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Big Picture

What Is an Elite College Really Worth?
The Atlantic  - Apr 1, 2017
This time of year, thousands of college applicants await e-notices and auspiciously sized envelopes from schools, under terrible pressure from their parents, friends, teachers, and fretful inner-monologues. To this anxious lot, I offer some advice, which comes not only from a bit of experience, but also a bit of empirical research: just chill out, okay?. ..
A New Look At The Lasting Consequences Of Student Debt
NPR.org  - Apr 4, 2017
Recent college graduates who borrow are leaving school with an average of $34,000 in student loans. That's up from $20,000 just 10 years ago, according to a new analysis from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York..... ..
What does 'college affordability' mean?
MarketPlace - Apr 4, 2017
Forty years ago, a student at a four-year public college could work a basic part-time job plus a summer gig and mostly cover tuition and living costs. ..
College admissions: the myth of meritocracy
The Christian Science Monitor - Mar 29, 2017
At this time of year, many high school seniors across the country are anticipating decision letters from colleges to which they’ve applied. Some have benefitted from expert coaching from parents, guidance counselors, and expensive private college counselors. . ..
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Check This Box if You’re a Good Person
New York Times  - Apr 4, 2017
HANOVER, N.H. — When I give college information sessions at high schools, I’m used to being swarmed by students. Usually, as soon as my lecture ends, they run up to hand me their résumés, fighting for my attention so that they can tell me about their internships or summer science programs....
U.S. News Facebook Live: College Admissions Q&A
US News - Mar 31, 2017
On Friday, April 7, U.S. News Education will host a Q&A session on Facebook Live focused on the college admissions process. We'll be broadcasting from a college fair and speaking with admissions officers from schools across the U.S. These experts are joining us to answer your questions about navigating the college application process as a student and as a parent.., ...
'Nobodies' Can Be 'Somebodies' In College Admission
Forbes - Mar 31, 2017
Back in 1966, MIT's head of admission, B. Alden Thresher, wrote a book that remains, to my mind, the best critique of the American college admission system we have. It's called College Admissions and the Public Interest and, unfortunately, it's out of print., ...
Are There Too Many Extracurriculars on Your Resume?
Her Campus - Apr 1, 2017
Do you find yourself struggling to balance all of your after school activities? Are you feeling a little overwhelmed—a la Paris Geller from Gilmore Girls? ...
Getting Into College: There Is A College For You
Forbes - Mar 31, 2017
The date is fast approaching when students will receive their college acceptances from the most competitive colleges in the country. Most students have already heard from several colleges as all but the most competitive let students know much earlier than the beginning of April. Only 3%, ...
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7 Things to Do After Accepting a College
Her Campus - Apr 5, 2017
It’s finally over. After weeks of debating with your parents and constantly listing pros and cons of colleges in your head, you’ve finally made a decision. It’s not easy to choose where you’ll be spending the next four years of your life...
The Most Painful Words of the Admissions Season
VOA - Mar 31, 2017
For many, a rejection letter from a college they had hoped to attend is the first big disappointment of their young lives. Many colleges add the “we wish you much success” line at the end of the already crushing rejection. ...
Can a Wait-Listed Student Still Get Accepted to College?
Wall Street Journal -- VIDEO - Mar 30, 2017
Ivy League school applicants receive acceptance and rejection letters this week, but many students will wind up in the limbo of the college wait-list. College Essay Advisors founder Stacey Brook and WSJ's Tanya Rivero discuss tips for students on surviving the wait-list period and how their parents can counsel them. ...
So your college app was rejected ...
Pacific Daily News - Mar 31, 2017
You spent hours filling out college applications, writing and rewriting essays, studying for and taking the SAT or ACT, stressed out for months waiting to hear back from admissions. But then you got rejected. So now what do you do? ...
Students selecting a college increasingly consider long-term job prospects, debt
Chicago Tribune - Mar 31, 2017
It had to come to this. For years, high school seniors hoping to go to college in the fall fixated on getting into their dream college. But that's changed. Students still are thinking about their campus visits and hoping to immerse themselves in a college culture that seems to best fit who they are ...
MTV -- Diary of a Professional Teen - Mar 31, 2017
I got rejected from my dream school on December 15, 2006. The date is forever seared into my brain the way that Sriracha stain is permanently seared into my white pillow case. I got rejected from my dream school on December 15, 2006. The date is forever seared into my brain the way that Sriracha stain is permanently seared into my white pillow case....
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Let personality shine through in college essays
Omaha World-Herald - Apr 1, 2017
Google “college application essays” and more than 84,000 results pop up. From Harvard College blogs to Teen Vogue articles, high school and college students everywhere say writing an application essay . ...
Varsity Academics: Writing Better Essays For College Applications
University Herald - Apr 3, 2017
Have you ever heard of the Latin word "Magis"? It means more. It means doing more than just the bare minimum. With that in mind, Varsity Academics encourage students to discover their full potentials when it comes to writing college essays. . ...
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Students with Disabilities

Students with Disabilities Share Experiences at College Forum
SUNY Cortland News - Apr 4, 2017
SUNY Cortland sophomore Skye Malik knows firsthand that dyslexia doesn’t have to stop people from reaching their goals. As a high school student, Malik founded The Paco Project, named for her grandfather, Leo “Paco” Corey, who is dyslexic. Corey didn’t finish high school and never attended college ...
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Apr 5, 2017
The Ten Things We Learned This College Application Season
The smoke has cleared, the dust has settled, and the students are now nicely nestled on waitlists or orientation schedules.... More

It Takes a Suburb: A Town Unites to Tackle Student Stress
New York Times - Apr 5, 2017
Small rocks from the beaches of eastern Massachusetts began appearing at Lexington High School last fall. They were painted in pastels and inscribed with pithy advice: Be happy.… Mistakes are O.K.… ...
The inside scoop - What college counselors wish you knew
Omaha World-Herald  - Apr 2, 2017
aclyn Tungesvik, Iowa State University assistant director for scholarships and early outreach “I wish they understood the difference between the types of institutions of higher learning and also the types of programs.” ...
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How Do Parents Pick a College that’s Right for Them?
Huffington Post  - Apr 3, 2017
How Do Parents Help their Kids Pick a College that’s Right for Them? It’s that time of year when acceptances and rejections come in from the myriad number of colleges your child has applied to. It’s a tense time with a lot at stake. ...
Why you shouldn't co-sign on a college loan
CBS MoneyWatch  - Apr 3, 2017
If you’re a parent considering co-signing on a student loan, avoid it at all costs. Or at the very least, educate yourself about what taking on this debt will mean to your financial future and retirement....
Biggest mistakes parents make with their teens
Chicago Tribune  - Mar 31, 2017
you enter two rooms of Candice Blansett-Cummins' otherwise immaculate home, you might need a mask to disguise the smell, along with some anti-bacterial soap.....
Archives - Parents
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How the SAT and PSAT collect personal data on students — and what the College Board does with it
Washington Post  - Mar 30, 2017
If your child takes the SAT or PSAT, is his or her personal information being collected, profiled, licensed and sold? That is the question that Cheri Kiesecker, Colorado parent and member of the Parent Coalition for Student Privacy...
3 Important Facts About the PSAT 8/9
US News  - Apr 3, 2017
The PSAT 8/9 is a relatively new exam intended to help eighth- and ninth-grade students plan a path to college. It is similar to other tests in the SAT Suite of Assessments, but it is important to note that it is not the same exam as the PSAT 10 or PSAT/National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test...
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How to Determine If a Financial Aid Offer is Good or Bad
Cappex - The College Solution Blog - Apr 5, 2017
When you are deciphering a financial aid award letter, here is a critically important question that you absolutely must answer: Is this financial aid award fair? The best way to assess the generosity of an award letter is to obtain a dollar figure called the Expected Family Contribution or EFC..... ..
The FAFSA's Midterm Grade
The Atlantic - Mar 31, 2017
When Marie Groark, the executive director of the Get Schooled Foundation, contacted the California Student Aid Commission in January, she was expecting to hear good news about students completing their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application. That’s not what she got.... ..
The 5-Step Plan to Appeal for More Financial Aid
TIME - Apr 4, 2017
You've known all along that you'd need to come up with a lot of money to send your child off to college. But only in the midst of your kid's senior year—when you open colleges' financial aid notices—does the harsh reality typically hit, says James C. Lundgren II, an independent college adviser in Encinitas, Calif... ..
Applying for financial aid is going to be harder this year
Journal-News - Mar 30, 2017
An online resource that makes it easier for millions of students to apply for college scholarships, grants and loans will be out of commission until next year, putting them at risk of losing out on financial aid.... ..
Without FAFSA simplification tool, students find extra hurdles to funding college
The Christian Science Monitor - Apr 4, 2017
APRIL 4, 2017 —Across the country, high school seniors and returning college students sat down at their computers to begin the Free Application for Student Aid, also known as FAFSA, in the early months of 2017. They entered information about their own income, . ..
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Career and Technical Education

What vocational education students need today — but aren’t likely to get under Trump
Journal-News - Apr 1, 2017
Mike Rose is a research professor in the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies who explores the promise of public education and the problems of modern school reform... ..
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Massachusetts should embrace the promise of early college
Boston Globe  - Apr 3, 2017
IT’S A QUESTION that looms large at this stage of education reform: How can the Commonwealth help more kids earn a college degree? That’s a particular challenge for low-income students, who are less likely to enroll in the first place and more prone to drop out when they hit an academic bump.... ..
Consolidating Community College Leadership Part Of $41 Million CSCU Savings Proposal
Hartford Courant  - Apr 3, 2017
The leadership of the state's 12 community colleges would be consolidated and the administrative services of the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities would be centralized under a plan to close a $35 million budget gap... ..
New SAT scores: Compare every N.J. public high school
NJ.com  - Mar 27, 2017
TRENTON -- The average statewide SAT score in New Jersey's public high schools was 1,075 out of 1,600 last school year, the first year students participated in a redesigned exam, according to new state data.. ..
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Teen Dating

How to Manage When Your Teen Starts Dating
US News  - Apr 3, 2017
Dating is a rite of passage for kids – and for their parents. Striking the right balance to provide necessary support while granting your teen the autonomy needed to successfully manage in this unchartered territory is not easy... ..
Teach teens the warning signs of dating violence early, students say
CBC.ca  - Mar 31, 2017
Teaching teens about intimate partner violence, especially the warning signs, must happen much earlier than the end of high school, say several students at Dawson College. ..
Online College Fair - CollegeWeekLive


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