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The Globalization of America’s Colleges
The Atlantic - Nov 18, 2015
American colleges are educating more international students than ever before, according to a new report, “Open Doors Report on International Educational Exchange,” released by the Institute of of International Education. The widely anticipated report finds that nearly 1 million international students...
Despite efforts to increase them, university graduation rates fall
Hechinger Report - Nov 17, 2015
In spite of years of efforts to raise them, including financial incentives for public colleges and universities, America’s higher-education graduation rates are dropping at an accelerating rate, a new report shows....
Do College Admissions Criteria Capture Creativity?
Scientific American - Nov 07, 2015
What does it take to get into college? High school grades and standardized tests are still the most common metrics. While this information is often considered alongside other sources of information (interviews, personal statement, essay, letters of recommendation),...
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

4 Ways to Show a College It’s Your Top Choice
TIME - Nov 13, 2015
Colleges want students that want them, so don't play hard to get while applying. Most every college admissions official will tell you that applying early decision or early action is the best way to show a college you’re serious about it....
Why the Odds Are Terrible
The College Solution Blog - Nov 7, 2015
High-achieving students who apply every year to the Ivies and other elites schools have heard the grim statistics about how ridiculously hard it is to get into these schools. That reality, however, doesn’t deter students from applying even though the chances for most smart students is ZERO percent...
7 college admission myths that you shouldn't fall for
USA Today - Nov 7, 2015
We’re hardly the only ones out there with advice about college admissions myths. Pick your number — anything from five to 50 — and you can find an article outlining that many myths in the college admissions process...
Advice on What Really Matters in the College Process
Huffington Post - Nov 12, 2015
Each year the whole college process just gets more intimidating as ever more scholars throw their applications into America's top colleges and universities. Acceptance rates now hover around 5 percent at the most elite colleges....
What extracurricular activities do colleges love to see?
News Observer - Nov 12, 2015
When applying to college, it can be easy to fall into the trap of trying to seem like the "ideal" applicant - someone who has a high GPA, strong standardized test scores and a wide variety of extracurricular activities...
5 Smart Ways to Save Money on College Applications
TIME - Nov 5, 2015
If you're applying to a bunch of schools, the bill can add up fast. Here's how you can cut it down to size. Today’s college-bound high school students are filing far more applications than their parents did. ...
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Is applying early decision or early action the right move for you?
USA Today - Nov 16, 2015
From the student who unexpectedly secured acceptance from a reach school to the student who applied Early Decision only to receive a horrible financial aid package, there are myths abound in the world of college applications about Early Action and Early Decision. ...
College Admissions: 4 Things To Do While Waiting For Early Admissions
GoLocalProv College Admissions - Nov 16, 2015
Many parents and students are anxiously awaiting the first round of college admission responses. Early action and early decision acceptances are usually returned around December 15, but some colleges will send them out sooner and some will go later. What many parents ...
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5 Steps for Using College Admissions Essays to Address Weaknesses
US News - Nov 9, 2015
A semester of lackluster grades, a disciplinary report or a poor showing on a standardized exam can all present significant challenges when attempting to get into a competitive college. Most experts advise addressing any deficiency directly....
‘Copy and paste’ is not always your friend
DC College Admissions Examiner - Nov 13, 2015
Everyone has heard the story of the college applicant who inadvertently inserted the wrong institutional name in an admissions essay. Harvard likes to tell the story of receiving an essay earnestly extolling the virtues of Yale...
10 Reasons Your Daughter's College Essay Won't Resemble Your Son's
Forbes - Nov 11, 2015
When high-school students write their college admissions essays, do girls’ topic choices resemble what boys pick? A new analysis of 6,734 college essays says that in a surprising number of cases, the answer is: “No.”...
Selling yourself through the personal statement
Baltimore Sun - Nov 9, 2015
It's that time of year again: a nip in the air, leaves falling — and high school seniors stressing over their college applications, especially the essay part...
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5 Unusual Questions to Ask on a College Visit
TeenLife Blog - Nov 12, 2015
If you visit a college, take the tour. Tour guides will give you basic information, show you around the campus, and answer typical questions regarding class size, student activities, and more. But beyond the typical questions, parents and students should ask some probing ones that dig deep into how the college sees, values, and serves its students...
Countdown to College: Tips so you don’t tank on your interview
Charlotte Observer - Nov 13, 2015
The college interview. It was once an important staple of the college admissions process. Young men dressed up in jackets and ties, young women wore short heels and pearls and they sat down for a formal interview inside the college admissions office...
Alumni interviews: 'Rules of the Road' revisited
DC College Admissions Examiner - Nov 16, 2015
When I first published the ‘Rules of the Road’ listed below in 2009, I received tremendous response from students, parents, and college counselors. Evidently the article touched a nerve. Stories came from all over the country documenting instances of abuse and simple thoughtlessness..
3 Ways to Capitalize on College Fairs to Distinguish Your Application
Yahoo News - Nov 2, 2015
College fairs, whatever their size and wherever they may be held, are excellent opportunities for high school juniors and seniors to learn more about potential colleges and universities. While the institutions that attend college fairs see them as a chance to advertise themselves ..
College Admissions: 6 Ways to Impress Your Interviewer
GoLocalWorcester College Admissions - Nov 16, 2015
Fall is peak season for high school seniors to do college interviews. Today, most large schools don’t offer interviews, but small to medium size colleges do. Some are evaluative, meaning they factor into an admission decision; others are informational, meaning they do not. Both demonstrate your interest in the college, which is often taken into consideration...
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Letters of Recommendation

3 Tips for High School Teachers Writing Recommendation Letters
US News - Nov 16, 2015
Many teens need letters of recommendation from their high school counselors and teachers to get into their dream college. "If it's done right, it brings the student to life," says Alisha Couch, director of admission operations and transfer recruitment at Ohio Wesleyan University....
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Nov 19, 2015
College Application Myths That Just Won’t Die
Leave it to Thanksgiving to bring out the panic in people. Colleges with early application deadlines are busy reading essays and talking about students More

Counselors express concern over admissions coalition
The Dartmouth - Nov 13, 2015
In late September, the College announced that it would join the Coalition for Access, Affordability and Success, which has prompted mixed responses from college counseling offices across the country. The Coalition offers a platform that will serve as an alternative to the Common App...
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5 Ways for Parents to Avoid College Application Stress
TeenLife Blog - Nov 9, 2015
Stress is a killer and when the college prep season arrives, it only intensifies. Do you know what to expect and how to deal with it? Just as with any family situation, anticipating problems that can or might arise should help you respond properly....
It's not too soon to talk about paying for college
Seattle College Bound Examiner - Nov 17, 2015
Though some parents avoid talking about finances until after their student has been accepted somewhere, the truth is that students need to know the financial realities of paying for college before they even begin their college search. ...
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Should You Take the SAT or the ACT?
TIME - Nov 5, 2015
It's no longer an "either/or" question in many families, this new survey finds. For many college-bound students today, the question of whether to take the ACT or the SAT seems to have gotten a whole lot easier. They’re just taking both....
Students should brace for longer, more difficult SAT
News Observer - Nov 12, 2015
Students across the country are preparing for a new, more challenging SAT that will debut in March, 2016 the first major revision of the college admissions exam in a decade....
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5 Best Ways to Snag a College Scholarship
TIME  - Nov 16, 2015
Advice for high school seniors and their parents from a financial-aid expert. November is National Scholarship Month and a perfect time for high school seniors and their parents to kick their search for college scholarships and financial aid into high gear...
Tips and Tricks for Filling Out a FAFSA for College Financial Aid
Kiplinger  - Nov 3, 2015
The Free Application for Federal Student Aid, better known as the FAFSA, is the ticket to many thousands of dollars in financial aid for college. Just be sure you get the application right so that you maximize the money you receive to cover tuition, fees, room, board and more. Here's what you need to know. ...
College Scholarships Aren’t Free Money
TIME  - Nov 16, 2015
Certain types of scholarships can reduce the grants you'll get directly from your school. It is National Scholarship Month, which means high school seniors are being exhorted to scoop up free money for college. ...
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Scholarships Help Drive Down Costs for Vocational Students
US News - Nov 5, 2015
Is it possible that, even in 2015, there still exists such an antiquated misconception as "scholarships are only for class valedictorians and top athletic prospects"? Unfortunately, I think that is something many still believe, and the reason that many deserving scholarship candidates never even bother to search..
Study: Young People Like Technology But Fewer Want IT Careers
Campus Technology - Nov 9, 2015
A survey of more than 1,000 people between the ages of 13 and 24 found them overwhelmingly comfortable with technology, even though a much smaller number expressed interest in careers in information technology...
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Massachusetts Drops Federal Common Core Test, Aiming At Its Own
NPR.org - Nov 11, 2015
Massachusetts' Board of Elementary and Secondary Education voted to develop its own standardized test by the spring of 2017, instead of adopting a federally funded Common Core Standards Initiative test. But critics say the state board didn't go far enough....
CCV Touts Dual Enrollment To Get More Vermont High School Graduates To College
Vermont Public Radio - Nov 11, 2015
First, the good news: Vermont has one of the best high school graduation rates in the country. The bad news? The Green Mountain state also has a relatively low rate of college attendance. ....
N.J. colleges claim university status
Philly.com - Nov 11, 2015
The list of New Jersey colleges is steadily shrinking, with one college after another disappearing across the state this year alone. Felician and Richard Stockton Colleges no longer exist. Thomas Edison State College is in the process of fading away. ....
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What’s the Recipe for an Effective Anti-Bullying Policy?
The Atlantic - Nov 13, 2015
Lots of states have passed legislation targeting this problem, but it can be hard to get kids to take the efforts seriously....
Bullies & Victims at Risk for Eating Disorders
PsychCentral.com (blog) - Nov 17, 2015
Those who are bullied in childhood can have an increased risk for a variety of mental health issues including anxiety, depression, and even eating disorders....
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