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Big Picture

As the SAT evolves, so do opinions on its value
Hechinger Report  - Mar 7, 2016
Thousands of high school students piled into test centers early March as the first group to take the new, revamped SAT. The College Board, which administers the test, promises a more comprehensive, modern evaluation of potential college success. ....
In college remedial classes, unprepared students get the least-trained teachers
Hechinger Report  - Mar 7, 2016
At Rutgers University-Newark, 20 college students were working through a word problem on a rainy February morning when several got stuck....
Hidden Gold in College Applications
New York Times - OpEd  - Mar 7, 2016
At Rutgers University-Newark, 20 college students were working through a word problem on a rainy February morning when several got stuck....
Will the New SAT Better Serve Poor Students?
The Atlantic  - Mar 5, 2016
The SAT has been called out of touch, instructionally irrelevant, and a contributor to the diversity gaps on college campuses because the test arguably benefits wealthier students who can afford heaps of test preparation.....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Pros, Cons of Applying to College as an Undecided Major
US News  - Mar 7, 2016
The applications for many colleges and universities allow students to specify an intended major, though this is not required – and not all students do so. In most cases, choosing to begin college as an undecided major or electing to declare a major before arriving on campus depends on an individual student's situation.....
More Colleges Are Cyber-Stalking Students During the Admissions Process
TIME  - Mar 9, 2016
Your online history is fair game. Yes, colleges still look at high school students’ grades and SAT scores to decide who gets accepted. But applicants should also keep in mind that admissions officers today are way more likely to be scrutinizing what high school students say and do on social media than ever before...
College Admissions: 5 Websites Revolutionizing Admissions
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - Mar 7, 2016
Hoverboards, Apple watches, self-driving cars…..but what is really new in college admissions? What are the ideas and technologies propelling students, college administrators and counselors into a more holistic college admissions process?....
Guidelines for Making the Final College Choice
Huffington Post  - Mar 7, 2016
The waiting is almost over as admission notices get sent out now and within the next few weeks. Making an informed and correct college choice is crucial.....
Choosing which college to attend
Seattle College Bound Examiner  - Mar 5, 2016
As admissions decisions arrive, students are faced with the question, “How do I choose which college to attend?” While there is no simple answer, below are a few things to consider as you ponder your options.....
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Gap Year

Will Taking a Gap Year Hurt My Daughter’s College Chances?
TIME  - Mar 7, 2016
Not if you play it right, this expert says. Q. My daughter wants to take a gap year before going on to college. Will that affect her chances of getting into college or getting financial aid?....
Why Top Universities Want Students to Take a Gap Year
Kicker  - Mar 8, 2016
When I told people I was taking a gap year, they were surprised. But they were often even more surprised when they realized that I was deferring Stanford to do so. Wouldn’t the school question my academic integrity? Wouldn’t I fall behind my overachieving peers? Wouldn’t…? And so forth....
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Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation: An unfair part of college admissions
Washington Post  - Mar 3, 2016
You don’t have to look too far these days to see debate and action on reforming college admissions. The Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success is creating a new application and portfolio ....
Letters of recommendation hurt students from struggling high schools
Education Drive  - Mar 7, 2016
DePaul University’s associate vice president, division of enrollment management and marketing, adds letters of recommendation to the list of unfair admissions considerations that disproportionately benefit students from wealthier, or college prep-oriented high schools....
Archives - Letters of Recommendation
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Campus Visits/Interviews/Fairs

4 campus visit tips for parents
Charlotte Observer  - Mar 6, 2016
If this spring break is going to be your first stroll on a college campus since your own graduation day, here are four tips to avoid some rookie-parent campus visit mistakes. ....
Touring colleges? Be Sure To Make These 3 Connections
TeenLife Blog  - Mar 9, 2016
A college visit is possibly the most important component of your college search. Without a visit, you are applying blind. Without a visit, you can’t know if the college is a good fit for you. And without a visit, you won’t be able to make three important personal connections: the college admissions counselors, ....
How to Plan a College Visit Road Trip Over Spring Break
Her Campus  - Mar 6, 2016
Spring break is right around the corner and pre-collegiettes from all across the country are beginning to plan their long-awaited college visits. It is a prime time for visiting colleges and checking out which schools pique your interest....
Include college visits in your spring break plans
Spokane College Examiner  - Mar 7, 2016
Spring break is time for high school students to relax and enjoy some down time. However many families often spend the break on a vacation away from home. Have you thought about adding some college visit to your holiday plans?....
When To Visit: The College Tour Circuitt
Forbes  - Mar 7, 2016
Before you decide when to visit a college campus, remember why you’re going: To see it in person and evaluate it as a possible environment for a four-year academic and social experience....
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College Application Essays Need Stories
Gazettes  - Mar 6, 2016
If there is something important you wish to get across on your college essay, then it’s best to say it in the form of a story, a narrative essay....

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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Mar 10, 2016
Activities That Build a Better College Plan
Like roads after the spring thaw, the road to college has never been. Record numbers of college applications lead the media to wonder, “Can anyone get into college?” ... More

Money for student counseling takes a back seat
Minnesota Public Radio  - Mar 7, 2016
Lots of young, enthusiastic people want to be school counselors in Minnesota. Test scores and graduation data show there's plenty of need for the kind of support counselors provide....
3 Surprising Skills That School Counselors Need
Edutopia  - Mar 7, 2016
Everything that school counselors need to know, they learned in graduate school. Right? Well, sort of. While school counseling programs thoroughly prepare graduates, as with any degree, there is some on-the-job learning that isn't always covered in school...
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A Good Reason to Let Your Kids Borrow for College
TIME  - Mar 3, 2016
Starting adult life with student loans is hard, but it may beat the alternative. You know how they say you should put your own retirement first, before saving for your kids’ college tuition?..
Boyfriend/Girlfriend Can Shape College Students’ Financial Habits
PsychCentral.com (blog)  - Feb 22, 2016
A new study surprisingly finds that college students learn money skills by observing the way in which their boyfriend or girlfriend manage their money...
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Newly redesigned SAT college entrance exam gets good reviews
Boston Globe - Mar 4, 2016
Demand for private tutoring is largely driven by the desire of parents to see their kids gain an edge in the classroom and competitive college admissions, .. ..
Newly redesigned SAT college entrance exam gets good reviews
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette - Mar 5, 2016
WASHINGTON — Not so tricky. More straightforward. Guessing allowed. The newly redesigned SAT college entrance exam that debuts nationally today is getting good reviews from some of the students who took it early this week.. ..
Students Across U.S. Take New SAT A) Saturday B) Sunday C) None Of The Above
NPR.org - Mar 5, 2016
Ready your pencils. This morning, across America, the redesigned version of the SAT — the standardized entrance exam widely used in college admissions — is being administered for the first time. ..
The new SAT: The verdict is --
CNN.com - Mar 7, 2016
(CNN)If you heard a mysterious sound last weekend, it was probably the collective exhale from nearly 300,000 students across the country, relieved to be finished with the SAT -- a new version that had undergone its biggest changes in a decade, maybe ever...
What Teens Think of the New SAT
The Collge Solution Blog - Mar 7, 2016
The College Board is about to unveil its newly redesigned SAT college admissions test, with the first students set to take it next Saturday. We already know a lot about the new exam, which was designed to align heavily with the Common Core ..
College Board adds unexpected experimental section to ‘some’ SATs
DC College Admissions Examiner - Mar 4, 2016
Thanks to some terrific reporting from Valerie Strauss, of the Washington POST and excellent follow-up by Catherine Gewertz, of Education Week, we now know that the College Board will be adding a fifth, entirely unexpected, section to the “redesigned” SAT (rSAT) administered to some students taking the new test for the first time tomorrow. ..
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5 FAFSA myths debunked
Shreveport Times  - Mar 92016
It’s January, so FAFSA season has begun. If you’re planning to attend college in the 2016-17 school year, you need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to be considered for loans, grants, work-study programs and some scholarships...
These mistakes cost many students their shot at college financial aid
MarketWatch  - Mar 7, 2016
On a recent weeknight in a New York City high school classroom, 17-year-old Egady Torres sat surrounded by his parents, siblings and other students as he waited for a volunteer to call him into a computer lab and help him fill out the forms that might unlock the resources he needs to pay for college...
Use Spring Break to Find, Win College Scholarships
US News  - Mar 3, 2016
Spring break allows students to enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation – but it's also a great opportunity to find and win scholarships to fund a college education. ..
A Quick Guide to Financial Aid Essentials
TIME  - Mar 3, 2016
Khalfani-Cox, author of College Secrets: How to Save Money, Cut College Costs and Graduate Debt Free, also talks about how students should be aware that the kinds of schools they apply to may dictate the financial aid they receive ..
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Career and Technical Education

Acting U.S. Education Secretary King to Urge Reauthorization of Perkins Act at Baltimore’s Digital Harbor Foundation Tech Center
US Dept of Ed - Release  - Mar 9, 2016
The Perkins Act provides more than $1.1 billion for the nation’s career and technical education programs at the 7-12 and higher education levels. The Obama Administration’s priorities for Perkins reauthorization include creating incentives for innovative high-quality Career and Technical Education (CTE) program ...
Career Tech Education prepares students for future
Dayton Daily News  - Mar 5, 2016
What is the true purpose of high school? This is a question asked by students every day across our country, and the answer is simple: preparation for the future. In an era where millions of Americans are living in poverty and/or unemployed ...
Archives - CTE
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Student Athletes

Recruiting Column: Tools of the Trade
USA Today HSS  - Mar 2, 2016
Over the last year, we have been fortunate enough to interview some of the greatest college coaches in the country. From Russ Rose with Penn State Volleyball to Billy Kennedy with Texas A&M Basketball, these coaches have provided us with valuable insight into the current state of college recruiting ..
Young athletes increasingly facing health problems
San Diego Union Tribune  - Mar 3, 2016
Athletes tend to be driven, motivated people. When they set a goal—to run a mile under five minutes, to make the basketball team, to lead their football team to the championship — they will do whatever it takes to reach that goal, sometimes even when their bodies are saying it’s too much to handle...
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SAT will take over as new standardized test for all 11th graders in Connecticut
UCONN Daily Campus  - Mar 9, 2016
Starting Mar. 9, the state of Connecticut will substitute the 11th grade Smarter Balanced (SBAC) exam with the SAT. “The decision to switch to the SAT is part of broader, ongoing efforts to reduce the amount of standardized tests for public school students. ..
University of Connecticut Creates 'Scholars House' To Keep Black Men In School
NPR.org  - Mar 6, 2016
Reuben Pierre-Louis was moments away from leaving the University of Connecticut. As one of only 600 or so black male students at a college of 20,000, he found himself lost in a sea of white faces.. ..
Delaware lawmakers eye bill mandating school health centers
Bowling Green Daily News  - Mar 9, 2016
DOVER, Del. (AP) — The House Education Committee is set to consider a bill requiring all public high schools in Delaware, other than charter schools, to have school-based health centers.. ..
NJ State Department of Education partners with NJIT and NJ School Boards Association
Eurekalert  - Mar 8, 2016
A new program designed to help New Jersey school districts identify and meet their needs for digital learning was announced by Education Commissioner David C. Hespe at a meeting of the State Board of Education.. ..
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Dating Violence

Dating Violence: Peer Education Offers Strong Dose of Prevention
YouthToday  - Mar 4, 2016
When Nicole York was in school, she was the kind of girl everyone could go to with their troubles. Friends would pull her aside in hallways, lunchrooms and after the last bell had rung to talk about problems with parents, siblings and schoolyard bullies. ..
Parenting tips: Teaching teens about relationships can curb dating violence
Indian Express  - Mar 4, 2016
Teens indoctrinated in relationship issues have lower tolerance for aggression and dating violence, says a recent study which observed that healthier dating attitudes can be acquired after even a brief involvement in an anti-violence curriculum. ..
Online College Fair - CollegeWeekLive


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