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Big Picture

Going To College May Cost You, But So Will Skipping It - Feb 11, 2014
In America, total student loan debt tops $1 trillion and a four-year college degree can cost as much as a house — leaving many families wondering if college is really worth the cost.....
Commentary: What It Takes: A Path To Higher Ed
NBC News - Feb 11, 2014
Allowing capable, low-income kids equal access to higher education creates a richer, stronger America. It powers the United States to a lead position in the race to produce a globally-competitive workforce and builds an on-ramp to the middle class for families stranded in poverty, generation after generation....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Your College Advisor: Juniors must focus on three things
NorthJersey - Feb 12, 2014
For high school juniors, it’s time to get serious about college and the college admissions process. Since this process includes decisions and deadlines, if you haven’t started to think about college—stop putting it off...
Looking beyond the “Usual Suspects” in the college search
Charlotte Observer - Feb 10, 2014
Sometimes it’s the mom or dad, but more commonly it’s the student who is unfamiliar with the college landscape, who at first blush is challenged to look beyond the “usual suspects.”...
9 Non-Academic Things to Look for in a College
Her Campus - Feb 6, 2014
It’s almost time to make your big college decision! But after you’ve spent so much time visiting and researching colleges, what are you really looking for in a future school? Is it enough that your dream college offers your intended major and an interesting curriculum...
Experts provide tips on choosing between colleges
Indiana Gazette - Feb 11, 2014
Congratulations. You’ve been accepted to more than one college. Now comes the hard part: deciding which to go to. Make a mistake and you could be repeating the whole application process again next year — to transfer out....
College Admission Mythbusters (Part 2)
Bucks County Courier Times - Feb 11, 2014
I got a letter from the Dean! I’m in! For a high school student, there is something undeniably exciting about being the recipient of an unsolicited brochure from a prestigious university, or even better yet, a personalized letter from the Dean of Admissions practically begging you to apply. ...
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College Admissions: The 5 Biggest Campus Visit Mistakes
GoLocalProv - Feb 10, 2014
With February and March school vacations around the corner, families are busy planning college visits. If you have a junior in high school, now is the time to get on the road! Families who delay inevitably face a myriad of empty campus tours in summer...
Best Advice for College Visits
True Admission Blog - Feb 12, 2014
The rite of passage that is the college visit is one of the most important influences in determining where students will eventually apply. Walking across a campus, grabbing a cup of coffee in the student union, buying a sweatshirt at the bookstore...
Visiting college campuses this spring? Here’s what prospective students should look for
Tyler Morning Telagraph - Feb 10, 2014
There’s something to be said for going with your gut when it comes to choosing a college. Choosing a school that really spoke to you — a place where you felt comfortable and engaged from the moment you stepped on campus for your first visit — may prove to be the best decision you’ll ever make....
Hey Guys! Let's Go to a (College) Fair!
Huffington Post - Feb 10, 2014
What is a College Fair? A college fair is an event in which college admissions representatives come together at a school, community-gathering place or large convention center to meet one-on-one with high school students...
On College: When an interviewer seems out of line, report it
San Jose Mercury News - Feb 10, 2014
Over the years, I have heard some strange stories about college interviews. Most have to do with quirky questions posed to the students. But this year, I have heard three particularly shocking tales that have left me baffled....
Archives - Campus Visits & Interviews
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Letters of Recommendation

Teacher recommendation letters for college applications
Newsday  - Feb 10, 2014
Q. The prevailing wisdom seems to be that kids applying to college should get recommendation letters from 11th-grade teachers. But if a child has a closer relationship with a teacher from a 9th or 10th grade class, is that acceptable?....
Archives - Letters of Recommendation
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What every Ivy League college is looking for in its admission essays
Quartz  - Feb 11, 2014
Students applying to Ivy League schools find themselves having to wade through a particularly dense morass of conflicting advice. With Harvard and Princeton denying far more valedictorians than they accept....
Archives - College Essays

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College Admissions - Majors

Why It's Important to Think About Your Career in High School
US News - Feb 11, 2014
Considering how competitive the job market has become, it’s never too early to start to think about your career. “What are you going to do when you grow up?” is a common question, even for elementary school children...
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More students are taking AP exams, which don’t come cheap
Marketplace - Feb 11, 2014
A new report shows the number of high school students taking Advanced Placement exams has nearly doubled in the last decade.......
The SAT: Not an Effective Measuring Stick for Urban Students
Huffington Post - Feb 11, 2014
There is no denying that the SAT test has become a misunderstood educational instrument through the years. The original purpose of the SAT was to help evaluate the ability of an individual student on how best he or she can perform in college. ......
Archives - SATs & ACTs
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Feb 13, 2014
A Four-Year Degree is Worth More Than Ever
The world of higher education was thrown yet another loop this week when the Pew Research Center released a study on the value of a four-year college degree. ... More

‘The greatest line I never said’ — from college admissions counselors
Washington Post - Feb 10, 2014
Many college admissions counselors across the country communicate with each other through a listserv. Most often they share professional thoughts and advice, but every now and then, they have a little fun....
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Parents paying for college is not an entitlement issue but one of responsibility
Washington Post - Feb 4, 2014
Everybody knows that one of the top issues that couples fight about is money. But this same type of drama can play out between siblings, parents and extended family members...
When Helping Your Child Choose the Right College, Ask the Right Questions at the Right Time
Huffington Post - Feb 6, 2014
"How can I help my daughter choose the right college?" This was the question during a parents' information session at a program hosted on campus this weekend. I heard the sincerity in this nervous parent's voice...
How should parents help teenagers manage stress? - Feb 12, 2014
Teens are stressed, and during the school year, even more stressed than adults. That’s the finding of a new American Psychological Association survey of nearly 2,000 adults and more than 1,000 teens, and—as a parent of three teenagers—I’m not surprised to hear the news....
Archives - Parents
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Asking For Better Merit Aid Scholarships
The College Solution Blog - Feb 11, 2014
oday I am sharing a guest post by Bradford Pine, a financial advisor in Garden City, NY, who wrote about his experience with his daughter, who has been receiving acceptances and merit aid scholarships from schools. He explains how he lassoed a $14,000-a-year scholarship just by asking....
COLUMN-How asking for aid could hurt your college chances
Reuters - Feb 11, 2014
Filling out the federal financial aid form known as the FAFSA "is one of the first and most important steps" to getting a college education, First Lady Michelle Obama told a group of parents and students attending a FAFSA workshop at a Virginia high school on Wednesday....
FAFSA mistakes that can cost you the game
DC College Admissions Examiner - Feb 12, 2014
Even with its many enhancements, the FAFSA can be a challenging form for some families to complete. Mistakes can be costly and possibly result in lost financial aid.....
Archives - FinAid/Scholarships
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California Lawmakers Push for Universal College Campus Sexual Assault Protocols
Capital Public Radio - Feb 10, 2014
California lawmakers are pushing for colleges and universities to adopt uniform codes for dealing with on-campus sexual assaults. Backers say too many perpetrators are not facing any serious consequences....
Editorial: Utah’s open-admissions schools need taxpayer help
Salt Lake Tribune - Feb 9, 2014
There’s no doubt about the importance of open-access, career-oriented colleges and universities to Utah’s goal of preparing youth for good jobs and productive lives.....
More Colorado students taking advanced exams
Aurora Sentinel - Feb 12, 2014
DENVER | The College Board tracking student performance says more Colorado public school students are taking Advanced Placement exams that give them college credit for their work. - See more at:

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Teen Dating

Counselor offers tips on teen dating violence
KAIT-8 - Feb 11, 2014
AUGUSTA — College students are woefully and needlessly uninformed about the potential job opportunities, debt risk and starting salaries they’ll face after they graduate, according to an assessment of the higher educational...
Teen dating violence survivor: 'all the signs were there'
WBTV - Feb 7, 2014
CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) - Teens. Dating. Violence. It may not be something parents want to think is happening but it is. In fact, one in three adolescents in the United States is the victim of abuse by a dating partner and a staggering 81-percent of parents don't even know this is an issue....
Online College Fair - CollegeWeekLive


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Teen Dating



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