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The Broken Promise of Higher Education
The Atlantic  - May 18, 2017
May is always an important month in the college calendar. Many high-school seniors across the nation make the decision where to attend college; millions of college students graduate and enter the workforce.....
They still value a degree, but Americans increasingly question the cost
Hechinger Report  - May 15, 2017
Three-quarters of Americans think it’s easier to succeed in life with a college degree than without one, but only 43 percent say private, nonprofit universities and colleges are worth the cost, according to a new poll.....
This trend could destabilize some small private colleges if it continues
Washington Post  - May 15, 2017
Steep tuition discounts can be a boon for students attending private colleges and universities, but the practice is leaving some schools vulnerable to financial instability....
College Board and Zuckerberg join 'Manhattan Project' of academic motivation
USA Today  - May 16, 2017
The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative (CZI), the charity created by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, to give away their billions, is about to cut loose with an undisclosed amount of cash to get millions more students into college....
Is Trump's immigration rhetoric causing a drop in international student admissions?
PRI.org  - May 15, 2017
Students from the Middle East, Asia and Latin America are growing more fearful of attending college in the US. That’s according to a recent survey by the American Association of College Registrar and Admissions Officers....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

Most Students Get into Their First Choice Colleges
Cappex - The College Solution Blog  - May 11, 2017
It’s not so tough getting accepted into a four-year college. According to a national survey of the latest crop of college freshmen, 75 percent got into their No. 1 college. This statistic, based on the latest annual UCLA survey of freshmen, might shock you even more: ...
Even if you were left without a spot for next fall, there are still options
News Tribune Service  - May 15, 2017
With all the conversation about how tough a year this was for high school seniors applying to college, you might find it surprising that more than 500 colleges and universities still have opportunities for qualified freshmen and/or transfer students for fall 2017. ...
Seniors Still Looking For A College Are In Luck
Forbes  - May 16, 2017
After a long wait for decisions, students get to turn the tables on colleges in April as they decide where they'll go in September. They're invited to elaborate campus events for accepted students, contacted by current students, sent more glossy brochures, and encouraged to sign up online for great "insider" information ...
Avoid This One Mistake As You Consider Colleges
Forbes  - May 9, 2017
Perhaps this statistic from the National Association for College Admission Counseling's State of College Admission 2015 report will shock or surprise you:...
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4 Standout College Application Essays on Work, Money and Class
New York Times  - May 12, 2017
Each year, we issue an open casting call for high school seniors who have dared to address money, work or social class in their college application essays. From the large pile that arrived this spring, these four ...
This Year’s College-Bound Essayists and Their ‘Beautiful Contradictions’
New York Times  - May 12, 2017
The innkeepers and the guests. The owners and the housekeepers. The urban and the rural. The studious and the watchers of cat videos. And finally (and memorably), Mac versus Dell....
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Students with Disabilities

I go to a top university, known for its research in disabilities. Yet students like me are an afterthought.
Washington Post  - May 12, 2017
I would glance into these windows and see my walk, a stride that is slightly off balance and resembles that of a drunk person. .....
Students Engaged by Visit from Middlesex County College Admissions Counselor
TaoInfo  - May 11, 2017
PISCATAWAY, NJ - Students at Nuview Academy Annex (NAA) learned a great deal about Middlesex County College and its support services for students with special needs, as a result of a visit from Admissions Counselor Desiree Brower. .....
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - May 18, 2017
College Admissions Isn’t Fair. It Also Isn’t Simple
new article about college admission is gaining a great deal of attention among college counselors. Posted on Georgia Tech’s admissions website, the goal of the article is to admit what many students have long felt—that college admissions isn’t fair... More

No summer melt: Programs help students negotiate college route
Sioux City Journal - May 6, 2017
Parents send the wrong message. You probably know parents who have suggested to their children that anything is possible. They tell their teenagers some version of this advice: Apply to whatever colleges you want and we’ll find a way to pay for it....
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The 7 parents you meet at college orientation: Which one will I be?
AZCentral - May 12, 2017
I filed into the new student orientation on the second floor of the Memorial Union at Arizona State University, walking behind my son.....
Who Pays For Millennials’ College Degrees? Not Their Parents, Especially If They’re Women
IB Times - May 12, 2017
As the class of 2017 began tossing their caps in the air this year, aggregate student debt continued its march to nearly $1.44 trillion — nearly tripling its size from a decade earlier....
It's crucial for parents to take campus sexual assault risk seriously
Dallas News - May 15, 2017
The University of Texas System recently published a report that included a startling statistic: 15 percent of female undergraduates ....
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For Students Choosing SAT Prep Courses, Does Free Mean Better?
IndiaWest  - May 13, 2017
WASHINGTON — Is there a price that a worried parent wouldn't pay to help a child do well on college admissions tests? The good news is that test preparation doesn't have to be expensive anymore....
AP Test-Takers' Tweets May Not Give Away Answers, But They Raise Questions
NPR.org  - May 14, 2017
No one likes to take tests. Sitting down to take a standardized test on a beautiful Saturday morning would not, almost certainly, be categorized as a fun weekend activity. Yet, it's a requirement many of us face at one point in life...
3 Study Techniques for the Chemistry SAT Subject Test
US News  - May 15, 2017
Did you know that chemistry is one of the most popular SAT subject tests? Tens of thousands of students sit for this exam on one of its six test dates....
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The Hidden College Cost of Differential Tuition
Cappex - The College Solution Blog  - May 16, 2017
Are you going to be charged more for college tuition than you anticipated? Differential tuition, also known as tiered tuition, is a hidden college cost that affects undergraduates at colleges and universities across the country. ...
College Corner: For An Easy Financial Aid Start, Get A Quick EFC
CapeNews - May 12, 2017
After the recent college visits come the parental concerns of: How will the college bills be paid? Many parents and students don’t focus on that aspect at this point in time. It is my recommendation that you at least start the process with a free calculator. ..
Private colleges are offering discounts at historic levels
MarketWatch - May 15, 2017
Now is a great time to find a (relative) bargain on a private college education. The share of tuition and fee revenue these schools are devoting to grants rose to its highest level ever in the 2016 to 2017 academic year — 44.2% for all undergraduates and 49.1% for first-time, full-time freshman ..
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Career and Technical Education

Educating a twenty-first century workforce
The Hill - May 15, 2017
As we discuss ways to prepare the twenty-first century workforce, I constantly point to the innovative career-technical education (CTE) programs in my district...
Stigma Hobbles Career and Technical Education
Ed Week (registration required) - May 11, 2017
Students in career and technical education are happier with their high school experience, and more likely to finish high school, than students who don't take CTE classes...
Archives - Career & Technical Education
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What Should Teenagers’ Summer Plans Include? Adult Mentors
New York Times  - May 14, 2017
As teenagers make plans for the summer, several questions pop up. What do they want to do? Do they need to make money?...
Stage Set for Strong Summer Hiring Spree
US News  - May 11, 2017
Teens, college students and recent graduates looking for summer work are about to enter one of the strongest seasonal job markets the U.S. economy has seen in years, according to a new hiring study that suggests temporary work will be in high demand in the months ahead..
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Should Massachusetts provide financial aid to private colleges?
The Boston Globe  - May 12, 2017
Massachusetts spends millions of dollars annually to help students afford the high cost of tuition at some of the wealthiest colleges in the state, sparking a debate about whether the schools should dig deeper into their own $1 billion-plus endowments to help needy residents....
10 Western Colleges Worth the Trip This Summer
GoLocalProv College Admissions  - May 4, 2017
Here on the East Coast, students and their families often focus on the plethora of fine colleges in the Northeast. Middlebury, Bowdoin, Williams and other highly competitive liberal arts colleges have no shortage of Eastern applicants. ...
College Board investigates alleged SAT cheating incident at Wilton High School
The Hour  - May 12, 2017
WILTON — The College Board is currently investigating an alleged cheating incident at Wilton High School during a state administered SAT test in April, according to Jaslee Carayol, the Board’s associate director of media relations....
Not Exactly Free-- John M. Burdick provides an insider’s view as to why he thinks the New York State Excelsior Scholarship isn’t actually giving students free college
Inside Higher Ed  - May 12, 2017
Every day for the past few weeks, my colleagues and I have received emails from students at the large community college where we work, asking how they can receive their free tuition....
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School Bullying Is Down. Why Don't Students Believe It?
NPR.org  - May 11, 2017
Read this article if you're having a rough day. This is a rare story about positive social change. Every state now has laws against school bullying....
Study: Bullying Persists in School, Reports of Sex Crime Up
US News - May 16, 2017
WASHINGTON (AP) — A new study shows that 1 out of every 5 of middle and high school students has complained of being bullied at school. And the number of reports of sexual assault on college campuses has more than tripled over the past decade....
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