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How a Chinese company bought access to admissions officers at top U.S. colleges
Reuters - Oct 14, 2016
Dipont is accused by ex-employees of helping students cheat on their college applications. The company also has spent widely to get its clients in front of schools such as Vanderbilt, Wellesley and the University of Virginia..
How the Internet Wrecked College Admissions
The Atlantic - Oct 17, 2016
Over the last decade, the internet has made it much easier for students to apply to college, especially thanks to services like the “Common App.” For the nearly 700 schools now part of the Common Application—the nation’s leading standardized online college-application portal...
How free college tuition in one country exposes unexpected pros and cons
The Hechinger Report - Oct 17, 2016
BERLIN — Claudia Niessler wouldn’t have attended a university that charged tuition, though even without it her living expenses while in college require her to work as many as 20 hours a week at a supermarket....
When a high school seems like a prison
The Christian Science Monitor - Oct 14, 2016
School districts are far more likely to employ intense surveillance methods at schools with a high percentage of students of color, and a study shows those methods are hampering learning.....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Tribune News Service - Oct 13, 2016
Parents: If you had it to do all over again, where would you choose to go to college? Imagine yourself in your child’s position and think about what you loved about college and what you wish you could have changed. But now think about their needs, wants and expectations. ..
3 Tips to Complete College Applications On Time
US News - Oct 17, 2016
By now, prospective college students should have their applications well under way, especially if they are planning to apply early decision or early action. However, if you're struggling to finish, don't panic. Instead, take a moment to reflect on the situation, and then create a plan to successfully complete your applications.. ..
Pay Attention To Admission Histories When Making College Application Plans
Forbes - Oct 18, 2016
When students consider colleges they usually worry most about whether they meet the requirements for admission. With highly selective colleges, of course, that’s only the opening bid; what’s in your hand well above that lets you win the round. ..
5 Reasons to Attend College in Canada
GoLocalProv College Admissions - Oct 17, 2016
With many U.S. universities exceeding $50,000 per year (and some $60,000+), families are searching for viable alternative to U.S. college and universities. Yet few consider the bargains available just across the border in Canada. Before you dismiss this northern option, consider a few compelling reasons to venture north:. ..
Top 10 things colleges value in high school applicants
The Philadelphia Tribune - Oct 18, 2016
What are college admission officers looking for as they review your child’s application? The admissions process varies and can be subjective to some degree, but here are 10 things that could help your child stand out and score acceptance letters from his or her favorite schools.. ..
4 Secrets Colleges Don’t Want You to Know That Could Save You Thousands on Tuition
Credit.com - Oct 17, 2016
When you’re a student on a budget, you’re aware of how important saving can be. And if you’re in the process of deciding which college to attend, or you’re already enrolled somewhere, it helps to keep in mind that there are things you can do to lower your tuition bill, especially if you start early. ..
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Don't Make These 10 College Essay Mistakes
TeenLife Blog  - Oct 18, 2016
A key part of any college application is the college essay. Essays create much stress among students (and their parents) who want to craft the best possible application essay to make the best possible impression on admissions officers.....
How to Craft the Perfect College Application Essay
Teen Vogue  - Oct 13, 2016
Early action applications are due in November. Admissions officials have been educating me on what they want and don’t want. Here are five underutilized ways to give yourself an advantage. ....
A college-entrance consultant with 19 years' experience describes the best essay she's ever read
Business Insider  - Oct 13, 2016
After 19 years in college admissions, college-entrance consultant Abby Siegel is a prolific reader of essays. When she talked to Business Insider last fall about the best admissions essay she'd ever read,....
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Campus Visits

What to look for in evaluating college, campus
The Philadelphia Tribune - Oct 18, 2016
Visiting campuses is a great way to get a feel for what college is like. And when the time comes, it can help you decide if a specific college is right for you. Here are some tips to get the best out of your campus visit. ..
Survival tips for visiting prospective colleges
Tulsa World - Oct 14, 2016
We have just emerged, bloodied but not beaten, from our daughter's junior year of high school. In addition to a plethora of challenging classes, there were state standardized tests to be passed for verified credits. There were Advanced Placement tests to survive. ..
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Oct 20, 2016
What to Say When Your Students are Freaked About College Apps
Peer pressure is an amazing thing. There haven’t been two months of school in many states, but some seniors are already convinced everyone is ahead of them in the rush to college. “I’m all through with my applications” beams Jennifer.. More

Guidance Counselors Seeking Guidance: Inside the Movement to Improve College Advising’
The74 - Oct 19, 2016
Sorting through thousands of colleges, you look for those that may have the right degree program and the right vibe at an affordable price.. ..
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‘Honey, Who’s Going to Pay for College?’
TIME - Oct 14, 2016
Ask parents about their biggest financial worries, and the vast majority — more than 70% — will cite college costs, according to Gallup surveys. But a shocking number of parents shield their children from the reality of high college costs. ..
Applying to college can be expensive
The Journal Gazette - Oct 14, 2016
As the director of college counseling at Canterbury School, Heather Case knows a lot about the college application process, such as how fees can quickly add up – even before students enroll. ..
Hey, parents: It’s never too early to talk about college
Seattle Times - Oct 14, 2016
While giving a presentation to parents of middle school and early high school students, a mom challenged the notion of discussing college with her tween and ninth grader. The pressure, she said, would burden her kids at too tender an age. The full weight and scope of collegiate expectations would be explored best the fall of senior year, she asserted. ..
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Administering the SAT for 53 Years
The Atlantic - Oct 17, 2016
The SAT exam has gone through many iterations, each, some say, fixing some problems and creating others. Created in the 1920s, the original test featured 315 questions, a 97-minute time limit, and no distinct math and English sections. Since then, scoring rubrics have been overhauled, ,..
SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips
The Philadelphia Tribune - Oct 14, 2016
Studying for the SAT is a big undertaking, and you might not know where to start. A good way to get yourself into gear is to learn about the structure of the test and different ways you can adapt your strategy to improve on each section. In this article,, ,..
CollegeVine Blog - Oct 18, 2016
It’s no secret that standardized testing is a huge part of the college process. Some students consider their ACT or SAT test date one of the most stressful days of the entire college process, second only to the day they find out their test scores., ,..
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How to boost your college financial aid prospects
CBS News -- Marketwatch  - Oct 18, 2016
Big financial aid changes have arrived for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE. If you’re hoping that your child qualifies for financial aid, you need to know what these major new developments that kicked off this month. ..
10 Things to Know About the New FAFSA Changes
The College Solution Blog - Oct 13, 2016
Big financial aid changes have arrived for the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE. If you’re hoping that your child qualifies for financial aid, you need to know what these major new developments that kicked off this month. ..
FAFSA's Lurking, Nosy Cousin: The CSS Profile
Forbes - Oct 13, 2016
You may think that once you’ve completed the FAFSA you’re all set as far as applying for college financial aid goes, but you would be wrong. The FAFSA only covers aspects of federal student aid, not the aid that might come from colleges and universities themselves..
Here’s What Readers Are Asking Us About the 2017-18 FAFSA
TIME - Oct 13, 2016
The answers may help you get more financial aid too. The latest Free Application for Federal Student Aid has been available online since Oct 1, kicking off a new financial aid timeline for students and their families. You can now start applying for college aid in the fall, as opposed to after Jan. 1 of next year ..
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Career and Technical Education

Accepting Alternatives: Career and Technical Education Should Be Embraced
Harvard Political Review  - Oc 6, 2016
In 2012, San Diego Unified School District officials made a minor addition to the high school graduation requirements: two to four courses in CTE—Career and Technical Education, the 21st century rebranding of “Vocational Education.” ...
Career tech education engages and keeps students on track
Statesman Journal  - Oc 6, 2016
work as an English teacher locally and many of my high school-aged students are also enrolled in vocational and career technical courses such as manufacturing and construction. ...
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Student Athletes

Recruiting Column: Your coach’s role in recruiting
USA today HSS - Oct 19, 2016
Teacher, Leader, Motivator, Role Model, Mentor. These are the qualities of a perfect coach. Nearly every athlete has played for at least one coach who possessed these attributes. You might have noticed that “personal college scholarship finder person” isn’t on the list. Repeat after me: It isn’t my coach’s job to find my college scholarship,..
Swim Swam - Oct 17, 2016
When I was growing up, we didn’t have social media, let alone the internet. I cherished the down time and privacy after a full school day. Do you remember our lives before hourly updates of what someone ate, vacations and political views bombarded at us?,..
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Why Massachusetts schools beat Rhode Island
Providence Journal  - Oct 6, 2016
PROVIDENCE, R.I. — Massachusetts has been recognized as the national leader in school reform for more than a decade. The state consistently ranks at the top of the country on a highly regarded test called the Nation's Report Card. If the Bay State were a country, its students would rank ninth in the world in math ..
State university system on the brink of its first faculty strike
Philly.com  - Oct 6, 2016
Casey Mellon, 19, didn't think a faculty strike would actually happen until two weeks ago when she was in her pop-culture writing class at West Chester University. ..
A New Push For Higher Education
Vermont Public radio  - Oct 18, 2016
There's a new push to get more Vermonters better educated. The goal is 70 percent of the population with a college or other post-secondary degree by 2025. . ..
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Teens and Drugs

High Schools Get Frank With Teens on Heroin Epidemic
US News - Oct 17, 2016
While heroin use among high schoolers has declined to historical lows, use of the drug among young adults ages 18 to 25 has more than doubled since 2002, according to federal data.. ..
Teenage Drug Addiction: Why Teens Are Easily Lured Into The World Of Drugs
Parent Herald - Oct 17, 2016
A lot of teens today decide on taking drugs. This decision is oftentimes underestimated by parents. Most of these kids aren't resilient and equipped to deal with the problems life constantly throws at them. As a result they happen to become an easy victim of peer pressure.. ..
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