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The Price You Actually Pay for College Just Rose for the Sixth Straight Year
MONEY Magazine  - Oct 25, 2017
College students are getting hit with a double whammy.Two annual reports out today from the College Board show that across higher education sectors, prices rose faster than both the rate of inflation and the median rise in household income...
OPINION: The case for college (and finding the right fit)
Hechinger Report  - Oct 24, 2017
As college costs have climbed well beyond both the rate of inflation and the average rise in family income, questions about the benefit of a college degree have come into sharper focus...
How Much Does the Government Really Need to Know About College Students in America?
The Atlantic  - Oct 23, 2017
Some say a new proposal that would allow federal agencies to collect higher-education data will benefit degree-seekers, but critics argue that it’s an infringement on privacy and could put those who are undocumented at risk. ..
The Students the Lists Leave Out
Inside Higher Ed  - Oct 24, 2017
The emphasis on the uniqueness of each incoming class in annual lists of student worldviews perpetuates the assumption that the college population is mainly composed of recent high school graduates, writes Hollis Phelps.. ..
A third of students applying to college via Common App are first-Gen
Washington Post - Oct 20, 2017
Nearly a third of all students who apply to college through the online Common App are aiming for a credential their parents never obtained: a bachelor’s degree....
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College Admissions Process/Strategies

One more application lever prospective college students can pull: ‘demonstrated interest’
MinnPost  - Oct 23, 2017
High schoolers poured onto local college campuses last week, over the four-day weekend made possible by the annual Minnesota Educators Academy conference. As they criss-crossed the school grounds, touring the classrooms and dorms ..
3 Handy Online Tools for College Applicants From a Former Admissions Officer
KTLA  - Oct 25, 2017
A college admissions expert shares several helpful apps and websites for college applicants including a site that offers an easy fee waiver process and a streamlined application for over one hundred schools. ..
Applying to College Is Expensive: Consider College with Free Applications
HuffPost - Oct 25, 2017
Many families are caught off guard with the high preparatory costs even to get into college, so in this blog I’ll give some pointers on what you can expect and how these preparatory costs can be offset. Today, a college application can cost $50 to $75 dollars. ...
Holistic Review Is Just One Part Of The College Admission Process
Forbes - Oct 19, 2017
Today's college admission word is "holistic," which means the same thing as "comprehensive" but sounds a lot trendier. Schools that have been reading students' applications thoroughly for years now describe what they do as "holistic evaluations," ...
3 Great Ways to Showcase Your Strengths on College Applications!
Pleasanton Weekly - Oct 19, 2017
Gone are the days when you had to rely solely on great essays and interviews to showcase your many talents and strengths! Colleges are making it easier for students to share live links to their Web sites ...
Don’t Be Afraid to Post! 5 Social Media Tips for College Bound Students
HuffPost - Oct 24, 2017
If you’re applying to college, you’re probably familiar with cautionary tales of how students’ admissions chances can be impacted by their social media posts. ...
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Writing a college essay isn't easy. Here's what to do.
Houston Chronicle - Oct 23, 2017
One of the most common tasks that we are asked to assist with in our roles as English teacher and college counselor is to edit college essays for our students. ....
Application Essays: What Works and What Doesn’t
Jewish Link of New Jersey - Oct 19, 2017
Writing the application essay is one of the most stressful parts of the college application process. Students are tasked with the job of writing a compelling essay that is authentic and unique while trying to convince a stranger they are worthy of admittance. ....
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Applying Early Decision: 10 Frequently Asked Questions
US News  - Oct 23, 2017
1. What is early decision, and how does it work? Early decision is a college admissions option available at some schools where prospective students typically apply in early to mid-November...
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Students with Disabilities

The Education Department phased out 72 policy documents for disabled students. Here’s why.
Washington Post - Oct 23, 2017
The Education Department said Monday its rollback of 72 special education policy guidance documents will have no effect on services provided to students with disabilities, whose advocates expressed alarm at the revisions....
Author, a ‘proud dyslexic,’ helps break the ice about this different way of learning
OCRegister - Oct 23, 2017
Kindergarten, with its focus on art and creativity, was ecstasy for young John Rodrigues. Every grade after that was nightmarish. Growing up in Fullerton, he struggled with mainstream education ...
How Disabled Students Benefit From Assistive Technology In Classrooms
IB Times - Oct 23, 2017
Technology has modernized the system of education for students with various disabilities, making it easier for them to keep up with academic curriculums and even compete with their peers in classrooms....
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HSCW Counselors' Corners
Post - Oct 26, 2017
Counselors Can Help Students? Yes, They Can. That Isn’t New News
IThe most popular school counseling piece I ever wrote was for National School Counseling Week, where I talked about the behind-the-scenes work school counselors had done to help out a student struggling with an eating disorder,... More

School counselors are a valuable resource for parents and students
My Valley News - Oct 24, 2017
School counselors are certainly incredibly busy people, but a parents’ job is to make sure that they are even busier this school year. Not by creating busy work, rather parents and students should take advantage of all that school counselors have to offer.. ...
The Little Nudge That Makes A Big Difference To Student Grades
Forbes - Oct 18, 2017
In the search for ways to improve student outcomes, it is usually the big initiatives that attract all the attention: maximum class sizes, literacy hour, common core, Shanghai maths and the like....
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Why Parents Make Flawed Choices About Their Kids' Schooling
The Atlantic - Oct 18, 2017
A person trying to choose their next set of wheels might see that car A made it farther than car B in a road test and assume it gets better gas mileage. But that’s only true if the two tanks are filled with the same substance. ...
Grandparents raising grandkids grapple with retirement and college costs at the same time
Washington Post - Oct 22, 2017
Each month, 72-year-old Sandra Bursch withdraws $4,200 from her retirement savings to cover her bills. A chunk of it goes toward paying college bills — for her grandson Gage. She anticipates doing the same for Gage’s younger brother, Mason, when he graduates from high school in another year...
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Why do U.S. News rankings punish test-optional colleges?
Watertown Daily Times  - Oct 23, 2017
Every year around this time U.S. News & World Report issues its ranked list of America’s “best” colleges. And every year an inevitable handwringing ensues – among academics, anyway – about what the rankings mean,..
College Testing: How Filling in Bubbles Impacts Your Future
TAPinto.net - Oct 24, 2017
I don’t think there’s a student out there enjoying the standardized testing experience. Likewise, I’ve never met either a high school or college professional that thinks the tests are particularly wonderful or feel very confident,..
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Don’t make these mistakes when seeking financial aid
Tribune News Service  - Oct 23, 2017
D-Day, or Deadline Day, for Early Decision applicants and a variety of Early Action options is just a week away on Nov. 1. Just after that crunch deadline is when many high school seniors will hopefully take a breath and perhaps even take a short-term break from college applications, since the next big deadline isn’t usually until Jan. 1. ....
To Maximize College Financial Aid, Timing Is Key
Wall Street Journal  - Oct 20, 2017
If you want to get the most financial aid for your child’s freshman year of college, don’t wait until his or her senior year of high school to make important financial moves.. ....
10 Colleges That Give Merit Aid to the Most Students
US News  - Oct 24, 2017
One way to help close the gap between college savings and any need-based aid is with merit aid. Merit aid, sometimes referred to as non-need-based aid, comes into play when colleges....
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Career and Technical Education

University-industry partnerships key to building students' career options
Education Dive - Oct 24, 2017
As students become more technologically savvy and it becomes easier for them to search through, and therefore siphon off potential career options, companies can no longer engage in simple recruitment fair practices ..
New research questions the value of certificates pushed by colleges, policymakers
Hechinger Report - Oct 24, 2017
W YORK — It was after caring for her aging mother that Carmen Zapata got the idea of working as a home health aide. After all, an aging population is driving up demand; the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that the country will need ..
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Pennsylvania’s budget stalemate threatens in-state tuition discounts
Marketplace - Oct 19, 2017
In Pennsylvania, a budget stalemate — one that’s been going on for more than three months now — is threatening millions of dollars that some universities count on to lower their in-state tuition. The state’s legislature adopted the budget over the summer,.. ..
Free college applications, more offered during Delaware’s College Application Month
news.delaware.gov - Oct 19, 2017
Delaware high school students can apply to select colleges and universities for free in October and November in celebration of the state’s fifth annual College Application Month, which began this week and runs through Nov. 17. ..
Higher Education Officials Roll Out Plan for System Consolidation
WNPR.org - Oct 19, 2017
The state's 12 community colleges could become consolidated into a single school by mid-2019. The 12 campuses would remain open, but would be renamed the Connecticut Community College. ..
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Teen Dating

Teaching kids about healthy relationships
Washington Post - Oct 25, 2017
In Pennsylvania, a budget stalemate — one that’s been going on for more than three months now — is threatening millions of dollars that some universities count on to lower their in-state tuition. The state’s legislature adopted the budget over the summer,.. ..
Parents’ Alcohol Problems May Up Risk of Teen Dating Violence
Psych Central - Oct 23, 2017
A new study from the University at Buffalo Research Institute on Addictions in New York finds that having a parent with an alcohol use disorder increases the risk for dating violence among teenagers.. ..
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