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Should U.S. Public Colleges Accept More International Students, Or Not?
Forbes - Nov 11, 2016
In the 2014-2015 school year, America hosted 974,926 international students in its various colleges and universities, both at the undergraduate and graduate level. ..
A Liberal Arts Degree Is More Important Than Ever
Forbes - Nov 16, 2016
n our fractious world, discussions can all too often degenerate into arguments and shouting matches. The recent presidential election provides the most extreme case in point. The Chronicle of Higher Education has reported, for example, ..
What Trump’s Election Means for College Students and Parents
TIME - Nov 9, 2016
In the short term, not much. Longer term could be a different story. Here's what we know now. Elections, as they say, have consequences, and last night’s presidential victory of Donald J. Trump may have more than most...
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

How Many Colleges You Should Apply To
Teen Vogue - Nov 15, 2016
With college acceptance rates at many Ivy League schools bottoming out at 5 and 6%, or even lower like Stanford’s 4.69%, crafting a manageable and realistic list of schools to which to apply can start to sound like equal parts science and sorcery. How many is too many? How few are too few? , ..
What's Your Major? Be Ready to Answer
Lamorinda Weekly  - Nov 16, 2016
Thousands of high school seniors cruise through college applications, completing basic contact information, high school coursework and grades, test scores and activities without a hitch. But these same students often cringe when asked "Indicate Your Major."..
Comparing the Different Types of College Applications
TeenLife Blog - Nov 10, 2016
Not only can choosing a college be confusing and overwhelming, once you finalize your college choices you have another decision to make: Which college application should you use? ..
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Social Media

3 Overlooked Ways to Use Social Media to Research Colleges
US News - Nov 14, 2016
You've likely heard about the downsides of social media and how oversharing and unprofessional comments can wreak havoc on your application. But social media can also be a great tool for college-bound students:, ..
Social media profile may help high school students
MycentralJersey - Nov 10, 2016
The list of items required for college applications hadn’t changed much over the years: Official high school transcript, SAT scores, essay, and recommendation letters. But recently, some “social media experts” have been advising high school seniors to go one step further and create elaborate LinkedIn profiles to impress college admissions officers..
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How to conquer the dreaded college application essay
Washington Post - Nov 10, 2016
Six hundred fifty words to change your life. With only that much to work with, Scheherazade, the storytelling Arabian princess of “One Thousand and One Nights,” would have been done before 10 on the first night, even if she weighed each word as carefully as a high school senior t..
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Letters of Recommendation

How to Ask Teachers for College Recommendations
Teen Vogue  - Nov 14, 2016
Filling out college applications is stressful enough as it is, but asking teachers for college recommendation letters can account for serious anxiety. Many of us have trouble accepting a simple compliment, let alone asking one of our superiors to write a whole letter singing our praises — a letter our futures practically depend on...
Shy Student’s Guide to Getting A Teacher Recommendation
Gazettes  - Nov 13, 2016
This year several students wishing to apply to private schools made claims that they could not get any of their junior or senior year teachers to write them recommendations. Eventually the truth emerged: they were too nervous to ask for a recommendation....
A College Counselor's Guide On How To Ask for a Teacher’s Recommendation
University Herald  - Nov 15, 2016
Shy students often miss out on many things, and at times find it hard to approach people for various purposes. One such problem that shy students have is the difficulty in asking a teacher for a letter of recommendation to apply for college. For this, a college counselor shares some tips...
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Campus Visits and Interviews

How to prep for your college interview
Tribune News Service  - Nov 9, 2016
Most go well, but practice and research the school to ensure you succeed. Sweaty palms, churning stomach and the deer-in-the-headlights look are common anticipated experiences for high school seniors when approaching their first college interview. ....
4 Things Admissions Officers Are Looking for in Your Interview
Her Campus  - Nov 9, 2016
Your applications are in, you’re eagerly waiting acceptances and you’ve even landed an interview or two ––you’re off to a great start! But, now that your interviews are just around the corner, you may be wondering what admissions officers are really looking for.....
A former Harvard admissions interviewer shares the 5 questions she asked almost every applicant
Business Insider - Nov 9, 2016
Of the more than 39,000 people who applied to be part of Harvard College's class of 2020, a little more than 2,100 were admitted. That's about a 5% acceptance rate.....
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Nov 17, 2016
College Access under President Trump It really should come as no surprise that the results of a presidential election lead to change. Just like the start of a new school year, or getting a new principal, change requires us to focus on what we do and how we do it in a brand new way... More
4 Tips for High School Officials to Manage Student Protests
US News - Nov 14, 2016
Teens across the country walked out of class last week to protest the presidential election of Donald Trump. "There was a lot of anger about a lot of hatred that students are perceiving from this president-elect," says Sam Pasarow, principal of Berkeley High School in California, ..
ASCA Releases Guidance to Support Students Affected by 2016 Election
ASCA Press Release - Nov 15, 2016
ALEXANDRIA, VA. – The American School Counselor Association (ASCA) released Helping Students After the 2016 Election, an online reference to help school counselors and educators support students following the recent presidential election. ..
Kizoa Launches International Education Program ‘Kizoa for Schools’
HSCW Contributer Blog  - Nov 16, 2016
Kizoa, an online movie editing application, today announced the launch of its international school program, Kizoa for Schools. According to a report published by Campaign for America’s Future and the National Education Association, most state legislatures have passed new state budgets that have a huge negative effect on public education,..
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College Admissions: Must-Have Books
Huffington Post - Nov 14, 2016
Parents, are you wondering what to get your college-bound student this holiday season? Students, are you struggling with the perfect gift for your parents? Well, Santa and the elves have some ideas for you on the best books to give this year. Pair them up with a Kindle Fire and an IRIS Pen Scanner,.....
9 Signs That Your Teen Graduates with Student Loans
The College Solution Blog - Nov 11, 2016
Many people don’t know how much they’ve borrowed from college until they graduate. Often they don’t realize that all the financial aid they received was actually loans until they receive their first repayment notice.....
Can you truly afford to help your kids with college?
CNBC - Nov 10, 2016
With student-loan debt at an all-time high, many parents are rushing to help foot the bill. But should they? This question has been trending lately, and for good reason. .....
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ACT to debut new supports for English learners on 2017-18 tests
Education Dive - Nov 16, 2016
Achievement gaps between English learners and their English-speaking peers are substantial, but districts are hard-pressed to determine how much of that gap is based on an inability to convey knowledge because of the language barrier.....
Your Admission Tests Study Toolbox
Uloop - Nov 14, 2016
Why are admission tests still a thing? Applying to grad school is already stressful enough, and then they want to add some standardized test on top of it that will show the school your worth? Oh joy.....
Can a free SAT prep class ever be as good as pricey in-person ones?
Washington Post - Nov 10, 2016
When Nathan Bernard took the PSAT his freshman and sophomore years of high school, he admits, he didn’t take the test seriously. “I don’t think I brought a calculator,” the blond 17-year-old said, laughing, on a recent Sunday afternoon at his home in Alexandria, Va. .....
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Hey Students, Applying For College Aid Is Easier! (But Still Hard) - Nov 16, 2016
When the Obama administration announced last year that it would overhaul the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, prospective college students (and their parents) cheered.....
Going to college? First you have to FAFSA
Hattiesburg American - Nov 16, 2016
Think playing on sports' travel team will help your kids get a college scholarship? Think again. Commentator John U. Bacon advises that they hit the books instead....
To Get A College Scholarship: Forget The Field, Hit The Books - Nov 16, 2016
When the Obama administration announced last year that it would overhaul the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, or FAFSA, prospective college students (and their parents) cheered.....
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Career and Technical Education

Trump has promised manufacturing jobs, but high school grads might want to seek credentialed “middle-skills” posts instead
Hechinger Report - Nov 15, 2016
I miss watching Gunsmoke on Saturday nights. I miss casseroles. I miss canasta games with friends. I miss browsing the new video releases at Blockbuster. I miss being completely off the grid.....
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New graduation rules tied to tests worry Ohio school leaders - Nov 15, 2016
COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) — Public school officials from around the state are raising concerns that a large number of high schoolers are in jeopardy of not graduating next school year because of new graduation requirements tied to more demanding tests...
School counseling: What our students need
The Star Press - Nov 12, 2016
A sophomore struggling academically thrives after being guided to a drafting course available at his school. Fifth-graders throughout a district learn the connection between school and work through an annual BizTown event. And 21st Century Scholars attend an after-school seminar where they get hands-on training in the Scholar Success Program...
The state wants your input on education changes
Michigan Radio - Nov 16, 2016
The state board of education wants public feedback on how to reshape Michigan's education plan in response to a change in federal law. The Every Student Succeeds Act, or ESSA is replacing No Child Left Behind....
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Teen Smoking

Teens who vape are more likely to become teens who smoke — and smoke more often
Los Angeles Times - Nov 12, 2016
Los Angeles teens are giving health experts a fresh reason to fret about electronic cigarettes. In a study of more than 3,000 students in L.A. County public schools, ...
Teens with asthma almost twice as likely to smoke as their healthy counterparts
ScienceDaily - Nov 11, 2016
Curiosity is a driving factor in why most kids start smoking, and the same is true for kids with asthma. A study presented at the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) Annual Scientific Meeting found adolescents with asthma were twice as likely to smoke as kids without asthma ...
Online College Fair - CollegeWeekLive


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