saving for their ....
5 Lessons I Learned During the College Search
TeenLife  - Sep 29, 2015
I hear the frustration in parentsí voices every day about the college search process. The knowledge a parent needs to navigate this college maze is overwhelming. Parents feel lost, confused, off-track and often bewildered. ....
What to Do If Your Child Drops Out of College
US News  - Sep 18 2015
So your kid gave college the old college try, but he or she didn't make the grade. Your child is dropping out. Given how important a college degree can be to one's career, not to mention one's self-growth,..
I Said We'd Never Hire a College Admissions Adviser. Then We Did.
New York Times - Motherlode Blog  - Sep 20, 2015
As I watched my friends with teenagers begin the college search process, I quietly judged those who hired a college admissions adviser. Certainly the admissions process is hard, but hiring someone to help your kid through the process? ...
How To Make The Most Of Your 10 Minutes With The Teacher
NPR.org - Sep 17, 2015
So you finally get the chance to meet one-on-one with your child's teacher ó now what? Like a good Scout, be prepared: Educators agree that doing your homework before a parent-teacher conference can make a big difference. ...
Physical and financial college prep safety pointers
Long Island College Prep Examiner  - Sep 22, 2015
Concern about safety comes with the parenting territory. For parents of the college-bound, the word safety encompasses both the physical and the financial varieties. Fortunately, the following safety tips for the former also apply to the latter, making it easier to teach....
Keys to staying well on campus
Charlotte Observer  - Sep 21, 2015
They're gone. All summer long, you worried about their dorm room, what classes they'd take, how they'd adjust socially, if they would run out of money and if they would be homesick. Guess what? They're fine....
Column: Are college parents kept out of the loop?
Fredericksburg.com  - Sep 13, 2015
A few years ago, an acquaintance received a stunning phone call from her daughterís former college roommate. The conversation went something like this: ďI thought you should know your daughter never graduated from college.ĒďWhat? She claimed she was just skipping the ceremony.Ē, ...
Grandparents find new roles in the college admissions process
DC College Admissions Examiner  - Sep 11, 2015
At least one college tour company is seeing a new trend in grandparental involvement in the college admissions process. At Campanile College Tours, based in San Mateo, California, ...
4 Questions to Help High School Freshmen, Parents Plan for College
US News  - Sep 14, 2015
High school is a tremendously important time in every student's life. These four years can determine the trajectory of your future, as you choose both a college and a career.....
Guest Column: Should You Save For College?
WBUR.org  - Sep 3, 2015
Because I founded a nonprofit organization that helps underserved students go to college, I am often asked if saving for college still makes sense. Is it smart to start saving for your childís college education, ....
6 secrets to get your kid into college
USA Today  - Sep 6, 2015
New technology is enabling students to apply to more colleges now than ever before, but that same technology is also increasing competition among students....
Parenting: Simple phone call can help with college choice
Herald Tribune  - Sep 6, 2015
When it comes to planning the high school years, it is best to start with the end result in mind. Are SAT or ACT scores important for college admission? Maybe. Does your kid need to be in the top 10% of his class to get into a good school? ....
Disarming the Selective College Arms Race: 6 Strategies for Parents
Huffington Post  - Aug 26, 2015
With our twin daughters applying to college this fall, I admit it's taken me several years to arrive, just in time, at a pretty good place: I truly believe they will get into schools that will be a good match for each of them...
Back To School? Back To The Piggy Bank
NPR.org  - Sep 1, 2015
So if you add up all the college costs that students and parents probably didn't plan for ó the stuff that isn't tuition and room and board ó how big is that number? ...
Discussing finances with your college-bound student
Bay Area College Admissions Examiner  - Aug 27, 2015
An important conversation that needs to happen between college-bound students and their parents is about finances. And, the conversation needs to happen sooner, rather than later. Unfortunately, many new college students have arrived on college campuses ...
How Schools Are Handling An 'Overparenting' Crisis
NPR.org  - Aug 28, 2015
Have you ever done your children's homework for them? Have you driven to school to drop off an assignment that they forgot? Have you done a college student's laundry? What about coming along to Junior's first job interview?..
4 Ways To Pay For College When You Haven't Started Saving
Forbes  - Aug 31, 2015
Are your kids entering high school, and you havenít saved much for college? Itís amazing how fast time flies when you have children. One moment they are starting their first day of school, the next they are entering high school...
Grandparent Power: Bonds With Seniors Help Stabilize Teens
Wall Street Journal  - Aug 31, 2015
Teens who form close, loving relationships with a grandparent are more likely to have fewer behavioral and emotional problems than less-attached teens, says a study published online in the American Journal of Orthopsychiatry...
How parents can protect the mental health of a college-bound child
The Week Magazine  - Aug 24, 2015
The transition to college ó itís a big one. Teens are suddenly faced with new freedoms, living arrangements, relationships, responsibilities and stress...
A parent's guide to dropping your kid off at college
The Week Magazine  - Aug 24, 2015
Facebook feed has been feeding me some rather over-the-top updates lately. Escorting little Brant off to Vassar! How the time flies! Family road trip ó Ohio State, here we come!..
Report: Few Parents of College-Bound Students Aware of Upcoming SAT Changes
Campus Technology  - Aug 24, 2015
With changes coming to the SAT in March 2016, 85 percent of parents with college-bound children are still unaware of the coming update, according to a new survey from Kaplan Test Prep...
Four Ways Parents Can Ease the Transition to College
TeenLife Blog  - Aug 14, 2015
Having a daughter who was already an emotional basket case made the summer before college a stressful time in our house. She had a new boyfriend whom she did not want to leave. ..
Author: Helicopter Parenting Damages Kids Ė And Society
Huffington Post  - Aug 18, 2015
As the former Stanford University Dean of Freshmen, Julie Lythcott-Haims had the opportunity to meet some of the countryís brightest, most engaging, interesting and driven young students. And many of them fit the bill...
6 Things You Should Never Do As The Parent Of A College Applicant
Huffington Post  - Aug 12, 2015
Broadly speaking, the role of parents in the college application process is strictly financial. Students pick; parents pay. Sounds harsh? We are reminded of the college admissions rep who quipped privately that "Mrs. Jones must really want to go to school here...
College Admissions: Student-Parent Agreements
GoLocalPDX College Admissions  - Aug 12, 2015
Congratulations, youíre off to college! But before you go, consider making some deals with your parents about how youíll relate to each other now that youíre leaving home. ....
College Admissions: 6 Great Summer Reads for College Students (And Their Parents)
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Aug 10, 2015
Lazy days of summer are here. If you have a student heading off to college in the fall, or if you are about to suffer the loss of having kids at home, here are some ďmust haveĒ books that will help ease the transition and arm you with valuable strategies for success:....
College sexual assault: 10 questions to ask when choosing a school
The Christian Science Monitor  - Jun 15, 2015
Here are some tools to help parents and students decide if a school is sufficiently addressing safety and responding appropriately to reports of sexual misconduct....
A must-read for every current or future college student ó and their parents
Washington Post - Answer Sheet - Jun 17, 2015
Transitioning to college life can be difficult on both students and families. From new expenses to a new lifestyle, being prepared for what lies ahead can help you avoid common bumps in the road.....
Five things families with college bound students should consider
NJ.com - Jun 21, 2015
Transitioning to college life can be difficult on both students and families. From new expenses to a new lifestyle, being prepared for what lies ahead can help you avoid common bumps in the road.....
How Can I Make Sure My Ex Pays Her Share of Our Kidsí College Costs?
TIME - Jun 22, 2015
Q. Iíve had an ugly divorce and I think my wife will refuse to pay her part of college costs for our kids. The oldest kid starts in September, and I canít afford to pay the whole thing. Iím also not sure I want to go through another fight and go back to court. Plus, I canít really afford an attorney again. What are my options?....
The Importance of Freshman Orientation... For Teens AND Parents
TeenLife - Jun 15, 2015
It is an exciting time for the whole family when a daughter or son begins college. This is not only a transition from one phase of education to the next, but the beginning of a studentís first year away from home and, in many cases, the parentsí first year with an ďempty nest.Ē....
The best thing parents can do to help prevent sexual assault? Talk about it.
Washington Post - Jun 16, 2015
Whatís a parent to do? A new Washington Post-Kaiser Family Foundation poll found that one in five young women who attended college in the past four years say they have been sexually assaulted.....
Ways for Parents, Students to Revise College Application Essays Together
US News - Jun 9, 2015
College application essays are intended to provide insight beyond the impersonal numbers of test scores and academic transcripts. Recommendation letters can provide a third-party perspective, but the essay is a student's best chance to speak directly to the gatekeepers of higher education.......
How to Deal With Your Teenís Anger
TeenLife - Jun 9, 2015
When your cherubic, smiling little person seems to transform into a rampaging angry ball of hormones overnight, it can be hard to handle. While it is common for teens to direct their rage towards the people they feel safest with (thatís you), it is often very difficult for parents to deal with.. ......
More Parents Say They Wonít Pay Their Kidsí Tuition Bill
TIME - Jun 9, 2015
The reason: they can't afford it. As the cost of attending college continues to dramatically increase, parents of college-bound students are rethinking their role in helping their children earn degrees. ......
Parents, teach kids how to cope before they fly the coop
Chicago Tribune - Jun 9, 2015
r six months when I was in college, I just couldn't sleep. I dreaded going to bed; I knew I would wake up minutes later drenched in sweat, running tomorrow's to-do list through my head.....
7 Ways College Kids Home For The Summer Are Exactly Like Mice
Huffington Post - Jun 5, 2015
I have two college kids. One lived in a dorm room a couple hundred miles away during the school year, the other lived in a big house with friends just a short drive from here. Both have come home for the summer, joining their two younger brothers, the dog and me. Yay!....
Preparing parents for empty nest syndrome
Tyler Morning Telegraph - Jun 1, 2015
One sunny afternoon, a parent called to schedule a meeting with me to discuss her childís college plans. By the tone of her voice, the parent seemed upset, so I managed to get her in right away......
A Parent's Mixed Emotions On Graduation Day
Huffington Post - May 29, 2015
On June 7, 2014 my youngest child, walked across the stage at a local college's gymnasium and got his high school diploma. As it was when his older sister and then his older brother did it.....
Countdown to College: What to do when the kids come home for the summer
Charlotte Observer - May 24, 2015
When college kids return home for the the summer, everyone needs to know this: Parents canít revert to treating their college students the way they did in high school. And college students need to remember that they arenít living in a dorm or frat house any longer....
Understanding the Teenage Brain and College Admissions
WNYC.org - May 25, 2015
Neurologist Frances E. Jensen looks at the science of the adolescent brain, and provides insights that translate into practical advice for both parents and teenagers in The Teenage Brain: A Neuroscientist's Survival Guide to Raising Adolescents and Young Adults.r....
3 Questions to Ask Before Your Child Applies to Colleges
NerdWallet - May 27, 2015
The first step is determining which colleges your child will want to attend and where ... There are two types of college financial aid: need-based and merit-based.....
College Admissions: Why Every Child Should Help Pay for College
GoLocalProv College Admissions - May 18, 2015
While many students in America review financial aid packages and struggle to figure out how to pay for college next year, a fortunate few have no concerns. Their parents have sufficient savings or earnings to foot the bill. However, I tell even my wealthiest clients that students should still be responsible for part of their education cost....
5 Tips to Help Launch Your High School Senior
KOAA - May 18, 2015
The last first day, the last school dance, the final round of exams Ė it's the home stretch for high school seniors. Although many seniors may relish checking off each day on the countdown to graduation, it can also be at time of great change and uncertainty...
3 Challenges Facing Parents of Teens With Learning Disabilities
US News - May 18, 2015
Helping a child with a learning disability transition to life after high school can be a challenge for parents....
How Not to Be a High School Helicopter Parent
US News - May 12, 2015
The change from middle school to high school, while daunting to students, can be equally anxiety-inducing for parents. For adults, the pressure to have their children get the right grades, do the right activities and get into the right college can sometimes seem overwhelming....
Why Parents are Saving Less for Kidsí College
MoneyTalkNews - May 1, 2015
Although parents overwhelmingly agree that a college education is an important investment for their kids, less than half are actually saving for their childrenís education.....
How to Prioritize Retirement Versus College Savings
US News - May 11, 2015
Many parents need to save for their own retirement while also helping their children pay for college. But it can be difficult to save for both at the same time. Here are some tips for coordinating your retirement and college savings goals.....
Surviving the college application process isn't easy ó just ask Mom and Dad
NBC News - Today Show - Apr 30, 2015
Tomorrow is the first of May, a date noteworthy for those of us who are parents of college-bound seniors. It is the long-awaited deadline for students to choose the school that will embrace them next fall. Over the last six months,...
Will preschool choice affect your child's college admission?
USA Today - Apr 30, 2015
Over the course of nearly a decade in college admissions, Iíve heard one question more often than any other from students and parents alike: ďWhat should I do to get [my child] into X school?Ē...
The Best Ways For Parents To Pay For College
Forbes - Apr 30, 2015
College is expensive, but education is purposeful. Most parents understand this and want their children to go to college. College boosts incomes. College betters society. But the monetary cost can be hard to overcome....
Too many parents have a paradoxical view of college costs that will leave them in a tight spot
Business Insider - May 6, 2015
In its latest report, How America Saves for College 2015, student lender Sallie Mae and market research company Ipsos surveyed nearly 2,000 American parents with at least one child under the age of 18...
Getting In to College Doesnít Mean Students Are Ready to Go
New York Times - Motherlode - Apr 19, 2015
PRINCETON, N.J. -- More U.S. parents worry about having enough money to pay for their children's college education than other Americans worry about any common financial concerns...
How Parents Feel About Affording College: Pick a Synonym for Scared
TIME - Apr 29, 2015
Survey finds most parents fail to put their college savings in investments that can keep up with tuition. How do parents feel about saving for college? How many different words are there for anxious?...
Last-Minute Advice for Parents Paying for College - Part I
Huffington Post - Apr 25, 2015
Four years of homework. Two years of SAT madness. Half a dozen AP classes. And countless hours at volleyball games, debate team competitions, and soup kitchen volunteer work...
U.S. Parents' College Funding Worries Are Top Money Concern
Gallup.com - Apr 19, 2015
PRINCETON, N.J. -- More U.S. parents worry about having enough money to pay for their children's college education than other Americans worry about any common financial concerns...
The One Question All Parents Should Ask on College Tours
Yahoo.com - Apr 20, 2015
Sure, itís important to ask questions about class sizes and financial aid and dorm rooms during each campus tour you take with your teen. But thereís also a question that no one really wants to ask or answer: ďHow does this school handle the issue of sexual assaults on campus?...
Separating Parent & Teen College Dreams
TeenLife Blog - Apr 13, 2015
A few weeks ago, I took my daughter, a high school junior, to visit a college an hour away from our home. On paper, the school seemed like a good fit for her. But between the tour, the information session and the other students we met on campus....
'My Kid Just Got Into Harvard' And Other Things You Should Never Say At Work
Huffington Post - Apr 7, 2015
Ah, children: Theyíre a great conversational equalizer and icebreaker. Still, thereís a fine line between pleasant conversation, which can create bonds with coworkers, and outright bragging (ďTimmyís the valedictorian!Ē) or venting (ďTimmyís in jail!Ē),....
Family tells of empty promises by admissions consultant
Boston Globe  - Apr 5, 2015
Wealthy Hong Kong businessman Gerald Chow has described in federal court how an educational consultant promised to help get his sons into elite prep schools and Ivy League colleges, only to swindle the family out of more than $2 million. ..
The Pros & Cons of Teens Getting Jobs
TeenLife Blog  - Apr 7, 2015
It used to be commonplace for teens to have a part-time job, whether that was helping to pack bags at the store, or delivering newspapers. However, these days it is becoming a whole lot rarer. Here we look at the potential benefits and pitfalls of your teen getting a job.. ..
What Your College Isnít Telling You About Costs
TIME  - Apr 2, 2015
Itís an exciting time of year for families and their college-bound students. Acceptance letters arrive, celebration ensues, college visits get scheduled. Now your biggest college worry switches to how youíre going to afford it...
The emotional impact of college admissions decisions ó on parents
Washington Post  - Mar 27, 2015
Millions of high school seniors are eagerly awaiting the end of the long and grueling college admissions process, with the final April 1st deadline for acceptance or rejection by schools fast approaching......
3 Tips for Parents to Help Teens Battle Testing Fatigue
US News  - Mar 30, 2015
State-mandated tests, Advanced Placement exams, ACT tests and final exams: All of these are on the schedule for students at Lafayette High School....
Keeping Teens Safe on College Visits
TeenLife Blog  - Mar 16, 2015
Overnight visits are one of the best ways for teens to determine whether a college is the right fit for them. Many teens participate in school sanctioned overnight visits with current students, offered by the college admissions office. Others may choose to stay with friends,......
College admissions mania ill-advised
Worcester Telegram  - Mar 23, 2015
When I was a senior in high school, I posed one of the cruelest questions ever to my parents. "So," I asked, one night at the dinner table. "How much money have you saved for my college education?"....
99% of All Moms' College Acceptance Facebook Conversations End Like This
NickMom  - Mar 23, 2015
99% of All Moms' College Acceptance Facebook Conversations End Like.......
Why parents of teens should have a criminal defense lawyer on speed dial
CNN  - Mar 11, 2015
(CNN)The news was stunning to hear: A young woman, 18-year-old Michelle Carter, was charged with involuntary manslaughter for allegedly sending text messages urging her friend to commit suicide.....
Parents: Saving for retirement is more important than kids' college fund
Yahoo News - Finance  - Mar 17, 2015
Flight safety instructions tell parents to put on their own oxygen mask before assisting their children. A similar rule should apply to money: Parents should make saving for their own retirement a priority over paying for their kids' college education. ....
I Survived the College Admissions Process and Your Kid Will Too
Huffington Post  - Mar 17, 2015
I'm a product of the college-crazed niche of American society. The SAT prep classes, the rigorous extracurriculars, the Junior year panic and college essay-writing hysteria. In some ways (let's be honest -- most ways).....
Got College Admissions Frenzy? Read "Where You Go Is Not Who You'll Be"
New York Times - Motherlode Blog  - Feb 13, 2015
It really is the season. Facebook updates, most at least self-depreciating, have begun announcing the college choices of my friends' children. Many include some big names in the campus world -- but for a lot of reasons, many don't.....
How to spot a college about to go out of business
Washington Post  - Mar 11, 2015
If youíre a parent in the midst of the college search with your son or daughter, you certainly donít want to be considering schools on the brink of shutting down. But how do you know if a college is about to go out of business? . ...
A Warning For Parents About Student Loans
Forbes  - Mar 11, 2015
For families across the country, now is the time that big, life-changing decisions are taking place. For students, itís the time to decide on where to go to college.. ...
4 Questions to Help Parents, Students Compare College Admissions Offers
US News  - Mar 2, 2015
?After years of planning, months of research and weeks of travel to and from college campuses, your high school senior has finally begun to receive college acceptance letters. Chances are you reached this point as a team, and chances are that not all of your studentís admissions offers are equally attractive. ...
Helicopter Parents: Are They Really All That Bad?
TeenLife Blog  - Mar 2, 2015
Much airtime has been given to the phenomenon of helicopter parenting, categorized as overstepping the acceptable boundaries of being a caring, guiding influence, ...
Does It Matter Which College Your Child Chooses? Probably Not
WBUR.org  - Mar 4, 2015
Between now and April 1, parents of high school seniors will be eagerly trolling their mailboxes, hoping to spot fat, cheer-worthy college acceptance envelopes. ...
Paying For College: When To Position Assets To Qualify For More College Financial Aid
Forbes  - Mar 2, 2015
Should you reposition your assets to qualify for more college financial aid? The best advice on positioning clientsí assets for financial aid is based on several factors, but first letís clarify what type of financial aid the asset question pertains to...
How Parents on the Sidelines Can Support High School Athletes
US News  - Feb 23, 2015
For most teen athletes, the game will likely end in high school. The National Collegiate Athletic Association estimates the probability a high school football player will compete at the professional level to be .08 percent, for example....
Stop Fixating on These Colleges!
The College Solution Blog  - Feb 22, 2015
A lot of the parents attending my current online class on how to cut the cost of college are affluent and highly educated.....
How to get your high schoolers ready for the next big step.
San Jose Mercury News  - Feb 23, 2015
These days, most high school students are enrolled in college preparatory programs. As early as the elementary school years, parents begin to plan for college and prepare their children academically.,....
Former admissions director: Parents, calm down. Let Harvard go.
Washington Post  - Feb 17, 2015
Like many who have worked in college admissions, she has heard it: All the worries from parents about ďwhat they can doĒ to get their kids into Ivies.,....
Many Parents Aren't Sold On Later School Start Times For Teens
NPR.org  - Feb 17, 2015
Sleeping in probably sounds like a no-brainer to most teenagers, but their parents aren't so sure that it's worth starting school later to get the extra shut-eye.....
How to Deal with a Drop in Your Teenís Grades
TeenLife Blog  - Feb 9, 2015
A drop in school performance can be worrying for any parent; however, it is something many teens go through at some point during their education, and is often nothing to be overly concerned about. That said,....
3 Answers for High School Parents About AVID Classes
US News  - Feb 9, 2015
High schools across the country are offering an elective class that advocates say gives middle-of-the-road students extra support as they prepare for college......
OnCollege: How to guide your teen through stressful period
ChicoER - Feb 10, 2015
Students, particularly sophomores and juniors, are about to embark on a stressful four-month journey that can include the SAT or ACT, Advanced Placement exams, finalizing summer plans, thinking about college and, of course, ...
Is Your First Grader College Ready?
New York Times - Sunday Magazine - Feb 8, 2015
What is college? To Madison Comer, a confident 6-year-old, it is a very big place. ‚ÄúIt‚Äôs tall,‚ÄĚ she explained, outlining the head of Tuffy, the North Carolina State mascot, with a gray crayon. ‚ÄúIt‚Äôs like high school but it‚Äôs higher.‚ÄĚ. ....
Why It’s So Hard to Talk to Our Daughters About Campus Rape
TIME - Jan 29, 2015
I have two teenage daughters, which means I live in a household of head-snapping contradictions. Everything you’ve heard about adolescent girls is true, and not true.. ....
Every Teenager Should Be Required to Work a Grubby Job
TIME - Jan 30, 2015
There’s been a lot of talk about Wonder Bread bags since Joni Ernst’s State of the Union response. (Consensus among my colleagues, regardless of party, is that we wore them too, but over our socks and under our boots. Exterior bags must be an Iowa thing.) Less attention has been given to her part-time teenage job making biscuits at Hardee’s. ....
This Is How LinkedIn Can Help You Pick the Right College For Your Kids
Yahoo News - Feb 2, 2015
The other day I asked my daughter, for perhaps the thousandth time, what she wants to be when she grows up. Usually the answer is, ‚Äúveterinarian.‚ÄĚ Sometimes she says ‚Äúlawyer.‚ÄĚ Other times it‚Äôs musician or chef. And why not? She writes songs and is a talented cook.. ....
When parents let the college application process be the priority
News & Observer - Jan 22, 2015
Millennials, those born between 1980 and 2000, have been described as entitled and narcissistic. It seems we, Generation X parents, have failed miserably in raising mature, conscientious adults with healthy-sized egos...
How to Encourage a Lazy Teen
TeenLife Blog - Jan 26, 2015
Lazy teens: put on this earth to swing on every last nerve of their parents, right? But why are some teens so absolutely bone-idle? Is it part of their genetic make-upóa rite of passage for all adolescents?...
OnCollege: Keep socking away money for tuition despite talk of savings plan overhaul
San Jose Mercury News - Jan 26, 2015
In the past week, President Barack Obama made a recommendation to overhaul the current 529 college savings plans, Coverdell accounts and prepaid tuition plans....
Help High Schoolers Move Past Rejection With Optimism
US News  - Jan 19, 2015
The day the cast list for the high school play is posted can be marked by feelings of elation for some students Ė and heartache for others....
For parents, now begins the anxious waiting game for college financial aid
Washington Post  - Jan 20, 2015
For the many high-school seniors who already have submitted their college admissions applications, the season of waiting for an acceptance letter has begun. For their parents, thereís a different anxiety-ridden waiting game: ...
Note to Self: 4 Reminders as My Child Heads into College Auditions
Huffington Post  - Jan 20, 2015
My youngest daughter set off on her very first college audition for theater BFA programs this past weekend. As the trip was some 2,500 miles from our home, I accompanied her. ...
Students need to make time for a good night's snooze
San Jose Mercury News  - Jan 12, 2015
It is no secret that teens are not getting enough sleep these days. With endless screen time, mounds of homework and crammed schedules, teens are sacrificing sleep just to keep up....
Why You Might Want to Take Student Loans Before Using Up College Savings
TIME  - Jan 8, 2015
Q: ďMy daughter will be starting college this fall. Iím estimating the tuition will be about $25,000 each year. Iíve got about $45,000 put aside in a 529 for her. When should I tap that money?Ē ...
Spying on College Life, via Yik Yak
New York Times  - Jan 11, 2015
Iím a recovering helicopter parent with an only child who is now in college. The transition for her has been wonderful, almost seamless. For me, not so much....
Help for parents, students coping with first visit home
Detroit Free Press  - Nov 23, 2014
Weíre coming up on one of the watershed moments of a college studentís freshman year ó worse than the realization that the ďfreshman 15Ē is not an urban myth (except itís more like the ďfreshman 3Ē) and more cringe-inducing than seeing a roommate in their underwear....
How Helicopter Parents Can Help Their Kids Apply to the Right Colleges
TIME  - Dec 2, 2014
n previous TIME articles, I used the technique of the internal debate to help readers decide whether to quit their job and, in another article, whether to marry their special someone. Here, I use the internal debate to help parents resolve common dilemmas about college....
Parents: We need to get a grip on our own college application anxiety
Washington Post  - Nov 17, 2014
My oldest son just turned 15. His birthday slid by, nothing like a milestone. Heís been a teenager for years. He wonít vote for ages. Kind of a holding year, right? ...
On College: How to write a parent statement for child's private school application
San Jose Mercury News  - Nov 10, 2014
If your child is applying to private schools -- preschool, elementary, middle or high -- one of the most important elements of the application will be the parent statement. ...
Helping Your Teen Deal with Peer Pressure
TeenLife Blog  - Nov 13, 2014
Peer pressure is something that keeps many parents awake at night, inducing panic-laden insomnia that his hard to shake. However, the truth is more reassuring: parents often have a bigger part to play, and have more influence over their teen, than they might imagine. ...
Why The College Admission Process Is Bonkers
Huffington Post  - Nov 18, 2014
It's a life lesson for my daughter, that's what I try to tell myself. This is how the world works. Just because you have a high grade point average, excellent test scores, a myriad of extracurricular activities, hundreds of hours of community service, and you're a legacy at your top pick college...
An Etiquette Guide to College Admissions News
Huffington Post  - Nov 10, 2014
Batten down the hatches, moms of high school seniors! Here come the legions of bragging parents, dying to tell you all about their college acceptances...
How to avoid nagging students in the college scholarship process
Huffington Post  - Nov 10, 2014
College scholarships: Parents want their students to win them; students donít want to spend the time to apply for them. Whatís a parent to do? College is expensive and to parents, winning college scholarships seems like the easy way to reduce the amount they will have to pay...
7 Essential Life Skills for High Schoolers to Build Before College
US News  - Nov 5, 2014
Teaching teens how to wash clothes properly is common advice for parents with high school students heading to college.....
Beyond a Parentís Reach: When a Child Legally Becomes an Adult
New York Times  - Nov 1, 2014
A COLLEGE freshman walked to a hospital emergency room at midnight and said she feared that she was going to harm herself. Twelve hours later, after it was determined that she was no longer in danger, she decided to call her parents ...
4 Common Sense Tips for Parenting Teens
TeenLife Blog  - Nov 4, 2014
Thereís something about having children that hinders your use of common sense. Over-thinking situations, and a strong desire to get it right can often cloud your judgment, affecting your ability to use the common sense that is second nature in every other aspect of your life. ...
Now That Our Daughter Is In College.. Will We Ever Be Able To Retire?
Huffington Post  - Nov 4, 2014
My wife and I tried to do all the right things when it came to college planning. We started saving early on, opened 529 accounts, began campus visits when my daughter, Abby, was a freshman in high school, ...
'Helicopter Parents' Can Greatly Hinder Their Child's Social Life
Science World Report  - Oct 21, 2014
It's only natural for parents to want to provide the best love and support for their children. Yet some may take this farther than others.....
Let's Admit It: Every Parent Needs a College Plan
Huffington Post  - Oct 28, 2014
As the weather turns crisp in New England and back-to-school routines finally feel settled, a new 'to-do' has appeared on our family's list. It is the kind of activity fraught with tense moments, periods of euphoria and more than a few tears shed. No, it's a not a One Direction concert: it's the dreaded college admission process for my daughter....
Parents And College Planning: Kiplinger Explains Unfamiliar Options
Benzinga  - Oct 27, 2014
With the continual rise of higher education costs and the number of Americans with student loan debt at astronomical levels, questions about saving for the next generation's college career also grow in number. ....
So Your Kid Wants to Go to Film School: A Survival Guide for Parents
TeenLife Blog  - Oct 21, 2014
Parents, you probably have your concerns. After all, your child wants to go to film schoolóa path that carried certain connotations when you and I were headed to college. Back then, there were three networks and PBS; cable television was in its infancy; 3D films were old fashioned; and the Internet was decades away....
Some Millennials ó And Their Parents ó Are Slow To Cut The Cord
NPR.org  - Oct 21, 2014
So your child moved back in with you after graduation, and it seems like she will never leave. Or worse, you're sending rent checks each month while she searches for jobs in the big city....
Money influences college choices from the start
Long Island College Prep Examiner  - Oct 21, 2014
As the college-bound and their parents start the college process, they will find money plays a huge role every step of the way. It is heart-wrenching when a student puts in so much effort, gets an offer for admission to a school he wants to attend, and must turn it down because it isnít affordable...
PSAT test time: Time for teens to tweet and parents to tune in
Christian Science Monitor  - Oct 15, 2014
If parents want to know what their teen is thinking, a scan of Twitter in the early morning, perhaps while their own teens is standing outside waiting for the bus, might be the best indicator. ....
Ten things not to do when your child is applying to college
Washington Post  - Oct 15, 2014
If you are a parent trying to help a child apply for college, you know how hard the process can be. Figuring out what to do and not do can be bewildering. In this post, Liz Willen, editor of The Hechinger Report, a nonprofit, independent news website focused on inequality and innovation in education, offers some help....
The trouble with parenting the college applicant
Washington Post  - Oct 14, 2014
With the 2014-15 school year in full swing, many high school seniors are finding that they have two jobs: keeping up with classes and filling out college applications. This post is the second in a continuing series about one senior as she navigates the college search and application process.....
How to Be a Part of Your Child's Education without Being Too Heavy-Handed
TeenLife Blog  - Oct 7, 2014
Itís crucial not to underestimate the importance of parental involvement in a childís education. The input you provide is a determining factor in how successful they are not only as children, but adults, too......
How Tuition Tracker Helps Kids Compare Colleges - and Other Tips for Overwhelmed Parents
washingtonmonthly  - Oct 7, 2014
New York - Itís the thick of college application season, and your child is diligently churning out common application essays while simultaneously studying for four or five advanced placement exams and researching scholarships, right?. ....
College Admissions: Top 5 Mistakes Parents Make
Huffington Post  - Oct 1, 2014
The Fall College Application Season has arrived. And kids are showing up on college campuses nationwide, dressed in their finest duds, scouting out the hallowed halls of the ivory tower...
Parents saying no to too much homework
Washington Post  - Sep 29, 2014
A Prince Georgeís County reader who identifies herself on my Web page as JenPam2003 did not like my suggestion that parents enforce a reasonable amount of time for their childrenís homework. I said their kids should do something else when that time expired, even if the assignments are not finished.....
Note to parents: Do not write your student's college admission essay
DC Higher Education Examiner  - Sep 27, 2014
Can admissions officers tell when a student has not written their own college application essay? Yes, in many cases, they can. How? First of all, the admissions officer has a student's English class grades in hand, as well as reading and writing test scores and writing samples (such as from the writing portion of the SAT or other parts of the college application) to use for comparison....
10 Ways For Parents To Stay Sane During The College Application Season
Huffington Post  - Sep 26, 2014
If there is a more stressful time in a parent-of-a-teenager's life than the college application season, we don't know about it. How can parents turn it down a few notches and stop the family dynamic from heading off a cliff?...
College Admissions: 4 Tips For Overcoming ĎCollege Phobiaí
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Sep 22, 2014
While many students around the country are busily completing their early action and early decision applications, some seniors are caught in a state of inertia. Like a deer in the headlights, they refuse to visit campuses, file applications or take the steps necessary to garner acceptances. What is a parent to do? ....
On College: With privilege comes great responsibility
San Jose Mercury News  - Sep 22, 2014
While many students around the country are busily completing their early action and early decision applications, some seniors are caught in a state of inertia. Like a deer in the headlights, they refuse to visit campuses, file applications or take the steps necessary to garner acceptances. What is a parent to do? ....
5 Tips to Help Support Your Teen with a Weight Problem
TeenLife Blog  - Sep 23, 2014
One out of three teens today are overweight or obese. This means that most parents reading this article know or have an overweight child of their own and are struggling with solutions on how to help them. ....
A daughter at college, a lot of worries
Washington Post  - Sep 23, 2014
We got a call from our daughter at college who began by saying ďMom, Iím okay butÖĒ At that point, my stomach twisted and every nerve in my body began to buzz as I waited for the phrase to follow. Surely something bad had happened. ....
Are You Confused and Frustrated?
The College Solution Blog - Sep 14, 2014
How much would you pay a counselor to help your child get into a top college? And what if that fee came with a guarantee, or your money back?....
8 Mistakes Parents Make When They Help Kids Apply To College
Huffington Post - Sep 10, 2014
The 2015 college application season has officially opened. But in our desire to help our kids navigate this land-mine-fraught road, we might actually be doing some things that harm them. ...
7 Questions College Financial Aid Officers Wish Parents Would Ask
US News  - Sep 10, 2014
Before college begins, students and parents should enter the financial aid office armed with a list of good questions. Which ones are essential? We had financial aid officers weigh in on what they wish college hopefuls and their parents would ask. Skip these and you risk missing out on aid, borrowing too much or misjudging the affordability of a college....
The College Transition: How to Parent When Your Child Leaves Home
TIME  - Sep 8, 2014
Before college begins, students and parents should enter the financial aid office armed with a list of good questions. Which ones are essential? We had financial aid officers weigh in on what they wish college hopefuls and their parents would ask. Skip these and you risk missing out on aid, borrowing too much or misjudging the affordability of a college....
9 tips on how to be a good college parent
Washington Post  - Sep 2, 2014
Emory University psychology professor Marshall Duke has given speeches for more than 30 years to nervous parents preparing to leave their children at the school. His last speeches to parents happened at orientation recently, but his wisdom should continue....
College Admissions: Student-Parent Agreements
GoLocalPDX College Admission Coach  - Aug 27, 2014
Congratulations, youíre off to college! But before you go, consider making some deals with your parents about how youíll relate to each other now that youíre leaving home. Sometime in August or September youíll start your college adventure. Freedom and new friends beckon...
Starting College: A Guide for Parents in 2014
huffington Post  - Aug 27, 2014
It is late summer, 2014. With memories of high school graduations still strong but sadly beginning to fade, as in the cascade of summers before, millions of families are busily preparing for a signal event in their lives -- sending a child off to start college....
Beginning of college marks transition period for students and parents
WRVO  - Aug 27, 2014
As summer vacation comes to a close, many students will be heading back to school for the year. But for some parents, their children are leaving home for college. Parents and their kids both have their own worries about that day...
Getting parents ready for their kids to go to college
Atlanta Journal Constitution (blog)  - Aug 27, 2014
College counselors and other representatives are keenly aware of just how difficult it can be for parents to transition from a family of four or five to, little by little, a family of two ó without children.....
Learning to let go at the college gate
Charlotte Observer  - Aug 18, 2014
How many Facebook posts have you seen this last week where families are sharing their pride and angst as they drop their children off at college for the first time? Lots....
Is there anything wrong with party schools?
CBS News - MoneyWatch - Aug 18, 2014
Should you worry about your child's educational future if he or she wants to attend a college with a bigger reputation for keggers than for academics?...
As Kids Head To Campus, Parents Broach The Subject Of Sexual Assault
NPR.org - Aug 19, 2014
Rachel Swinehart has commandeered her family's living room in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It's filled with large plastic tubs containing stuff like pink bedding and a coffee maker. ...
Tips for parents about spending money for their college freshmen
DC Higher Education Examiner  - Aug 19, 2014
Most parents probably paid the first tuition payment for their college freshman recently and will get their students settled into their new dorms by the end of the month....
Did Dad Change His Mind About Cornell?
TheCollegeSolutionBlog  - Jun 19, 2014
I want to thank everybody who weighed in on my last post: Dad: Should I Force My Son to Attend Cornell? I think everyone was in agreement (yeah!) that the young man, who enjoyed a great freshman year at Washington University in St. Louis, should NOT be forced to transfer to Cornell University..
Well Intended: Not obsessing about college admission
Westport-News  - Jun 19, 2014
My ex-husband sent me a list of recommended summer reading last week. All of the books were suggested by college admissions counselors and are aimed to get parents ready for the competitive and perplexing college admissions process. I deleted his message...
Science shows why helicopter parenting leads to unmotivated college-bound
Long Island College Prep Examiner  - Jun 19, 2014
The more parents hover over their children doing assignments and snow plough their childrenís obstacles aside, the less likely their offspring are to self-motivate,. ..
Ways Parents, Students Can Research Campus Safety
US News  - Jun 16, 2014
Sexual assaults, school shootings and other forms of on-campus violence are a major part of the national discussion of campus safety. The threat of a stolen laptop isn't as frightening, but there are many types of crime that can affect college students....
On College: Summer is your chance to prepare your kids for the next four years
San Jose Mercury News  - Jun 16, 2014
Over the past few weeks, I have had the privilege of chatting with several high school teachers and counselors about the skills they wish incoming freshmen came equipped with, academics aside. Unfortunately, common sense is becoming less common....
Dad: Should l Force My Son to Attend Cornell?
TheCollegeSolutionBlog  - Jun 17, 2014
Some of my most popular blog posts are generated by comments from parents whose children face agonizing college decisions. I got an email today from a dad who is grappling with what to do with his son, who was accepted to Cornell University last year through deferred admission or guaranteed transfer option...
What one parent learned during the college hunt
Charlotte Observer  - Jun 8, 2014
Last week I spoke with Jacob about lessons he had learned during his college admissions process. This week itís equal time for his mom, Karen...
On College: Never say these things to your child
San Jose Mercury News - Jun 9, 2014
Every time I think I have heard it all when it comes to what parents say to their children as they are about to embark on the college admissions process or even when they are mired in it, I get surprised....
How to Prepare Your Kid for College Culture Shock
The Street - Jun 9, 2014
NEW YORK (TheStreet) -- Even though America's best and brightest high school seniors are moving on to college, there is no guarantee they'll make it through four years of college....
4 Things Parents Need to Learn Now About Student Loans
Huffington Post - Jun 10, 2014
When determining how to pay for this massive life event, parents are often as confused as their students. With that in mind, here are four things parents need to learn now about student loans before anyone signs on the dotted line:...
A Parentís Role in the College Admissions Process
Teen Lfe Blog  - Jun 4, 2014
Two years ago, a student at the University of Cincinnati won a restraining order against her parents for ďstalkingĒ her in college. They had installed spyware on their daughterís phone and computer...
The College Prep Course Parents Truly Need: Paying for It 101
Daily Finance - Jun 2, 2014
With graduation season underway, many families with high schoolers are thinking about where their children will attend college. Locally or across the country? At a state university or a private college? ...
Parents getting ready for the coming empty nest
Tyler Morning Telegraph - Jun 1, 2014
Before I took my oldest daughter off for her first year of college in Boston, a dear friend gave me some sage advice: whatever you do, donít let her see you cry. ...
How to Determine the Cost of Sending Your Child to College
Huffington Post - May 27, 2014
Right about now parents of high school seniors could be experiencing a sense of panic setting in. Their child has been accepted at a great college or university, and will be embarking on the next phase of his or her life in the fall. They are feeling mighty proud of their child's achievement..
Congratulations To Grads (Parents, Please Step To The Back)
Palo Alto Online - May 27, 2014
It's that time of year again when Palo Alto parents of high school graduates congratulate each other on where their children are going to college. My suggestion is, when you run into an old friend at Town and Country and she says, "Congratulations, I hear your son is going to Stanford,"..
When parents pay for college, student debt becomes a family affair
Yahoo Finance - May 23, 2014
Valerie Shippen thought she was being frugal when she agreed to pay for only one year of college tuition for each of her four children. The 49-year-old Ipswich, Mass., schoolteacher and her husband, Peter, an electrical engineer, both went to college and graduate school. ..
Expenses for senior year of high school add up fast
Orlando Sentinel - May 17, 2014
The message on the Timber Creek High School website provided a gentle warning to the class of 2014: "The senior year is filled with many opportunities to make memories," it read, "but unfortunately, these opportunities can become expensive."...
What the college-bound need to know and parents may teach now
Long Island College Prep Examiner - May 19, 2014
Grades and test scores reflect student academic knowledge learned at school but there are many skills that may be taught at home. One of the best ways to teach the following five things is by demonstration. ....
10 Ďsplurgeí gifts for your favorite grad
Charlotte Observer - May 12, 2014
Last week I shared a variety of non-traditional yet affordable graduation gift ideas. But if youíre feeling the urge to splurge, here are my top 10 suggestions:...
25 + 25 Twitter Accounts Every Parent Should Follow
Parents Countdown to College Coach - May 12, 2014
As a parent of a high school senior, you may think that the hard job of getting your child ready for college ended the moment the acceptances started to roll in. ...
On College: How to get your high school grad ready for the next big step
San Jose Mercury News - May 12, 2014
As a parent of a high school senior, you may think that the hard job of getting your child ready for college ended the moment the acceptances started to roll in. ...
Graduation wisdom: Look behind you
The Christian Science Monitor - May 12, 2014
As another commencement season arrives, weíll hear a lot about how the future now belongs to this monthís graduates. But watching my own daughter graduate from high school this year, Iíve realized that sheís also secured something just as precious: a past. ...
Parents Draw The Line On Teen Relationships And Social Media
NPR.org - May 13, 2014
I'm Michel Martin and this is TELL ME MORE from NPR News. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but maybe you just need a few moms and dads in your corner. Every week, we check in with a diverse group of parents for their common sense and savvy advice ...
Eight Tips for Parents Who Have Saved Nothing for College
New York Times - Motherlode - May 5, 2014
A couple of days ago, a post here by a mother in Maine lamenting her lack of savings for her sonís college education inspired an outpouring of comments. A number of people questioned her and her husbandís decision to raise six children....
5 Facts Every Parent Should Know About the SAT
Teen Life - May 5, 2014
Parents are so inundated with information regarding the SAT that they often have trouble knowing fact from fiction, truth from hyperbole. For years, IÔŅĹve dealt with such misconceptions and uncertainty any time I talk to a parent. ...
Great gift ideas for the college-bound grad
Charlotte Observer - May 5, 2014
Cash may be still be king when it comes to what high school grads want to see when they open their graduation cards. But if youÔŅĹre interested in a spark of creativity or trying to personalize your gifts, here are some fun suggestions...
A Window into the Psyche of Rising Seniors
TrueAdmissions Blog - Apr 29, 2014
Last year, we asked psychologist Michael Thompson, author of The Pressured Child, to weigh in on what parents can do to constructively advise -- and motivate -- their junior students as they begin the application process.....
We Are Done Paying for College
The College Solution Blog - Apr 24, 2014
Last month, my husband and I sent off our final college payment. Bruce and I made monthly payments for seven consecutive years for our daughter Caitlin (Juniata College grad 2011) and our son Ben, who will be graduating from Beloit College in May. We did not take out any loans to pay for college and neither did our children......
The Good, The Bad and The OMG of College Admissions
Grown and Flown Blog - Apr 18, 2014
Mary Dell writes: As teenagers progress through high school, the warnings to their parents about college admissions become an ever-louder drum beat that is nearly impossible to escape. With my eldest child, I braced myself for his junior year terrified at my ignorance on the subject.....
Don't Waste Money Sending Your Kids To Those Fancy College Summer Camps
Business Insider  - Apr 21, 2014
Could putting 'Harvard' on your resume actually harm you? Possibly. The Ivy's $11,000 two-course, pre-college program is considered just smoke and mirrors for college admissions, according to some experts.....
As Teens Gain Independence, Parents Seek to Stay Connected
US News - Apr 22, 2014
Starting high school can be a difficult transition for teens. There are new friends, feelings and responsibilities. But it can also be a tough time for parents who may find their children may be less willing to share information about their lives and spend time with them.....
Want your child to go to college? Enroll them in extracurriculars early
Lodi News - Apr 18, 2014
For parents of Lodiís middle school children, I offer this advice: If your child aspires to college, get him pointed in that direction this summer. By the time a student reaches his third or junior year of high school, the die is cast.....
Helping Teens Deal with College Rejection
Teen Life Blog - Apr 10, 2014
Years ago, when parents told their teens that a letter had arrived from the college admissions office, the immediate question would be ďthick or thinĒ? A thick envelope meant ďacceptanceĒ and a ďthinĒ one unfortunately meant rejection.....
Six Words of Advice for Parents of College-Bound Juniors
Huffington Post - Apr 10, 2014
One group is more anxious about this year's college admissions decisions than the parents of this year's seniors -- and that's the parents of next year's seniors. Junior parents love their children, and they would welcome any advice colleges could offer that would give their child's application an inside edge....
A Message to Parents: How Families Contribute to College Costs
Huffington Post - Apr 8, 2014
It's early April and most students have received word from the colleges and universities to which they applied. They - and their families - have reached one important marker on a road traveled that had detours, bumps, and occasional bad weather....
Colleges Trick Parents on Financial Aid Awards
The Fiscal Times - Apr 8, 2014
The confusing and sometimes misleading financial aid letters that colleges send out this time of year can cause unsuspecting families to sign up for educations they can't afford, college experts warn -...
Send your teens away - for their own enlightenment
Philly.com - Apr 7, 2014
A few springs ago, I spoke at a graduation event for a Delaware County high school honor society, a group of smart, engaged students headed to terrific institutions of higher learning, public and private, affordable and not even close....
How To Get Your Kid Over Their College Rejection
Huffington Post - Mar 28, 2014
Hear that cracking sound? It could be spring bursting into bloom. Or it could be the sound of millions of high school senior hearts breaking over college rejection letters. ....
Teen anxiety: How to recognize it, and what to do about it
Washington Post - Apr 2, 2014
Teens have a reputationódeserved or notófor being difficult, moody and belligerent. Those same behaviors can be a warning sign that your teen is battling anxiety, said Reid Wilson, director of the Anxiety Disorders Treatment Center in Chapel Hill, N.C.....
Decisions, decisions... Sound Bites, No Sympathy and Seizing the Moment for Parents
True Admissions Blog  - Mar 26, 2014
When college acceptances or rejections arrive, the most important thing that a senior needs is a bit of psychological space. You have to give your teenager time to let you know what he or she wants from you. ....
3 Ways Parents Can Help Students Make Smart College Choices
Huffington Post  - Mar 26, 2014
It is really getting to be crunch time right now for high school seniors and their parents. For those students who have not yet made the decision about which college to attend, it is time to finally sit down and make what could be some very hard choices. ...
Is A College Bumper Sticker Tantamount To Bragging?
WBUR.org  - Mar 26, 2014
Beginning this week, college stickers will slide out of the fat envelopes of lucky families all across Boston. My son is a high school senior, so while awaiting his admission decisions, Iíve been pondering the most pressing question of all....
Maze Of College Costs And Aid Programs Traps Some Families
NPR.org  - Mar 17, 2014
In the past 20 years, the average burden for a four-year college graduate in the U.S. has gone from about $9,000 to nearly $30,000 today. The percentage of students carrying debt has shot up from less than half to nearly 70 percent these days.....
College applications and the Ďcar ambushí
Washington Post - Mar 23, 2014
Hey parents, listen up. Hereís a hot tip for success in college admissions from an insider named Britt Freitag: No ambushes in the car......
College Admissions Season: When the Answer Is No
New York Times - Mar 19, 2014
The envelope came on a Friday in March ó the last day of the last week of a college acceptance season that had been dragging on since early admissions began in October.....
What to Expect When You're Accepting: A College Cost Checklist for Parents
Huffington Post - Mar 18, 2014
The families of John Hancock College Preparatory High School, on Chicago's South Side, are lucky to have Hector Gonzalez, a 32-year-old family outreach coordinator. When I met him on a listening tour with the President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability a few years ago....
How to claim a $2,500 college tax credit
CBS News MoneyWatch - Mar 17, 2014
If you've got children in college, you could be eligible for a valuable tax credit when you file your taxes this year. The American Opportunity Tax Credit could knock $2,500 off your tax bill for your child's college expenses. .....
Paying For College: No Easy Answers For Many Families
NPR.org - Paying for College - Mar 17, 2014
The math is clear: College pays off. Among Americans ages 25 to 32, college graduates earned $17,500 more than high school graduates in 2012 ó the largest pay differential ever, according to Pew Research. When it comes to earnings,....
The Spring Break College Tour: A Survival Guide
Wall Street Journal - Mar 12, 2014
March Madness is upon us, by which I mean the tradition of taking your high school junior on a manic tour of college campuses. I've done it twice now, so I feel that I have some perspective on how to survive it.....
Are Parents Obligated to Pay For College?
WBUR - Here & Now - Mar 6, 2014
The case of a New Jersey high school senior who is suing her parents over payment for her education, is raising questions about parental obligations and higher education....
How to tell your kid you can't afford her dream college
CNN.com/Money  - Mar 3, 2014
You meant it when you said, "Study hard in high school, and we'll send you to the best college you get into." But now you're looking at the cost of Dream U -- and panicking.......
Three things divorced parents need to know about college
Reuters - Mar 3, 2014
(Reuters) - Figuring out how to split childcare costs when you're divorcing is not easy, but it can be like remedial math compared to deciding who pays what for your children's college education........
Cleveland Administrator Launches College Tours for Parents
Edweek  - Mar 3, 2014
Working with parents comes naturally to Tracy Hill. The Cleveland schools administrator began her teaching career 24 years ago working with the families of children whose behavior problems made it difficult for them to attend traditional public schools.....
High school senior suing parents for college tuition
USA Today  - Mar 3, 2014
MORRISTOWN, N.J. ó An honor student and athlete who claims her parents threw her out of their home when she turned 18 has taken the highly unusual step of suing them for immediate financial support and to force them to pay for her college education.....
A Fellow Traveler's Advice on Parenting Through the College Admission Process
Tue Admissions Blog - Feb 25, 2014
Lists are objects of affection here at College Admission. There's nothing like a checklist to help students and families break down the big challenge of college applications into its manageable parts....
The Role Of Parents In The College Application Process
The Huffington Post - Feb 25, 2014
It's incredibly hard to believe that our kids are heading off to college or are already there. As parents, we reflect on their growing years, our involvement at their schools, at sporting events or making costumes for their plays...
I Took the SAT 7 Times to Help My Son Get Into College
The Atlantic - Feb 25, 2014
ďTell your mother,Ē she said, guiding my 12-year-old son, Ethan, into the conference room. Her hand rested gently on his shoulder, as if to say, ďDonít worry, Iíve got your back.Ē This was the school psychologist...
How a College Roommate Can Affect Your Child
New York Times - Feb 24, 2014
When you have a child off at college, you worry about his general health, state of mind, alcohol use ó and, as you sign those tuition checks, academic achievement. But how much thought do you give to your childís roommate?...
Claiming Valuable Education Tax Credits
The College Solution Blog - Feb 24, 2014
If you have a child in college, do you qualify for a federal tax credit or tax deduction? These are valuable tax benefits that can help you defray the rising cost of a college degree and yet some parents have no idea that they exist or whether they would qualify....
On College: Parents need to butt out from doing children's homework
San Jose Mercury News - Feb 17, 2014
It seems that with each passing generation, the level of parental involvement on a day-to-day basis in a child's school has increased. echnology makes it that much easier, since parents can see a student's exam grade before the child even gets home from school..
Tips for parents of college-bound students
Chicago Parent - Feb 18, 2014
If you are a parent of a child headed to high school or college, you probably have a list of questions already formulating in your head: Which school is right for us? How do I make sure my child is academically and socially prepared? Are all these honor classes really worth it?....
What Parents Should Teach Their Children About Student Loans
Huffington Post - Feb 18, 2014
For most parents, their biggest dream is sending their children to college. They know a college education can give their child a head start down life's highway. But for many parents the dream of college can become a financial nightmare. Many don't understand the college financial aid process, and too many fail to explain student loans to their children....
Parents paying for college is not an entitlement issue but one of responsibility
Washington Post - Feb 4, 2014
Everybody knows that one of the top issues that couples fight about is money. But this same type of drama can play out between siblings, parents and extended family members...
When Helping Your Child Choose the Right College, Ask the Right Questions at the Right Time
Huffington Post - Feb 6, 2014
"How can I help my daughter choose the right college?" This was the question during a parents' information session at a program hosted on campus this weekend. I heard the sincerity in this nervous parent's voice...
How should parents help teenagers manage stress?
Boston.com - Feb 12, 2014
Teens are stressed, and during the school year, even more stressed than adults. Thatís the finding of a new American Psychological Association survey of nearly 2,000 adults and more than 1,000 teens, andóas a parent of three teenagersóIím not surprised to hear the news....
Some parents, educators are rethinking role of AP
Idaho Statesman - Jan 29, 2014
BALTIMORE ó If there is one thing Katie Boltz has mastered in high school, it is how to use every minute of her day efficiently. With five Advanced Placement classes, the Dulaney High School senior doesn't text her friends or watch TV so she can focus on homework - but still only manages three or four hours of sleep some nights....
Parent abuse: When kids, teens bully Mom and Dad
SILive - Jan 21, 2014
STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. -- Sean Grover had witnessed the ďbullied parentĒ phenomenon unfold before his very eyes a few years ago. The licensed social worker was leading what had been a calm therapy session with a mother and her teenage son when suddenly....
5 Myths About Teens and Technology Every Parent Should Ignore
Huffington Post - Feb 4, 2014
As the editor of HuffPost Teen, I spend a good part of my day talking to Snapchat-sending, Facebook-hating, selfie-taking, iPhone-obsessed teens that many adults love to judge. I also talk to their parents.....
For Parents of College Applicants: Who Not to Talk to Until April 1st
Huffington Post - Jan 24, 2014
Once college applications are completed, high school seniors enter a lull period, an interminable limbo, worsened by the pressure to keep their grades up...
High schools can't guarantee admissions to top universities
San Jose Mercury News - Jan 27, 2014
Q: My child is in seventh grade right now and my husband and I are trying to figure out which is the best high school for him to attend so he can get into the best colleges. If he attends a private school, would that guarantee he gets into one of those colleges? ..
Students wonít learn? Go visit their parents.
Washington Post - Jan 26, 2014
Caleb Rossiter once told his math students at H.D. Woodson High School in the District that they would not be allowed into his classroom without their homework. It didnít work. ..
Why I Let My Daughter Get a ĎUselessí College Degree
TIME - Jan 21, 2014
My oldest child, Emma, just returned to campus after a long holiday break to finish up her last semester of college. ...
The dire consequences of helicopter parenting
Washington Post - Jan 1, 2014
źAmy (not her real name) sat in my office and wiped her streaming tears on her sleeve, refusing the scratchy tissues Iíd offered. ..
ĎSnowplow parentsí may be trapping their children
Washington Post - Dec 20, 2013
A new moniker, snowplow parents, refers to those who not only hover like helicopter parents but also plow ahead to preemptively eliminate any obstacles from their childís path....
15 ways for students - and parents - to deal with college application stress
Minneapolis Star Tribune - Dec 25, 2013
A freshman from Bloomington took to Twitter early this week with an astonishing self-revelation. Only four days into winter break, she wrote: ďI canít wait to go back to the U!Ē....
Parents, Teens And Starting College
KCUR - Dec 25, 2013
Late nights, too much microwave popcorn and a whole lot of workógetting used to college in your first semester is tough.....
15 ways for students - and parents - to deal with college application stress
Boston.com - Dec 15, 2013
There is no way to completely eliminate stress during the college admissions process, but those who work with students say there are ways to help make it bearable for students and parents. The following is a list of some of those suggestions....
Teenagers don't need padded resumes to get into top universities
The Guardian - Dec 16, 2013
'Tis the season for holidays, snow Ö and college applications. If you have a teenager or know one, you are probably aware that millions of young adults are finalizing their resumes, ....
Tips for stress-free winter breaks with college kids
WOWK - Dec 13, 2013
(HealthDay News) -- That initial warm welcome from parents when college students return home for the holidays can turn frosty with unexpected tension and conflict, an expert warns....
Bad parenting on display in HBO Sports documentary
McCall - Dec 11, 2013
have covered high school sports around here for more than 30 years and have come to know my share of parents who have lost a sense of reality when it comes to their own child's athletic career...
College Admissions: Freshmen Blues - Whatís a Parent to Do?
golocalworcester - Nov 25, 2013
Fall is here, and soon college students will be coming home for Thanksgiving break. Some freshmen will be gushing with excitement over their new friends, exhilarating courses or latest extra-curricular interests. Other students will beg their parents to let them stay home after vacation ends...
College Tips: Parents, get ready to tackle the FAFSA
NJ.com - Nov 22, 2013
The college application process is often emotional, with students sizing up their choices based on their gut feelings. But there's an important financial side to the decision: How are we going to pay for it?...
Are "helicopter" kids more successful?
CBS News MoneyWatch - Dec 3, 2013
(MoneyWatch) When moms write their kids' college essays and pitch a fit in order to get a grade raised, that may well improve a young person's chances of getting into the school of their choice....
College Touring 101: From the Perspective of a Younger Brother Being Dragged Along for the Ride
Huffington Post - Nov 22, 2013
Touring colleges can be a rather daunting task, especially if you're looking for the place that you'll be spending the next four, or more, years of your life. This task can seem even more overwhelming if you are exposed to it before you're mentally ready to even think ...
Let Go of the College Essay, and Let Your Teenager Speak for Herself
New York Times - Motherlode  - Nov 15, 2013
Recently I told the story in the Wall Street Journal of a father who offered me, an independent college applications counselor, a $10,000 check to write his sonís college essays...
Thanksgiving Thoughts for Parents of Pre-College and College Kids
Huffington Post  - Nov 14, 2013
Thanksgiving is a great time to think about all the things we have to be grateful for in our lives. We live in a land of abundance where most children have the opportunity to attend college...
17 great holiday gifts for college students
CBS News MoneyWatch  - Nov 19, 2013
(MoneyWatch) With Thanksgiving coming unusually late this year, now is the time to start searching for Christmas gifts for college students. On the list are some hot new electronic ideas, some traditional gift suggestions and even jazzy new inventions...
ĎSnowplow parentsí overly involved in college studentsí lives
Boston Globe  - Nov 9, 2013
At Boston University, one father was so upset over his daughterís A-minus final grade that he called the professor to complain, and then the department chair, and then the academic dean....
2 major new roles for parents of the college-bound
Long Island College Prep Examiner  - Nov 9, 2013
Businesses around the world were invited to take part in LinkedIn Bring In Your Parents Day on November 7, according to Linked Inís website. A week prior, on November 1, The New York Times reported parents are The New Faces of College Admissions...
How to go to college like a venture capitalist
MarketWatch - Nov 12, 2013
A job after graduation. Itís what all parents want for their kids. So, whatís the smartest way to invest tuition dollars to make that happen? The question is more complicated, and more pressing, than ever....
3 easy step college-bound time management plan-part 2
Long Island College Prep Examiner  - Nov 7, 2013
The college prep cup runneth over for many parents and students pressed for time. Hereís Part 2 of a three part college-bound time management plan so students can achieve their college dreams. Stay tuned for Part 3....
The New Faces of College Admissions: Parents
New York Times  - Nov 3, 2013
MY DAUGHTER was in college. I had let go, just as the school had suggested. Then the email arrived, asking me to pitch in and join its ďadmission network.Ē Iíd thought I was finished with school volunteer work!...
Parents key to reducing teens' chances of being in a crash
Shreveport Times - Oct 28, 2013
Itís one of the most joyous moments of teen life and one of the most frightening for their parents: passing the driverís license test. For teens, itís freedom. For parents, itís constant worry....
As college looms, parents can cheer ó and let go
Gazettenet - Oct 22, 2013
We walk to the top of the hill to see the ring of trees showing off their fall apparel and it is impressive. The college campus below is an inviting array of buildings, and for the moment the act of standing there balances out the stress that applying to college has brought to our house...
The Formula That Determines Your College Cost
Forbes - Oct 22, 2013
How much are you going to fork over to send your kid to college? I have a formula that will give you a very good idea...
The College Admissions Passion Play
Wall Street Journal - Oct 18, 2013
My daughter, a high-school senior, seems like a strong college prospect: an avid learner with good grades and lots of extracurricular activities including varsity sports, student government and volunteer work. But with college early-admissions deadlines looming,"..
Parents' Weekend at college: Why you might want to skip it
NBC News Today Show - Oct 11, 2013
It seems as if you just packed your college freshman off, schlepping all those boxes to their dorm room, and paying that hefty first semester tuition bill.....
The (First) Three Things Parents Want From Their Kids' College
Huffington Post - Oct 11, 2013
Running a college admissions office isn't easy. Colleges attract students with gorgeous postcards, up-to-date social media campaigns, and lots and lots -- and lots -- of phone calls.....
What to Do if Your Teen Is a Bully
US News & World Report - Oct 7, 2013
No parent wants to be called into the principal's office. The meetings rarely bear good news and instead alert parents to a problem with their teen. "Your son is failing math." "Your daughter is skipping school." Neither is pleasant to hear, but in most cases, parents know how to proceed.....
Why Parents Shouldn't Make Kids Pay for Their Own College Education
CafeMom - Oct 7, 2013
Even though my son is only 7 years old, my husband and I realize that before we know it, he'll be graduating from high school and going off to college. And that's why lately we've been talking about how we need to get our butts in gear as far as saving money for his future education. ....
Itís SAT Week! 5 Tips for Parents with Teens
Parade Magazine - Oct 1, 2013
Saturday, October 5th is SAT day for many college-bound teens. While most parents arenít taking the test, many are sweating it out with their kids. As test day approaches, itís normal, but not comfortable, for family tension to climb. ....
6 Things Only The Mother Of A Teenage Girl Would Understand
Huffington Post - Sep 30, 2013
Years ago, when my then 8-year-old daughter was as sweet as sugar and my then 5-year-old son a holy terror, someone wise said to me "It all changes when they become teenagers." While my now 16-year-old daughter ...
Simple advice for college students from a parent
Boston.com - Sep 30, 2013
Sometimes we over-complicate things. Itís kind of human nature, right? Every now and then a simple, terse reality check from someone whoís ďbeen there, done thatĒ is just what we need. So, when a Dean College staff member ....
When Do ĎFamily Rulesí Change for Teenagers?
New York Times - Motherlode - Sep 27, 2013
Life was easier when my children were young and my husband and I could easily make rules and stick to them. But now that two of my daughters are teenagers, itís harder to be firm with the rules, or even know what the rules should be. ....
Essays, smack-talking siblings and a big college deadline
DrStrangeCollege - Sep 25, 2013
We are parents of a high school senior and we are in the midst of college application season. Our oldest child worked his way through applications two years ago, acquainting us with the rhythms of deadlines and the components....
10 Things Not To Do When Your Child Applies To College
Huffington Post  - Sep 23, 2013
Ah, Autumn. The leaves will start turning soon, there's a nip in the air, football, apple cider, pumpkins... And for parents of high school seniors, college applications....
How to Talk To Your Parents About Applying to College
Her Campus  - Sep 19, 2013
College application season is in full swing! From Common App essays to what seems like a million supplements to fill in, applying to college is stressful enough without your parents looking over your shoulder....
Dealing With Your College Guidance Counselor: 8 Tips For Parents
Forbes - Sep 18, 2013
You and your spouse are in the guidance counselorís office and have just taken a look at the college list painstakingly crafted for your first-born child, vessel of family dreams and aspirations. Youíve shelled out upwards of $25,000 a year on tuition since kindergarten with this day in mind. ....
7 Important Tips for Parents on Teen Dating
Babble  - Sep 16, 2013
have a few years before I have to really worry about my kids starting to date, but I know that as school starts up again, there are many parents and teens having this dating debate in their own house....
Rescue Lunches and Parents' Role in the College Admission Process
True Admissions Blog  - Sep 4, 2013
On my daily path between office and mail room, I always notice a long line of lunch bags, Sharpie-labeled with studentsí names and often sporting the logo of one of the popular local delis. I walk past the lunch-bag display, conquering the urge to snitch a bag and munch on the potato chips therein,....
Parental Warning: U.S. News & World Report Releases Best Colleges Rankings
Huffington Post - Sep 11, 2013
Like every year, as summer wraps and college-bound parental panic begins to surge, U.S. News and World Report shares its rankings of Best Colleges. While one can appreciate the painstaking data collection and the voluminous amount of information packed into one document....
Should You Bring Mom and Dad to Your Job Interview?
Wall Street Journal - Sep 10, 2013
Paul From was used to meeting the spouses and children of employees at company events. As chief executive of Central Wire Industries, a manufacturing firm based in Perth, Ontario, he has long held regular baseball games to get to know his employees better....
Shouting at Your Teenagers Only Foments Rebellion
EdWeek - Sep 11, 2013
Yelling is the most common solution to many problems. Stuck in traffic? Try yelling. TV on the fritz? Give it what-for. ...
Vacationís Over! 5 College-Bound Tips for Parents of High School Students
Parade Magazine - Sep 3, 2013
Now that vacation season has wrapped and the school buses are back on the road, parents of high school students are kicking into college mode. But where do you begin on the long and confusing road to higher education? Below are five tips to get your family on track. ...
Parents: Yelling and swearing at teens can backfire
USA Today - Sep 4, 2013
Harsh verbal discipline increases the risk teens will misbehave and exhibit symptoms of depression ...
How Involved Are Parents in Their Childrenís Education?
Washington Monthly - Sep 3, 2013
According to a recent paper issued by the Department of Educationís National Center on Education Statistics, parental involvement in childrenís education is pretty high. According to the report: ...
Tutor reveals Ivy-admissions madness of rich penthouse parents
New York Post - Aug 22, 2013
Lacy Crawfordís first novel, ďEarly DecisionĒ (William Morrow), out this week, was inspired by the 15 years she spent working as an independent college-admissions counselor to the rich-and-powerfulís sons and daughters in Manhattan, Chicago, Los Angeles and London. For a fee,....
A letter to my son as he leaves for college
CNN - Aug 28, 2013
(CNN) -- Already the days are getting shorter, nature's signal that everything must come to an end and begin again. It's almost here -- the freedom you have longed for all year and the day I've dreaded for months, perhaps, even, since the day you were born....
Why Parents Should Butt Out of College Essays
Wall Street Journal - Aug 23, 2013
Lacy Crawford, author of "Early Decision: Based on A True Frenzy", spent 15 years as an independent applications adviser. She speaks with WSJ's Jarrard Cole about the stress surrounding college applications and how to write a standout personal statement....
Saying goodbye to my child, the youngster
Washington Post - Aug 19, 2013
Eventually, the cosmologists assure us, our sun and all suns will consume their fuel, violently explode and then become cold and dark. Matter itself will evaporate into the void and the universe will become desolate for the rest of time.....
Some Advice For Parents Of New College Students
Forbes - Aug 20, 2013
Itís mid-August, and 21 million young adults in the United States are getting ready for college. For many of these students, it is a first-time experience that inspires excitement, optimism and more than a little anxiety....
The High Cost of Senior Year
The Star-Ledger  - Aug 20, 2013
Claudia Mott is a certified financial planner, so to her, budgeting and looking ahead money-wise is second nature. But when her oldest of three kids started his senior year of high school, the Long Hill Township woman was in for sticker shock.....
Parent Eligibility for College PLUS Loans Reviewed
EdWeek - Aug 16, 2013
It may be easier for parents to get for low-interest federal student loans to cover college expenses as a result of new action being taken by the Obama administration......
Beloit College's Mindset List: Clues to Class of 2017
USA Today - Aug 20, 2013
This year's incoming college freshmen were babies starting to crawl about the same time news bulletins started crawling across the bottom of TV screens.....
Admissions Officers Suggest Summer Reading for High School Students, Parents
Ed Week - Jun 16, 2013
Editors at The New York Times asked a handful of college-admissions counselors for summer reading suggestions and the responses generated an interesting list. Among the recommended books.......

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